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What is the purpose of lip liners? Are the lip crayons kids color their lips with What about grown-ups? Does someone want to paint their lips some eye-popping neon color so that people can see their lips from miles away? This would be really strange if someone wanted to do this. But in reality, there are some purposes for using a lip liner. And there are specific characteristics that make one lip liner stand out over another one. Customers have specific requirements they expect a good lip liner to have before they will invest their money in the lip liner. They may want to enhance the natural color of their lips without painting lipstick on them. Some people prefer a natural look over a cosmetic look.

Other people may want to enhance the look of their lipstick or they may apply a lip liner so the lipstick will last longer. This means the lip liner needs to be a long-lasting lip liner to preserve the look and fullness of the lipstick. Of course, the lip liner must blend naturally with the shade of the lipstick. Of course, some people just prefer to put on lip liner instead of any lipstick for a more natural-looking color for the lips. Do not forget there are some folks you just like to moisturize and protect their lips from sun damage by applying lip liner to the lips.

You may prefer to use lip liner on your lips instead of chapstick because the chapstick will leave a very greasy feel on your lips. Some people may want to add flare to the lips with an unusually bright lip-liner. There are so many reasons why people want to buy a top-quality lip liner. Remember the lip liner shade must blend well with the makeup shades and the lip liner needs to blend well with the person’s natural skin tone. You do not want to apply a lip liner that is so far off with the natural color of your skin that you end up looking like a clown.

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Maybelline Makeup Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains one ounce of product which for just under $7.00 may be a good deal. But what really makes it a good deal is if the product is a good-quality lip liner and works well for the customers. It is made by a notable company so it should be a good-quality product. But the reviews, if they are true, will tell the real story. The product seals in the lipstick and prevents it from running or feathering. It will keep the lipstick defined to the area of the lips where it belongs the company says. The lip liner also has a built-in sharpener that will automatically sharpen the stick for you. This will keep the product sharp and it will stay within the confines of the lip and an added bonus is you do not have to sharpen the pencil yourself. Maybelline says it will give you a sharply defined look every time. The shade is clear which it then can be applied to any shade of lipstick. It makes the lipstick retain its natural shade and makes the lips look fuller. It also comes in 14 other graceful shades to allow the customer a wide range of looks to create. It comes in darker shades to give you the bold look. Ths set will complete your look making your lips fuller and natural-looking.

Feedback: The customer gave it a 5-star rating which is good. The customer limited the comments to that the lip liner is a good natural color and it makes the lips look natural. But how does it make the lips look natural and why is a good natural color? Does it blend well with the shade of the customer’s lipstick or just it flows naturally with the customer’s natural lip color? The more detailed information would be very beneficial to potential customers.

This next review is a disturbing one because it is written by a male. He says he is allergic to the lip liner and that he has used Maybelline before but he never had an allergic reaction before. He did not know it was a lip liner even though it was clearly labeled lip liner on the pencil. He says the color is nice but he does not know what ingredients in the lip liner he is allergic to His lips started itching and he formed bubbles on the lower lip. These sound like serious allergic reaction symptoms.

This review is troubling because men do not use lip liner. There is something really wrong with this interview. The client says the color is nude but it is too gray for her lips. She used it under the eyes and there was no redness, soreness, or any itching from using it this way. The customer is not sure if you are supposed to use this product or not. She says it stayed nicely on the lips. This is not good because the customer pulled the pencil out of the packaging and it was dry. She already has really dry lips so a dry lip liner pencil is of no use to her. She waited and tried the product again or at least she tried to use it again. The pencil fell apart so it is getting tossed in the trash. I am not sure why the customer did not get her money back. The product was pure trash.

The customer gave it a 5-star rating because it applied easily and it has vivid color and it is a great product. The only problem for the customer was it wasn’t the color she was looking for. It was super bright and too much pink for her so she is looking for an apricot or peach to tone down the pink. A client says finally a lip liner that stays place but where does it stay place? The customer says the product is a waste of money and it is very useless. The customer pressed the pencil harder to get more color and it broke off.

Honeybee Gardens Irresistible Lip Liner

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Benefits and Uses: The product enlarges the lip line and it prevents the lipstick from feathering with beautiful precision. The formula is creamy so it glides easily on the lips while blending naturally and it never leaves obvious lines. It blends in with the natural contours of the lips. It comes in 5 neutral shades that will blend with any lip color and skin tone. It is gluten-free, cruelty-free and paraben-free. It is also a vegan product. No money back guarantee was mentioned by the company.

Feedback: The product stays on for a long time and you have to sharpen it quite a bit. Which means the pencil will run out very quickly but this seemed not to bother the customer. It does not contain lead like so many lip liner products do and she is happy she is not putting lead into her system. The customer says the lip liners have two issues for her. It has no staying power and it is not helping her lips stick to stay on longer. The customer only gets one application everytime she uses the pencil after sharpening it. She thinks at this rate the lipliner will last her about a week. She is looking for a new lip liner that will work better for her. The customer says the lipliner is soft but not too soft. It says on for a long time and it is a nice color. The client will buy the lip liner again.

The customer says the product does not stay on long but it is a great color. The client gave it a 3-star rating but there had to be other reasons why the customer only gave it an average rating. But these details are not shared. This adds no value for the buying experience for a potential customer. This review all the customer writes is that they will buy the product again. The customer has given the product a 5-star rating but they absolutely give us no insight why they liked the product so much.

They will buy it again which means they really liked the product but why will they buy the product again? Just the fact that they will buy it again does not give any insight into why they will buy it again. You have no idea why the product is good from reading this review so why was the review even written. It offers no details as to what the lipliner has to offer as far as benefits are concerned. There just needs to be more detail written in this review.

The customer gave the product a one -star rating because it was “made in China” which the customer did not like. They complained the company touts the product as being made from the best ingredients, pure, and all natural. The customer says an ingredient list that is made China cannot be good. They write that the product is made in China says a lot to them. They checked all their other beauty products and none of them were made in China.

This is a racist review if I have ever read a racist review. The product was made in China so the customer says this is a bad thing and that no ingredient list from China can be trusted. This review should be taken off Amazon and it does not add any value to the buying experience. It does not tell us if the product has any benefits for the customer. It is not even clear if the customer used the product. Just because a product is made in China does not mean it cannot be trusted. Nor does it mean that it is not a good product. The product can contain the best ingredients, be pure and still be natural even if it is made in China. The customer has a very unfair attitude towards products made in China. Furthermore, the Chinese people can make beauty products as well as anyone in the world.

Another review where the customer is complaining that the product is “made in China ” and they cannot understand how it made a product “low toxicity list” because it was made in China. Another racist review but this customer gave the product a 3-star rating. The customer does not indicate whether they used the product. or not. The product can have low toxicity even if it was made in China. These kinds of negative race reviews need to stop and they really have no place to be printed on Amazon. The quality of the product can still be good even if it was made in China. I grow weary of reviews such as this one and the one discussed directly above this one.

Lip Perfection Lip Liner 

COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lip Perfection Lip Liner 

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Benefits and Uses: A lip liner that is supposed to define lips but if there is lipstick already on the lips how is a lip liner going to define the lips? The lip liner will give moisture to work with Covergirl lipsticks. The lipliner is made by Covergirl. The lipliner comes in many shades to beautify any lip color.

Feedback: The customer says the lipliner slides over the lips with ease. This is because the pencil has a fine thin tip making the application so easy. The color is pink/nude and the color on the lips is very vivid and has a nice matte finish. It is not shiny or glossy and the customer prefers the matte finish to the shiny finish. The customer gave it a 2-star rating because the lipliner requires a special sharpener. The customer does not have the special sharpener but has three sharpeners that she has used on other lip liners but they did not work on this lipliner. She took the lipliner and used an electric sharpener which took a long time to sharpen the lip liner. The pencil tip ended up fraying and it sounded like the lipliner was rendered useless. The customer will not buy a Covergirl lip liner again.

The customer says they did not read the reviews and they regret it. They did not know the product needed a special sharpener and the lipliner needed sharpening and the tip split. The customer wishes she would have read the reviews because then she would not have bought the product. She wasted her money and so did everyone else who did not know the lipliner needed a special sharpener.

It seems like Covergirl did not bother to say their product needed a special sharpener. This is not right because the customers have to buy this special sharpener and Covergirl should have disclosed this vital information in the beginning. Another thing Covergirl needs to do is redesign this lipliner so any standard sharpener can be used on it. There were a few more complaints about the lipliner needing a special sharpener. The company may lose a lot of customers over this special sharpener issue and one customer said they will not buy this lipliner again. Many more customers may arrive at this same conclusion.

Too Faced Cosmetics Borderline Anti Feathering Lip Pencil

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Benefits and Uses: The lipliner is supposed to be a one wonder pencil lip liner that defines the lips and will make you smile. The formula will regenerate the cells in the lips for youthful, fuller-looking lips. The product description said “free” but they did not say what was free. The fine tip offers full and accurate coverage and the formula is waterproof so won’t fade when the lips are moistened.

Feedback: The customer says as they get older the lips will bleed. One swipe with this pencil and they are good to go all day long. They need to reapply after they eat. The customer rated the product at 5 stars. They also said the lip liner is good for feathering. The client says the lip liner will retain the lipstick within the borders of the lips and it does not alter the shade of the lipstick. This customer gave the product a 5-star rating as well.

The customer implied this is a lousy lip liner product because it caused severe chapping and redness around the mouth. The customer gave it a two-star rating and I would be very surprised if the client buys the product again.

Milani Color Statement Lip Liner

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Benefits and Uses: It keeps the lipstick from feathering. It will give a satin color in one swipe across the lips. Long wearing and the formula allows for easy application.

Feedback: The person says they like the product and the color is a “brown nude” not a “pink nude” if this makes any sense the client writes. The customer writes the color is beautiful but the lip liner is always wearing off too quickly. The client is constantly sharpening the pencil and the pencil is used up way too quickly. The customer will not buy this lip liner product again.

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The article has covered some quality lip liner products on the market today. Most of them are pencil liners and they require sharpening some more often than others. The one lip liner required a special sharpener and Covergirl (the maker of the product) did not tell customers this special sharpener was needed. The company should have told people hair product needs a special sharpener. A few customers complained about the lip liner needing a special sharpener. This was a hidden extra expense.


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