Best Razor for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What can you say about this subject? For one thing, you need to buy a razor that is designed for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin you know the slightest pressure a blade puts on the skin will cut it. Even if you have to pay extra money for the right kind of razor it would be worth it. You will save yourself from cutting your face or your legs because you bought a razor that had the right type of blades for sensitive skin. These days the razor package will say right on it that the razors are made for sensitive skin. Even with this obvious notice you still want to buy the right type of razor from the right type of company. If you search the internet you will find that there are plenty of top brand razors manufactured especially for sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin must be extremely careful when shaving because the razor can irritate or even deeply cut the skin if that person does not carefully use the shaver.

Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Skin Razor for Women

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Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Skin Razor for Women

Benefits and Uses: The razor comes with 5 curved blades that provide guards as the skin is shaved. It keeps the skin soft even after the closest shave. It will not irritate the skin and it is infused with a serum that contains cocoa butter to leave the skin soft, shiny, and silky smooth after a shave. the serum hydrates the skin to keep it from getting dry and irritated during the shave. The shaver is dermatologist tested but it does not say what the dermatologists tested it for. It doesn’t say if the tests were successful either. It has an easy grip handle to give the ultimate control and comfort while shaving.

Feedback: She says she has been shaving for a few years now. She shaves only her calves and armpits but it depends on the season and the clothes she is wearing as well. She goes through too many razors but she doesn’t have to use shaving cream which saves her a lot of money. She says with their old razor she would feel stubble after 18 hours. She bought this razor not expecting too much from it. It sat in her medicine chest for awhile until she decided to use it. She read in reviews that people should shave with this razor would not have to shave for 3 days. She tried the shaver and says three days out she still feels no stubbles she is amazed.

She added the razor to her collection.(She must have a lot of razors.) She wanted it to replace her bikini razor but it was a no go. She would like to see the company make a sturdier handle for the razor. She will use this razor when she goes on vacation. It sounds like she was not impressed with the razor. A very neutral review indeed. Not very positive and not very negative just in between. This client has super sensitive skin and mistakenly switched to cheaper razors to save money. The razors irritated and made her skin bleed. She said they also gave her ingrown hairs. She switched back to this product and remembered why she loved them so much. They release a soap like material that makes shaving a pleasant experience for her. She likes using cheap products but she says these razors are worth the money.

It doesn’t rust out or wear out like cheaper razors will. The customer has dry, sensitive skin and just tried the razor. It did not irritate her skin and she thinks she may be staying with this razor. She downgraded the rating to 4 stars because some of the soap had worn off the razor.

This never happened when she bought the razors in the store. The product seems to be working for her. This is a strange review. The customer says the razor does not shave curves or crevice like areas very well. The blades last longer and the razor is cheaper so she likes that about the razor. She says she wishes it shaved crevice-like areas and curves. Why would you be shaving curves? Unless she means she shaves her chin or something.

This lady says the razor leaves a smooth finish but she has to shave more often and the blades wear out faster. The razor is cheaper which benefits her pocketbook. Her review contradicts other reviews that say the people said the razor lasts longer than other razors and they do not have to shave as often with this razor. Either she has fast growing hair or she is being too rough with the razor. Her experience does not seem to be the common experience of other customers who have used this razor.

This is odd that a man would use a woman’s razor. Why would a man use a woman’s razor and he says he is 40 years old and knows how to use a razor. He says he cuts the heck out of himself around the ankles and the knees. He doubts this is a legitimate razor. This must be a fake review because men usually do not shave their ankles and knee There is something very wrong with a man using a woman’s razor and shaving his knees and ankles. Something is fishy about this review.

The customer says it doesn’t shave low enough and they have to shave more often. This does make sense because if the razor is not shaving the hairs short enough. The five blades should cut the hair down to the bare minimum. It is possible the customer is using the shaver incorrectly. This customer likes it that they can hang the razor in the shower. They are also able to shave without nicking or burning their skin.

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor for Men with Flip Trimmer and 2 Razor Blade

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Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor for Men with Flip Trimmer and 2 Razor Blade

Benefits and Uses: Well, how did the test go and what were the results of the tests accomplished by the dermatologists? Dermatologists deal with skin issues not shaving issues. This claim does not make a whole lot of sense. There is a gel that is released into the skin while the person shaves. It delivers 40% less friction than a gel strip the company claims. It would be hard to measure the friction as being 40% less. The flip switch which is used to shave in those hard to reach places comes with a guard. The guard stretches skin further for a closer shave. The five blade design delivers a very effective shave and the handle is made to fit comfortably and naturally in your hand.

Feedback: He has been a Gillette man for over 30 years. Recently he even participated in a test to evaluate the Gillette shaving system. He really liked his Gillette razor. Gillette increased the price of their razors so this sent him on a search to find a cheaper razor that worked better or as well as the Gillette razor. He fell in love with the razor and he says it lasts longer than the Gillette razor, in fact, he says he can get 10 shaves from one blade before the shaving experience declines. He says he likes the flip switch which exposes the upper blades that allows him to shave in the hard to reach places. He says this shaver is cheaper than the Gillette and shaves even closer. He will not be using Gillette anymore. He says if you would have asked him 6 months ago if he would use ant razor other than Gillette he would have said no.

This customer is 73- years-old and he basically says all the people who wrote negative reviews about this product don’t know how to use it properly. He shaves in the shower so the hot water will soften the beard. The shaver leaves a nice cut trail where he shaves on his face. He says the razor works like itis supposed to. He says it felt like he was not even shaving with a razor which does not make a lot of sense. He has shaved 20 times before he switches to a new razor this sounds like he does not have a very heavy beard. He says the lubricant ran out but the blade still kept shaving well. If the lubricant runs out it is time to put in a new blade on the shaver. He really likes the product.

This customer wrote a very lengthy review and he thinks the natural look (letting the beard or beard stubble grow is attractive) is fine. He will occasionally shave for a special occasion or just to shake things up. If a beard is grown it should be kept trimmed and neat-looking otherwise it is unhygienic. Also, the stubble look just does not look attractive at all it looks sloppy. aHe says the experiences he had, in the name of vanity, have not been the best. He favors the trimmer and he sets it to the lowest setting and feels it shaves his face safely without nicking it up.He likes the razor because it is very adjustable and it is good for shaving the underarms and private parts. Why would a man feel the need to shave his underarms and his private parts this sounds very odd. Men usually do not shave these sensitive areas of the body. He continues with that the trimmer is by no means a heavy duty one and it would probably not be wise to cut your hair with it. He likes the five blades and he has never used this many blades before. Aside from these and a few other negative points he is quite pleased with the product.

This customer says the system definitely lubricates the face and the gel leaves the face feeling very smooth. The only issue is that when he has passed over the beard several times he can still feel stubble. He doesn’t like the 5 blade system because he cut himself with it. He has not cut himself in a long time. He has to get single razors to trim around his mustache and goatee. By the way, he says his beard is not that thick. But if his beard is not that thick how can he grow a goatee and a mustache? He is going to switch to a three blade razor it will be safer for him to shave with. He says they need to put a guard over the razor so it can be put into a traveling case. This is not a bad idea. Hopefully, the company is listening to this suggestion.

Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor, Sensitive, 6 Count, Mens Razors / Blades

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Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor, Sensitive, 6 Count, Mens Razors Blades

Benefits and Uses: The company says everytime you make one pass you are making three passes with the three blades.This means you will use fewer strokes and you will experience less irritation which is always a plus. The blades are coated with patented diamond coatings which gives a much closer shave than other comparable razors. The blades are designed to be clean with no effort and the spring mechanism in the blades allows the razor to adjust to any skin type. The gel allows for a gentler and smoother shave. The microfins in the blades press down the skin gently for a smoother and even shave.

Feedback: This client usually does not switch to other products. But in this case, he made an exception. He switched from cheaper three blade razors to this one. The other razor made it feel like he was tearing the skin out of his face. This razor glides effortlessly over the beard and gives him a close shave every time. He does not need to go over the rough spots on his face because the razor covers it all. This sounds like a commercial. A straightforward review. The customer is very happy with this more expensive razor the results justify the higher cost.

This guy says that these are ok for disposable razors and they last a long time. He likes a few other brands better than this brand. He gave this razor a 3-star rating which really means he was not that thrilled about the product. He even went as far as to say there are better options out there. I am not sure why he even uses the razors if he really doesn’t like them.

Schick Slim Triple ST 3 Disposable Razors for Men Sensitive Skin Shaving Razor with Aloe & Vitamin E – 8

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Schick Slim Triple ST 3 Disposable Razors for Men Sensitive Skin Shaving Razor with Aloe & Vitamin E - 8

Benefit and Uses: The razor is unique in that it comes with an aloe vera and vitamin E strip to make your shaving experience a fresh and exciting one every time you shave. It lubricates the skin and keeps it hydrated to prevent irritation and cutting. Nicks will be a thing of the past with this razor. It is equipped with tree exact blades for a close shave every shave. It has a pivoting head that moves with every curve and contour of your face.

Feedback: The customer says to use another razor other than this one. The razor the customer says to use is a lot nicer than these razors. He says the razors he likes will not hack your beard like these razors do. He clearly does not like these razors. Why does he use them? He says he loves the three blades on this disposable razor. The handle is long so he can get a good grip on it. The blade attachment never falls off the razor. The customer gives a thumbs up for the razor. He says everyone should use it.

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Women’s Razor

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ir?t=balancemebeau 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00I0UGNGC - Best Razor for Sensitive Skin
Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Women's Razor

Benefits and Uses: The dermatologists have approved and tested this razor for sensitive skin. But what did they test for? It would be nice to know what they specifically tested for and what were the results of the test, People could then know what were the strong and the weak points of the razor. Could the company not be telling the truth about the doctors testing the product? It seems odd there would be no test data available. It gives a closer shave with no irritation which is what everyone wants anyway. It shaves better than the competition. It has a protective band of moisture and aloe to keep the shaving experience safe and pleasant. It carries five blades spaced just right to give a fabulously close shave every time. Any venus blade will fit the razor except simply venus 3. How convenient the competition’s blade will not fit this razor.

Feedback: The customer is disappointed with this razor. She read all the reviews and gave it a shot. It is so wide she cannot shave certain areas of her body like the base of her armpits. She hates the packaging because it is way too hard to get all the parts out. It does closely shave but because of the other problems, she will buy something else. The customer loves the product and it shaves closely on her skin. She has big pores and rough, thick hair on her skin. If she gets goosebumps after shaving she will have stubble. But this razor may have taken care of all those hassles.


We have shared with you some decent razors to shave sensitive skin with. Some are better than others but overall they seem to be reliable razors. You have your pick and choose of some fine products. We have given honest reviews on each product. Select the razor that will work the best for your specific shaving needs.


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