Best Pre-Workout Products

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

The question is do you want/need to use products before you workout? Wouldn’t you sweat them out during the workout anyway? Or maybe there is some kind of energy drink you could consume before a healthy workout and don’t forget you may want to have the proper equipment at your side before you start any kind of workout. Then you must ask yourself the question what is the proper products to have before a workout? You must consider the type of workout you will be doing as well. You want the proper pre-workout products that are designed for the specific workout you will be endeavoring. Do you want to take some kind of pre-workout supplement to boost your energy levels? Let’s look into the infinite possibilities available on the market today.

ATHLEAN-RX X-CITE Pre Workout Supplement with Beta Alanine, Creatine HCL, Betaine Anhydrous, Taurine

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ATHLEAN-RX X-CITE Pre Workout Supplement with Beta Alanine, Creatine HCL, Betaine Anhydrous, Taurine

Benefits and Uses: It is designed for men and women and it contains no harmful chemicals, fillers, substitutes, or any ingredient that might hinder your workout. Or make it unsafe for you to consume this product and then workout. It contains caffeine and other products that guarantee to boost your energy level without the side effects. Is it safe to incorporate caffeine into a pre-workout energy drink? The product contains an element that enhances endurance and recovery. It should contain this ingredient since the product contains caffeine that the body has to recover from. The product is tested and tried to contain only quality ingredients to help you work out better.

Feedback: This is a mixed review and confusing. The customer says he likes the product because it helps him to extend his workout times. It doesn’t have a crash stage after you consume the product. He tried one flavor and said it tasted like chalk. He says he likes it that the ingredients are all natural and this seems to be the complete pre-workout product. Is it wise to consume stimulants before a workout? There are ingredients in there he doesn’t like and the product does not mix very well.He likes the transparency of the ingredients listed on the bottle.

The consumer says the product really gives him a super boost to his workout. Normally, he works out for 45 minutes but with this product, he extended his workout to one hour and 50 minutes. He said at the 2-hour mark he could have kept going. The product did not give him the crash feeling either. This product does not taste that good but it is not awful either. I question that this product can give him double the energy levels to workout twice as long as he normally does. It seems like the product could not be this potent.

Another customer engaged in the guy’s, who created this product, workout that lasted for 90 days. He decided he would try the drink but to ship from CT. to CA. was too expensive. He found the product on Amazon for a 20% discount. He ordered it and really liked the flavor. He said he worked out at a steady but energetic pace for 1.5 hours. He had no instant energy rush but a constant flow of energy to perform his workout. It sounded like he normally works out hard for 1.5 hours. So, the question is did this supplement really enhance his workout? It sounds like it really made no difference in his workout. He says the scoop is too big to fit into the container. If the container is full forget about putting the scoop in the container.

This customer complained that the scoop was too big as well. They did not get the big “boost” they were hoping for. They will finish the product and hope it will supply them with that ‘super” boost. Here is another client who is looking for but has not got the “super” boost from the product they were hoping for. They felt a tingling bit that was it. They will continue to use the product hoping to get that big boost. They need to give the product more time before they give it a good or bad review. This client says the product tastes grainy and the orange flavor is gross.

You know it is troubling that people drink this energy supplement and expect to get high off the product. This could turn into an unhealthy dependence on the drink. A person could become addicted to the high before the exercise. Is this good for the body and mind to be in an accelerated state before the person goes into the workout? What if the person thinks they can expend more energy in a workout then they are capable of? It almost sounds like these customers are consuming a stimulant before they go workout.

The customer did not know the product had creatine in it. He is vulnerable to kidney stones. This is exactly what happened he developed kidney stones from consuming the creatine. The issue is this, the product gave this consumer kidney stones is it really that healthy to consume? Kidney stones are one of the most painful things the human body can endure. It is a pulsating, cutting feeling that starts in the kidneys and wraps its ugly self around to the stomach area.You feel like you will vomit and sometimes you do. It makes you wonder if the product can produce this kind of reaction in a person’s body how safe is it really to consume. Take my word for it kidney stones are no fun to have and they are no laughing matter. his customer absolutely trashed the product in their review. They said it was the worst pre-workout drink they ever consumed. The scoop was too big and it was hard to scoop the product out. It gave the consumer no energy boost at all.

PRE-KAGED Pre Workout Powder – Fruit Punch Flavor – 638 Grams – L-Citrulline + Creatine HCL – MAXIMIZE

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PRE-KAGED Pre Workout Powder

Benefits and Uses: It says it has creatine right on the label. This is mentioned because a customer in an earlier review said the product he used had creatine in it and he did not know it. He developed kidney stones from drinking the creatine but did he not see the creatine listed on the product. Or did the company fail to say there was creatine in the product? It helps to increase vascular blood flow so you can engage in more powerful muscle pumps. Does it really do this? The supplement dissolves rapidly so you can consume it quickly. It has highly absorbable creatine to help support your muscles. How does it help support the muscles? The product is free of banned substances. It should be. It has been tested and no banned ingredients are found in it. The company says there is total ingredient transparency on the container of the product.

Feedback: This consumer says the apple flavor drink is out of this world. It really tastes like apples. The consumer have high ratings for the taste, consistency, and how easy the product was to mix up. He said it left him with no bad aftertaste and it did not give him that energy jilt that other products have in the past.He says it was a sustained energy release that allowed him to finish his workout in grand style. He says the drink is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. This seems like an extreme exaggeration to me.The company thanked him for the great review. I wonder if he was paid to give such an outstanding review it just seems to be too inflated not to be a paid review.

He feels safe using it because the ingredients are transparent on the label and they tell the consumer exactly where the ingredients come from. The taste of the product is just right for him it is not too sweet or too sour. He says this is because they go workout out right after they drink the supplement. He says you need to drink the supplement and wait for about an hour before you go workout. He says this will allow the product to absorb into the body and create the necessary energy for a healthy workout. He says he goes to the bathroom around three times and it really cleans out the system. The guy also mixes hid supplement the day before he will work out. This person has some sound advice on how to use the product.

The consumer noticed that Capsimax had been removed from the newest batch of this product he purchased. He lowered his rating from a 5-star to a generous 3-star because the product no longer contained this ingredient in the formula.He says this ingredient gave him a spicy rush before the workout. Besides the act, that this missing ingredient offered a lot of benefits. This ingredient is what he really enjoyed about this product. He wants the ingredient put back into the product. He may consider that the company took the ingredient out because it is not safe to consume. How does he know this was the ingredient that gave him the spicy rush? He may try the product and find it still will give him the spicy rush he craves even without the ingredient.

The consumer says the product gives them the desired focus and energy they want during the workout. The problem is the apple flavor tastes bad. They can not get past the bad flavor. They say it leaves a bad aftertaste that lasts the duration of their workout. They tried to chug the product down so they would not experience the bad taste or aftertaste of the product. Another consumer said that the apple tasted great and that there was no aftertaste to the apple flavor. Which customer is right? It is funny how two people can react so differently to the taste of this product. You will need to taste the product yourself and determine if you like the taste or not. The consumer said they would buy the product in another flavor. It works effectively for them they just cannot tolerate the apple taste.

Nitrocut Pre Workout Supplement -120 Capsules – Best Nitric Oxide Supplement – L-arginine – L-citrulline

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Nitrocut Pre Workout Supplement

Benefits and Uses: It speeds up blood flow, speed recovery, and muscle strength it increases. The vitamins in the product help with these factors. The ingredients are designed to give you the best workout you can have. It is supposed to beat the competition. It gives optimum strength to both men and women. The product contains essential vitamins that the human body needs but doesn’t get on a daily basis. The nutrients are absorbed easier to get the body into the best shape. The company offers a 60-day money back full refund guarantee. This is the first company I have seen to make this offer to consumers.

Feedback: The customer was at a plateau in his workout routine. He says he loves this stuff and it has helped him. He started taking the pills a week before he started working out again. He works out four days a week. He does heavy and intense weight workouts. He says he already has an athletic build and this supplement has increased his weight pump power and he has recovered quickly from his workouts. He says he is more defined now since taking the product. He doesn’t get sore like he used to after workouts. This consumer seems to be developing an unhealthy dependence on these supplements. It almost sounds like a steroid dependence because he is becoming more defined because he has taken the supplements. I do not think a healthy pattern is developing here. This also sounds like a paid review.

Another customer has used the product for a couple of weeks and he has experienced absolutely no change. Granted as he said it has only been a couple of weeks since he started this energy supplement. The previous customer said he saw and felt immediate results. This consumer is willing to give the supplement more time to see if it will boost his energy level or not. Another customer says the supplement is blah. They feel no different before or after the workout.

Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout – Maximized Energy – For Workouts 274g – 30 Servings Fruit Punch Flavor

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Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout

Benefits and Uses: You will get instant results you will run faster, jump higher and pump weights more intensely than you ever have before. You will have more energy, more endurance, and a heightened focus during the workouts. It will also help you shatter those plateaus and you will pump more weight and burn fat and build muscle faster if you consume this energy powder. The ingredients are science-backed to be the best muscle building ingredients on the planet. the company only puts what is necessary for the product. It is the best-tasting pre-workout powder you will ever consume. This is sounding like a miracle energy powder. Will the reviews support all of these super claims?

Feedback: The customer likes this product over the many they have tried in their lifetime. This one gives a nice steady energy boost throughout the workout. It doesn’t give the jitter, nervous lift some of the products filled with caffeine, niacin, etc. do. The clarity of the ingredient list is another favorite of the customer who knows exactly what they are putting into their body and they feel safe consuming this product. The customer is almost implying that some companies who make energy drinks are not forthcoming in all the ingredients they put into their energy drinks. If these companies really want people to trust them and buy their product they better be honest in what they say they are putting in the product. We are talking about people’s health here.

SKALD® Powder – First Pre Workout Fat Burner with Respiratory Support – Best Thermogenic Weight Loss

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SKALD® Powder

Benefits and Uses: The company says the more oxygen you give the body the more fat it will burn. How this works is unknown but they claim it works. The product also contains an appetite suppressor. Burn those pounds off in a hurry. The company promises that within 60 days of the purchase of this product or any products they make you will be given a full refund. If you do not like the product and there will be no questions asked. According to the reviews, this product is always top-rated and outperforms a lot of the competition. This is what the company is claiming. The product has no FDA-banned ingredients in it and every time you order the product you will get a free ebook to download. Not a bad offer especially if you return the product you still get to keep the ebook.

Feedback: The customer weighs 220 lbs. and has developed his own running route. He tried the product and had the jitters from the energy boost. He says it will cause heartburn if you consume the energy drink and then go running right afterward. He says do not wait too long to workout or the energy boost will pass you right by. He says he lost 5 lbs. in one week. He ran 6.2 miles after consuming this product.He claims that he was offered a second container of the energy drink for free for writing this review. Was it a payment or not for the review? He says the review was not asked for and was written in total honesty from his point of view.


You have some pre-workout products to read about and think about purchasing. They give you some options on how to get a healthy energy spike to help you sustained extend the workout. Beware though one customer said he developed kidney stones after consuming an energy product. This is extremely unhealthy to develop kidney stones after consuming an energy product. Some of the reviews implied that the companies were not honestly listing all the ingredients they put in their product. A few of the customers felt confident the ingredients were being put honestly on the product’s containers.


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