Best Mattress for Back Pain Reviews

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2018)

What can you say about a mattress for back pain? It has to relieve the chronic back pain or it is useless. Like usual, you will have to put out some money to buy a top-quality mattress that is designed to alleviate back pain. It needs to be firm and definitely relieve pressure points especially where the back is concerned. In fact, if you can purchase an orthopedic mattress this would really help you to alleviate the back pain [1]. The mattress must be firm so people won’t think they are sinking into quicksand. It will probably cost you more money to find one of these types of mattresses but wouldn’t the higher cost be worth being free of back pain while you sleep?

Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Queen Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam – 10-Year Warranty

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress has had over 1300 reviews written about it. So, according to these numbers, quite a few people are familiar and have used the mattress. But let’s hope that most of the reviews are positive and not negative. The negative reviews are needed just as much as the positive reviews are needed. The company can lose a lot of business from the negative reviews and the company can improve on their product if the negative reviews are honest.

The company claims their queen-sized mattress is top-rated and you can afford it. You can take pressure off the head, spine, and neck with the open cell queen-sized mattress. The mattress is claimed to align the spine which will reduce pressure on the lower back, shoulders, and do not forget the hips. The mattress was tested and certified not to co contain any hazardous materials. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the mattress and the company touts that 98% of their customers like the mattress. The company you can rest assured you will get a good night’s sleep. The mattress contains 3 layers of foam and the gel memory foam with open cells will keep the skin dry and give you a cool night of sleep.

Feedback: The customer says they wanted to wait to post a review to make sure the mattress would work out. The customer slept in the mattress every day for 7 months and likes the mattress. The customer says they are overweight and the client plans on buying the same kind of mattress for every room in their house. The customer gave the mattress a healthy 5-star rating. The customer must really like the mattress because they are buying more mattresses to put in the other bedrooms in their home.

Mattress for Back Pain

The customer wanted the mattress that would give them “that hotel feels” whatever that is supposed to mean. The customer needs to define exactly what that phrase means. The client went to the furniture stores and told the salesman what she was looking for in a mattress. She came across a hybrid mattress that had the “feel” but it was too expensive and she turned it down. She cautiously went online and ordered this mattress and it had the “feel.” She will order more mattresses for the kids. The customer-rated the mattress 5-stars. The customer rated the mattress 5-years and so far the mattress has achieved 5-star ratings but will it maintain the 5-star rating. The customer says they slept on the mattress before it expanded to its full size with no issues.

Here is the first one-star rating and the customer was not happy with the mattress. They bought two twin-size mattresses for their day bed because they have a bad back. They slept on the mattress and they said it felt like they were sleeping on the floor. The mattress was very uncomfortable and the customer said they do not think there is any memory foam in the mattress. The customer also says the mattress is very firm. The customer is wrong in saying there is no memory foam in the mattress because it says right in the product description that there is memory foam in the mattress.

The customer says the mattress is uncomfortable because it causes him to wake up with back pain. He says it is better than what he had before but it really is not that good. The customer updated the review and he upgraded the review to 5-stars because his back pain is gone. He sinks into the mattress and it supports the middle of his back fine. He was going to leave the mattress at the place he is living at. He likes the mattress so much that when he moves he is taking the mattress with him and he will pay the moving fees. This is quite a change of mind for the customer concerning the mattress.

The customer complains that it is hard to order when it has so mixed reviews and according to this customer this mattress has mixed reviews. He says the reviews say the mattress is too firm and other reviews say the mattress is too soft. The customer bought the mattress and he says it is too firm because he lays on it at first and it is comfortable. 10 to 15 minutes into the journey the bed feels like a board.

The customer says he feels like he is laying on a board. If you are buying a mattress with mixed reviews (and 99% of the time the mattress will have mixed reviews) it really is not that hard of a choice. You just read through the positive and negative reviews and decide if you want to order the mattress or not. The customer writes this mattress will not work for him. He will buy a different type of mattress and take the memory foam out. If he does this the mattress will not contour to the body because the memory foam is what contours the body to the mattress. I do not want to push the issue much more but if the customer removes the memory foam he will be making a big mistake.

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress has 5 layers and it includes pocket springs. The company claims the mattress contains memory foam that will contour the body and keep the customer’s sleep cool. The memory gel foam contours the body to ease pressure points and will control the temperature of the mattress. The fabric is easily removable and washable. The mattress is rolled, compressed, and vacuum packed into the box. It is conveniently packed.

Feedback: Another mattress that had over 1300 reviews written about it. Another mattress that is well-known. The customer said the mattress was ordered on the 10th and it came on the

16th. The box was really torn up and messy looking the mattress was shipped in. The customer says Fed Ex had to put two new shipping labels on the box during transit. FedEx really mishandled the shipment if the box was that badly damaged and they had to put new labels twice on the box.

The FedEx courier threw the box near the porch and ran away. The Fed Ex driver should have rung the doorbell to let the clients know they had a box. He also should have put the box on the porch not just throw it anywhere near the porch. The customer says after the first few nights of sleeping are good. 2 months into the journey and the customer loves the mattress and now 4 months into the journey the client and his partner love the mattress. 18 months later and the customer still loves the mattress. If the customer still loves the mattress after 18 months then the customer received a good-quality mattress. These are the types of reviews that will help o sell a lot of mattresses. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer is 5’10” and he weighs 335 lbs so he is carrying a lot of excessive weight. He says he will review the mattress at 3 months, 6 months, and about 12 months. The customer says the mattress came in good condition and was delivered by UPS. The customer says the bed was easy to unpack and it inflated to its normal size fairly quickly. The customer has sciatica (is a nerve condition brought on by the sciatic nerve being irritated) and he hoped the mattress would help it. The mattress is very comfortable for the customer to sleep on. He says it is very comfortable and t feels like he is sleeping on the clouds. The only issue he has is that the edge of the mattress is not firm enough for him to sit on. He has to roll out of the bed to get out of it.

The customer says after 3 months the mattress is great and it has no lumps. He updates the review at 6 months and says the mattress is stilling holding up and no lumps have formed. 9 months into the journey and the customer still loves the mattresses and no lumps to report. One year later and the customer still loves the mattress and it has no lumps and the customer is still very comfortable sleeping in the bed. The customer says he has gone through 2 $1000 dollar mattresses in the last 5 years. His excessive weight could have contributed to the deterioration of the two mattresses. The customer writes the mattress s a 5-star mattress.

The customer says the outside box looks like the Fed Ex driver towed the box by a tow rope to the front door. Another slam about the poor shipping condition the box comes in when FedEx delivers the product. The customer opens the box and the product is flawless. The customer says unpacking the box is no party and if you have a dolly use it to move the box. Get help to move the box and be sure to put the mattress on the box spring. As soon as you cut a hole in the plastic that carries the mattress the mattress begins to expand quickly. The customer loves the mattress and so does the daughter who is going back to college. The customer says they slept on a $4,000 dollar mattress over the weekend and he found this one online. This one feels like that very expensive mattress. The customer is really glad he found this less expensive mattress on the internet. The customer rates the mattress 5-stars. The customer really stresses the importance of getting people to help you set up the mattress. Another complaint of how FedEx treats their shipments carelessly. This customer mentions the delivery company delivers the box in very bad condition. FedEx needs to take better care of these shipments.

The customer is very sad to have to write this review about the mattress. The mattress was fine for the first 30 minutes but then it starts causing major back pain for the customer and her boyfriend. The customer bought a mattress before that worked well for her and her ex-husband. (He was still with her when that mattress was bought.) This mattress is very uncomfortable and like it was said before is causing the customer some major back pain when they wake up in the morning. This should not be happening to the couple. She is very disappointed in this mattress and needless to say the customer rated the product one-star. It really sounds like the customer bought a “lemon” of a mattress. I really doubt the customer will buy this type of mattress again. The customer says if you have chronic back pain/back pain do not buy this mattress. It will make the back pain worse guaranteed. It sounds like this mattress is definitely not for people who have back pain.

Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic, QueePillown Size 10 Inch Cooling Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims that the mattress received 90% five-star ratings on Amazon. This is easy to verify as to whether this is fact or not. The company says the mattress is designed for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers and it will relieve those who suffer from back pain. The mattress has a heavenly cover that is removable and is washable. The signature non-flip design will help you sleep better and it will fit on any home or guest furniture bed frame. The mattress is made of the highest quality breathable material not cheap foam. It will cool your body but how it does this is not explained in the product description. The mattress will give you that hotel feels whatever that means. The mattress is great on the floor or the platform or an adjustable bed. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the bed and you can try the mattress for 30 days for free.

Feedback: First the mattress has had over 2100 reviews written about it. So it is a well-known product that goes before us. The customer has the rheumatoid disease (the autoimmune system attacks the body’s joints by accident instead of fighting sickness and disease) and fibromyalgia so the customer definitely needs a mattress that will ease back pain. The customer had a mattress that lasted for 15 years but it is time to buy a new one. So, the customer bought this mattress and it arrived quickly. Like usual, the outside box was destroyed and the inside of the plastic carrying the mattress was intact and the mattress looked fine. The mattress sleeps like a dream the customer says and the customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

LUCID 3 Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The memory foam is therapeutic and it will relieve the pressure points. The memory foam supports the lower back keeping the spine aligned which will benefit your sleep greatly. The memory foam will resist bacteria which will give you a clean sleeping environment. How it does this was not explained in the product description. The infused bamboo charcoal controls temperature, moisture, and odor. So you will not lose sleep because of bad odors. The mattress is a king-sized mattress.

Feedback: The customer says it is a nice bed and it was very easy to unpack. The customer took the mattress out of the plastic and the mattress returned to its original size almost immediately. The next customer writes the mattress is a piece of junk after the has used it for 2 months and he had to give it one star. He says it deserves no stars but he does not say why the mattress is so bad. He gives no details on why he dislikes the mattress so much so why did he even write the review? He does not list any negative points about the mattress.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress, Bed in a Box, T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler with More Pressure Relief & Support Than Memory Foam

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress was constructed from freshly poured foam and the mattress supplies a bouncy but supportive foundation for the customer’s body. The mattress is 10 inches thick and it can be compressed into a box to conveniently ship The mattress is not too soft or too soft but it is just the right firmness. The company says they offer a 10-year warranty that the customer actually can use. This mattress has had over 6,000 reviews written about it.

Feedback: The customer says the mattress was comfortable for 4 months but now it has developed a hole in the middle of the mattress and you sink into the hole. The customer says buy a better mattress and spend more money. Don’t waste your money on this mattress the customer writes. The client rated the mattress 1-star.


Together we have read some reviews of some of the better mattresses that will help to relieve any back pain. Some of them will really help to reduce back pain and some of them will prevent back pain altogether. I am confident you will find a mattress that will relieve your back pain from this list.


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