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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

This is a different subject to write about. I guarantee you will not find a lot of articles written about reviewing pregnancy pillows. It has to be a plump pillow that gives the expectant mother very good back and stomach support. This is especially true in the latter stages of the pregnancy. The pregnant mother needs a pillow that will fit her comfortably and allows her to sleep in peace. She really needs the rest during the pregnancy. The pillow must be soft and cushiony but it must be firm enough not to cause the pregnant woman any back pain. How do you know which pillow is right for you? This article will help you to choose the right pillow to meet your unique needs. We will review some of the best pregnancy pillows on the market today. We are confident from the review list written below you will find the perfect pregnancy pillow to meet your needs.

Women need a dependable pillow that will let them rest and let the baby rest as well. The company should be a proven leader in the industry and have a proven record of good customer service.

Let’s face it pregnancy pillows are a very sensitive and important subject to talk about. We are talking about mother and child here and we want the best for both of them. We want the pregnancy to go well and we want the mother and baby to both be healthy and comfortable. What says this better than getting mom to be the best possible pregnancy pillow we can? Fathers to be are you listening?

Queen Rose 65″ U Shaped Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women with Washable Outer Cover (Milky)

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is long enough for the pregnant woman to stretch out both sides of the body. It allows you to get a wonderful night of sleep. It is designed to fit the curvature of the pregnant body. The pillow works well for pregnancy support and nursing as well. It also helps people with other conditions it help support their bodies. It supports knees, head, shoulders, and belly which are the perfect places for a pregnant woman to be supported. The pillow gives 360 degree support when watching tv, nursing, sleeping and reading. It will give you total body support which is what a pregnant woman needs. The pillow is pure cotton with polyester filling and can be removed for easy cleaning. It is machine washable and it has a zipper for easy and convenient removal. The company offers a 90 days money back guarantee or exchange if you do not like the pillow.

Feedback: The customer says he received this pillow for free in exchange for an honest review of the pillow. The customer bought the pillow for his wife because she was having trouble sleeping since she became pregnant. She normally is a stomach sleeper but this is hard for her todo now. The pillow supports both sides of her body which should help her to sleep better. The customer received a pillow for himself because he is over 6 ” feet tall. He says the pillow supports him both sides and it is a king-size pillow. I am not sure why he bought the pillow for himself. The customer says that with both he and his wife having full-size pillows it was hard for them to fit on their queen-size bed. They changed to a split king-size bed which makes the two able to fit on it with their body-size pillows. The customer recommends you should have a king-size bed if you and your sleeping partner will both sleep with the pillow. He thinks if you are by yourself with a pillow a twin-size pillow would be big enough. The customer says he draws full support from the pillow and he no longer wakes up with pain all over his body. He is sleeping better and he rated the pillow 5-stars.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

The customer says she was concerned about buying the pillow because it was made for a pregnant woman. The client would wake up with intense lower back pain in the morning. It was so bad one time it took her about 10 minutes to get to the bathroom because of the back pain. She moved to her sofa to sleep and the back pain disappeared. She decides she had to get back into her own bed and get off the sofa. She was surprised that the back pain occurred on a bed she had been sleeping on her bed for years and the back pain appeared. She visited her son in another state and she developed the back pain from sleeping on the bed in his house. The customer bought this pillow slept with it and her back pain was gone. She tested the pillow out and slept without it and the back pain came back. She sent a second pillow to her son’s house and now she has pillows at her son’s house and her house. She gladly rates the pillow 5-stars. She is no longer concerned that it is just for pregnant women.

The customer said she would give this pillow 10 million stars if she could. She is 55 years-old and she has scoliosis which has caused her to chase chiropractors and physical therapists for the last year. If her neck did not hurt then the lower back or the mid back would hurt. She tried this pillow and it has relieved her pain in those areas of her body. before this purchase, she tried sleeping on the floor for a couple of weeks but that was a waste of time. Her pregnant daughter-in-law came and visited with her and this is why she initially bought this pillow. The daughter-in-law liked the pillow. This client says she has had no back pain for a year now since she has been sleeping on the pillow. She rated the pillow 5-stars. She is in love with this pillow.

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow, Full Body Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape by Back Support

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Benefits and Uses: This pillow is made 100% cotton and the insides are made of polypropylene which sounds like a harmful substance. It will supply support from head to toe and the u-shaped pillow will allow you to stretch out fully. This will allow support for both sides of the body and the hourglass inner curves and contours to your entire back. It will also align your hips for neutral joint positioning. It also will relieve pain and discomfort related to pregnancy and other conditions. This Pillow will eliminate the need for multi-pillows at night. It will give you a good night’s sleep and it will fully support your neck, back and hips. It keeps these parts of the body aligned all night long. The pillow will be folded into multi-positions to allow for reading, nursing, and many other activities. While nursing the pillow will keep the baby elevated making the experience easy and calm. The pillow is made of 100% cotton and the inside is lined with hollow polyester lining. It has a removable cover and it is machine washable.

Feedback: The pillow has had over 1200 reviews written about it so a fair amount of people have used the pillow. Hopefully, the reviews will be favorable for the pillow. The customer is male and he says he knows nothing about being pregnant. He says the pillow gave him a wonderful night’s sleep. He says he asked his boss if he could have 5-7 days off so he could sleep on his pillow. He says the pillow is not just made for pregnant women. He says the pillow raises the bar on a good night’s sleep. The customer must be reminded that the pillow is specifically designed for pregnant women. This is good the pillow helped him out so much. This may open up a whole new market for the company. The customer suggests the company invent their market tactics to reach other markets. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars.

The man bought the pillow for his wife but he thought it was too flat. The wife said it was the first time she slept well for a long time as she slept on the pillow for the first time. The husband says he will get bonus points for buying the pillow for his wife. The customer rated the pillow 4-stars only despite the fact, his wife slept so well on the pillow. This rating does not make any sense. The lady has fibromyalgia and she cannot sit on the sofa for a long time without it hurting her. She bought the pillow and now she can sit in the living room for a much longer time. She is a side sleeper and it helps with the pain in her hip. She has been wanting to buy one of these pillows for a long time. She is very happy with the purchase and she rated it a robust 5-stars.

The customer complains the pillow is flat and it is not fluffy or plump like it is shown in images and on advertisements. The pillow is very uncomfortable and the client is disappointed with the pillow. The client rated the pillow 2-stars. Apparently, he was not thrilled with the pillow at all. The lady is 5 months pregnant and says the pillow is definitely made for pregnant women. She says it is not too thin or too thick it is just right. It is not too firm but it is firm enough for her. She says a firm pillow would give her a neck ache in the morning. She updated the review and she says she has been using it for a while and it is her favorite pillow. Again, she mentions if a pillow is too firm it gives her a neck ache in the morning. This pillow does not give her a neck ache. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars.

Surprisingly, the reviews were mainly written by males and females who were not pregnant. Three as one review that was written by a pregnant woman. This may indicate that the company could expand their product into other non-traditional markets. The company has mainly focused on the market that serves pregnant women but from the sample of reviews written above, there is a wider market that is willing to use this pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow

The Wayanna Collection Back Pain Relief Knee Pillow

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow firmly supports knees and legs which will properly align the hips and the spine. It will give you a good night’s sleep and it will help to alleviate many conditions that can rob you of sleep because of pain. The pillow is made of breathable material and is ergonomically designed to support your body while you sleep. It supplies you with chiropractic and recommended joint relief while you rest. You can use it during your pregnancy or post surgery phase. It will keep the spine properly aligned to give you a restful night of sleep. The pillow comes with a handy travel bag so you can use the pillow on the go. The pillow is made with the best, most dense and supportive foam.

Feedback: The customer says the quality of this product is excellent. The customer claims the foam core is unique compared to the other pillow she owns which is not as good as this one. The foam was improved to keep the bounce in the foam she thinks bit she is not sure. The zipper is a rounded shape so it doesn’t scratch her skin and the zipper is hidden. The cover touching the skin is wonderful and soft and the customer likes the traveling bag that comes with the pillow. The customer recommends that those with lower back issues should keep using the pillow. The customer not being a doctor needs to be careful giving medical advice like this.

The customer says he is a side sleeper and he needs something between his legs to sleep. This pillow is wide enough to fit between his knees and it seems to help him sleep better. Other pillows he has seen were too small but this one is wide enough for him to fit his knees between. He likes the pillow because Its wider than other pillows, it is just the right firmness for him, the cover is comfortable and is made of high-end material. It is also machine washable, It feels better than his old knee pillow, the zipper is round in shape and it does not scratch the skin, it doesn’t get in his way like the old nee pillow would,it comes with a traveling bag so if he travels it does not get rained on or dirty. This is an odd review for a man to be writing and it is strange that someone needs something between their legs to sleep.

Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy/Maternity Total Body Pillow, Ivory

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Benefits and Uses: This is the first and original snoogle if this is important to you. There have been over 7,000 reviews written about the product. So, thousands of people have tried this product. The snoogle takes the place of many pillows and it supports the hips, back, neck, tummy to keep everything in alignment. The snoogle was designed by a nurse and mom. The snoogle supplies support and comfort without generating extra body heat. It has a sham-style cover that is removable and it is machine washable.

Feedback: The husband has bought the pillow for his pregnant wife for Christmas. It has changed her mood dramatically for the better and she sleeps very well with it. She will not sleep without it. The customer says he is sleeping a lot better and more securely for the first time in years he claims. He is not getting beat up by his wife during the night anymore. There is a lot of exaggeration in this review but the points are made. The customer and the wife like the product. The client rated it 5-stars. This review is 4 years old.

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow

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Benefits and Uses: This is supposed to be the original Back n’ Belly pillow. I am not sure if this is important to know or not. It will support your back and belly at the same time. This is beneficial for pregnant women. You will not have to re-position pillow just turn from side by side with this pillow. It will elevate and align the hip which will spare the body much hip pain. It has a sham-style removable cover but it does not say the pillow is machine washable or easy to clean.

Feedback: The person says this is a pillow shipped by a third party and it is garbage. They thought they were getting the original product from Amazon but they received a cheap substitute. It looks like from the image shown that there was a cigarette burn on the product. The customer returned the product and bought the authentic product. The customer rated the product one-star.

Pregnancy Pillow Reviews


Above you will find some discussion on the best pregnancy pillows on the market today. An unusual pattern has developed in writing about the reviews written about the pregnancy pillows. There were many more reviews written by people who were not/could not get pregnant than women who were actually pregnant. This was an unexpected turn of events for this writer. The companies who make pillows for pregnant women need to look to other markets as well to sell their products.


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