Best Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)

What would reviews about the best pillow top mattresses say? I believe these are the kinds of mattresses that have pillows actually built into the mattress. By definition, a pillow top mattress is a mattress that has extra foam padding built into the mattress and it looks like a pillow has been built into the mattress. Naturally, these types of mattresses may cost more than regular mattresses because of the extra foam on the surface of the mattress. The extra foam can be made of several types of material. I do not mean the actual layer itself is made of different kinds of material. I mean that the whole extra layer of foam can be made out of several individual types of materials. The padding will be made of all the same type of material. It is also supposed to supply the person sleeping on it extra softness.

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims that the mattress is made from the latest technology. It has innermost springs and the latest gel foam technology making it a premium mattress to sleep on. The mattress is made of quilt top cover with matching corded edge. It also has knitted sides that are very breathable. The gel foam will disperse the body heart and allow you to have a cool night’s sleep. The mattress will also give you a deeper, comfortable sleep and it will prevent your partner from feeling your independent movement. The mattress will also block mold, dust mites, and bacteria giving you a safer bed to sleep in. The mattress has a firm feel and the mattress rolled up and compressed into a box that is shipped to your front door. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The company touts a superior customer service department.

Feedback: The customer waited a year before he posted his review. He wanted to make sure he broke the bed in before a review was written. He said he is spoiled because he had a simple box spring mattress before he bought this one. This one is very comfortable and he says it came in a small but heavy box. He opened the box and took the mattress out of the box. The mattress came out face up and was wrapped in plastic. The customer advises when you cut open the plastic be careful not to cut into the mattress too. The bed unfolded and it took about 4 days to return to the normal-size. It had a minor smell at first but eventually, the smell from the mattress will dissipate. The best thing of all is the customer is 6’2″ and a hardy 350 lbs and he says the bed has not sunk under his weight. He rated the mattress 5-stars. This is a very real and honest review. You could feel safe buying the mattress from reading this review. Another good deal about this review is the man fully experienced sleeping on the mattress before he wrote the review no one does this.

The customer said they wrote the most thorough review they ever have. Why did he do this? Because he said buying a mattress is a very important decision. You do spend a lot of time in bed. He likes the mattress and said it is a hybrid mattress. The price is great and it is better than a lot of cheap $150.00 dollar ones are. The box the mattress came in was damaged but the mattress itself was untouched. It took the customer awhile to get the mattress upstairs to his residence. It is a medium-firm mattress and so far the customer likes the bed. The customer says a lot of people complained the mattress was too firm but not in his opinion. He says it is not too firm and sinks a little when he sleeps. The customer says he ignores many negative reviews and he decided to buy this mattress anyway. He did update the review twice in about a year after this review was written. The second update which was written one month later in it he said the mattress was still comfortable and the sides were not sagging. He was still sleeping well on the mattress. He wrote the last update 10 months after he bought the mattress and he said the mattress was still comfortable and he was sleeping well. The bed was beginning to sink where he slept but he was expecting this. The sides were still not sagging and he was still sleeping well. The customer rated it and maintained a 5-starting for the mattress.

The customer drove right to the point in this review. He said he looked rolled the mattress up two flight of stairs by himself. He put the mattress on a guest daybed with no foundation under the mattress. It fit nicely and he will let guests sleep on it. This is the second mattress he has bought from the company. He says both purchases have been quality- decisions on his part. He rated this mattress 5-stars. The customer is a faithful customer and really likes this company’s products after all this is the second mattress he bought from them. He said there was no outgassing from the mattress and no other smell otherwise. I would think seriously about buying this mattress just based on the fact that this customer liked the mattress so much this is the second one he has bought. This speaks volumes in a way this is a case of a picture painting a thousand words.

Expanding on the point made above the fact that this guy bought two of the same kinds of mattresses says more than if he would have written 5 paragraphs as to why he did buy two mattresses from the company. This speaks volumes of the quality of the product this company produces. Obviously, their customer service is good as well. He did buy two mattresses from the same company.

Best Pillow Top Mattress

Signature Sleep 13 inch Pillow-Top Independently Encased Coil Mattress for Added Comfort, Full

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Benefits and Uses: The rayon in the mattress helps the body to breathe, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly. As we said before the mattress material is made of a material that will absorb moisture and dry quickly. It will keep you dry as you sleep. The mattress also has springs that make the mattress contour to your body which helps to relieve pressure points. This will stop you from sleeping restlessly. The mattress materials contain no harmful elements in it and the 13 inch mattress comes in various sizes.

Feedback: The mattress has had over 1400 reviews written about it. This can only mean the mattress is well-known but hopefully, it is a quality mattress. The customer claims they are a walking encyclopedia because they spent so much time researching mattresses. They decided on this one and they are happy with the purchase. The customer says the mattress came in a 100lb. box and they say do not try to move the box yourself. If you do you could pull a muscle in the back then you will be laying on the new mattress for the wrong reasons.

The customer said do not take the mattress out of the plastic until you put it on a box spring. The customer writes that they trusted the good reviews and this helped influence their decision to buy the mattress. It is light enough for one person to carry around but it feels heavy when you sleep on it. The mattress is just the right firmness and it could last for five years. This is not very long for a mattress to last. The customer thinks for a heavier couple the mattress will not last 20 years. This could mean that the mattress may not hold up under people who weigh more than the average person. The customer bought a queen-size mattress for under $500.00 dollars. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

The customer wrote this review after the couple had slept on the mattress for two years. The focus of the review was to discuss the long term wear on the mattress. The couple noticed around their hip areas the mattress began to sink. They put a gel foam top on the mattress which provided them with temporary relief. The mattress eventually sunk in the hip areas even worse than before. It got to the point that the couple had a hard time sleeping and the wife would wake up with pains in her lower back.

The customer says it is advisable for customers to write reviews after long term use. This is wise because the mattress could really deteriorate over the long run. This is valuable information for potential customers to read. Because if they read the mattress will wear down over time than they may not be so prone to buy the mattress. This is a valuable point that is overlooked that reviews must be written after the customer has used the product for a while. You do not want to buy a mattress that will wear out in a year or two. The customer rated the mattress 2-stars. A very bad rating for the mattress after the couple has used it for 2-years.

Jacia House 11.4 Inch Pillow Top Memory Foam Innerspring Independently Encased Coil Mattress, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress will give you a feeling of being encompassed while you sleep. This will help you to sleep more securely and comfortably. The mattress is made of no harmful materials and it will not damage the ozone layer. The mattress is made of breathable material and the mattress will fit snugly on many different surfaces such as bunk beds, spring box mattresses, full-size bed frames, trundle beds, and daybeds, and platform beds. The mattress will also contour to the body which will help to relieve pressure points allowing you to sleep pain free through the night. It will also prevent you from sleeping restlessly so you will wake up refreshed.

The mattress fits compactly in a box that is shipped to the front door. The company was the mattress will expand to its original size within 48 hours. The company offers a 15 year warranty on the mattress. This is 5 years longer than the standard mattress warranty. The customer service department is supposed to be exceptional according to the company.

Feedback: The couple said the bed was almost perfect except for the fact that it was too firm for them. If it was just a little bit softer it would have been perfect for both them. Despite this though they say it is a great bed to sleep on. If you like a firm bed these ones for you. If you like a softer bed this one will not fit your needs. The couple rated the bed 4-stars.

This customer said they had an issue with the bed because it was not as it was advertised to be. The top pillow part was half the thickness it was supposed to be. The customer called the company and the company took care of the problem immediately. The customer has had the bed for 6 months and they like it. But their rating betrays them because they only gave the bed a 3-star rating which is above average. But it still is not a very high rating. The customer needs to change the rating to reflect how they really feel about the bed.

The customer raves about the mattress and they said that they upgraded one of their rooms in the home. They got rid of a crummy mattress and replaced it with this one. This one is so much better that the customer would not think twice about buying another one. This says the customer really likes the mattress and apparently it left quite an impression on them. These types of reviews will sell a lot of mattresses for this company. The client gave the mattress a 5-star rating hands down.

Sealy Response Essentials 13-Inch Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress, King

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress comes with a coil system that will give a great balance between comfort and deep down support. Being a Sealy mattress it will be more expensive than other mattresses. You better believe you will be paying for the famous name. The mattress has a stretch foam and a knit cover that will make you think you are sleeping on the clouds. The mattress is developed with peaks and valleys within the mattress for better airflow. You will stay dry and sleep in a cool environment at night. The mattress has a full border all around the surface of the mattress. This allows you to use the whole mattress. The mattress comes with the standard 10-year warranty.

Feedback: Surprisingly for a Sealy mattress this product only had 51 customer reviews written about it. This is a surprise review considering this is a Sealy mattress. The customer says the mattress is too firm which causes them to wake up 5 or 6 times a night to change positions. They noticed there is a lump developing where they have been sleeping on the mattress. The person weighs 140 lbs. Which is not a lot of weight. The mattress should not be developing lumps under such a lightweight person sleeping on the mattress. The customer says there are better mattresses out there. This is supposed to be the best mattress out there-a Sealy mattress.

Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Queen Mattress Topper

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00CEMH3C0&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20&language=en US - Best Pillow Top Mattress Reviewsir?t=balancemebeau 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00CEMH3C0 - Best Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

Benefits and Uses: Starting off this is a very reasonably priced queen-size mattress-$170.00 dollars. Drift into a deeper sleep on this topper mattress it is 4 inches thick of pure softness. It has a machine washable cover that holds both layers in place an extra bonus. The mattress has gel foam to draw heat away from the body giving you a comfortable and cool sleep. The mattress is made of materials that will give you an unbeatable sleep. The mattress is proudly made in the United States and has a limited 10-year warranty which could be an issue for the customer. It depends on what the warranty will cover.

Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

Feedback: The mattress looks cheaply constructed from the image. The mattress has had over 2,000 reviews written about it so people definitely know about this mattress. The customer says the mattress was great at first. It was comfortable and felt like a new mattress. About a month into sleeping on the mattress the husband began to wake up with intense pain. The wife began to experience the same pain a little later. The body impressions were so defined the customers could no longer get support when sleeping on the mattress. The mattress became so soft the couple would sink into the body impressions that were formed. The customer says quality sleep is gone and because of the limited warranty the customer does not want another one of these mattresses. To return it is too much of a hassle for the couple. I would return it because this is almost $200.00 dollars being wasted by the couple.


There you have it some reviews on some of the top pillow mattresses which you can read and decide if any of the mattresses would meet your needs. Surely, one of the mattresses would meet your expectations. It was odd that a Sealy Mattress only received 51 customer reviews. One customer who reviewed the Sealy mattress said there are better mattresses out there. This is a surprise because Sealy is supposed to be the best.


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