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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Make sure you are careful in selecting a liquid bronzer and never apply it too close to the eyes. You want to choose a liquid bronzer that will even out your natural skin tone. You don’t want to put it on so thick that you look like a made-up alien or clown. You can put too much bronzer on to the point where your skin does not look natural anymore. There have been cases where a woman would put so much bronzer on her face that it would look cakey and you could not recognize what she really looked like anymore. You do want to beautify and enhance your natural features when using a liquid bronzer. But don’t put on so much that you overshadow your natural beauty. Also, I do not know that putting on too much bronzer would not clog your pores and possibly cause acne breakouts especially if you have acne-prone skin. It may cause another kind of skin irritations as well. You would probably look your best with a balanced blend of liquid bronzer with other makeup products you may want to apply to your facial skin. You want to look natural but you don’t want to overdo it.

Shouhengda 3D Highlighter Liquid Glow

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Benefits and Uses: This product will enrich the skin with a healthy glow. You will glow but you will not shine to the point that people will look at your face and become blind. It can be worn for several functions besides just a liquid bronzer application. You can highlight specific points of the face or blend with the foundation to give overall radiance to your look. It is very smooth and moist and will keep the skin refreshingly hydrated. It is a fine product, to say the least.

Feedback: Two customers pretty much slammed the product. There were only two reviews and they were both negative about the product. One customer said the product was too oily I mean they said it was way too oily and they will not buy it again. They made that fact very clear. The other customer said it did not meet their expectations. But the only problem with the latter reviews the customer does not detail what their expectations were. It would have been helpful to know what those expectations were that could not be met.

Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer 

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Benefits and Uses: There was really no product description for this liquid bronzer. It really makes you wonder if the company is embarrassed by their product or if they are hiding something about the product. If the company wants to sell their products they would tell the world how great their product is and all the benefits it had to offer the customers. You want to promote your product every chance you get and Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces on the internet yet they give no product description. Personally, if I saw a product that had no description or benefits listed I would steer away from that product.

Feedback: One customer says she loves the product and it is really enhanced her glow when she applied another bronzer on top of this one. It makes her face shine. We will buy it again. This customer was not so passionate about the product but she tried to be. She tried to use it several times and each time the product turned her face into an oil field. Which means her face became very oily but naturally her face is not too oily begin with. This customer was ecstatic about her product she really loves this bronzer. It refreshes her skin and it nourishes the skin, is the perfect color for her skin tone, and it is a good quality product. All around good bronzer for her. Another customer complains it is too runny and does not stay on which really means it is too oily. A lot of complaints about the product being too oily.

Another customer was disappointed with the color of the bronzer. She says it was more orange than dark and it reminded her of a cheap foundation instead of an expensive bronzer. Quite a negative comment about the product. Yet another customer says it blends so well with her natural skin color which is like red Georgia clay. A unique description of skin tone if I have ever heard one. One customer said she thought this bronzer would be as good as the company’s bronzer but it was too dark for her. It looked orange on her skin too. She says to go to her website for a more detailed review but the detailed review would have been nice to have been placed on Amazon.

I am beginning to see why the company may not have put a benefits section or a product description of their product. It seems like it is too runny and oily for the customers and there seemed to be more negative reviews than positive reviews even though there were only seven reviews in all written about the product. The bronzer just seems like it is a poor quality bronzer.

Jolie Face & Body Bronzer with Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera

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Benefits and Uses: The product will look great on your face and it will give your face that wanted glimmer. It will not be too shiny but radiant enough to make you stand out in a crowd. It also is supposed to keep the skin soft and as silky as velvet and it will not leave streaks on your skin. It contains ingredients that will moisturize the skin and it may not clog the pores either. This product has only 8 reviews written about it. This could be because it is a relatively new or unknown product.

Feedback: This review may be from a male it is not really clear. But the customer gave the product one star because the scent was horrible and they could not stand it. They said they do not know why the company put a scent in a facial product. The customer says if people want perfume they will buy perfume. The customer fails to realize that there are probably thousands of beauty products (other than perfume) that have scents. Some people really enjoy having scented facial products. If this is a male customer it is really disturbing that he would be applying bronzer to his face or even talking about perfume. In fact, this is quite disturbing and if it is a male customer there is something really wrong with this review. Again, the customer fails to understand that there are a lot of scented facial beauty products and people like scented facial products.

Another customer was not thrilled with the product because they said the scent was too strong and the product disappeared as they rubbed it into their face. It was too transparent in the beginning stages for the customer as well.

Another customer was not thrilled with the product because they said the scent was too strong and the product disappeared as they rubbed it into their face. It was too transparent in the beginning stages for the customer as well. All they said was that the color was ok and they mix it with other shades. Other shades of what? The review really did not give a whole a lot of valuable information.

Other people may be interested to mix shades of a product if they knew what product this customer was talking about. This customer loves the product and says they have been using it for a few years now. If you have a base tan this product will blend in great with the tan. It also covers tiny spider veins. By the way, spider veins have a blue, purple or red tint and they have a twisted appearance and can be observed through the skin. They typically develop on the legs and the face.

The customer loves the product and would recommend it to anyone. But what does the customer love about the product? The price? Does it cover well? Does it blend well? Is it a long lasting bronzer? I think you get my drift here that we need to know why the product is so great and why the customer gave it a 5-star rating and why they would so highly recommend the product. Too much critical information is left out in the review. If the product is so good please tell us why it is so good and why you like it so much.

This review is even more general all the customer wrote was “thank you.” They too gave it a 5-star rating but why did they give it a 5-star rating? It is good they are grateful for the product by why do they feel that way? The review tells us absolutely nothing about why they are thanking the company for making the bronzer or why they gave it a 5-star rating. The review says absolutely nothing about why the customer thinks so highly of the product. In reality, it was like the review was never written. It has the same impact if it had not been written in other words, it has no impact. If I am looking to buy any product I will go and read the reviews about the product. But I am looking for reviews that tell me something, in a detailed way, positive or negative about the product.

Now, this review says a little bit as to why the customer likes the product. They have had no more breakouts since they started using the product and they say it is very easy to order. Now, the customer is telling us some facts about the product.

GARYOB Liquid Highlighter Makeup Glow Face Contour Bronze Makeup

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Benefits and Uses: Concentrated bronze drops of the product will give you a metallic glowing look. If this is your preference. You can customize the radiant finish you want to have on your face. You can either apply the product independently or you can add it on top of your favorite powder or liquid foundation to give an extensive overall glow to your facial skin. The more of the product you use the more of a glow you will show. You can adapt how much luminosity you want to have to radiate from your face. This product may be geared toward very young adults and teenagers.

Feedback: At the time this article was written the product had garnered over 80 reviews a little more than the previous products reviewed in this article. The product may be a little more known than the previous products reviewed. The customer gets the perfect shine on her face but the bottle of the product does not close correctly. The customer is fearful the bronzer will leak all over her makeup bag. She may consider storing the product somewhere else. The customer says the product applies thick like paint on her skin. It cakes on her brush as well. The bottle of product is small but there seems to be plenty of liquid in the bottle. The customer seems happy with the product despite its thick consistency.

The mother and daughter love the product. The mother has a light complexion and the product blends well with her skin tone. The daughter has a darker complexion and it blends well with her skin tone as well. Apparently, the product is versatile enough that it can blend with various skin tones. This could make it a very beneficial beauty product. The customer gets to the heart of the matter and says she loves the product because it makes her face shine. A lot of people are complementing on the product’s ability to make their skin shine. Another mother who says her daughter loves the product because the color looks lovely on her skin. Beyond that comment, the mother does not give much detail as to why the daughter is so fond of this liquid bronzer. The mother says she will butt it for her daughter again.

Another complaint about the bottle design. The customer said they gave it three stars because the bottle would not close and they had to throw the bottle away after only two applications. What a waste of product. If this was my product I would be sending the product back to the company. I would expect to either get a replacement or get my money back. The company seems to have poorly designed the bottle because two customers have complained they could not close the bottle. Hopefully, either someone will outright complain to the company about the faulty bottle or the company will read these complaints and redesign the bottle so it closes properly. This could be a potential for a lot of lost revenue for the company unless they fix the problem.

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint

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Benefits and Uses: The product has a dual purpose (what those are are unknown) and it applies easily and smoothly to the skin. Blends easily with any light formula moisture. What does that mean it blends well with any light formula moisture? Really that statement makes no sense. It a very transparent and sheer texture that encourages a healthy and radiant glow. I am not sure how a radiant glow can be healthy for or on the skin? It is completely made from natural ingredients and applies naturally and seamlessly to any skin. It will also cover up skin imperfections nicely. It is completely made from all natural ingredients as was mentioned before.

Feedback: The customer says the product is the best bronzer they have ever used. It can be used with makeup or without it is that good of a bronzer. The customer uses it on the arms and legs as sort of a tanning product. This is definitely a unique way to use this liquid bronzer. The customer says the all natural ingredients in the bronzer is a great asset. The customer says bloggers, beauty editors and makeup artists rave about the bronzer. Whether this is true or not, it cannot be verified. It would have been more authentic if the customer could have quoted some of these sources.

This is an eye-opening review. The customer is getting married and is trying different bronzer and tanning products. She was excited about all the good reviews written on the product. She loves this brand of product. The only problem is after two applications it appears red on her skin after she applied the product. The doctor had to give her a steroid to remove the symptoms from the allergic reaction. Her dermatologist thinks the product is a fake because she has never reacted to any beauty products like this before. This is a really weird development for this customer.


It is the author’s hope that these reviews will help you to have a better understanding of what kind of quality bronzer products are available to you. There have been mixed reviews with all the products that were discussed. The one odd review was that the customer applied the product and the first two applications were normal. Then the product reacted with her skin and it turned red on her skin. She had to go to the doctor who gave her a steroid to counteract the allergic reaction. It was an expensive visit for her.


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