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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2018)

The neem tree is native to India and it has been used for many health purposes. The leaf is taken orally but the neem oil is typically put on the skin or scalp. I do not know how long Neem has been around but it is a well-known health option in the health world. It can be used to heal scars and the neem oil has fatty acids that can heal the skin. It also can heal acne it is claimed because it has anti-inflammatory properties that will remove the acne and calm the skin down. It says it will reduce and remove the acne not that it will prevent acne.

Himalaya Organic Neem (2 Pack) for Mild Acne & Healthy Skin 60 Caplets 600mg

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Benefits and Uses: The product is used for skin health it will promote detoxing and immune activity to keep the skin healthy looking. The product is USDA organic certified and it is a NON-GMO certified and it contains no gluten, wheat free, corn free, dairy free, and soy free. The product also contains no fillers, animal products, or excipients. (It is an inactive substance that acts as a medium or vehicle for active substances) and why this is important to know is unknown. Supposedly every caplet of the product is worth 5,383 mg of powder. The company says that just because a product has a lot of milligrams does not mean it is a quality or effective product. The company says the product needs to have clinical support for it to be effective. This product is said to have clinical support for its effectiveness. But you see if the product has clinical support why weren’t any findings referenced. The links to the studies were not referenced either. So, it makes me wonder if the product is really clinically proven. The product has a combination of organic neem crushed to powder, organic leaf extract, neem supercritical Co2 extract instead of the regular neem found by itself in other products. It is produced in a GMP Certified Good manufacturing practices facility and it is rigorously tested by the best equipment and the best techniques.

Feedback: The customer says they used to break out in adult cystic acne but not anymore since taking the supplement. The client says the product has cleared out the skin and prevented acne from covering the skin. The client gets acne when it is that time of the month but those will disappear in one day. The client cannot live without the product. The customer rated the product 5-stars and they give explicit details on how the product benefitted her skin. The customer originally bought the product for the hair and the skin but the joint pain has almost gone away ad the customer thinks the supplement is helping out with that as well. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

This review may be a fake one because it is a little hard to believe that the product can supply the customer all these benefits. The customer says they have a healthier liver since taking the product, they do not get as sick as often they used to, and there are no capsules to swallow. It is just plain neem powder and it does have a funny smell the client writes. The customer claims the neem tree is called the ” Arishta in Sanskrit ” which means it is a healing tree. The customer says the neem powder will detoxify the blood and cleanse the internal organs which seem hard to believe. This is being made to sound like a miracle drug. The customer says the neem powder will control blood sugar levels well if this is the case then why is it never hailed as a diabetic medicine. The customer says the product will clean toxins out of the body. It is believed that the product has so many health benefits that the ” US National Academy of Sciences” published a report saying it could solve global problems. This seems like quite a stretch that a raw herb could solve global problems it cannot be that powerful of an agent in the earth. It is a herb not a necessary foodstuff for the human body.

Neem Supplements

The customer claims the neem product has been used for 4500 years but there is no evidence to support this timeline. The customer says the neem is called the “village pharmacy” with 135 constituents in the pharmacy. Is there support for this village pharmacy? The customer lists many benefits for the product:1214 clinical studies published on Himalaya products, supports overall detoxification by supporting the lymphatic system, supports normal skin health, it is a tonic and astringent that supports natural wound healing, supposed to support urinary, circulatory, digestive systems, supports dermal system, clean blood flow to the organs, contains the bitter constituents nimbin and nimbidin, and the customer says you should take one after you eat. But the customer is not an expert so this could be a questionable time to take the supplement. The customer says pregnant women should not take the product and it contains anti-inflammatory properties. The customer-rated the product 5-stars. It seems like if the product can do all these amazing things then why does the medical profession not prescribe it on a large scale?

This an odd review indeed. The customer says the product has been helping to control the acne and it is keeping the mosquitoes away. So, this is a bug repellent now. I never heard of a powder being used as a bug repellent by accident or otherwise. The customer rated the product 5-stars but beyond these two benefits, the customer does not comment on any other benefits the product has to offer. So, the review is kind of brief and really does not do the product any justice in the benefits it has to offer. The customer has been taking neem for a few years. The customer really likes having the clear skin the neem has provided for the client. The client needed more of the product and the customer found this product.

The customer thought that the “caplets” were the same as capsules. The customer found a deal that offered that if you buy one you get one free. The client bought 2 bottles so they received 4 bottles. The customer found the product to come in large-sized pills. They are too big to swallow whole. The customer cut them in half and they crumbled. The product is foul tasting and the customer cannot consume them. The customer complains the product description should clearly state they are pills and not caplets and the customer is right. This is deceptive advertising on the part of the company. The customer rated the product 2-stars.

Isha Organic Neem Supplement — Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanser and Purifier

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Benefits and Uses: The product will help the immune system fight microorganisms year round. The powerful antimicrobial properties are especially effective during the cold and flu season. This is weird because the product will reduce sedentary inertia (prevents the energy from migrating through the body) in the energy? The product supports detoxification in the liver and kidneys the company claims. It is supposed to help the digestive tract to help you have a healthier appetite, absorb nutrients, and give the body more energy. It promotes skin health and it is said to be used in India for this purpose. It clears the skin of blemishes to give Indians (India) clear and glowing skin again this is what the company claims.

Feedback: The customer says they see a difference in their daily activities. They claim they have more energy and the benefits are numerous. But the client does not record what these numerous benefits are. The client writes the product has been used in India for thousands of years. Is there documented proof for this claim? The client highly recommends the product and rates it 5-stars. The customer takes the medication in the morning on an empty stomach. Is this such a healthy practice?

The customer says they trust the product because it is reliable and keeps you healthy. The customer recommends the product. By the customer does not say what benefits it has offered the client. They advise others to take it but they do not say why customers should take it. The customer rates the product 5-stars. Obviously, the customer thinks highly of the product but it would be helpful to know why the customer rated the product so high. This review will not help potential customers to make a decision to buy the product. The customer says it is a fine product and they are glad it is now sold on Amazon. The customer says it had made them regular. This is the first time a client has said the neem supplement helps to regulate bowel movements. Beyond the “regular” comment the customer does not detail what benefits the product has to offer. The customer rated the product 5-stars but the client does not say why they think it is a 5-star rating.

So many of the reviews written about the product say the product has so many benefits. But the only problem is that the benefits are not listed. It is not beneficial to say the product offers numerous benefits but the benefits are not recorded. What if someone who is thinking about buying the product has one of the very issues this product could help to resolve? They need to know if the product can help them with this health issue. There could be many people reading these reviews who have issues the clients do not mention the neem pill could help with. People must know the full benefits the product has to offer. This omission of information could be costing the company many potential sales.

The client says this is the purest neem product in the United States. How does the customer know this to be true? The customer does not give any supporting information to back up this claim. The customer says they cannot go a day without consuming this product. But why is the customer so dependent on this product? The client needs to detail why they have become so dependent on the product and what health benefits it has offered the client. The customer also rates the product 5-stars but they client does not tell us why it is a 5-star rating. These types of reviews do not offer any selling points for the customer to be motivated to want to purchase the product. 97% of the reviews this product has had written about it have been 5-star reviews. But most of the review I have read about the product do not detail what the benefits are from consuming the product. In fact, some of the reviews do not even speak of what any of the health benefits of the product are.

Amazing India Neem 500 Mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules * Promotes Blood Purification, Promotes healthy Immunity and Promotes health Skin

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Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to contain the best handpicked ingredients from the heart of India. The ingredients are the best the earth has to offer so the company claims. They say the product is holistic and that it heals the whole mind and soul but what about the spirit? The product is from the neem tree that is said to have originated in India. It has active ingredients that give it the strong healing properties The product is supposed to contain the finest ingredients and the product is said to be third party tested. Again, these are all the claims the company made. They offer no money back guarantee either.

Feedback: The customer says they used the product to treat trees and plants. This sounds like a strange application to use the product for. The customer says they used it on the body and they quit the thyroid medicine. The customer says they have more energy since they quit the thyroid medicine. The customer took the pill for 30 days and her husband is taking the last half of the bottle for 30 days. They are doing this because DR. oz. says to only take the pills for 30 days once a year. This sounds like very unorthodox medical advice. It may not have been wise for the customer to stop taking the thyroid medicine either. This should have been a doctor-directed decision. The whole review does not offer any selling points for potential customers. The customers did not say the product benefited them in any way. They rated the product 5-stars.

Best Neem Supplements

Organic India NEEM, 90-Count

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Benefits and Uses: The product description is very short which will not tell us what the benefits of the product offer. It is good with turmeric and buffers inner detoxification. Supports healthy hair and skin these are very general benefits described.

Feedback: This review sound suspect. The customer says they feel better after taking the medicine. Their intestines feel better from taking this neem product. They claim they felt the shingles symptoms coming on and they took two of these neem pills. The symptoms disappeared in one hour. This seems a little hard to believe the product would stop shingles symptoms. This really sounds like a fake review. The customer rated the product 5-stars and I wonder if the customer should not be consulting a doctor about the shingles if they have not altered. The customer says they are officially rid of “Big Pharma” ( The pharmaceutical companies). This could be a very dangerous stance the client is taking.

The customer says the product has made the skin look very clear and healthy. They brushed their teeth with it and they cannot wait to get to the dentist to see what the dentist will say. The client thinks the product has repaired the damaged gums. The product is not designed to repair gums. This may b a stretch and I wonder if the customer did not do more damage to the gums brushing the teeth with this neem product. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

Ayush Herbs Neem Plus Herbal Supplement, 90 Count

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Benefits and Uses: It has antiseptic and adaptogenic (supposed to help the adrenal system) properties. It is a mild laxative to help constipation and digestive issues.

Feedback: The customer says the bottle they received is not the same bottle in the picture. The pills do not look right and the customer thinks the product they received is a counterfeit. It very well could be. There seems to be a real mystical element to these neem supplements. Some of the claims the clients said in the reviews this medicine provided seem unrealistic.


The article has covered some of the top neem supplements on the market today. Even though most of them did not have a lot of reviews written about them. Some of the supposed health benefits the neem product are supposed to provide seem unrealistic as we mentioned above. So, read the reviews and see what you think about the neem products reviewed.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.