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What does mankind crave in the best mattress? Specifically, what do you require in the best mattress? Today you will see mattress commercials splashed all over television and mobile devices. Every time you turn around some company is saying their mattress is the best and it will give you the most comfortable sleep. They offer more features and the lowest price than the competition. The mattress is the latest technology and will form to your body guaranteeing you the best night sleep. Try their mattress for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied we will give you the full refund on your mattress. Buy a mattress and don’t pay anything for 20 years. You get my hint there are many commercials touting different features to lure you into buying their mattress. How do you know which mattress is really the right one for you or your family if you happen to be shopping for more than one mattress?

You need to know what type of mattress you can really deliver what it says it will deliver. Also, what are you looking for in a mattress and what price are you willing to pay to get a great night sleep. Do you have chronic back pain or do you have a torn up neck? There are so many factors to consider in buying the perfect mattress for your comfort. The market is flooded with mattresses and everyone claims theirs is the best and it will give you that unforgettable night of sleep. There are so many factors to consider before you make a final decision on purchasing a mattress. Reading reviews of mattresses will be a big help in moving you to that final purchase. Are other people satisfied with the mattress they purchased and are they getting the type of sleep that a perfect mattress is supposed to give? Are the prices of the mattresses within your budget? This article will review some tp mattresses and it will help to take some of the guesswork out of buying a mattress for you.

Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze Extra Soft Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: This is one of the most famous mattresses in the world and everyone knows this brand. The only problem is it is way too expensive. The list price is $4800 but Amazon will sell it to you for $3700 which is a 23% discount or you will save $1100 dollars. The mattress is priced way too high and no matter how good this mattress is it is not worth almost $5000 dollars. No mattress is worth $5,000 dollars that is just highway robbery.

The product is over 13 inches thick and is formulated out of tempur material. It will also form-fit to your body. The cover is fused with the best cooling-technology that guarantees you will have a cool night of sleep. What if it is in the middle of winter and you do not want a cool night of sleep? The material is full of cooling tempur-es material and the tempur-adapt technology draws heat away from the body. This would be ideal for those hot summer nights that keep you awake because your body temperature is too high to allow you a good night of sleep. The mattress will distribute the body weight evenly and the base mattress draws heat away from the top mattress. This could end up being a problem on those cold winter nights when you want to maintain all of your body heat to stay warm and comfortable.

Feedback: The mattress only had 73 reviews written about it which could indicate people did not want to buy it because the price is way too high even with the generous discount on Amazon. The mattress only had 73 reviews written about it which could indicate people did not want to buy it because the price is way too high even with the generous discount on Amazon. The first customer says they used to wake sore in the morning from the old mattress because they couldn’t sleep on it. This mattress they have been sleeping on for a month and they really like it.

The person falls asleep as soon as they hit the mattress. They do not wake up as sore in the morning and the customer admits the mattress is expensive so it may not be for everyone because it is too expensive. The client gave it a 5-star rating the next customer did not rate the mattress so high. The client says they are a side sleeper but on this mattress, they cannot sleep on their side. The mattress is very soft and the client got a great price on it and had a $300.00 Amazon gift card. The mattress is still way too expensive even with the gift card. The person cannot sleep on their side on this mattress was this such a great buy. What if the client has trouble sleeping now. This client rated the mattress 3 stars it sounds like they did not think that highly of the mattress. The customer made a good point. All of the reviews are clumped together so you cannot tell what mattress model is being reviewed. The only way you can tell is if the model is mentioned specifically.

Sleep Mattress 

The customer said the first mattress that was ordered got lost in a warehouse. The Amazon team was great in resolving the issue. The mattress came and the client put plywood under the mattress to make it lie flat. The customer thinks the mattress is too soft and rated it 3 stars but her husband rated it 5-stars and loves the mattress. The customer has had a couple of back surgeries but could not sleep on her side on the old mattress. This went on for twenty years but now she can sleep on her side on this mattress.

She sinks into the mattress and this is why she thinks it is too soft. Her husband has chronic neck and back pains. He sleeps great on the mattress. The customer complains that if you order the mattress the delivery company will deliver the mattress but you have to get it to the bedroom yourself. If you return the mattress you pay for the shipping. Neither one of these conditions are fair. the customer should not have to move the mattress himself into the bedroom and if the customer wants to return the mattress they should not have to pay for the return shipping. The combined ratings of the customers brought the overall rating of the mattress to 4-stars. Another weakness is that not all Amazon carriers will take away the old mattresses which really is unfair.

Casper Sleep Mattress 

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress by design will keep you cool while you sleep. The top surface of the mattress uses convection(this is the movement within a liquid where the lighter hotter substance rises and the denser thicker substance sinks causing the heat to transfer) and conduction (this is when heat passes through a substance because there are temperature differences in the two adjoining regions) to draw heat away from the body. It will extract the heat allowing you have a cool and comfortable sleep. There are 4 layers of foam to give you a comfortable sleep. One of the layers of foam is memory foam which supports memory points in the body to give you a painless night of sleep. There is also a pressure relieving layer of foam in the mattress. The base layer of foam holds all the other layers of foam together giving the mattress long-lasting durability. The odors from the mattress will dissipate within 72 hours. This mattress is more reasonably priced at $995.00 dollars.

Feedback: This is a sad review and reflects very badly on Amazon and the mattress company-Casper. Both Amazon and Casper showed the worst possible customer service to this customer. He bought the mattress with the “guarantee” that he could return it within 100 days. The mattress just became progressively worse to the point it caused the customer to lower back pain which a new mattress should not give to a customer. The customer weighs 200 lbs and said within 2 months the mattress became wobbly and began to sink. The customer decided after 85 days it is time to return the mattress. He calls Amazon and they tell him that the return window time frame ended 30 days after the initial purchase-Oh really! The customer service team said they could not take the product back.

The only way they might take it back is if it is re-packed in the original packing material and it has to be in its original condition-yeah right! He calls Casper and they were very flippant to the customer on the phone and said there was nothing they could do about. They told him to contact Amazon. The 100-day return policy is bogus. He warns other customers to beware. He says call Amazon and you will find out what he says is true. The customer gave it a well-deserved one-star rating. He says it is a total scam just think he paid almost$1,000 dollars and he was scammed. I would not buy this mattress from Amazon or Casper. Both companies have two of the worst customer service departments I have ever read about.

The customer says if she sleeps alone in the bed it is fine. But if her dog sleeps in the bed with her (another source of weight) the two sources of weight draw each other to the center of the mattress and it sinks. It is great if she sleeps alone on the mattress. The customer rated the mattress 2-stars. The customer says the chemical stink of the mattress has not dissipated after 75 days. The customer said the mattress is comfortable but the chemical smell is still strongly permeating the mattress. There is something really wrong with this picture. The customer rated the mattress one-star. The customer said the mattress is poorly designed and manufactured. The customer said the mattress smelled like a tire for a while and the mattress would sink when the customer put twin sheets on the mattress. The customer said it was too soft so if you like a firm mattress don’t buy this one. If you have back problems don’t buy the mattress.

The customer says he is 6”5 and he weighs 220 lbs. He said he tried to sleep on the bed for 2 months. He said he developed back pain and he could not sleep on the mattress. He put a pillow on one side of his back and another pillow in between his back and he still had pain He would sleep on his back and he would have no pain but that was the only position he could sleep in without pain. The only problem is he had a $500.00 twin-sized mattress. How can a 6’5″-220 lb man possibly sleep in a twin-sized mattress comfortably? His body is way too big to fit in a twin-sized mattress no wonder he had trouble sleeping on the mattress and he had to return it.

He says his return went smoothly and he received all of his money back. He says the person who said the return process was a scam had a queen-sized bed and the reason it was not returned by the companies is because it cost too much money. This is no excuse for the companies not to return the bed for that customer. Even if the bed cost $1,000,000 dollars the companies should have returned the bed for the customer. This customer says the companies stand by their products. They don’t stand by their products because they did not return the product to the other customer.

Tuft & Needle King Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: The bed is made of freshly poured foam that will be bouncy but will still give the customer a healthy sleep. The foam can compress and be shipped in a small box in a hurry. By the way, the mattress is king-sized. It retails for $700.00 which is not bad for a king-sized mattress. Their T&N adaptive foam is the latest foam technology that will allow controlled bouncing so you will not disturb your sleeping partner. It is the right balance of being soft and hard to give you a restful sleep every time. The company says to allow for 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for the odors to dissipate.

Feedback: The product had over 6,000 reviews written about it. It is a very popular product indeed. The customer says they love this mattress and it meets all of their expectations. The customer tried a bunch of mattresses before buying this one and they love this mattress. They say mattress companies honor their warranties but they all don’t honor their words as we read in the above review about the Casper mattress that the customer could not return. The mattress company and Amazon would not take the mattress back. And both companies lied about the time frame of when the mattress could be returned.

Another couple had this mattress for two years and they are throwing in the towel on the mattress because the mattress is giving them both too much pain. They wake up every morning feeling too sore from sleeping on this mattress. They loved the mattress for the first 3 months and then it got progressively worse. On a pain scale of 1-10, the customer said his pain from sleeping on the mattress was at an 8. His wife gets very sore from sleeping on the mattress as well. They gave the mattress 2 years more than enough time to prove the mattress is of poor quality. Another customer reported the same issue. He loved the product at first and bragged about how great the mattress was to his friends. The bed got worse and now after 1 1/2 years, the customer says it is a poor quality mattress. Both customers most likely rated the product at one star.

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is made of memory foam and has various oils to naturally remove the chemical smell from the mattress. The mattress had over 5,000 reviews written about it. It is another popular brand of mattress. It costs $119.00 dollars but it is a twin-sized mattress but that is still a really good price. Another customer bought another twin-sized mattress and he paid $500.00 for it.

Feedback: This is terrible because the customer said they slept on the mattress for 3 months. The customer said their skin became very itchy and one night they shone a flashlight on the bed. They said they saw thousands of fiberglass fibers all over the bed. They had to get rid of all the pillows, mattresses, bed sheeting, and their clothes. They say they have fiberglass fibers all over their room and they will have to pay someone to remove the fiberglass fibers from the room. They hope the fiberglass fibers can be removed.

Best Price Mattress

Best Price Mattress 10″ Air Flow Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

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Benefits and Uses: It has memory foam, airflow foam, and HD support foam. It has 3 layers of foam to give you the best possible sleep. The mattress is reasonably priced at $144.00

Feedback: The customer says this is the best mattress they have ever owned. The memory foam bends where it needs to and the customer gets good nights of sleep. The customer rated the product 5-stars.


We have investigated some quality mattresses for your consideration. If you are looking for a mattress then you have come to the right place. One of these mattresses should meet your needs for that perfect mattress you have been dreaming of.


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