Best Makeup Remover for Dry Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Natural Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover

There are so many makeup removers on the market today, how do you know which one to choose for dry skin? How do you even know the one you choose will work for dry skin? All you have to do is some due diligence on the internet and you can find out all you need to know about the best makeup remover to use for dry skin. You need to consider if the ingredients in the makeup remover will agree with your particular skin type or not. You do not want to purchase a makeup remover that will leave all the makeup on your face instead of removing it. Also, you don’t want a makeup remover that will make your face so red and irritated people will think you have a sunburn. In this article, we have done some research for you and have made a list of the top-rated makeup removers that can help dry skin.

We will list the best makeup removers for dry skin and interpret the many reviews that will accompany each product so you can become familiar with the particular product. Also, you will have a better idea of what product will work the best to remove your makeup with. No matter what your skin type or skin tone is you will find your answers in the following list.

Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Face Wash Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover

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high-quality makeup remover

Benefits and Uses: This is the company’s best selling cleanser and it won the ” Allure Best of Beauty Awards in 2014″ this tells us this is a high-quality makeup remover. Even the experts think so. It is formulated to cleanse the face, remove the makeup, and tone the face all in one handy compact tube. It will cleanse and remove makeup from the face all in one simple step. Simply massage the cleanser into the areas you want to remove the makeup from and it will do the rest. It will penetrate the skin deeply removing all trace of the makeup. You will feel like you washed your face under a refreshing waterfall. This cleanser will clean and remove the makeup from the skin that effectively.

After you have applied the cleanser you may simply wipe away the cleanser with a cotton pad or rinse off with some warm water. You choose the method that you are comfortable with and that will the best for you. The manufacturer recommends either method because both will remove the makeup effectively from your face.  Let me remind you that this is the company’s best selling product so many people have bought this product and liked using it.  

Feedback: This person will never buy this product again. They were thoroughly disgusted with it. They said it burned around their eyes and everywhere they applied to remove their makeup and cleanse their skin. Either they have super sensitive skin or they got a bad batch of product. They went as far as to say they will never purchase any product from this company again. This is a very dramatic statement to be making. They were wondering what the ingredients were in the product that would make their skin burn so badly. The company certainly lost this customer. I wonder if the company tried to do anything to make it right for this customer? If they give some good customer service feedback to the customer. They might just be able to win the customer back. It is going to take a lot for this company to get this customer back though. It is a little alarming that the ingredients would burn and make this person’s skin so irritated.

Another customer has been looking for the product for a long time and found this one online. Unlike other cleansers that make your face feel tight and dry, this leaves your face feeling moist and loose. It cleanses well and this product makes the client’s skin feel really good.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

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all-in-one makeup cleanser remover

Benefits and Uses: This is an all-in-one makeup cleanser remover. It will cleanse and remove makeup and it will even remove waterproof makeup. It also refreshes the skin. It does everything you would want a makeup remover to do. It is quite popular as over 2,000 reviews have been written in the product. It is free of alcohol, oil and any type of fragrance. It is an all natural makeup remover. It will not give the skin any allergic reactions because it is made of all natural and organic ingredients. The technology of this makeup remover i such that it attracts dirt, makeup, and foreign substances without hard rubbing on the skin. It will work for all skin types in sensitive skin types.

Feedback: This customer used this product in an unconventional way. She used it to clean up her daughter’s face and the mess the little girl had made. The mother said this product cleaned everything up in about 1/2 hour. She likes the product and she will use it again. It is a very powerful cleanser.

This review was written by an elderly customer who has been fighting skin problems since she was a teenager. She has oily skin and she has tried a lot of different things to get her face clean. She even tried little electric brushes and dermabrasion equipment but even these did not really help. She heard about this water product and was initially skeptical about it working for her.

She heard someone talk about how good it works so she tried it. It was like a miracle treatment for her. She uses a little lip gloss maybe some mascara because she is no a person who uses a lot of makeup. She just took a few cotton balls and wiped her face with the product. No mess and no cleanup she just threw the cotton balls away. The water cleansed her face very well better than anything she has previously tried.

She gets an occasional blackhead but the water shrinks down the blackheads and they eventually disappear. For the first time in years, she has found something that will really work to keep hr oily skin clean.

She finally decided to try the commercial brand so she bought some. She received the product but was alarmed at all the chemicals it had in the ingredients. She tried the product anyway and was not too happy with the results. It cleaned the general face area fine. It wouldn’t remove the eye makeup though. The instructions said you wouldn’t have to rub the water on the skin to get the skin clean. She had to rub the water on her face to get the skin clean. She also had to shake the bottle hard to get the product out. The product did not work for her. She went back to her homemade version of this product. She says you can make your own product and it will work as good as the commercial product.

This consumer dd not like this product because it left her face feeling oily and dirty. It did clean off the makeup well though. She likes products that leave her face feeling clean, dry and refreshed. She says this product cleans her children’s face paint off quite well. She will not be using this product a lot.

Another customer bought the product based on all the good reviews she read about it. She tried it and it did not remove her waterproof eyeliner she was very disappointed by this. She thinks it should have been able to remove her eyeliner makeup. She thinks the product is good for more general facial cleansing. It didn’t sound like she would be buying the product again.One customer said it will not remove long-wearing makeup and they seemed disappointed.

This customer bought the product off a youtube channel and was not pleased with the product. They don’t like it and they don’t use it because it didn’t remove their eye makeup very well like the product said it would. This may hurt the credibility of the company because they said the product would remove eye makeup and it is not doing the job.

Here is another consumer that bought the product based on all the positive feedback people gave about how wonderful this water worked to remove makeup. The consumer was very excited to try the product. They tried it and the product left their skin dry and dull. The only thing she likes about it now is the price is so low you cannot beat it. It is questionable as to whether the consumer will use it again or not. This is the second review that stated they purchased the product based on good reviews and then were disappointed by the ineffectiveness of the product.

Organys Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover

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anti-aging cleansing product

Benefits and Uses: This is an anti-aging cleansing product that is supposed to remove makeup as well. It dissolves skin impurities, sunscreen, and makeup which is the key factor here. It deeply cleanses the pores and contains vitamin E and antioxidant olive oil. It removes any kind of makeup effectively the manufacturer says and claims that actresses use oil-based products to remove makeup. This may be true or not that they really use oil-based products to remove makeup. This is a bold statement the company says their product is a miracle product that will work wonders for the skin. I wonder if the reviews will support this assertion.  Keeps your skin supple, soft and clean and rinses thoroughly out with water. It seems strange an oil cleanser would rinse out with just plain water.

Usually when oil and water mix they separate from one another.

It will work for all skin types. It will not make dry skin dryer and it will not deplete oily skin of all its sebum oil but will work well on the sensitive skin as well. It will not strip away the natural acid barrier of the skin; the skin will not then overcompensate to produce excess oil to protect itself. This, in turn, will not lead to new breakouts.

To use it pour it into the hands and massage it into the skin for a couple of minutes then add water to it and it becomes a milky emulsion. Rub this in for a couple of minutes then rinse off with water. It goes to work as soon as it comes into contact with the skin.

Feedback: This customer tells it like it is. They have had reviews removed because they were too honest about a product. They think the company’s line of products is amazing. They tried this cleanser and thought it was amazing too. They were worried the oil would leave their oily skin oily but it did not. The customer took the oil to India on a trip. The oil did not leak in their luggage. The oil took her makeup off very well in dry conditions and extreme weather variations. It worked fine. She uses it for travel and thinks it works great.

This product saved this consumer’s dehydrated winter skin. They started using the product and it took the makeup completely off. It left their skin nice and hydrated. The customer noted their skin broke out in acne because it was so dehydrated. This product healed the acne quicker than normal and left less discoloration on the face. It also prevented new breakouts from occurring. So far there have been no reviews that have said this is a miracle product that works wonders for the skin. The product is a high-quality product but it falls short of being a miracle product that works wonders for people with skin problems. It may be the company exaggerated how good their product really is. The reviews are straightforward and honest and there is no mention of this being a super product.

Era Organics Lavender and Vanilla Cleansing Oil And Makeup Remover

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makeup remover cleanser that is good for the skin

Benefits and Uses: Finally a makeup remover cleanser that is good for the skin. This is what the company says about the product. It will leave the skin more supple, softer, and smoother. If it doesn’t leave the skin feeling these ways than you will get your money back. Cleanse and nourish with each use because this natural cleansing agent will hydrate the skin. It will also remove foundation, mascara and waterproof eye makeup. It has ingredients that are agreeable to the skin and will leave the skin very hydrated. It will rejuvenate the skin leaving t as shiny as can be.   

Feedback: The customer likes the smell of the oil and says it doesn’t dry out the skin. The client has washed the face for years with soap which left the skin dry and chapped but this does not happen with this oil. It leaves the skin hydrated and glowing, unlike the soap. The client can only use Dove soap in the summer otherwise the skin gets too dry. In the winter customer cannot use Dove soap because it dries out the client’s face. They tried this oil and it leaves the skin hydrated and invigorated.

Another customer was worried about the oil label and thought the product would leave the skin too oily. There was no oily residue on the skin and it removed the mascara and all the makeup. The product is working well for them.

It appeared this product receive no negative reviews and out of 33 reviews all of the reviewers gave the product either a four-star rating or a five-star rating which is excellent. The overall average rating was 4.9 out of a possible 5.0. The product almost got a perfect 5.0 rating. It seems to be a high-quality product among consumers.

Hippie Skin Hippie Luxe Organic Cleanser Moisturizer 

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moisturizer, cleanser, and anti-aging agent

Benefits and Uses: The company says it can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser, and anti-aging agent. It is rich in oils the skin loves and it will balance pH, softens skin and will make skin shine brightly. It can be used for all skin types which makes this a versatile cleanser.

Feedback: This is very impressive because this product had 30 reviews written on it. All 30 reviews gave it a 5.0 rating. Yes, a five-star rating and there was not one negative review. Hopefully, though these reviews were not staged by the company by paying or giving the customers some bonus for writing positive reviews. If the reviews were honest than this is a very high-quality cleanser you do not want to miss out.


We have come to the end of our review for the best makeup removers in the market today. The list includes some very good products that on it. Most of the reviews were positive and said good things about the products. But to balance that out on some of the products there were some aggressive negative reviews. Each product will affect people differently. One noteworthy thing to say is that one of the products received a perfect 5-star rating out of 30 reviews.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.