Best Prenatal Vitamins

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Prenatal is defined as before the baby is born and having to do with pregnancy. The mother to needs the best vitamins that will help to make up any deficiencies the body may be lacking in. The vitamins must be life-giving vitamins that will strengthen both the mother and the fetus. The vitamins cannot damage the brain, heart, or any part of the growing baby’s body. You do not want to be taking vitamins that will cause the baby to have brain damage, be born prematurely, or interfere with any of the baby’s development. You see the vitamins are supposed to help the mother and baby not hurt them. If a pregnant mother is having morning sickness and she cannot eat these vitamins could replace vitamins the mother could otherwise miss out on.

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins Fermented 

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Benefits and Uses: The pills are made with no sugar and they support preconception, healthy pregnancy, and fetal development and the pills are recommended by OB/GYN to support the baby’s spinal cord and brain the company claims. This assertion cannot be validated because there were no studies quotes to prove this claim. It is a 100% digestible vitamin and it will not cause nausea and they can be taken on an empty stomach. You will not get nausea from taking whole food fermented vitamins. The empty stomach assertion should be verified with authoritative sources. The gummies contain no iron and they help the heart, immune system and they are supposed to stimulate red blood cell production. These benefits are according to the company. The vitamins contain no GMO and they have many natural ingredients in them.

Feedback: The product has had over 2200 reviews written about it and this is a decent amount of reviews written on this product. The customer investigated vitamins extensively for his pregnant wife to take. The father says the baby is due in the spring of 2014 and this review was written in 2013. The client says this size bottle is cheaper than the bottle that contains 192 pills. The local market was the only place that sold this vitamin. The husband says the wife gets sick on fish-based vitamins. The customer showed the vitamins to the doctor and the doctor said this was good but it was not enough. The doctor said the wife needed DHA so the husband bought a DHA supplement from the local market. The husband noticed a father and his pregnant wife had sat on the floor of the local market for 45 minutes. They had been comparing the ingredients in all the vitamins and they chose this vitamin. They did this because this was the best choice for them according to the reviewer. The wife took the DHA/vitamins and she is not getting sick from taking this combination of pills. It also makes the wife’s skin and the nails specifically grow fast and the pregnant wife loves this. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer basically wrote a useless review. She says she has used this product for years through her pregnancy and nursing. She found out the vitamin contained a synthetic b vitamin complex. She was shocked to find this information out because the vitamins are supposed to be made of all natural ingredients. She says the company has deceived the public which is true but what does this have to do with the benefits the vitamins may provide. She rated the product 5-stars because of this deception. Yes, it was wrong for the company to deceive the public and I would not buy the vitamins from the company because of this deception. But the customer writes a lot of irrelevant opinions in the review which have nothing to do with the benefits or the quality of the vitamins. The customer rated the vitamin one-star. This review will not help to sell the vitamins.

Prenatal Vitamins

Another customer complaining about the company advertising a false ingredient in the product. The bottle says the vitamins contain folate which is a natural ingredient. The customer found out the product really contained folic acid instead of the folate which is a lie on the part of the company. The folic acid is a synthetic ingredient and the company does not reveal this fact. This is a false advertising on the part of the company. The company has now falsely advertised two ingredients that they said were natural but turned out to be synthetic. It is beginning to seem like this company cannot be trusted. The worst thing this company can do is to deceive its customer base because the customers will learn not to trust the company. Their word cannot be trusted and you will not know when they are telling the truth and when they are lying. People buy the vitamins because they think they are buying an all natural product. The company has replaced a couple of the natural ingredients for synthetic ones. People may not be able to consume the synthetic products the company is putting in these vitamins. Someone may get physically ill from consuming these vitamins that do not contain all natural ingredients. The customer rated the product 2-stars.

This is getting worse this customer says they bought the product because the wife has to take folate the natural ingredient. The couple just found out the company replaced the folate with folic acid which is the synthetic version of folate. The wife has a condition that makes it critical for her to take the natural version-folate. The wife had been taking the vitamins for a while before finding out the company substituted the folate with folic acid. The company should have notified a couple of the company. This is a classic example of deceptive advertisement on the part of the company. The company just cannot be trusted. The customer rated the vitamin one-star. What if the wife would have gotten seriously ill or ended up in a life-threatening circumstance. By the way, the vitamins were working so nicely for the wife too.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vegetarian

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Benefits and Uses: This is a specially manufactured multivitamin product for women. The company yes they are made from whole raw natural foods so the company claims. The vitamins are made for mother and baby during pregnancy and lactation (Another term for breastfeeding) the company writes in the product description. The vitamins contain ingredients that will support digestive processes. The vitamins support heart and blood health and the vitamins contain no fillers.

Feedback: The customer says the vitamins do not meet the nutritional requirements that she as a pregnant women needs. The vitamins have a funny taste the customer writes but she rated the product 4-stars which is odd. If the vitamins are nutritionally lacking and they taste funny why would you rate the vitamins 4-stars? The review is not a real show stopper as far as keeping people from buying the vitamins. All a person has to do is take more vitamins to meet the proper nutritional levels. The customer wisely suggests pregnant mothers talk to their doctor or midwife about the efficiency of taking these vitamins.

The customer rated the product one-star because last year they bought these vitamins from their local store and the suffered abdominal pains, bladder pains, and cycle issues. The woman is not pregnant so I do not know why she is taking vitamins for pregnant women. She stopped taking the vitamins and then she decided to try them again and she had the same symptoms she had before. She stopped taking them and the symptoms stopped. But this is not a reliable review because these are vitamins that are supposed to be taken by expectant mothers. The customer rated the product one-star but this is really an irrelevant rating and review. The review is definitely of no selling value.

This woman writes that the company sold out to Nestle’s and she refuses to buy the vitamins because Nestle’s destroys the environment. There is no proof that Nestle’s does not care about the environment and they are a chocolate company so how much damage can they do to the environment? The customer says she will not trust her vitamins to Nestle’s. This is unsettling because what does the quality of the vitamin have to do with Nestle’s making the product now instead of the other company. The issues brought up in this review are irrelevant and they have nothing to do with the quality or the benefits the vitamin has to offer. The customer rated the vitamin one-star. This review should not have been posted in this product’s category.

The customer says these vitamins do what they are supposed to do. They are helping the customer because they are a great support to her regular diet. She says she cannot get all her vitamin needs to be met through conventional foods it is just unrealistic she writes. She says the product deserves 5-star rating. Again, I am not sure if this was a pregnant woman taking these vitamins.

This customer says they do not trust Nestle’s so they will not be purchasing the vitamins. This is totally senseless that the customer would not by the vitamins because they do not trust Nestle’s. Again, what does Nestle’s making the vitamin has to do with the quality of the vitamins or the benefits they offer. This review is useless for having any selling value for customers. Reviews are supposed to be written to tell what the benefits of a product are or what the product did negatively to the customer’s body. Not that you will not buy the vitamins because you do not trust the manufacturer of the vitamins. What has Nestle done to draw such suspicion from these customers? They are a chocolate company that has been around forever. The customer rated the product one-star which is odd because they did not even consume the vitamins. How do they know if the vitamins will work or not?

There have been a couple of reviews written by customers who will not buy the product because they do not trust Nestle’s the manufacturer of the vitamins. They have not tried the vitamins so how can they rate the product one-star when they have never tried the vitamins. They do not know if they will benefit their bodies or not. These types of reviews just cannot be counted on to tell how good or bad a product is. These reviews should not have been posted.

Now, this is a valuable review written by a pregnant mother. She took this vitamin and it made her sick to her stomach. She consulted her doctor who told her to stop taking these vitamins and take gummies instead. As soon as she stopped taking the vitamins her sickness stopped. She rated the product 2-stars and she said it was a useless product for her to be taking. These kinds of reviews will help other consumers to decide whether to buy the vitamins or not.

Telling consumers that you will not buy the vitamin because you do not trust Nestle’s, who makes the vitamins, is totally out of place and useless in evaluating these vitamins. I do not understand why these types of reviews are listed here under this product category.

Garden of Life Organic Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement

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Benefits and Uses: This product was made by the same company who made the product reviewed directly above this one. Up front know that this company was bought out by Nestle’s if this is a problem for you. This is a specially designed multivitamin product made for women. They are made from whole natural foods. The vitamin with folate will help to develop the neural tube healthily the company claims. The vitamin contains 21 vitamins and minerals and it has lemon peel to fight nausea it is said in the company’s product description. The vitamin is not GMO and it contains no fillers. It is believed that the product is made of all natural ingredients.

Feedback: Here we go again, another customer that will not buy the vitamins because the company was bought out by Nestle. The customer does not trust Nestle’s and they are so disappointed the company was bought out by Nestles. Basically, from what I can tell the product has not changed in any way, shape, or form since the company was bought out by Nestle. It is sad when people let their personal biases enter into a review and cloud the whole point of reviews to be written. This review should be removed from the product category it has nothing to do with the quality or the benefits these vitamins may offer.

Vitafusion Prenatal, Gummy Vitamins, 90 Count

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Benefits and Uses: The vitamins contain 242 mg of vitamin C which is the equivalent of eating 10 tangerines. Vitamin C offers so many benefits. The vitamins help immune health and they come in several flavors. Be warned though the flavors may vary in taste. They are great tasting gummies that have a natural orange flavor. This is good the company warns you that the flavors may vary in taste.

Feedback: The product has had over 1700 reviews written about it. So this could be a good sign that the vitamins are high-quality. The customer has been taking the prenatal vitamins for 12 years and she is not expecting a baby. But she says the vitamins have helped her nails to grow, fast the hair to look healthy, and her skin looks great. People ask her why her skin looks so soft and smooth. She responds that is because she has been taking these great prenatal vitamins. She doesn’t have any issues with the fact that Nestle’s bought this company out. She gave these vitamins a 5-star rating. Not everyone is bothered because Nestle’s bought out the company. It is just not fair to write a review saying you will not buy the vitamins because Nestle’s bought this company out.

The customer writes they took the gummies and they started craving milk. The customer read the ingredient list and saw that the gummies contain no calcium. This is why the customer rated the vitamins 2-stars instead of one star because the ingredient list did not say that calcium was listed among the ingredients. This is a real honest review. But still, it would not help people to buy the vitamins. The consumer does not say if the vitamins helped the customer or not.

Best Prenatal Vitamins

Nature Made Prenatal + DHA 200 mg

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Benefits and Uses: There has been no color, starch, or yeast added to these vitamins. There are no artificial flavors added either. The vitamin has been clinically proven to be absorbed into the body the company claims.

Feedback: The product received one review and it was a negative review. The customer said they had to throw away the bottle because they smelled like fish. The customer had symptoms that would not allow them to stomach these vitamins. A to the point review. But the product needs to be given a chance to show if it will help pregnant women or not.


There you have 5 reviews on prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. Currently, pregnant women are recommended to take daily antepartum supplementation of 0.4-0.8 mg of folic acid and 30-60 mg of elemental iron, although the lower ends of these ranges may be most appropriate [1]. But women who are not pregnant wrote reviews about the vitamins and they benefited from the vitamins. Keep in mind that you need to evaluate your diet first if you are considering in taking prenatal vitamins while not pregnant [2]. There were pregnant women who wrote reviews as well and they too benefited from the vitamins.


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