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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Best lip palette on the market today? What constitutes the best lip palette on the market today? Obviously, you want a palette that is made by a reputable company with outstanding customer service. The price should be reasonable and the product should be so good you would want to keep buying the product from that company. It would be nice to have a palette that offered a lot of colors for you to choose from. This is, of course, you do not mind putting bright colors on your lips. Let us face it bright colors on the lips are front and center and you really cannot hide them if you made a mistake. You would probably want to pick a color that blended well with your other makeup and of course your natural skin tone color. There are many, many lip palette products out there today so which one do you choose? This article will review some of the best lip palettes available and it will guide you on which one to choose. The one that fits your unique personality.

You know that your lip color says a lot about who you are. Are you flamboyant? Are you shy? Or could you be conservative in nature? If you wear colors on your lips they will tell a lot about your personality.

Aesthetica Nude Lip Contour Kit

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01HH1OMWG&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20 - Best Lip Paletteir?t=balancemebeau 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01HH1OMWG - Best Lip Palette

Benefits and Uses: The company claims that their lip palette is the only fully contained kit in the industry. It contains a brush and a pencil. And it comes with a wide array of nude colors for the lips. They say everyone can get celebrities lips. Are not everyone’s lips on the planet the same. There is nothing unusual or outstanding about having celebrity’s lips. The kit is supposed to balance out uneven lip colors and play down lips that are too fully shaped. It evens out uneven lips. It provides instructions on how to properly apply the various colors to the lips. You can copy your favorite celebrity lip makeup that is if you are into that kind of thing. You can carry them around in your travel bag and you can choose from dark brown to nude colors. All skin types can use the palette it is safe. A versatile product indeed. It is free of a lot of harmful products and it is cruelty-free. The animals did not want to wear lipstick on their lips because it would attract too much attention in the wild. It attracts too much attention for the hunters. The animals did not like the colors either.

Feedback: The customer says the stuff is creamy but you cannot see it in the image. It is very expensive but the customer loves the product. The customer followed the instructions step-by-step and they will never forget how to apply the lipstick step-by-step it was burned into the customer memory. Another customer says the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. The lipstick goes on smoothly and the colors were just as they were described in the product description.

The customer likes the choice of palette colors and is generally happy with the product. They like to have as many pictures as they can have. So they know that the product they are buying is what they want. The colors are nice and they apply smoothly to the lips. They also blend easily. The customer attached images in hopes it will help other people. The pencils are creamy and smooth meaning (according to the customer) the slide across the lips easily and leave no dry residue on the lips. There is no dryness on the lips after the product is applied. The customer is a first-time buyer of the product and they like it. They have nothing but good things to say about the product. They may have nothing but good things to say about the product; they did not say anything about the product. A lot of detail left out of this review and this review adds no customer value to the buying process.

This customer says the product is good for lipliner and the colors are decent. The client says the product does not do what it says it will do on the package. The concept is nice but unattainable. The packaging is impractical to carry around and do what the company says the product will do.

You have to be careful of these companies making lofty claims about their products. (case in point this company) Usually, the claims are way too exaggerated and they are not true. The customer reviews (for the most part) will tell the real facts about the product.

The customer says they medium dark in complexion. Sadly, the colors did not match her skin tone. She added it with some of her other applications and it turned out very well. The customer thinks the colors are designed for people with fair complexions. This may not be necessarily true especially if the customer blended the colors wrong.

The company says the product is for all skin types. This must mean all skin tones as well. The customer loves the product and says the colors are nice to apply to the lips. The customer says the product will not leave the lips dry as some do. The customer has chapped lips and this product definitely helps chapped lips.

This is the first complaint of this kind for this product. The customer says the product comes off way too easy. It leaves an outline on the lips and it may be good if you add foundation to it then it may stay on. Not a positive review at all. The product is too oily-based and it will not stay on the lips.It spreads too thin. The colors are not that good and the customer will not buy it again. Another consumer who says the product is not for dark-skinned people. It dries pasty and weird the customer says and here is the lowest shot yet. It reminds the customer of fake makeup from the dollar store. This is a very cutting remark by the customer.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Lip

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Benefits and Uses: You can create or recreate your colors. There are 3 finishes and 8 colors there is matte, sheer, and the possibilities are endless the company says. The colors are in the pink range so I do not know how limitless the possibilities really are. Pink does have its limits in usage and blending.

Feedback: The customer likes to design a flirty color scheme on the lips. The colors are light which the customer says go well with her darker complexion. The colors are nice and the customer says the colors look good on her. The customer is reserved and prefers the more subtle colors. Some of the colors were too bright for the customer and some of the colors were too subtle The customer has braces that they do not want to draw attention to. They like to use colors on the lips that look natural but are a little more enhanced. The customer seems to like the product.

The customer cannot be faulted for their reaction to this shipment. The product arrived unsealed and there was moisture on top of the contents. She did not want to use the product because it looked like had been tampered with and it was unsanitary. She gave it a one-star rating which is completely understandable. There needs to be a better quality control on the shipping of the product.

The customer says there is no taste. Lipstick is not supposed to have a taste anyway. I ate some as a child and it tastes nasty. The client says there is no mirror so she cannot see when she applies it when she is out and about. She says she has to apply it too many times. She doesn’t like the product and she will not be buying it again. It sounds like the product was a waste of money for her. She wrote it is easy to apply but too punk for the client. This was a real nonchalant review. It was very factual.

The customer said not a good quality and they would not buy it again. They gave it a two-star rating. They failed to discuss why they gave it a two-star rating and why they thought the product was of poor quality, to begin with. These are such important details that must be included in the review or the review has no value.

Another review that adds no value to the customer experience. The customer says she is an adult woman and this palette is for a young girl or a teenager. The client says she was not impressed with the quality of the palette. She gave it a low-rating so apparently, she did not think much about the product. Why is it low quality? Why is it good for young girls and teenagers and not adult women? These are pertinent questions that must be answered. To shed light on why the customer thinks the product is useless. This is a very strange review indeed. Either the client borrowed the name or it is a nickname or it really is a male. The reviewer calls himself “Rick” and they rave about this gloss lipstick set. It goes on easy and they like the color assortment. They write that glosses do not last a long time anyway. The client gave it a five-star rating. I really cannot understand (and never will) why a man (if it is a male) is using lipstick in the first place. There is no good reason for a man to be wearing lipstick period. The client mentions the lip gloss does not have good staying power.

Coastal Scents 66 Color Lip Palette

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Benefits and Uses: The product supplies 66 shades of lipstick in shimmer and matte which gives it a very impressive assortment. You can play with the colors to make new colors. Good for beginners who want to try and invent their own colors. This product seems like it is designed for young girls and teenagers leaving out a whole segment of the population-adults. This could be detrimental to the sales of the country. There are most likely far more adult women buying lipstick products than young girls. Let us face the facts, you hardly see little girls or young girls wearing lipstick now do you?

Feedback: This is a very reasonable and detailed review. The customer was leery of buying this lip gloss because in general lip glosses are cheap. She was surprised by the quality of this particular product. She says it has a nice color assortment and it has good staying power. The price seemed reasonable. The colors feel nice and smooth on the lips and the palette seems sturdy.

The customer writes this is good because it will be getting a lot of use. The color assortment is vast enabling the customer to mix colors together. The client says there were a few colors that were impractical for everyday use. Like the orange which may be good for a photo shoot but nothing else. The customer says there were some colors she would not use alone but would mix them up with other colors. This would leave only one or two colors she will never use. The customer feels good about the purchase. The customer laments that buying single lipstick containers is very expensive.

The customer does not say this is a bad product but it has its limitations. The color assortment is nice but the staying power of the lip gloss is questionable. The customer writes that it is a good product for someone who carries a bigger purse (than she does) or a makeup artist on the run. You know one who we need to touch a bride often during a wedding. But this would be too distracting to have the makeup artist constantly interrupting the wedding to touch up the bride. Can you imagine a video of a wedding and you see the makeup artist running up and touching up the bride?

Maybelline Lip Studio Lip Color Palette

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Benefits and Uses: 8 shades of nude colors to plum. Compared to some of the other color assortments 8 really isn’t that many. The palette allows for experimenting with different colors to make new colors. It will you be creative and endlessly play. It also has a brush for easy and neat application. You use brushes to put on lipstick?

Feedback: The customer says there is a good selection of colors. They use the first three colors only. The product has weak staying power but the customer basically says you get what you pay for. They wrote that for the price of the product no staying power must be expected. The color dividend is worthwhile after a few coats are applied to the lips. It goes on nice and it is very easy to apply it with a lip brush. The only problem is the palette will not fit in a small purse which does not allow for the client to touch up the lipstick.

The customer says they only like the last two shades in the assortment which means they are not using five shades. This is definitely not getting the value for your dollar. She says the product is adequate. This may be a false advertisement on the company’s part. The client thought she was ordering “Lip Color Palette” she received “Lip Color Gloss” because it was mislabeled in the image. The customer is disappointed and she should push the company to send her the right product. Or at least she should have her money refunded. This is a case of a blatant advertising error. The company needs to fix this soon before it becomes a major problem for their sales.

U-beauty Lip Gloss Palette Makeup Kit Set With FREE BRUSH

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims there are five carefully designed nude colors which offer endless color variations. The problem is the combinations are limited to the 5 nude colors so at some point the combinations will cease to exist. I would not say it is a limitless selection of colors would make from these 5 nude colors. You can only do so much with 5 colors. Velvety formula with an accurate lip gloss brush for easy application. More than your average nude lip look not quite with only five colors in the assortment.

Feedback: The customer says the color selection is awesome especially for day use. The combinations are limitless and not a bad deal for the money. They look great and they feel silky and the customer would not hesitate to recommend it to others. This sounds like a review where the customer received something for writing a positive review.

The client got to the heart of the matter when she said the colors are alright. It definitely is not her main palette she will be using. If she even used it at all.


If you were not confident about which lip palette to select now you can choose with confidence. The reviews tell us the good parts and the bad parts of the products. The likes and dislikes the customers had with each product. Check out the review list and pick which palette is for you.


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