Best Moisturizers for Men’s Face

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)

This is strange that men would use moisturizers to hydrate their skin. You know the macho image of the man’s man with the grizzly beard and the ruggedly handsome look. This look does not include using a moisturizer to get the end result or the image. Could you imagine Chuck Norris using a facial moisturizer? Of course, you can’t seem him applying a facial moisturizer to remove the thin lines and wrinkles. It goes against the nature of a man to apply a facial moisturizer to his face. But today that way of thinking no longer exists and men will readily use a facial moisturizer to keep the face hydrated, smooth, fresh, and youthful-looking. It really is not such a foreign concept for men to use a moisturizer. I have read a few reviews on Amazon citing men evaluating face moisturizers they have used.

There is a definite market for men to use moisturizers. But the moisturizers have to meet the unique needs of men’s skin. Remember, there is a beard involved in the equation. This is a whole other dimension to find a reputable moisturizer for a man. But it can be done because there are a lot of good moisturizers for men on the market as was mentioned before. There are needs that a man’s facial moisturizer must need for a man’s face. It must be able to absorb through thick beards some men have I mean the stubble, not a full-grown beard. If a man has a full-grown beard he will not need a facial moisturizer. It needs to be mild enough that it will not irritate the skin or cause the man’s skin too breakout.

men would use moisturizers to hydrate their skin

Rugged & Dapper Face Moisturizer for Men 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to fight acne, acne breakouts, environmental damage, and post-shaving irritation. The ingredients are borrowed from nature and the product leaves no post-shine on the skin. It is safe to use on all skin types and it operates as an aftershave lotion that will give the skin vitamins and minerals. The man’s man product that will your masculinity intact.

Feedback: The product has over 1,000 reviews written about it so some people know about it. The person says they had to write a review about this face moisturizer. They shave 4 days a week and they have been using the product for the last 2.2 years. The customer refuses to shave without having this product available to use aftershave. The customer has been using the product over the last two years and he has bought only 3 bottles. He says the product last on an average of 7 months which is a long time. The customer says the product lasts him forever and when he travels he has to have the product with him. He squeezes some into a Ziploc bag with his luggage (he goes into detail on how he experimented tons of them to find the best luggage sets) and he uses when he travels. He will not shave without the product. The customer has rated the product 5-stars. This man is dedicated to the product because he will not shave without it. The customer says the product goes on smoothly and does not leave the skin feeling greasy and is a quick absorbing product. The product has not made the skin look any younger and it has removed some dry spots and makes his skin look pretty.

The customer says he had tried all the name products but they left his face dry and flaky. He came across this product (which is cheaper) finally removed the flakes and moisturized the skin. He finally found something that works and he is willing to pay more to keep the skin moist. The customer says a trial size is offered of this product but he doesn’t know if it is offered on Amazon as a trial size. The customer says he has combination skin (I think this is what he means) and he tried the product and he followed the instructions word for word.

He says he broke out in bumps and he stopped using it to give the skin a chance to heal. He tried it again and he had the same result so he stopped using it. He says eventually he had to stop using the product because it did not work. He gave it a 3-star rating because the packaging was presented nicely and it worked for other people. If I were the client I would not have given the product a 3-star rating because it worked for other people. If it did not work for me I would give it a lower rating than 3 because that would be appropriate. He says people with skin like his may not benefit from the product.

The customer says she bought the product for her husband and it seemed to work well. The company changed the packaging and the formula and the new formula made the husband break out thus she would have given the product a 5-star rating when it was still being formulated with the old formula. The customer gave the product with the new formula a one-star rating. This review is totally negative in its content. The customer says the product is not for him and he says it, as a moisturizer, is sub-par at best. He does not understand how anyone can get anything out of this product.

The smell he did not like because it was too woodsy and it had no musk in it. He says a man can smell nice and still be a man and he says the product is too expensive. Yet, despite these complaints, he gives it a 3-star rating which sends mixed signals to the audience. He is incorrect in saying that because of the smell no one can get anything out of it. He is also wrong in saying the product as a moisturizer it is sub-par. Other customers said nothing about the smell and some customers said it hydrated their faces very well. One even said he would pay the higher price to keep his face moist. One client said he found, in this product, something that finally made his face feel moist.

Marlowe. No. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is lightweight and it applies nicely to the face. It will not leave the face greasy and it will fight the signs of anti-aging. The product is made from a unique blend of ingredients that only the company uses in their product. It will nourish, revitalize, and smooth the skin. It has a light and pleasant smell a little bit of citrus with a woodsy smell for the base. It can be used on all types of skin and with its lightweight and water-based so it will help the skin. It works very well on oily, sensitive skin. It contains no bad chemicals and it has never been tested on animals. It is made in the United States.

Feedback: It is a great moisturizer and so far so good. The customer says it is a good product and exhorts the company to keep up the great work. The customer gave it a 5-star rating. But the customer leaves out much-needed details such as why it was given a 5-star rating. The client does not tell us why the product works well or if the client will even keep using it. It is a positive review but it needs more details to convince people to buy it. The customer says the product works great because when he trims his beard the facial skin would flake off. He tried this product and it is keeping the skin moist and sounds like the dry skin is gone and is not falling off anymore.

moisturizer for men

The customer says if the skin is even remotely prone to acne breakouts don’t buy this product. It made his skin breakout he infers. He says he did not read the ingredients before the product was bought. He read the ingredients after he bought the product. and he found that two of the ingredients were heavy pore cloggers. This was according to dermatologist’s studies. None of the studies were mentioned or referenced. This could be a false statement. If he would have given references it would have been authoritative. First, he did not read the products so it is his mistake not the fault of the product that it is not working for him. Just because he is prone to acne breakouts and the product made him break out in acne. This does not mean others with acne-prone skin will breakout using the product. Making broad generalizations when you are not an expert on the subject is very dangerous. The client gave the product a one-star rating which is not surprising.

The product is great for the customer’s sensitive skin and it does not feel greasy. It smells nice and it is working for the client. The client has rated it 5-stars. The client contradicts the other review in which the client said the product smelled bad. The customer said they the product is great for dry facial skin and it does not feel oily. The client and her husband both use and love the product. The client likes the product up to this point. It applies on the face lightly, it is non-greasy and it makes the skin feel great. A five-star rating for the product.

The customer says the product applies smoothly on the skin and it definitely has a masculine smell but it does not hydrate very well in fact, it does not moisturize his skin at all. It is non-greasy and lightweight and it would work great on a date. But as part of a daily skin regime, it is useless. The customer rated 3 -stars. The customer says you know when the skin is moisturized and when it does not.

The customer says the product moisturizes on a very short-term basis and it is a very run of the mill moisturizer. It seems to work only in the short term and it does not remove dry patches on the skin. The product makes the skin feel dry and tight after it dries and it dries too quickly for the customer. The customer gives it an extra star for the size of the bottle being big. It is a woman using the product but it is made for men’s skin and this may not be a valid review. I have no objections to any woman writing a review but in this case, the review is a waste of time to review. Women have different skin needs than men do.

Kyoku For Men Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is great for hydration of the skin and it can be used on all skin types. The ingredients in the product will kill acne breakouts because it attacks the problem deep below the surface of the skin. The product has an SPF rating of 15 to protect the skin from sun damage, acne breakouts, and blemishes. The product will stop inflammation that can lead to acne breakouts and it will attack the acne problem deep within the skin. It is made for thicker, oilier skin. It will not only kill acne but it will replenish the skin to give you a youthful, radiant look. The product that is sold only on Amazon, is nicely packaged and it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer is in his mid-thirties and has been practicing facial care for twenty years. He started at a very young age. He tried all type of products but none of them worked. This is the best beauty product he has used and he says the product smells awesome. He says everyone should try the product. He gave it a 5-star rating which is not bad.

The customer says the product made him breakout worse after he started using the product. He says it is a good moisturizer it just may not be for his skin type. The product says it is for all skin types so I am not sure why the customer says it is not for his skin type. He says it caused him to have an acne breakout when the product says it will stop acne breakouts so I am not sure why the customer is making these claims. Either the client applied the product wrong or this is a fake review.

This is a negative but unnecessary review. The customer rated the product 3-stars because of this issue. The customer has been using the product for years but he does not like the sticker the company put on the back of the product. It was very hard to get off and the adhesive was really bad to deal with. Both of these problems really are not problems. The review does not reflect the benefits or the quality of the product. This review will not sell the product.

Neutrogena Age Fighter Anti-Wrinkle Face Moisturizer for Men

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Benefits and Uses: The product will reduce wrinkles and thin lines. It is an anti-aging formula and it has an SPF rating of 15 which will give some protection from the damaging rays of the sun. The product will hydrate the skin. The product has been clinically proven to remove wrinkles so the skin looks smoother and younger. But none of the clinical studies were referenced. It has multi-vitamins and moisturizers to hydrate the roughest and dryest skin. It has an SPF rating of 15 to help protect the toughest skin from sun damage. Add it to your daily skin routine if you have one. Put it on 15 minutes before you go out in the sun.

Feedback: The customer advised his sons to use this product. He did not start thinking about skin care until after he was retired. He applied the product and he said it is not greasy and it does not leave the skin feeling greasy nor does it make the skin look shiny. He says you need to rub a lot on the face and neck. The skin looks healthier and some of the age lines are fading. His family says his skin looks more supple. He noticed this as well.

ArtNaturals Anti-Aging Men’s Facial Moisturizer 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is formulated to reverse anti-aging signs on the skin. It is easy to apply to the skin and it will provide good benefits for the skin. It will target acne and blemishes and protect the skin from aging as we mentioned before. It will protect the skin from sun damage and it will generate cell production and elasticity of the skin. It has an ingredient that can fight inflammation, redness, and it will soothe the skin. Other ingredients help to diminish thin lines and wrinkles, to retain moisture in the skin all day, brightens and tightens skin, and it will remove blemishes.

Feedback: The customer said the product is too watery in consistency but it is supposed to bind back together into a thicker mass. The customer said it never thickened for him and he will not buy it again. It smells nice but it is not for him. He says it is not a good product and he gave it a 3-star rating. Based on his comments you think he would have given it a lower star rating then what he gave it. Another customer said her husband grew a beard and it started to itch. He was going to shave it off. The customer said if she could find something to help that he would keep the beard. She found this product and it is working for the customer’s beard and skin.

men moisturizer


The article contains some products for the man of the house to choose from to apply to the face to keep it moist and free of acne and other skin conditions. There are different moisturizers to choose from and they will all absorb into the thick and tough skin. The products will soften the toughest skin and prevent acne breakouts from occurring.


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