Best Ointment for Psoriasis

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

This could be a tricky proposition. If you have psoriasis you don’t want an ointment that will burn and hurt your already tender skin. The ointment should be specifically for psoriasis and should have a proven track record of healing this skin condition. Anyone who is battling the skin rash will tell you they do not want an ointment that will make psoriasis worse. You start out with a rash that is red, flaky and itchy and then you apply the ointment (that is supposed to help) and the rash spreads and has become itchier, redder and the skin has become flakier and scalier. Did you use the right ointment? Hopefully, you did because you do not want the skin to react to the ointment that is supposed to heal the skin condition not make it worse.

This is why you need to choose the right ointment for your skin condition that will improve the condition not make it worse. If you know you are allergic to any ingredients then pay attention to the ingredients contained in the ointment you may choose to buy. Make it a standard practice to read reviews to see how the product has reacted with other customers skin. Or has it improved their skin? Another consideration is what are the majority of the reviews saying about the product. There are products available on the internet that will genuinely help battle with this skin condition. You just need to find the right one that will work for you. This article will help you to achieve that all-important goal. Go ahead and take a look at what this article has to offer you to help you overcome psoriasis.

Puriya Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The product has over 4,300 reviews written about it so it must be a very popular product. This is a unique element in the product description the company actually wrote safety instructions. They say do not let children under 5 years old use the product. Read the ingredients list and see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not use the product on the broken skin, around the eyes, nose, or an unknown skin condition. The company gives a very generous 180-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase. This equates to 6 months or 1/2 of a year. The product stops itchy skin, flaky skin, and dry skin. But it goes beyond that because it actually heals the damaged skin and restores it to normal. It restores the skin and alleviates the pain of irritated skin. It will restore the skin and you can enjoy a makeup-free life and have radiant looking skin. If you are prone to like to not wear makeup. It is made on American soil and it is free of harmful chemicals.

Feedback: The customer developed contact dermatitis about 2.5 months ago (at the time of this writing) and it had been around 8 weeks that she received a prescription-strength medication. The medication was useless and did not work to heal the skin condition. The rash would go down on its own then it would get itchy. The customer would scratch the condition then it would become inflamed and the bumps would come back. When the condition toned down the bumps would disappear. The woman became desperate so she tried this cream. The cream healed the condition but it came back to a small area of the right forearm. The cream took care of this patch as well and the customer thinks this is a miracle cream. It is a very good cream but it is not a miracle cream. The product really worked well for the customer.

The customer’s son has eczema and had it severely. Nothing seemed to work until she found this cream. She applied the cream to eczema and it cleared it up and it was the only product that cleared it up. The cream seems to be very effective in removing severe skin conditions. The client suffered from serious rosacea and had been fighting it for about four years and it seemed like nothing worked for her. She tried this cream and it helped the rosacea when a lot of other products were ineffective. She says the cream goes a long way and the price is very reasonable.

So far this cream has helped these customers with some serious skin rashes that no other products could even touch. It seems to be effective in treating serious skin rashes that have plagued these customers for a long time. There seems to be something in the formula that can attack these rashes and regenerate the skin and return it to a normal condition. What is odd though is why could the other products not cure these rashes but this product could. Is it possible these reviews could be false reviews that the customers wrote because they received this product for free?

The customer says they suffered from severe eczema pain for 5 years and they tried many products but nothing worked for eczema or the pain caused by eczema. She tried this cream and it started to relieve the pain pretty quickly. The second day the hands were hurting a lot less and the customer was surprised. The third day the pain had decreased quite a bit and her hands had not felt that good for a long time. She continued to use the product and it just kept helping her eczema. She says her hands hadn’t felt or looked that good in a long time.

She liked the product so much that she bought 4 more jars and she says now she does not go anywhere without the product. In these reviews, the customers say the product has helped them with long-term skin conditions. But they do not say how or why the product healed their conditions. This could be suspect because the reviews do not give details as to how the product healed the skin rashes. Usually, in the reviews were a product really helps the customer, they tell what in the product healed their conditions and how it healed the condition. These reviews do not tell how the product helped the skin conditions or why they helped the skin conditions. They could be fake reviews as was mentioned before.

Dermicoll Pure Marine Collagen to Aid Psoriasis Treatment

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Benefits and Uses: The product supposedly has the highest level of salmon collagen the company claims. It is easily absorbed into the human skin and it is free of steroids. So it will heal the skin through natural means and not artificial means. It sounds odd to have fish collagen absorbed into human tissue but supposedly it is able to work like human collagen. The product also will hydrate the skin and return elasticity to the skin and return it to a normal state from a damaged state. It is able to help all types of psoriasis treatments.

Psoriasis is the proliferation of scales which is the most troubling part of the skin condition. The company says their cream will eliminate scales faster than any other cream and will reduce psoriasis faster. These are some bold claims made by the company. The product provides hydration for the skin at the deepest level. The moisture will soothe the skin and ease the dry scaly skin caused by psoriasis. The cream will slow down aggressive itching tendencies in the skin. This will help the person battling the itching to refrain from scratching it and irritating the skin. The skin will not become inflamed and the damage will be potentially reduced.

Feedback: The client has suffered from psoriasis since the age of 13. They tried every product under the sun and nothing worked. They came across this cream and gave it a try. They say their skin looks absolutely amazing and they owe it all to this product. They recommend any who have suffered like they have with this skin condition they need to get this cream. They hope the company never stop making it. It is “heaven in a bottle” as the customer put it. This is quite a positive review for the product and it tells of the effectiveness of the product on treating and keeping psoriasis under control. It sounds like from the experience of this customer that psoriasis will never be removed from the skin. But with the right product, it can be controlled to a manageable level.

The customer says he has severe eczema on the hands and the arms and it is very painful. He has been desperate for relief and he has literally cried himself to sleep. The pain was unbearable for him. He found this cream and tried it and it has worked wonders for his skin condition. The pain and redness are just about gone after he has been using the product for 2 weeks. The client has been using the product for a month and the red spots are gone that were in the chest. She says the product is amazing. This client says he has had redness on the face and on the chest. He used the product twice a day on his face and most of the redness and dry and itchy skin are gone. He will keep using the product. The customer has had psoriasis for 10 years and he never wore shorts or short sleeve shirts because of the red spots on the legs and the arms. He used this product because his doctor suggested he try it. He did and now he can wear shorts and short sleeve shirts because the product keeps psoriasis under control. He says it is a great product too.

This father says the product really hurt his son. They applied it to his skin condition and it burned his skin as his skin turned red. His eyes began to swell and he started screaming from the pain the product caused. They were in a hotel that was next to a hospital. His wife took their son to the emergency and the son was treated for an allergic reaction to the product. The customer says it was a frightening experience and he will never use the product again. He says it is the worst product ever made. He says it may have helped other people but it did not help his son. He says if you use this product make sure you are near a hospital because it is the worst cream ever made. He does not recommend that anyone use this cream.

Thena Natural Wellness Healing Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The company warns that if you have allergic reactions you need to read the ingredients list. Try the product on a patch of skin to make sure your skin will react well to the product. If the skin becomes irritated do not use the product. Don’t ever use the product on open wounds. Consult your doctor if you have a medical history. The product will absorb deeply into the skin and rejuvenate and nourish the skin. It will repair the surface of the skin and the deeper layers. It will also repair and restore the skin barrier to its proper balance. The product is known for targeting itchiness, dry skin, and red skin and it will heal cracked skin. It contains no harmful chemicals in the ingredients. The company says if you do not like the product ship it via Amazon to the company and they will refund your money. It would be better if you could ship the product directly to the company.

Feedback: The second year in a row the customer has developed eczema on the hand during the fall. Last year her dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream and it took awhile for eczema to vanish. This year she tried this product and she saw amazing results in only 2 weeks from using the product on eczema. It will also treat psoriasis according to the product description. It stopped the breakout on the hand and it prevented breakouts in other areas. The customer would like to see the jar bigger so it would be easier to read The customer has tried many products in the past and while they did remove the itching they did not remove the redness. Along came this product and it not only removed the itching but it also removed the redness from her skin. It did not completely remove the skin condition but it did a lot in 4 days.

Here is a testimony of the product helping someone with psoriasis. The customer says it reduced the itching and redness brought by psoriasis. It did not completely heal it but it did reduce the symptoms. The client says it works wonders for psoriasis. The customer has eczema and psoriasis and very sensitive skin to boot. She puts on in the evening and by the morning the red lesions are gone. She says it does not hurt her skin and she can apply it to her face and scalp where the breakouts occur the most and it doesn’t irritate the skin. The customer never writes reviews but she had to write a review for this product because it worked so well for her.

Luveya Psoriasis Relief Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The product will restore your confidence to go out in public again because it will get rid of the symptoms of your psoriasis. The product will spare you from those stares (I really doubt people will stare at you) and the urge to scratch, like a dog, in public. It will relieve psoriasis on the hands, feet, legs, scalp and other parts of the body. The product will treat many forms of psoriasis which are commendable. It is safe to use for children, men, and women and the best part it is free of many harmful chemicals in its formula. This is a great money back guarantee because if you are not happy with the product you can ship it back within 6 months of the day of purchase. Even if the jar is empty you can send it back to have the money refunded. The company will even pay for the shipping no questions asked.

Feedback: The customer says it has made the skin feel softer. It is only a 2-ounce jar but a little amount goes a long way. The customer has had the product for 2 months and they feel like they have used hardly any of the product. It is not oily and it has a very faint scent which does not clash with anything else the customer is using.

Aloe Infusion Body and Face Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made of 100% natural ingredients. It has no harmful elements in the formula and the company claims it is a breakthrough product. The company will give your money back if you do not like it.

Feedback: The customer bought it for her mom who suffers from dry skin that is irritation. The mother tried the product and she loves it. The dry patches of skin are gone and the mother has just about used up the bottle of product. The customer will be ordering another bottle for her mother soon.


You have some choices to make about which product to use if you have trouble with psoriasis. There are some good choices select from. But there was one alarming review that was troubling to read. One customer said his son tried a product and his skin turned red from being burned. His eyes began to swell and he began to scream from the pain the medication caused to his skin. This was a disturbing review to read, to say the least. The clients had to rush their son to the emergency room which happened to be located next to the hotel they were staying in. I would definitely think twice about using this product. So, read through the list and see what you think.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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