Best Probiotics for Men

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Probiotics are bacteria that are good for you. It helps your digestive tract in the sense that it will help your digestive system to process the food and liquids and pass it through the body more effectively. The probiotics may help you to avoid digestive and gastronomical issues [1]. These probiotics are for men in particular and I do not know if men need probiotics more than women or not. This article will review some probiotics that are healthy for men to take. Some men may have need of probiotics to help their digestive processes and other men may have healthy digestive systems and they may not need probiotics. But there’s a lot of men who may be in poor health because of digestive issues and the probiotics may enhance those digestive processes to improve the health of these men. The probiotics are very reasonably priced so you will not bust your budget buying these probiotics. Let’s get going and look at them.

Renew Life – Ultimate Flora Probiotic Extra Care – 50 billion – 30 vegetable

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Benefits and Uses: This probiotic is said to have 50 billion cultures in its contents. They will support the digestive and immune health. It is developed with 10 probiotic strains to return balance to the digestive system and promote digestive and immune health for adults. The probiotics are designed for adults and it should not be given to young children os teenagers. If you take the probiotics daily it will keep the digestive tract working and healthy. You will have the best immune system on your block. It will also help to heal occasionally upset stomach. Take the time-delay release capsule for maximum results.

Probiotics for Men

Feedback: This probiotic garnered over 1000 reviews so a lot of people have tried this product but let us see what they thought about the products. The customer says this probiotic has changed her life. She has been under the care of a gastroenterologist for years. The consumer has IBM and it has turned into IBM with constipation as the customer is getting older. The customer has tried a lot of different medicines but nothing has worked for more than about a month. She tried this probiotic and it has changed her life. The medicine with some flaxseed on her cereal every morning has worked wonders for her bowels. She has had no problems with her gut and her gut is working normally for the first time in a long time. Some of the other medicines she took also caused her some uncomfortable side effects. She waited to write this review so she could make sure the probiotic would work It has been working for a while so it is working very well for her. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer has suffered from anxiety most of his life but he never did anything about it until now it seems like. I do not understand why he did not treat his anxiety until now. He heard that a leaky gut caused anxiety in the body. He endeavored to clean up the gut and he tried this probiotic. He said he feels better and the anxiety is gone since the gut has been cleaned up. He had tried many other probiotics before this one and none of them really helped him. This one worked well for him and he feels so much better. He rated the probiotic 5-stars. This customer had been taking Prilosec and Nexium before they tried this probiotic and since they have taken it, they don’t depend on the other drugs. This is good but the customer other than the above-mentioned benefit does not tell us what the other benefits of this probiotics are. We do not know how this probiotic has kept the customer from taking the above-mentioned medications. Additionally, we do not know how else the probiotic has helped the customer nor why the customer rated the product 5-stars. This review will not convince people to buy this probiotic. Also, how is this probiotic better for the customer then Prilosec and Nexium were.

The customer says he has been using this probiotic his gut has felt better. It is a good product for him to use and he subscribes to Amazon so he can get the product once a month. The rated the product 3-stars not because of quality issues but because of shortage issues. He says for the fourth month in a row he has been shorted on the number of capsules he was supposed to receive. The bottle says there are supposed to be 30 capsules in the bottle but he has been getting only 26-28 capsules per bottle.

He has not complained to Amazon or the manufacturer directly and I do not know why. He says Amazon needs to tell the manufacturer of the shortages. He thinks (and he is most likely correct on this point) that the manufacturing company wants higher profits so this is why they have been putting less number of capsules than the bottle says should be in the bottle. He thinks if Amazon does not resolve the issue it could ruin their reputation but Amazon is so big this one isolated issue will not tarnish their reputation. The customer advises other consumers to check the number of capsules they receive in their bottles. This is sound advice and if enough customers find they have the same issues with the company then Amazon will be forced to address the problem.

This customer says before taking this medication they could not eat anything but chicken breast and salmon without the stomach hurting. They were having digestive issues. Since they have been taking this probiotic they can eat other foods but it still hurts their stomach but not as much. The customer rated the probiotic 5-stars. This is good that the probiotic has limited the pain the client suffers when eating other foods than salmon and chicken breast. But in this client’s case, the digestive issue and the stomach pain could be a sign of more serious stomach issues.

I am not a doctor but this customer’s digestive and stomach issues seem far more serious than just switching probiotics to resolve the medical problem. Who knows (I hope not) but the client may need surgery to correct the digestive and stomach issues. The person may have an ulcer? I would be concerned if I was the customer that I could only eat a select few foods without having digestive or stomach problems. Then I have to take a probiotic to help me expand my food selection in eating but even with the probiotic, I am still having stomach pain and digestive issues.

Nutrition Essentials #1 Rated Probiotic – Most CFU’s per Bottle – 60 Day Supply with 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Benefits and Uses: It is said this company supplies 2 times more CFU (Colony Forming Units) than the competition. The probiotic will help keep the bowels regular and the digestive health at its best. The company offers a 180-day supply with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. There will be no questions asked if you return the product to the company. The product is made in the United States and it will reduce the smell of gas, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces colon polyp, and triglycerides the company claims. It will increase calcium absorption to produce bone density, it encourages vitamin production, reduces bloating, gas, and constipation.

It will control the weight, acne, the appetite, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections. The company is boasting some powerful benefits the probiotic can offer. It will fight off bad bacteria found in the GI tract, helps recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome ( I doubt it can help with chronic fatigue syndrome), and gut-stressing conditions. It is made without harmful chemicals and it is safely made in the United States.

Best Probiotics for Men

Feedback: The product has had over 10,500 reviews written about the probiotic. The customer was skeptical about consuming these probiotics because they are solid tablets. The client thought the probiotics had to be suspended in liquid but the client was wrong. The client has bought the product 3 times now and it has helped their digestive health, immune health, and abdominal bloating has been reduced. The customer generally feels better since taking the probiotic. The client suggests you take it on an empty stomach and it is worth taking. The female customer says she tried the probiotics and she noticed results by the second day. She says it is reasonably priced and a good product. She writes that when she does not take the probiotics she notices the difference. She did not say what the difference was and it would have been nice to know what the difference was. This piece of information would help to sell more probiotics. The customer rated the product 5-stars but she should have added more information to buffer the review and give the customers the confidence to make the decision to buy the product.

This has been having stomach issues and he was taking an expensive probiotic but it was not helping his stomach issues. He was looking for a cheaper probiotic to help with the stomach issues. He stumbled onto this probiotic and he started taking the pills and it made a big difference for him. His stomach issues are a lot better and he feels a lot better and he really likes the product. He lost a few pounds but he warns it may not help everyone to lose weight. He received a 60 day supply and it was cheaper than the other probiotics he was taking. He rated it 5-stars but if he is having stomach issues he needs to go to the doctor because he may have some serious issues with his gut. What if he has cancer or something? You just cannot take a chance on stomach issues that make you feel sick like he felt.

This is the second review where a person complains of having serious stomach issues and they feel bad from gut issues which could be a sign of a more serious medical condition concerning his stomach issues. Yes, the probiotics may help in the short term but what happens when the person stops taking the probiotics and the serious stomach issues will return. Then what do you keep taking the probiotics to cover up the real issue? It could be a life-threatening sickness and the person could be getting worse while taking the probiotics to cover up the illness temporarily. The customers could be killing themselves by not going to the doctor and finding out what the real problem is. They could be taking years off their life by not going to the doctor.

This is one of the most disgusting reviews I have read on the internet. The customer talks about having trouble with bowel movements and how they had to go to the restroom several times a day to complete the job. They took probiotics and now they finish the job in one session and all is good. Who wants to read about a person’s bowel movement patterns and how the probiotic is helping them to go number two. These details are too personal and should not be shared in the public arena. Totally unnecessary content written in the review. This review will not sell any product but turn people off from wanting to buy the product. The customer rated the product 5-stars and this review should be banned from Amazon.

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Once Daily Men’s Shelf Stable Probiotics 15 Strains – 50 Billion CFU Guaranteed Potency to Expiration 

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Benefits and Uses: The product has ingredients that will help you with digestive relief and constipation issues. The probiotics are designed for men specifically with their health issues in mind and colon issues. It has 50 billion CFU’s and 15 strains of probiotics are contained in the pills. The numbers will buffer your immune system and keep it healthy. Each bottle has 30 capsules and no refrigeration is required for the capsules. The probiotics are free of harmful ingredients.

Feedback: The product has had more than 1200 reviews written on it. The customer says they did the classic acid test which means you put the probiotic in milk. If the probiotic makes the milk curdle then you have a good probiotic. This customer put a probiotic capsule in the milk and in 24 hours it curdled nicely. The customer had issues with chronic indigestion but when they started taking these probiotics the indigestion was curtailed and the customer is feeling better. Again, this customer rated the product 5-stars. Here is a case of a potentially serious stomach issue being temporary repaired with probiotics which will not fix the issue in the long run. The chronic indigestion issue is an indicator of a more serious issue and the customer really needs to get to the doctor to have this health issue addressed. If this is life-threatening and the customer is not having it properly treated the customer could be in big trouble. I do not understand why people may have serious gut issues but they choose to ignore the problem and go with an easy short-term fix. Probiotics are not the answer to every stomach or digestive issue. Probiotics can only cure so many immune and stomach issues. Chronic indigestion is not normal and this customer should go see a doctor

Probiotic plus Ultimate Prebiotic (Patented) – Supports Only Good Bacteria & Targets the Bad. Patented Delay Release

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Benefits and Uses: The product works well in small doses and it can be used by people of all ages. It only feeds the good bacteria and it is safe for men, women, and children to use. The capsules are vegan and will not leave an aftertaste and it penetrates deeply into the intestines, unlike other probiotics. The product will proliferate the production of healthy bacteria and it will help the normal reaction of immune cells. These factors could boost your health. It is also will boost good bacteria but it will destroy the bad bacteria. Each bottle contains 60 time release capsules.

Feedback: The product has had over 5100 reviews written against it so the product is no stranger to the health market. The customer has taken this probiotic for the first time. The customer has taken expensive probiotics in the past. This one has worked the best for the customer because it has relieved the customer’s intestinal discomfort after they eat. the customer rated the product 5-stars and this is another case where the customer needs to see a doctor.

Align Probiotic, Daily Supplement for Digestive Health, 63 capsules

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Benefits and Uses: The product for being a little-known product is pretty expensive compared to the competition. The capsule will provide 24-hour relief from immune problems and it will help to produce good bacteria. It helps to maintain the digestive system’s balance and it can be taken with or without food.

Feedback: The customer tried these probiotic pills and they had intense bloating when the pill is supposed to stop bloating. The customer says it is healthier to get probiotics through natural sources such as yogurt. The customer rated the product 3-stars.


We have covered some probiotics in this article. All of them will help with gut, immune and digestive issues [2]. The pills should be used for minor issues, not major issues that some of the customers took the capsules for. There were too many clients who took the products for serious gut issues instead of going to the doctor to have these issues treated.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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