Best Pore Minimizer for Oily Skin

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

The ultimate pore product will leave the face with no trace of pores showing. The skin will look nice and smooth and even in all areas. It will give the skin a youthful luster and it will look healthy and soft. Is this a dream product or is there such a product(s) available? This article will explore and review the best of these pore reducing products. You will read real-life reviews of people who have used these products and what the results were on their skin.  

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face

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Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face

Benefits and Uses: This product is off to a good start with over 2700 reviews written on it. It is a well-known product that a lot of people have used and apparently like. The product is geared for the younger set and is said to be the finest dead sea mud for face, body, and acne. It also reduces pores effectively as well. It contains shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera and can be used by both men and women. The product works deep into the skin to remove dirt, impurities, oil, and other substances to leave the skin glowing and youthful looking. It also kills dead skin cells to let your skin shine and look clear and smooth.

It is said to absorb excess oils as well. It seems like this wonder product does it all. But the reviews will tell the real story. This is where the product goes into the battle lines to prove its real value. These are the people who use the product every day. They really know if the product is good or not.

Supposedly, the spas across the nation are raving about this new mud formula that contains rich minerals that detoxify, cleanse and beautify the skin. It super hydrates the skin and increases the blood flow to the face to tighten the skin and make it look healthier and younger. Remember, this product is designed for the younger set. The company warns to try a sample patch somewhere on the skin because the product contains astringents that could irritate people with sensitive skin.

Feedback: The customer was disgusted with the product. It did absolutely nothing for them and definitely did not reduce the size of their pores. They said they could have bought a better product from the drugstore ouch! This customer said this product was pretty useless as a mask. It was smelly and instead of reducing their pores it clogged them up. They had to rinse the mud mask off and squeeze the remaining product out of the pores by hand. Not an effective end to their experience. Another dissatisfied customer had to mix coconut oil with it to prevent it from drying their skin. It did nothing for them.

This customer was disappointed in the use of this product. They had read such outstanding reviews about the product. They tried it themselves and it made them break out in areas where they had no previous problem with acne. They thought it may have been because it was pulling impurities from the skin. But if that was the case the acne should not have broken out because the skin would have been purified and cleansed as a result of the toxins being taken out of the skin. The skin would not have had a chance to produce acne from being cleaned out by the product.

The customer was very happy with the results of the product. It pulled blackheads from the nose which no other treatment was able to do. There were large-sized pores on the nose but the product reduced the size of the pores noticeably. They will definitely buy the product again. It is surprising that one product will be so ineffective for one person and then the next person turns around and says it is working wonders for them.

This customer gave it a four-star rating because it made the skin burn they left the mask on for 10 minutes. hey said they will try it again. They did not realize that it was not a pull-off mask but they did not read the label it was their fault, not the companies. They said it was a large-sized jar of product for a good price. They gave it a four-star rating instead of a five-star rating because the mask made their skin burn. It would make sense for this person not to use this product again if it is going to make the skin burn. They could be damaging the skin if it is burning from the use of the mask.  

Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face & Body

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designed for all skin types and is not geared for any specific age group

Benefits and Uses: Another dead sea mud product just like the last one but this one is made by a different company. What are the differences? This product is designed for all skin types and is not geared for any specific age group. It is said to be very effective yet gentle enough to be used every day. It would be highly impractical to use a mud mask everyday. Also, it may not be the healthiest thing for the skin either. Funny the company would allude to using the product every day. This product contains aloe vera, chamomile extract, jojoba oil, sunflower seed, and vitamin A. These ingredients work powerfully to cleanse and unclog pores.

The dead sea product contains rich minerals that will purify excess oil from the pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and give the skin a clean, youthful glow. Removes toxins, dirt, and other excess substances leaving the skin soft and smooth looking. Your skin will say thank you for using this product. The product also reduces pores and it too stimulates blood flow through the facial skin helping it to remain tight and youthful in appearance.

This company warns that you should try a test patch on your skin. If the skin becomes red and/or is irritated then do not use this product because your skin is too sensitive to the product to help the skin. It is advised to use a day/night moisturizer after using this product to prevent skin from drying out and for the best results.

Feedback: The client raved about this mask saying it was great for acne-prone skin. It left the face clean and moisturized which is needed for acne-prone skin and she said it would work great for men and women. The mother said this product worked great for her daughter’s cyst acne and the mother’s blackheads on her nose. The mother said it was rare to see a product that would work for both of them. Another client ha very sensitive skin but they said they could feel and see the difference on their skin almost immediately.

It feels good when they were wearing the mask as well.The customer is in love with the product and says it applies to the face easily. It reduces the pores, kills the acne, and clarifies the skin. It even makes the skin feel smooth. The customer uses it twice a week and it is working wonders for their skin. They highly recommend the product. Another customer claims they can actually see the mask fighting their acne and helping their pores. This may be a stretch it would be pretty hard to actually see the product fighting acne and see it treating the press. they say the mask goes on easy and it is easy to take off. All you need to do is rinse it with warm water and it will come off. They use it once a week and it feels very smooth on the face.

This consumer complained that it is useless for deep cleaning and doesn’t clear the acne. It makes the face feel good though. This is the only good thing the client had to say about the product. Another client had been using the mud mask for a month and in that month the product has done absolutely nothing for the person’s skin.They would wear the mask and the next day the same blemishes would still be on their face. They used charcoal face masks before and those cleared up their face in no time. They think this face mask is pretty useless.

Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner

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gets rid of blackheads and your skin will feel smooth and it will look clear

Benefits and Uses: It gets rid of blackheads and your skin will feel smooth and it will look clear. It contains antioxidants that even out combination, oily, and acne-prone skin. It clears out pore and renews the skin for moisturizing. Use it to clear the last bit of makeup left on the face. It removes excess oil from oily skin and is designed to help oily skin and acne-prone skin. It makes skin look more balanced and it will protect and refine the skin.

Feedback: A customer likes this product because it doesn’t sting the skin and it has no aroma.The client has been using the product for the last year and their skin is clearer and not as red as it used to be. The bottle will last a long time another favorite feature of the customer. Another review states the customer tried the product based on a lot of positive reviews about the product. Unfortunately, the product has not worked for the consumer.They rarely breakout but since using this product over the last couple of weeks they have been breaking out a lot. The only good thing the product has done for her is to make her skin a little less oily. Which is odd because if she is breaking out more using the product it should be producing more oil not less.

This product has been a great am and pm addition to the customer’s beauty routine after they cleanse their skin. It cleanses the leftover makeup after deep cleaning and leaves the skin feeling soft and you know the pores have been completely cleansed. Her skin does not feel dried and stretched out after she cleanses it. The skin feels smoother, hydrated and flexible after using the product. It has not minimized her pores yet and she is thinking it may take time. She has only been using the product for a month.  

Another satisfied customer says they noticed their pores had shrunk after using the product. It has also brought their breakouts under control. They have fewer acne breakouts now that they have been using this product. They mix the product with vitamin C and it gives the skin a super glow. She really likes this product. This other customer has added this to her beauty routine and it has reduced the size of her pores. It has definitely been working for her skin. She says she has been using the product for about 2 years.

Another long term customer has bought this product for years from several different sources. She has tried many similar products but always comes back to this one. She has oil/combination/acne prone skin. It has not irritated her skin and it has treated her skin very well. It has kept her skin balanced as the product label said it would. She keeps coming back to this product. Currently, she is out f the product and she claims that her skin really misses the application of it everyday. One user read very positive reviews about the product so she gave it a try. She Tried it and t was a complete failure she broke out all over her skin. She had to stop using the product because it made her acne breakout so severely She says it is not a bad product it just doesn’t work for her.        

Best Pore Minimizer Hyaluronic Acid Cream By Catherine Ann

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pore reducing cream that contains hyaluronic acid

Benefits and Uses: This product has 92 minerals its ingredients, it is a pore reducing cream that contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and other valuable ingredients to help to soothe and calm your skin. It is a 2-in-one water-based formula to be used on the face and the body. It reduces pores,  minimizes post shaving bumps on the face and the legs. A product that both men and women can use. It soothes, calms and helps to heal irritated skin. It also produces collagen, fights free radical damage and can be effectively at night or in the morning. It makes the skin look younger, softer and smoother. It works best on normal, oily, and combination skin types. It is free of parabens, fillers, no SLS and it is cruelty-free.

Feedback: This customer says it has helped to reduce big pores on her nose and in her t-zone. It also moisturizes her face without being oily. The customer wrote her first review about this product. She said “wow” the product has worked wonders for her in a few days. She has noticed her pores have shrunk and the product does not leave her skin feeling oily. The company sent her an email listing each ingredient and telling what that ingredient did. She will be a loyal customer because the company was so honest about their ingredients and the product works so well.  This customer has complex/complicated skin which means that she has large pores and many scars from acne. Usually moisturizers make her break out noticeably. This product has not made her breakout at all. She likes the product.    

Best Skin Tightening Pore Minimizer Serum For Women

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quickly minimize pores on oily, dry, normal skin

Benefits and Uses: The product will quickly minimize pores on oily, dry, normal skin and skin that is prone to have clogged pores. It Will also tighten the skin while reducing the pore size. It will close the pores so quickly that dirt, dead skin cells, or any other substances have a chance to enter the pores and clog them. This will then start all kinds of skin problems This product will close the pores preventing any of these skin problems from occurring.  

Feedback: This male customer absolutely did not like this product. He would have given it a zero rating if he could he did not like it that much. He said it made his pores bigger and it caused him to break out. He says if you have sensitive skin do not buy this product. This is about the worst review written on a product.

Another customer stated the product made her skin look a lot smoother after using for a short time. She says she has to wait and see if the product will shrink her pores. Overall, her skin looks much smoother.


A few pore minimizing products have been covered in the above list. We have a reviewed some quality-based products. Generally, the products worked well for most customers. There Were few isolated incidents where the products just failed for the consumer. As mentioned above one of the worst customer reviews was written by a male client. He Said if he could give the product a zero-rating he would do it. He is not a fan of that particular product he used.  






Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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