Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Here we have a sensitive issue with people with combination skin. How do you find a moisturizer that will meet and balance the unique needs people with sensitive skin have? The moisturizer must be able to hydrate the dry patches of skin and keep the oily patches of skin from becoming too oily. The moisturizer must absorb into the dry skin to freshen and rejuvenate it. But it also needs to absorb into the oily areas of the skin without the person looking like a ray of light. There is a tricky balance here the moisturizer must be able to meet. We must not forget the moisturizer must not clog the pores in the oily areas of the skin because then acne will breakout right and left on the person’s skin.

The product must not irritate the dry patches of skin either. No one wants to look like a clown with half of the face covered in acne and the other half covered in red, irritated patches of skin. But do not be overwhelmed for this article will help you find this ever elusive moisturizer for combination skin. It really is not at all that big of a deal. The reviews are below for your viewing and there are reviews written by other people who have combination skin just like you do. The only difference between them and you is that they have found a moisturizer that works for their combination skin. You have not but that is why you are reading this article so you too can find the right moisturizer for your combination skin. You will find it so let’s start reading.

Serumtologie PURE Whipped Chiffon Anti Aging Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The product nourishes the skin but the ingredients will not clog the pores which will stop acne breakouts. The product will treat several skin types. Supposedly, the product contains certified organic ingredients but what the importance of an organic ingredient being certified is not known. For all intents and purposes, it could have no significance. It will nourish and hydrate the skin and it will minimize pores without clogging them. The company claims that customer said it was a”miracle in a jar” but I doubt the product worked that good.

Feedback: The customer says that they have been using a combination this product and another one for a little while. The customer says the skin is glowing, the pores and fine lines are diminishing. The customer says they love the product. The client is closer to 70 than 60 and has been using the product for 2 months and wrote a review. She is skeptical of products that claim that you will get instant results. Normally, she waits 3 months to write a review but she wrote a review after 2 months. She says her family lives and they golf quite a bit in Florida. She claims people she does not know have been commenting on how fine her skin looked. She has received a lot of compliments on her skin since she started using the product. Her skin looks younger, shinier, her pores have reduced, and her thin lines are diminishing. She says her skin feels really good and she writes the product is amazing. She thought she was imagining that her skin was looking better but after the compliments, she is convinced her skin looks better.

The above review really sounds biased and fabricated. It seems like the customer may have gotten something in return for writing such a glowing review. The customer says they are 60-years-old and for twenty years have had acne problems. They started using the product and their acne breakouts have been reduced dramatically. They recently developed black circles under their eyes since they used the product. They do not want to look older than they are and they were wondering if the product was the source of the black circles under the eyes. So, the product is removing the acne but it may be the root cause of the black circles this is causing the signs of aging instead of reversing it. This should not be happening this is supposed to be an anti-aging product.

The client is 53-years-old and has tried many aging products that worked ok on the skin. She previously used a product that she thought would be the best one she would find. She tried this product and it has exceeded her expectations and it works much better than the previous product she was using. This product applies easily and it absorbs deeply into the skin and it doesn’t leave her skin feeling greasy. She uses it all the time and the skin is hydrated and looks younger and it looks firmer to her. The skin does not look red like aging skin does. She has used 11/2 jars of the product so far. The packaging comes in an elegant blue jar and is easy to open. The customer service is outstanding as they have asked her how the product is working for her. She says the product is working well for her and it came with instructions on how to use the product. She is satisfied so far.

The customer has combination-normal skin that is aging. This cream works well for her and it has a nice texture on the skin. It moisturizes the skin and it absorbs deeply into the skin. It makes the skin feel fresh and vibrant. By the time she goes to bed her skin is still feeling nice. It sounds like she will be buying the product again. This may or may not be a valid review. The customer says the product make her skin tight not facelift tight but firmer so she can tell the difference after using the product. She says this is miraculous for a moisturizer. This is really sounding more like a review written in return for getting the product for free. It rings of not being true.

Bella Beauty Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & E for Skin

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains ingredients that will hydrate and nourish the face naturally. It can be used on all skin types the company claims. It is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, fade age and acne spots and it is supposed to remove several other skin imperfections. It is able to make the skin firmer, even the tone, and make the skin look younger. The product is paraben free and is free of other harmful chemicals. It is cruelty-free and it contains 100% vegan and 72% organic ingredients. The animals said the product did not make their fir look younger and they were not happy that it did not make their fir firmer as the company led them to believe. They refused to use the product any longer and this is why the product is cruelty-free. There is no risk for you if you buy the product and you are not pleased with the results on the skin. The company will offer a replacement or a refund I guess it is the customers choice. The company does not make it clear who makes this decision.

Feedback: This customer says they have been using the product for a month. It keeps the skin hydrated and it seems to be removing a newly-formed wrinkle. Once the customer uses up the current product they will purchase it again. Beyond the wrinkle comment, they really do not say how the product has benefitted their skin. The customer gave it a 4-star rating so something was not quite right with the product. The customer says this is the second bottle for them. The product smells good and it makes the skin feel wonderful. Beyond these two general comments, the customer does not elaborate on why the product worked so well for them. The client left out critical details about the quality of the product. The client writes it is good for dry, winter days. Why is it good for dry, winter days. The client gave it a 5 star rating but the client does not explain why they gave it the highest rating possible.

Twice the customer says it is a great product for the twice. They use it twice a day and the skin looks great. How does the skin look great and why is it a great product for the price. The review gives the potential buyer no reason why they should buy the product. Again, like so many reviews pertinent information is left out. If I was a shopping customer online this review would not help me make a decision as to whether to buy this product or not. The reviews that would convince me to buy a product or not are the reviews that tell me concretely wythe product worked for the customer or did not work for the customer. I have to have new knowledge about if the product is of good quality or poor quality after I read a review. This review does not give me that sense.

Concept Skin Oil Control Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made for combination skin it reduces the pores and clarifies the skin. It will leave the skin with a matte-looking finish. So if you do not want your skin to shine then this is the product for you. The product will decrease the size of pores and it will mattify the face. It will reduce oil production thereby reducing acne breakouts. It can be used to set makeup and foundation in place as well. It is a versatile product. The product may be effective for treating hormonal acne it could be one of the better products to be able to treat hormonal acne.

Feedback: The mother’s 14-year-old son is battling acne. The customer says the product has greatly reduced the teenager’s acne problem. The client thinks the product may completely alleviate the acne problem but only time will tell. if this happens or not. The boy does not seem to have overly dry skin from using the product. Other products have made the skin look like he has walked through a windblown desert. He has some breakouts still but even these seem to be slowing down. The client has been using the product for one week and they seem to really like it. They have very oily skin and they used to blot the skin 6-10 times a day. Since using the product the blotting has been reduced to 3 times a day. The blotting time s have been cut down by more than half. Apparently, the product is working for the client. If the customer has been blotting oil off the skin several times a day this will indicate they have excess oil production. There could be an underlying problem with the skin producing that amount of oil on a daily basis. This product will control the customer’s oil production not stop it. The customer needs to have a treatment that will completely shut down the skin’s oil production.

This is a negative and unfortunate review. The client forced themselves to use this product. But it did absolutely nothing for the skin. The customer thinks they may be allergic to an ingredient in the product because every time they applied the product it stung their face. This definitely sounds like an allergic reaction. A product should not sting the skin when it is applied to the skin. I wonder how many other customers have had the stinging sensation from using this product? This review is enough worse than the previous one. The customer applied the product to the skin and it burned the skin. A product should not be burning the skin when the product is applied to the skin. The company needs to take a look at their ingredient list and change one or more of the ingredients in the formula. One client complains of the product stinging the face and another client says the product burned the face. The client who got burned said they should have read the label. This product is beginning to sound very unhealthy to use despite the positive reviews that have been written about it.

Honeydew Facial Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The company says the product will repair collagen loss and restore the skin to give the skin a wrinkle-free appearance. The company has worked hard to develop a product that will reverse age and natural damage to the skin. The product creates a sebum-like barrier over the skin which locks in the moisture. This keeps the skin looking and feeling soft all day. The formula is free of chemicals and fragrances and it contains natural ingredients. The product was made specifically for women and it is to be used daily as a moisturizer. The company offers a money back guarantee.

Feedback: This male customer bought the product after the doctor removed some questionable moles from the face. The doctor told the customer to use a product that would help to heal the surgical wounds on the face. The customer tried this product and within a few days, it began to heal the skin where the surgery was performed. It healed the dry and flaky skin and it left no greasy residue for the customer. The customer continued to use the product and noticed the skin began to tighten. The customer said the product restored the skin to the point that there were no marks left on the facial skin. The customer uses the product all the time. The product was made specifically for women (But the label on the product said it is made for men?) but it is helping this male customer significantly. This is great for the customer but is odd a male would use a women’s moisturizing cream. I am not sure what happened to this male customer. He says the product was made for men so he tried it. Clearly, in the product description, it says the product is made for women. The customer misread the label. The customer became disillusioned because he compared this product to his wife’s. The ingredients were exactly the same so this should have alerted the customer that the product was indeed made for women and not for men. The customer tried to get the product for free but the company said they stopped that offer. The customer accuses the company of price gouging but I do not know if this is a valid complaint. He really has no proof of the company charging too much for the product. Update to the above review the product clearly says made for men on the label so the above male customer did not misread the label. This is not clear because the product label says the product is made for men but then in the product description it says it is made for women.

Florencia Sage & Citrus Lightweight Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains many ingredients that offer several benefits for combination skin. The ingredients will tone and revitalize the skin. The ingredients seem to be all natural. The company does not offer any money back guarantees.

Feedback: The customer is African-American with combination skin. Initially, the product stung the customer’s skin they thought it was normal. Two and ½ weeks later the product is still stinging the customer’s skin and the product dried the skin out. Clearly, the product was not working for this client.


Hopefully This article has given you some hope about treating your combination skin. You know have some answers as to which type of products to use for the combination skin. Read the reviews and decide which product is the best choice for your combination skin. It is certain you will find a product that will work for you from the above review list.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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