Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

First off you better make sure that the memory foam topper is truly memory foam. You do not want to buy a mattress topper that says it has memory foam in it and it does not. If it is true memory foam the foam will mold to your body and stay in that form forever. If you find that you lay down on the mattress topper mattress and you sink into the topper you can bet you do not have true memory foam. You also want to make sure the memory foam is thick and soft. It should be breathable and comfortable to sleep on. The last thing you want to do is invest some good money on a mattress topper that says it has memory foam and it does not. There have been cases on the market where people bought what were supposed to be memory foam toppers that turned out to be scams. The people will put the topper on the mattress and plop on the bed to sleep. They would sink into the mattress so there are companies out there that will say they produce memory foam mattresses and they are not memory foam toppers.

LUCID 3″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains 3 inches of gel memory foam that will soften and assure you of a comforting sleep. The memory foam formula is airy, soft, and breathable. It may cool the mattress down lowering the temperature. Which will give you a soft and solid sleep? The ventilated system allows for better airflow which helps you sleep better. The gel in the topper catches the heat to control the temperature while you sleep. The company offers no warranty on the product. The product had over 4,000 reviews written about it.

Feedback: The customer does gymnastics while she sleeps because she twists and turns while she sleeps causing most parts of her body to hurt. She wishes she had the mattress topper when she was pregnant because it would have saved her from having a literal headache. A friend came to visit to help the customer with the new baby. The friend had the same kind of mattress in the guest room and the customer had in her bedroom. She slept on the mattress and developed pains and aches all over her body. She asked the customer to buy her a mattress topper on Amazon and the friend would reimburse her. The customer bought two mattress toppers and the customer tried one of the mattress toppers. She tried it and it set the body in such a comfortable position and the customer’s pains and aches have drastically improved but she writes it will take a long time for all the damage to be corrected from all the years of turning and twisting in bed.

The customer says the mattress topper is easy to put together. The topper had a faint order but it dissipated quickly and the customer was so desperate to use the topper she did not wait the recommended 48 hours before using the mattress topper. The customer fits nicely across her king-sized bed and the mattress topper does what it says it will do. It controls the temperature so you can sleep comfortably. The client really likes the mattress topper and rated it 5-stars.

The customer read a ton of reviews before buying this mattress topper. They bought the mattress topper and laid it out for 24 hours because they could not wait the 48 hours to sleep on it. They were really excited to sleep on the mattress topper. They slept on and they absolutely love the mattress topper. They say it is a little tight to fit on the queen-sized mattress but it does fit comfortably across the mattress. The only issue they have with the mattress topper is that it feels so good to sleep they do not want to get out of bed in the morning. They say after two months the mattress topper is still working well for them. They said every time they would move in bed the mattress topper would pop right back to its original positioning. The client rated the product 5-stars.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The customer and her husband bought a new mattress and bought this new mattress topper. They had woke up every morning for months with sore backs. They knew they had to do something so they switched out their mattresses and bought this mattress topper. The customer and her husband say they sneak into the bedroom so they can lay on the bed. The customer says she feels like she is sleeping on a cloud. This sounds like a mighty soft mattress topper.

This is not good at all. The customer bought a new bed and she decided to buy a new mattress topper because it was tugging at her heartstrings. The husband was angry with her for buying the mattress topper because he thought she would ruin the new bed. The husband slept on the topper mattress and had the best night sleep he ever had. Every morning he gives his wife a sly smile. Now, the review goes south because the customer said she took the pad off the mattress topper. To her shock, the mattress topper had had rips in it about 6-8 inches across and they went all the way through the mattress topper.

This was after 3.5 months, not 5 years. The customer would have thought this would happen after 5 years, not 3.5 months. The customer was so disappointed and who can blame her for rating the product one-star. I mean you pay money for a mattress topper and 3.5 months later the topper mattress is ripped almost all the way through. The customer said you could tell from the rips that a body had been sleeping on it. It is great the mattress topper feels so good when people sleep but what good is that when the mattress topper will tear in only 3 months. The company is producing a poor-quality mattress and fix the problem soon or they will have no customer base left. There may be very good reviews, in the beginning, being written about this product but what happens 2 or 3 months down the road. If people start reporting their mattress topper saree tearing after only a few months this company will lose so many customers.

Best Price Mattress 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is made of polyester and is imported. The mattress has 1.5 inches of memory foam and the density foam is even thicker at 2.5 inches. The mattress topper is designed to separate the movement of each person sleeping in the bed so the other person is not affected by the sleeping partner moving. It is certified and it is hand-washable notice it does not say it is machine-washable. It will get torn up and fast if you wash it in a machine. The company offers a 5-year warranty.

Feedback: The product had over 1700 reviews written about it and hopefully most of these reviews will be positive. The customer says the product is flattening out where the customer slept. The cover cannot be flipped over on the other side but it can be moved from top to bottom. This is basically that a mattress topper should be able to be flipped on its other side. The customer is not happy with the product and rated it 3-stars. This certainly sounds like this mattress does not contain memory foam properties. The clients said it does not feel like memory foam bt feels like one layer of polyethylene foam on top of another layer of polyethylene foam. There is no trace of memory foam in the mattress topper. The customers were very disappointed in the mattress and they rated the mattress topper one-star.

The customer loves the mattress because it is so soft to sleep on. She cannot wait to sleep on it the second night. I would like to see what she thinks of the mattress topper in 6 months. She has only had it for one night. he rated it 5-stars. She says people need to buy the mattress topper. The customer bought a new mattress and was dreading the break-in period. In the store, the mattress felt very comfortable to lie on. They opted to buy this mattress topper over the Ikea mattress cover in the store.

They had to buy the mattress topper because the new mattress was so uncomfortable to sleep on and the client’s chronic neck and back pain returned with a vengeance. They bought the topper put it on the mattress and it instantly inflated to the 4-inch thickness. The customer slept like a log and all his body pains are gone for now. The customer will write an update on the product as soon as they have more wear on it. The customer has rated the product 5-stars for now. The customer is taking a realistic approach to the quality of the mattress.

The customer decided to buy this mattress cover after reading many good reviews about the product. I wonder if the client read the bad reviews about the product? The customer says the mattress did not stay warm and had the right loft (upward inclination of the mattress topper) and it had to be substantial and have a reasonable cost. The couple woke up many times during the night with chronic back and neck pain, and arms and legs that went numb. These problems have stopped since they have been sleeping on the mattress topper. They cannot get the dog off the mattress topper. The only problem is the mattress topper slips because the mattress does not fit properly on the frame? The customer will be a happy camper as long as the product lasts. They rated the product 5-stars.

The client complains they have never experienced so much neck, shoulder, and joint pain as they have since they slept on this mattress topper. The woman has big shoulders for size so she needs to sleep on a mattress topper that she can sink into when she sleeps. The topper was as hard as a rock and she said she should have bought a mattress topper that had 1.5 inches of topper foam it would have been cheaper for her. She says if she does not sleep on a soft mattress her shoulders get squished and her neck gets strained. She says she should have bought some cheap egg crates and put that on top of her mattress. I wonder how she knows her joints are hurting? I do not think she is a medical professional. She rated the product one-star.

Snuggle-Pedic Patented Double Layer 4lb. & 5lb. Density Viscoelastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper Pad With Reversible Comfort

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made in the United States and it does not contain any harmful chemicals or chemicals that are flame retardant. The product is certified not to contain any harmful chemicals. The memory foam is patented to adjust to any body type. In other words, it will form any type of body that lays on it. It will properly support the side, spine and other parts of the body for a healthy night of sleep. It will also support pregnant women as they sleep. The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a 10-year warranty. The company supposedly spends 3 times more on their memory foam to produce the best product in the industry.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Feedback: The customer says that just because you buy a thick mattress topper does not mean you will have a better sleep. She read reviews concerning the product and observed people would buy a 4′ thick mattress cover and then complain they were sleeping in a marshmallow pit. The customer almost did not buy this topper product but she is glad she did. The customer wrote a 12-day journal of how her body felt after each night of sleeping on the mattress topper and she went into great detail on all 12 nights. Her observations have not been recorded here. The customer rated the product 5-stars. But the customer is not necessarily correct in saying that a person will not sleep better on a thicker foam topper. It seems to make sense that the thicker the mattress topper is the better support it would have for a person’s body. This would give the person a better night’s sleep. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

This is a bad review for sure and rightfully so. The foam layers started to come apart within two weeks of the customer purchasing the mattress topper. The customer returned the product a month ago and they have yet to receive their credit at the time of this review written. This contradicts the company’s supposed 90-day no hassle money back guarantee which may be a lie on the part of the company. The mattress topper coming apart within two weeks of being purchased shows the product to be a very poor quality mattress topper. The customer rated the product one-star.

Milliard 2-Inch Egg Crate Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Benefits and Uses: The egg crate foam molds to the contours of the body to give you a healthier night’s sleep. This, in turn, will relieve muscle strain, joint pain, back pain, and sore neck pain. The open cell technology and ventilation of the mattress topper will control the temperature allowing you to stay cool and have a comfortable sleep. The mattress is made with luxurious 2-inch, thick memory foam which will allow you to sleep like a log.

Feedback: The customer has had serious back problems and he went to the surgeon and went through some other procedures and they were even going to buy a new mattress. They bought this mattress topper and it seems to be taking care of the client’s back problems. The customer rated the product 5-stars. This customer bought the mattress topper because they have serious problems getting to sleep and the cause of this comes from many sources. The customer is athletic and needs a mattress topper that will relax the muscles and calm them down. The customer bought this product and it has helped her sleep and it has relaxed her muscles. It is perfect she writes.

Classic Brands 3-Inch Cool Cloud Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper With Free Cover

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Benefits and Uses: The product will make you think you are sleeping in the clouds it is so soft. It will give the body superior support for a good night’s sleep. The unique egg crate design increases airflow and it will control the temperature you will never sleep better. The product is antimicrobial and will resist mold, bacteria and dust mites.

Feedback: The customer says you can hardly get out of bed with this topper on the mattress because it is very soft and squishy. If you are looking for firmness then this mattress is not for you the customer writes. The customer rated the product a robust 5-stars.

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We have discussed and reviewed some quality mattress toppers. There was a large range of reviews written about the products that were written about in the article. Some people really loved their mattress toppers and other people writing about the same toppers loved them. In a few cases, the products really helped the customers to have a much better night’s sleep. In a couple of cases, the customers reported that chronic body pain was removed from sleeping on the particular topper mattress they had bought.


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