Best Products for Acne Prone Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

There is so much to be said about products for acne-prone skin. There are a million products on the market specially designed for people with acne-prone skin. Are you one of those who are battling acne? You have tried 1001 products and none of them have really worked but you are desperate to get rid of this annoying acne. You may have even been told there is no treatment for the acne problem. Do not believe this lie for that is what it is a lie. There is always treatment and hope for someone to control a serious or not so serious acne problem. There are products that will prevent acne breakouts from occurring.

We must realize people who battle with acne take it very personally and they are very self-conscious about how they look. Acne will deteriorate person’s self-confidence very quickly. The reality is no one likes to have big red bumps covering the face. Or a thousand little red bumps covering their face. Do not forget about cystic acne which are painful bumps that develop under the skin. Then there are acne scars that may develop and don’t forget people can fight acne for years. But this article will help you to deal with all those personal issues. We will recommend a few products that will help you to manage the acne problem and in some cases get rid of it once and for all.

Skin Resource MD Pore-Clearing Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin Sulfate-free Cleanses Deep within Pores

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Benefits and Uses: You can acquire free shipping for orders over $50.00 and that is a lot of money to have to spend to get free shipping. The formula is able to dissolve in the skin on contact. Hopefully, this means the product will absorb effectively in the skin. You do not want a product that will dissipate before it has a chance to touch the skin. The product is made for oily skin and it cleanses deep within the pores where the problems begin. It controls sebum oil production at the deepest of areas inside the skin. Again, the company claims the product will dissolve oil and dirt on contact which will greatly reduce the risk of an acne breakout. The skin will feel fresh and clean and the product will not dry out the skin and the skin will not feel dry. The product will remove excess oil before it can clog the pores and start causing the skin problems. It is said to work quickly to correct potential acne manifestations. The product neutralizes flora deep within the pores to stop the pores from becoming irritated.

Feedback: The customer says they have been using the product for two weeks. It feels weird going on their dry skin. They splash some water on their face and rub the product in. The client says the product does not irritate their oily skin and the customer is happy with the way the product is working. The customer ordered two more jars of the product. The customer says the product is made by a dermatologist who should know skin care.

The customer said this product did not work for them. It caused a major breakout on the customer’s forehead. The customer said it caused her to have breakouts. It has been 3 weeks later and the customer is still trying to get rid of the breakout on the forehead. They said the product definitely did not work for them it may have been working for others but not for them. This customer says they have been using the product for 7 years. They cannot live without it they said.

They use it twice a day and it has controlled their acne and oil production. Since the oil is controlled it may be the acne is under control as well. The client writes that the product is amazing and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. This customer said they have been using the cleanser for four years and it has kept the oils under control. They have problems with oil on the t-zone but this product has kept the t-zone clean. The customer tried the product on the recommendation of aesthetician and they really like. They said it works so well and it is really helping their acne. They do not say how it is helping their acne which would be vital information for potential customers to have. The customer says it has really helped with their oil and acne and the product was delivered quickly to the customer. Another customer had mentioned the product had shipped early and it was packaged very well.

The only problem with the above reviews is that the customers say the product works very well on the acne and the oil. It really works well on the acne but none of the customers say how it helped the acne. There was no detail given to exactly what the product did to help the acne. Did it reduce the acne or did it prevent the acne from developing further? It seems like the reviews were manufactured and they all follow a specific pattern. The reviews are very general and none of them give specific examples of how the product helped their acne. The was amazing some of the customers said but they did not say why it was amazing. They sound like reviews written positively because the customers would get something in review for the positive reviews.

Yet out of the 12 reviews, eleven were positive and gave the product a 5-star rating. There was one negative review in the group and the customer rated the product at2 -stars. I am surprised the customer did not rate the product at one-star. It sounded like the product really reacted negatively with their ski. They said it caused a major breakout on their forehead and they have had some other small breakouts since using the product. It was three weeks and the customer was still fighting the acne breakout on the forehead.

fight the acne breakout on the forehead

TruSkin Tea Tree Clear Skin Serum

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims that the product has been proven by science to unclog pores, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation it also makes the skin look brighter and fresher. But the only problem is that the company does not say how the science proved the product could provide all these benefits. There was no data or any kind of numbers given to support the statement that science proved this product worked. The product is supposed to target the areas that have breakouts and it is able to prevent acne breakouts by supplying the skin with vitamins. The vitamins will nourish the skin and keep it clean and healthy. The product contains powerful vitamins that are concentrated but are gentle on the skin. It is said you only need to apply the product 2 or 3 times a week. The product claims to produce such remarkable benefits that only using it 2 or 3 times a week would not bring about the results the company says it will. It is cruelty-free because the animals said applying it 2 or 3 times a week did not help them to curb their acne breakouts. So, the animals refused to be tested any further with this product. The product is made on American soil in an FDA approved facility. The company says they have unique customer service because they give their customers 3 months to return the product. The customer just needs to send an email and the company will return the customer’s money in full.

But there are a lot of companies that offer the same type of return policy or a better one. Their customer service as far as money back guarantees go is nothing special.

Feedback: This was written by a black man who says he never writes reviews but he just could not help but write a review for this product. He has used it for 3 weeks and he says the product is amazing. It has eliminated his acne and it has reduced his pores. He has ordered more of the product before the company runs out. He even posted pictures to show what the product has done for his skin. This customer has been struggling with acne since she was 9-years-old, she is now 30-years-old.

We are talking serious acne issues. To the point, she would wear concealer whenever she went out because she wanted to hide the acne. She said her acne still shone through the concealer. She would not go out in public without wearing makeup to cover up the acne. She thought it would be like this the rest of her life. She accidentally tried this product and boy she is glad she did. The skin is 90% free of acne and what is even more surprising is she has thrown all her concealers away and she now doesn’t focus on her acne, She posted a picture and her skin looks very clear there may be some acne scars noticeable the skin looks very clear. She did not receive any compensation for this review She wrote it so even if one person tried it and had the same results she had it is worth it to her.

The customer says they used this product but they found an effective product by another company. The cheaper product works as well as this one. The difference the other one costs $10.00 less than this and it works just as well. The other product is made by Eve Naturals. The customer gave this product 3-star rating not because of any quality issues because it is too expensive compared to the other product. The other product costs $10 less which is a big difference. The customer is a 21-year-old who has struggled with big painful pimples. Her face was covered with them. Then she tried this product by accident. and within 2 months it cleared her face of all pimples. She highly advises others to buy the product.

clear face of all pimples

This customer says she tried the product expecting great expectations. She has a strict beauty routine and added this product to that routine. She read great reviews about the product and she noticed it had very good ingredients. She tried the product for awhile and it did absolutely nothing for her skin. She said she feels like this product is a waste of money. She says she will not buy the product again and she says everyone has different skin and this product will work for some and not for others. Another customer says she tried the product and it made her oily skin turn dry then it clogged the pores and it made the skin even oilier. She says she could not use the product but she did not heed the warning and she used the product anyway and suffered the consequences. Another client tried this product with hopes it would help the skin. She has acne and acne scars and she thought the product would help her with both problems. The product did not help either issue but made the skin worse. She said it was a waste of time. Usually, products will make her skin worse then they will improve the skin. This product just made the skin worse.

Ove Beauty Skin Clearing Face Wash

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Benefits and Uses: The product will clean the skin without stripping it or drying it out. It has natural acids which will gently exfoliate and dissolve impurities leaving the skin glowing and feeling fresh. The product will also reduce pores, unclog pores, and exfoliate the skin. It will also treat the acne. It will also reduce oil production and the product is made in the United States. It is safe to use on all skin types and it is paraben and cruelty-free. The animals just did not like the way the product cleansed their skin. It unclogs the pores and made the fur breakout in acne

So, this is why the product is cruelty-free. The formula is of such high quality you can use half the amount of this product that you would otherwise use of other products. It makes the skin feel great and it smells great as well. It will brighten dull acne skin and it will treat acne, pimples, zits, and blackheads. The company will allow you up to two months to return the product for a full refund. They say all refunds are hassle-free.

Feedback: The customer says it is her favorite face wash of all time. It works great on her oily skin. The only problem is she does not say how or why it works great on her oily skin. There is vital information missing in this review. It would be nice to know specifically how the product helped her skin so much. This will not help potential customers to make a decision to buy or not to buy the product.

TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Face Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The product has all natural ingredients that will kill acne at the source. In other words, it will clean the skin at the deepest levels and kill bacteria in the pores. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to help kill acne. It will fight free radical damage that prevents early aging. It balances the water on the surface of the skin and it helps to retain collagen. It keeps the complexion clear and smooth and heals acne scars.

Feedback: The customer says this is her miracle product. It has kept the acne at bay unlike the previous product she used which did nothing for the acne. She day images from day to day 7 and in all honesty the product really did not make the acne look any different over the 7-day span. The customer says the product did not work for the skin at all. The customer gave the product a one-star rating. Obviously, the customer was very unhappy with the product but the customer does not say why the product did not work for them. The review is sorely missing critical details as to why the product had no effect on the skin.

Acne Products

Foxbrim Naturals Orange Blossom Water Face Toner 

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Benefits and Uses: The is supposed to originate from the Mediterranean and the natural alcohol face toner is supposed to help treat acne. But if you have dry skin this product is not for you because alcohol makes the skin drier. It may be better used on oily skin to reduce excess oil. It cleanses the skin and returns the skin to its original supple state. It removes excess dirt that can be a breeding ground for bacteria-causing acne.

Feedback: The customer gave the product a 3-star rating saying it dried out their combination-type skin. It made it feel itchy but the consumer likes the other products the company produces. It may have been the product dried out the dry patches on the consumer’s facial skin.


This is the end of the road to the article written about the best products for acne-prone skin. There were a few reviews for you to have read to help make your decision to buy the best acne product for your unique skin condition. All of the products reviewed in the article will help to reduce and prevent acne in one way or another. Each product contains unique ingredients to help you win the fight over acne.


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