Best Oil for Oily Skin

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

This sounds ironical doesn’t it How could an oil help oily skin? Would not an oil make the oily skin that much oilier? I mean who would be foolish enough to pour oil on oily skin you would be asking for trouble. You would be inviting acne breakouts left and right and the skin would produce oil left and right and the face would be overflowing with oil. So much oil would be produced it would pour down the face. These are exaggerated claims because obviously there are oils that are designed to help oily skin. The oils could be essential oils which may regulate oil production and prevent acne breakout from occurring. The oils should not irritate the skin and they should not burn the skin either. The oils should absorb into the skin quickly and they should saturate deeply into the pores cleaning all dirt, oil and other skin impurities. It should apply lightly to the skin and it should never leave a heavy and greasy feeling.

Tea Tree Oil 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is said to help to fight acne, rosacea or you will get the money back because this is one of the most powerful formulas on the market today according to the company. The product has ingredients that will nourish, cleanse and soothe the skin. The product, like every other product, is cruelty-free and it is free of all deadly chemicals. The company says it is made in the United States. The product fights whiteheads, blackheads, and acne in minutes a day. I am not sure if this means you apply it minutes a day it will get rid of acne or in minutes a day, it will remove the acne. It will permeate to the base of the skin to kill and fight acne-producing bacteria. It will reduce redness, and remove excess oil and it is safe to use on all skin types. The company has a 60-day money back guarantee. By the way, it is a family-owned business.

Feedback: The customer is happy that the bottle contains a lot of product. It does not foam up but it gets the skin very clean. It removes the makeup well except for the waterproof mascara. It has tea tree but it does not dry the client’s skin. I am not sure why the client implies that tea tree dries out the skin? The customer says the product balanced her pH on the skin and tightened and bright after each wash. The only issue I have with this review is how does the client know the client is balancing the ph on the skin without some type of measurement? This customer has been using the same skin products for 30 years and she is 65 years-old. She says she earned her wrinkles but she has acne at 65 years-old which is a big surprise to me. The customer says the product soothes the skin and makes the skin feel good. Best of all, the acne is gone and the client’s skin has never felt better. The customer says that she cannot say enough about the product. The client gave it a 5-star rating.

The customer has been using beauty product for almost 10 years and says the product is really well for the skin. It has exceeded her expectations and she has acne-prone skin which is highly susceptible to acne breakouts. She tried another product that was rough and had a lava texture to it but this product was milder and had a nice scent to it. She says that a few years ago she thought she had the acne under control but what a mistake she made. She wanted to try some anti-aging products so she stopped the acne products. The skin broke out in big cystic acne that was so painful. It was one of the worst breakouts she had ever had. It left red spots and acne scars on the face that she still has to this day. She tried this product and she says it’s nice and smooth. It has greatly reduced her acne breakouts and she has had one little pimple that did not get bigger in size and did not cause her the unusual pain.

Oil for oily skin

The customer says the product is working for them. For a while, since August (the review was written in January of 2018) the client has had oozing pimples. The client went to the dermatologist who recommended antibiotics tons stop the breakouts. The client tried many products that did not work for the acne. The customer did their own research and found this product and they tried it. They lean toward natural products anyway. The client was getting 2 to 3 pimples a week that would stay but since using the product and the pimples have cleared and the breakouts have vanished. The customer is not saying this is a miracle remedy but it will help the acne. The customer has an oily t-zone and dry cheeks but the product has not instantly cleared the skin but it has made a difference on the skin.

The customer gives a long history of what products she tried that did not work. The dermatologist told her to take antibiotics but she said no. She has used Korean beauty products, organic products, acne products, and products that were supposed to help acne. The customer had a major purge of acne and I am not sure what was meant by this statement. The customer started to use the product and it helped the acne. The customer has gone from cystic acne to a few pimples a week that vanish quickly and she says the product is really helping the skin. The customer will buy the product again and is earning more money to stock upon the product.

The customer complains that she read rave reviews about the product and how it cleared some client’s acne in 3 days. The customer used the product for a couple of months and it has done nothing for the skin which was a surprise for the customer. The client will not buy the product again. The customer used it for 2 to 3 weeks and it did nothing for the skin. They liked that it was an organic product. They still rated it 3 stars even though they won’t use it again.

Concept Skin Natural Oil 

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains tea tree oil which has been used for centuries in skincare the company claims. The product will treat acne, cystic acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples and if it does not treat these skin conditions then your money back. The skin will be smoother and clearer. The company says most products like theirs are harsh and irritate and make the skin red. This product is gentle and soothing on the skin and it can be used on combination skin. It will also work to hydrate and nourish dry and oily skin. The company claims it can be used on Men, women, and teens. The product will also balance and nourish the skin. The product is free of many harmful ingredients and is safe to use on sensitive skin because it is designed for that type of skin. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee because they know it is hard to find beauty products for oily skin.

Feedback: The customer likes the glow look over the matte look. They like the product and say it absorbs quickly in the skin and it feels non-greasy. It applies quickly and the customer says they had a bump and the product dried it quickly. The customer is speculating that the zinc oxide is giving her protection from the sun. She does not know that this is the case. I have never heard of zinc oxide protecting the skin from the sun. But the customer is right it does protect from the rays of the damage. The customer gave the product a 5-star rating.

The client updated the review and gave the product a 4-star rating down from the original 5-star rating. This is because the product is drying out the skin and the shine is gone and the product is leaving the skin with a matte finish. The customer prefers the shiny finish on the face. The product is still a good product. The customer says the texture is too heavy for the combination skin so they cannot wear it under makeup because it is too heavy. The client says the product works very well as a night cream and this is how the client is using the product as a night cream. The person thinks if a person has dry skin they can wear it under makeup during the day. It is not clear why the customer with the combination skin can’t wear it as a day product. Also, the client does not know that people with dry skin can use the product during the day or not.

The customer has struggled with acne for a time. They were excited to try an organic product but it did not have the results that the customer was hoping for. The customer tried the product and within the first week, the product caused the client to break out in little pimples on all the sensitive areas of their skin. They could only endure this for 2 weeks and then the customer switched back to their old product and the pimples vanished. The product made the client break out which seemed to have caught the client off guard. The product was given a 3-star rating by the customer. If I applied a product and it made my skin break out in acne; I would give it a 1-star rating and I would never use the product again.

The customer tried the product because it was cheaper than the one they were using. It did not work through because it made the client breakout in acne. It also made the client’s skin itch so it was a mistake for the client to use it. The client stopped using the product and will use the more expensive product because it works. The customer says the product is cheaper but it does not work.

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

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Benefits and Uses: The product is designed for oily, combination, mature-aging, and dry skin. It is able to treat aging skin-damaged from free radicals and damage from the sun. The product will regenerate new cells to restore the youthful appearance of the skin. The product is designed to unclog pores so there will be no acne breakouts on the skin and it will keep the skin’s sebum oil levels balanced so the skin will look healthy and clear with no shiny look. The product has many other uses as well such as a daily moisturizer, and an effective makeup remover and many more functions. This is an outstanding money back guarantee- the company will give you one year (yes one year) to return the product for back for a full refund.

Feedback: The customer says the product is good for cleansing oil from the skin if you have oily skin. It will also remove makeup fairly well. The client says the product contains linoleic acid but the customer has one reservation. This is if you are looking to purchase an unrefined oil than do not buy this product it carriers a refined oil. The customer writes that the product does not leave the skin greasy and they advise others to try it as well.

The customer originally used it for the face and now they use it all over the body because it hydrates the skin and makes it feel good. The customer used it on the husband’s shoulder because it was in knots. The product loosened the knots out of the shoulder. The customer tried it on the face and liked the way it made the skin feel. The client now uses it as a facial moisturizer. Amazingly enough, this product did not receive any negative reviews out of the 11 reviews that were written about the product. Time will tell if this positive pattern will hold up or not.

Jojoba Oil By Sky Organics

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Benefits and Uses: The product can be used on the hair and the skin. It will moisturize and heal the skin that has been exposed to the elements. It has vitamins that will make the hair and the skin healthy. Jojoba oil is a very versatile oil and this is the oil contained in this product. The oil can be used as a face moisturizer, hair conditioner, facial cleanser stretch, and scar moisturizer fight acne, reduce stretch marks, anti-acne gel, anti-fungal, an anti-aging agent, relieves sunburn, and it does a lot more. The product is refined with the best quality processes to retain the integrity of the ingredients. Supposedly, the oil is shipped from farms in Israel and the oil is a close copy of the sebum oil produced by the human body. The downside is the company has no money back guarantee which may be a red flag.

Feedback: The customer says the product mixed with another product leaves the hair shiny and smooth. The hair is not greasy and oily. The client does not worry about frizzies anymore since using the product. The weather in Maryland has been rainy as of late at the time of this review being written.

In no certain terms, the customer complains that the bottle is too small and it is way overpriced. They like the product though. This customer gave the product a 3-star rating because of the high cost. Keep in mind, this review criticized the size of the bottle and the product was overpriced. The quality of the product has not been criticized in the review. This may or may not help [people to decide the product or not.

Clean & Clear 

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Benefits and Uses: The product, even though its not an oil, is amazing for oily skin. It comes with 50 sheets that will remove excess oil from the skin without removing the makeup from the skin. The towelettes can be used anywhere or anytime and they are designed to be used on oily skin and combination skin.

Feedback: The customer was introduced to the product about ten years in high school. The skin at that time was not oily so the client ignored the product. Today the skin has changed since that time and has become very oily. The client tried other oil-removing products that did not work. The client researched the issue and came across the product again. The customer was surprised how much oil accumulated on the skin and this blotting paper absorbed it all. The customer likes the product. The blotting paper starts out blue but becomes transparent once the oil hits the blotting paper.

oil product to treat the oily skin with


After reading the reviews in the article, you should be ready to go out and buy an oil product to treat the oily skin with. The products reviewed in the article are solid and they have helped a lot of people. Find the product that will work for you and became one of those people. It is time to treat your shine.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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