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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

It better be a comfortable rollaway bed that your guests will enjoy sleeping on. You want your guests whether they be family members, friends, or in-laws you want to supply them with a comfortable rollaway bed to sleep on. Usually, you will place the rollaway bed in the guest room or the living room. It should be a rollaway bed that is easy to move and it is obviously comfortable to sleep on. You also do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a rollaway bed either. Maybe $200.00 to $300.00 dollars would be the most you want to spend. Most likely you can purchase one for $100.00 and still get a high-quality rollaway bed. We will review some exceptional rollaway beds in this article and set you in the right direction to buy the best rollaway bed to meet your needs. Your friends and family members will thank you. There are plenty of rollaway beds to choose from on the internet. Or if you like to see what you are buying before you buy it. There are plenty of mattress showrooms available locally for you to go and take a look at their selections. Let’s get going and review some.

Mecor Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress Cot Metal Rollaway Guest Bed 

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Benefits and Uses: The product comes with a tubular steel frame which has a center support. The will guarantee the bed will last longer and it will give you a sound night of sleep. The folding design will allow the bed to move easily and stored conveniently. The trident buckle lets you open and closes the bed with ease. It also supports the mattress that will prevent it from sagging No one wants to sleep on a bed that sags in the middle. It is uncomfortable and unhealthy to sleep on a sagging mattress as it will lead to long-term back problems. It is easy to put together just secure the base attach the legs and the wheels. The legs are secured with bolts and screws. The company claims that the bed can hold up to 320 lbs.of body weight. The mattress comes with 4″ inch foam memory, it also has breathable mesh nylon which is easy for the skin to touch. This allows for the best sleep possible. Note this is a twin-sized bed.

Feedback: The customer says the bed is comfortable but it is not a twin-sized mattress but a cot-sized bed because of twin-sized sheets will not fit the bed very well. This cannot be right because it says in the product description that the mattress is a twin-sized mattress so I think the customer is wrong in saying it is not a twin-sized mattress. Their sheets could have been too big for a twin-sized bed. The customer rated the bed 5-stars. The customer rated the bed 5-stars. The customer did not say why the product was so good which would help to sale this product. The way the review is written it doesn’t tell people why they think the product is so good. It will not help to sell the product. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer says they are not sure how many stars they should rate the bed. It is a bed that is good for a couple nights of sleep which is true it is a rollaway bed. The customer tried to put the legs into the bed according to the instructions. They would not fit because they were either too long or too short. The holes did not match up. The customer tried to put another part of the bed together and they ran into the same problem-the holes did not match up. The client has had plenty of experience in putting things together. These instructions contained typos and really did not help the customer to put together the rollaway bed. The customer wondered what would happen if the bed moved if they slept in it. Would be because they weighed too much or would be because the bed was poorly made. The customer states they could not move the bed either. So many flaws in the product I would have rated one star.

Conversely, this customer says the bed was very easy to put together. The client had no problems with the assembly but the instructions were not clear. The client likes the bed because it is firm. The client uses this as the main bed and after a long time the bed is still holding up strong. The customer rated 5-stars. This customer rated it 5-stars and says the bed stores easily and it comes in very useful when the family came over for the holidays. All this review says is that the bed is great and very comfortable and besides this generic commentary about the bed the customer rated the bed 5-stars. The customer says the bed is comfortable and great but why is it great and why is it comfortable? This is not a review that would convince a customer to buy the bed.

The customer bought the bed for a brother when he came over to visit. The brother is 6ft and 150 lbs. but the customer did not say what the customer thought about the bed. The customer said the bed was too low to the floor and it is comfortable. It is very compact and the customer can store it in the closet. This customer rated the bed 4-stars. The customer said the strap broke off the bed the first time the client used it. The customer did not return it because they needed the bed for out of town guests. The customer-rated it 3-stars but I would have rated it one-star and I would have returned it. The strap should not have broken the first time the bed was used. The bed was poorly constructed because the strap broke the first time the bed was used.

The bed seems to come with poorly written instructions as three customers said the instructions were not written well. The poorly written instructions were mentioned enough times that the company needs to take notice and improve the quality of the written instructions. If the instructions are written poorly how can anyone put the bed together? True people can figure out how to assemble the bed but the instructions need to be clearly written so people will not struggle to assemble the bed.

Folding Bed 

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed 

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Benefits and Uses: The bed is constructed with 4 strong metal legs and a durable locking brace so the bed will stay together and stable. The bed also has a wire lattice to keep the mattress from sagging. The mattress comes with 2.5″ density memory foam that makes your sleep very comfortable. It has a nice velvet cover that is removable and washable. The clamshell shuts the bed securely and the trident buckle is compatible with other covers and toppers. The company claims the instructions are detailed with pictures and are easy to follow. The necessary tools and parts are included with the instructions. The bed is roomy but is compact and can be stored conveniently.

Feedback: The customer bought the diplomat version of the bed instead of the premium version. This is because the customer did not want the bed to ever sag. The bed was easy to put together and it seems to store easily. The customer’s 90-year-old mother came for a visit. She slept in the bed and loved it because it was the first time she slept through the night without having to get up. Normally, the 90-year-old mother would get up during the night because of back pain and other aches and pains. The customer is looking to get the mother a new mattress. The customer rated the bed 5-stars.

This is rotten customer service on the part of the company. First, some background on the poor customer service experience of the customer. The client bought the bed and said the clasp to hold the bed together was not strong enough because the bed kept coming apart whenever it was folded together and the clasp was used to close the bed. The clasp broke and the customer contacted the company. The customer asked the company to send him a stronger clasp to hold the bed together. Unfortunately, this customer was never contacted by the company. This leads me to believe the company can not be trusted.

The customer is 82 years-old and ordered the bed. The client said the product was shipped in 2 boxes. The outer box was tattered and in bad shape. The inner box was in great condition and it protected the mattress bed. The customer said the packaging was good. No, the packaging was not good because the outer box was torn apart. The customer said the product was easy t assemble and only took them 30 minutes. The customer said the bed feels comfortable but the arms that lock the legs in place are hard to get in and out. The customer says for those who will fold and unfold the product a lot will be in trouble with this leg defect. The customer says the bed is stable and comfortable and the mattress inflates overnight. The customer said the bed will always be assembled in his house so the arm issue will not be a problem for him.

The customer said the bed arrived 1 1/2 weeks late and the guest had to sleep on the couch. The bed finally arrived and it was easy to assemble. The guest slept on the bed but he said it was so uncomfortable he moved back to the old, lumpy couch to sleep. The customer said the bed will be ok in a pinch and the customer was disappointed with the bed. The customer was wondering if the fact that the guest weighed over 300 lbs could have been part of the problem. This very well could have been the problem the guest may have been too heavy to sleep on the bed. The customer said they will try again. The customer rated the bed 3-stars.

The customer ordered the bed for guests that were coming for the holidays. The bed was easy to assemble and the customer wanted to try the bed before the guests arrived. The customer tried to sleep on the bed for a full night. The customer said the bed was so hard and uncomfortable they could not make it through the night sleeping on the bed. The customer likes to sleep on a firm mattress but this mattress was beyond firm. The bed was as hard as a rock. The client returned the bed once the weekend was over. The customer rated the product one-star what a surprise that is.

Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed Frame with Comfort Foam Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress comes with 1/2 inch thick fiber padding and 21/2 inches thick pressure relieving foam. The steel folding frame is 14 inches high. The foam is of the highest quality and is certified for quality. The bed folds in half for ease of movement and storage. The bed will give your guest a delightful night of sleep.

 Folding Guest Bed

Feedback: The adult client says the bed is just getting more comfortable after several weeks of use. The client claims they are 5’8 and almost 200lb. So, the customer disagrees with other customers who said the bed is only for children. The adult claims he is stocky and fairly muscular. But the bed maybe for children because the adult is not very tall. The bed may not be beneficial for a taller adult. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The customer lives in a small studio apartment and bought this bed as a second bed to sleep on in the apartment. The bed folds up nicely and can be stored. The bed arrived quickly, it was easy to assemble.

The bed came very well packaged and the box was easy to open. The bed folds very easily as you put the mattress on the lower part of the frame. You insert the clamp into the frame and the bed is held together in the folded position. To open the bed release the clamp, infold the mattress and flip it over the flame and it is ready to be slept on. The bed may be too soft for people who prefer firmer mattresses. This is remedied by putting a board under the mattress. But the point is you should not have to put a board underneath the mattress to make it firmer. It should be constructed as a firm mattress in the first place. The bed did not come with the advertised carrying bag but the customer is very pleased with the purchase. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress 

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Benefits and Uses: The product features a great fit and finish. It has full bed frame features such as assisted folding and double stabilizer bars to keep the bed upright and safely positioned in the sleeping position. The mattress is a soft memory foam mattress and has a soft but removable cover. Trampoline bed base is supple but supportive. The structure of the bed looks very uncomfortable to sleep on. The bed opens and closes easily and will support other types of mattresses. The assembly is quick and easy and the bed comes with detailed instructions that have pictures. The bed is very strong for adults to sleep on and when the bed is folded is only 12 inches thick. The bed is easy to transport and store.

Feedback: The customer says the bed folds up very nicely. It stores easily and it takes up as much room as an old radiator would. The customer does not mind storing the bed at all. The bed may be able to hold up the weight of a 250 lb. adult. The client says the bed is easy to fold up. The customer rated the bed 5-stars. It is perfect over those out of town guests.

Malouf Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with Premium Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: The bed has a 4-inch medium plush mattress that has 1-inch layered gel foam on the top and is supported by a 3-inch base foam. It is a lightweight fold-up design and has wheels that make it easy to transport and store the bed. The spring-supported deck absorbs movement for a comfortable sleep. The frame is designed to make the bed stable and durable. The company offers a 5-year warranty on the bed.

Feedback: The customer says the bed is perfect for their 5′ aunt. The aunt fits perfectly on the bed and the aunt will be staying with the client for 3 months. The customer says the client has been sleeping well on the bed. The customer will keep the bed for their kids when they have friends sleeping over.

solid rollaway beds


If you have read the article carefully you read some reviews about some solid rollaway beds. They are designed to be assembled easily and they are set up easily. They transport and store easily. Once you are done with the rollaway beds just fold them up and roll them out of the way.


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