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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What can you say about lip scrub? It is the same as sandpapering your lips in essence. You exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub. It needs to be a scrub that will not irritate your lips or burn them. It will help if it does not cost a lot of money either. You will want a lip scrub that will thoroughly scrub the lips but you want it to be gentle on the lips. You do not need it to be abrasive on the lips to the point it will make the lips bleed. You want to scrub the lips so they remain hydrated and the oil will not flow out of the pores and cause acne breakouts around the lips. It can be a fine art to exfoliate the lips but how many people scrub their lips anyway? It is not a part of the body that people normally think about scrubbing. But it seems to have garnered enough attention to be a hot topic in the beauty industry. You just want to make sure you purchase the right lip scrub. Let’s look into the matter a little deeper.

Beauty by Earth Lip Scrub Berry

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Benefits and Uses: For a great smile the company claims you will want to use their product. It is a berry-flavored lip scrub that will moisturize the lips and will treat chapped lips, dry lips, and flaky lips. How can lips be flaky? It can be used by men and women and is safe to use on the lips. The product is sugar infused and will satisfy any sweet tooth and will exfoliate the lips. So it will not bring pain to your lips. The company says it will be a gift that says “here is for a great smile” and would be good to give as a gift for some of the major holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas. But I would not want to receive a lip scrub as a gift. This is just a tacky gift to give to a loved one, family member or a friend.

The company wants you to say no to harmful chemicals in your lip balm. This lip scrub has all organic ingredients and is cruelty-free. The animals refused to use the lip scrub because they were not happy with the flavors. This put an immediate stop to the company testing their products on the animals. Another issue is that the animals did not think it was necessary to exfoliate the lips with this lip scrub. The company says to exfoliate the lips and the skin before putting on makeup so it will stay on better.

Feedback: The customer says the lip scrub is the best one they have found. It is better than other products they have tried. They like the flavors and the scent of the lip scrub. The customer says the lips look vibrant, smooth, and The customer thinks the discoloration of the lips is disappearing as well since using the lip scrub.

The customer says the lip scrub is the best one they have found. It is better than other products they have tried. They like the flavors and the scent of the lip scrub. The customer says the lips look vibrant, smooth, and The customer thinks the discoloration of the lips is disappearing as well since using the lip scrub.

The customer says the product exfoliates the lips well but it is abrasive. The customer says the flavors taste great and a little bit goes a long way. They never want the company to stop making the product and they are looking forward to using the first container up so they can use the second container. The customer wants to use the berry flavor every night. The customer uses the product once a day and says it exfoliates the lips well. The cherry flavor tastes like a berry. The product can be used once a day the customer thinks to keep the lips exfoliated. The customer needs to scrub their lips frequently but they say using this product they only need to apply it once as it was mentioned before. The person thinks the price is reasonable for such a well-known lip scrub.

This is a weird review. The husband says the wife wanted an exfoliating lip scrub which the husband thought was bizarre. The wife likes the lip scrub and this is keeping the wife happy. The customer says if you want to keep the wife happy buy her the product. This is a very strange review the husband has written. He isn’t really saying anything of value about the product. He doesn’t say why his wife likes the product and why it is working so effectively on her lips. Avery generic review which adds no selling value for a potential customer. This customer says the lip scrub leaves the lips smooth and the lipstick goes on smooth after it is applied to the lip scrub. The customer says the instructions are simple because they tell the customer to eat the leftover lip scrub. These are really odd instructions why would you tell the customers to eat the leftover lip scrub.

The customer says they have used lip scrubs in the past that were too abrasive on the lips. This product applies to the lips gently and is not abrasive at all. The product works well and tastes great. The company contacted the customer right after they bought the product. They wanted to know how the customer liked the product and if they had any issues with the product. The customer liked the fact that the company contacted them so soon and showed genuine interest in the customer. The customer says the product applies smoothly and it smells really nice.

The customers seem to really like the taste and the smell of this product and they seem to think it applies smoothly to the lips and it leaves the lips moist. One customer said it felt abrasive to their lips. But the one constant theme is that the product tastes great. The price seems very reasonable as well.

Beauty by Earth Lip Scrub Vanilla

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Benefits and Uses: Again the company says the product will give you a lovely smile. And you will love the vanilla flavor and it is safe to for men and women and children to use. The company says little girls will love this product but this type of statement seems very manipulative. I really doubt a lip scrub would be safe for children to use. Their lips are tender and still developing and it seems to me that the lip scrub would be too abrasive for their lips. This is not sound advice to say it would be safe for children to use. They say the lip scrub will be a treat for the lips and give you a healthy smile. They suggest you try their other flavors as well. This is the same company that says the lip scrub would be great to give as a gift especially on the major holidays. I really doubt a person would want to receive lip scrub as a gift. The lip scrub is supposed to be a great combination with chapstick and lipstick.

Feedback: The customer says the product smells great and tastes good. The customer did not have high expectations for the lip scrub. It applies to the lip smoothly and it keeps the lips smooth. The customer has dry and chapped lips all year round. But this product has left the lips moist and reduced the crustiness of the lips a lot. It seems odd that someone would eat a lip scrub because it is used for exfoliating not really to it. It leaves this customer’s lips moist and feeling soft. It also tastes good to the customer as well.

The customer says the product is effective for removing flakiness and light dryness of the lips. But if you have heavy chapping of the lips to the point the skin sticks to the lips this product will not do the trick. The customer is not an expert so I do not know if her perception of the effectiveness of this product is correct or not. She says it works well and she applies a lip balm after using the product. She claims her lipstick applies more evenly after using the product. She says a jar will last her 2 or 3 months and this is using the product nightly. She likes the lip scrub enough that she would buy it again. She claims the application is slippery on the lips because of all the oils the product contains. The customer does not understand the purpose of a lip scrub because no lip scrub has worked for her. She says she cannot see how the product will scrub the waxy stuff the lips.

She sees no point in walking around with what feels and looks like a mixed media on her lips. This expression makes no sense. She says she spends more time scrubbing the lip scrub off her lips then applying the lip scrub to her lips. Her search moves forward to find the perfect lip scrub. She says if you are looking for a better lip scrub this lip scrub is not for you. She says if you are looking for a lip scrub that is mediocre this is for you. She has cried tears of frustration removing the scrub off her lips. The vanilla tastes good if you like it with the taste of washcloth. This is not a positive review by any means. It seems like the customer will not purchase the product again.

This is a mixed review. The customer says it is part lip scrub and part lip balm in substance. The product will remove dead skin from the customer’s lips. The customer says it leaves the lips soft but the customer was expecting more of a lip scrub and not a lip balm. I find it doubtful that this lip scrub is partially a lip balm. Lip balms do not have nearly the cleaning power that a lip scrub has. The customer gives it an average 3-star rating. So it is not certain if the customer likes the product or really thinks it is useless. The customer says it is an adequate lip scrub and is not as scrubby as some of the lip scrubs they have used in the past. The customer says the grains are too big for the product to be a good lip scrub. They found a better lip scrub than this one. They say returning the product is too much of a hassle so they will let the $9.00 go. It would seem plausible that they should try and get their money back. The product did not meet their expectations. I am not sure what the size of the lip scrub grains have to do with how well a lips scrub will work.

Handmade Heoroes All Natural Lip Scrub

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made of 100% coconut sugar which is an interesting ingredient to put in a lip scrub. The product is vegan and it has not been tested on animals. The animals said they did not like the coconut sugar taste it upset their stomachs. So, the animal testing came to a screeching halt. The product is fragrance and scent free but what is the difference between a product being fragrance and scent free? They sound like the same thing to me. It organically exfoliates with the oils found in the formula and it gently scrubs the lips with the coconut and sugar.

Feedback: The customer is in the military and complains the lips are dry. Where the customer is deployed the air is not the greatest. The customer is a sucker for scrubs but she has sensitive lips. Normally sugar scrubs are to rough for the lips. This particular sugar scrub works well for her lips and leaves them feeling soft. She says if you have some left over product on the lips go ahead and eat it because it tastes wonderful. The customer says the lips are very dry and flaky. The use this product and it helps to alleviate those two issues. The product is recommended by the customer. The customer writes they are a major Chicago Cubs baseball team fan. I agree with the customer that the 2016 Cubs are one of the greatest teams to play on a ball field.

Sugar Lip Scrub by Hanalei Company

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains natural Hawaiian elements and it is made on American soil. The ingredients will exfoliate the skin from the lips and make the lips feel nice and soft. They say it works best with a lip moisture product and locks moisture in the lips. They want you to spend more money is what they are driving at. The formula is free of harmful chemicals and the product has never been tested on animals. The company offers free samples of the product if you are willing to contact them.

Feedback: The customer has a habit of picking at the lips because they feel dry and chapped. The customer has tried to stop this habit but they cannot because they hate the feeling of dry and chapped lips. They use this product with another product and they say the combination works wonders to keep the lips moist and free from being dry and cracked.

The customer has written a review without trying the product. But I cannot blame them for writing a critical review because they received the product in the mail. The jar was only half full and the customer says he is not impressed. I would not be impressed either to receive a jar of lip scrub that was only half full.

Diva Stuff Juicy Watermelon Lip Scrub

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Benefits and Uses: The watermelon flavor does not sound enticing at all. It would be like rubbing watermelon on the lips an odd sensation indeed. It exfoliates the dead skin and it refreshes and hydrates the skin. Leaves a protective barrier on the lips and the watermelon is a new flavor. The company has several other top selling lip scrubs on the market.

Feedback: The customer says they do not get paid to write reviews on Amazon. They pick products based on the good reviews they read about that specific product. So, the customer says if you are looking for a good lip scrub this is the one for you. But the customer does not say why the lip scrub works so well for them. This information would be helpful for other consumers to read.


You Are now armed with a review list of some of the best lip scrubs you can find on the market. They are all priced in the $10.00 range and if you were looking to spend that amount of money then you should be able to find a product on the list. The only thing the author just cannot get past is that one of the lip scrubs was watermelon flavored.


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