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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What is a rosewater toner used for? I am glad you asked that all-important question because I have an answer for you. It is a cleanser that can be used on all skin types. A handy, little beauty product if I do say so myself. It smells like roses as the name may indicate. There are many cleansers out here but rose water may stand out because of its rose scent. Or it may be a common toner but either way, we will find out when we review the best rosewater toners on the market today. It would be natural that any rosewater toner would be made of all natural or organic ingredients wouldn’t it? Let us get to those reviews.

Pure Rose Water Facial Toner by Poppy Austin

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Benefits and Uses: Here we go again with this product being the number one customer bought one on Amazon. Will the reviews confirm this fact? It is pure rosewater and it is loaded with antioxidants and will keep women’s skin fresh all year round. It will balance the skin’s pH and it will hydrate the skin and cause the skin to be rejuvenated and you will retain a youthful appearance.

It unclogs the pores and withdraws the excess oils from the skin without drying out the skin. It treats pimples and blackheads. They say the product is handmade in Morocco and is distilled through traditional methods which makes it even a better product. They use the most natural ingredients and maintain them in the most natural state as possible and they say women are raving about their product. Let’s see if the reviews support this claim. The company gives a 30-day money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer says the product is working very well for her. It has removed acne scars and it has reduced her acne breakouts. It smells wonderful as it smells like a rose garden in a bottle. She smells like a rose garden as well. She likes the smell of roses. She uses it every evening after she takes off her makeup. She uses a product and then follows it up with 2 or 3 drops of rosewater.

This customer says they used the rosewater product and it has a nice smell not overpowering but strong. There were no particles floating in the liquid which the customer thought was good. There should be no particles floating in the product as this would show that the product was extremely impure and it would not be safe to use. This customer uses this product because they have rosacea on their face and the product lessens the red areas caused by the rosacea. Other than this they say the product has not helped their skin very much. They think the product which costs $20.00 should have a sprayer which some less expensive brands have. They are right the bottle should have a sprayer especially when it costs $20.00

Another customer says it should have a sprayer with it too. This is the second complaint by a customer citing that the product should have a sprayer and it does not. The customer had a good point when you put the product on a cotton ball you throw away product and you waste it. If it had a sprayer you would not waste product. This customer says she has started a ritual a few months ago using this product. It has reduced the pores on her skin and her husband has noticed a difference in her skin as well. He says her skin glows and looks smoother. This is a strange comment but she says the bottle and design feel as clean as the product inside. I have never heard of a bottle and label feeling clean. She likes the bottle and label designs. She likes the fact that supposedly the ingredients are held to the highest standards that are used in the product.

The customer really likes this product as they have gone through 5 bottles of it. They did not say specifically why they liked it so much which would have been useful information for potential customers. They like the fact that the company uses environmentally-friendly materials for their packaging and that the ingredients seem to be all natural. The customer goes through the product way too quickly that is a concern for her. She is going to buy a screw on sprayer for the next bottle in hopes it will cut down on her consumption of the product. Also, she hopes it will slow down her use of the bottle.Here is an indirect complaint that the bottle should have a sprayer and it does not. The sprayer issue seems to keep cropping up in these customer reviews.

The customer just ordered the product and cannot put words to it but it seems better than other rosewater products she has used. She has not been using it long enough to notice any noticeable improvement in her skin. But yet she says it will become a permanent part of her regiment and it will stay in the cabinet. It may be premature for her to say she will use it indefinitely when it has not helped her skin yet. It was shipped quickly and the bottle came unbroken but there was no dropper shipped with the bottle which the customer was expecting. The customer says it is not a big deal as they have plenty of droppers on hand. Another implied complaint that the bottle should have come with some kind of dispensing system.

Realistically, the company should be paying attention to these complaints about the product not having a dropper shipped with it or a sprayer. For $20.00 a bottle the customer should expect and get a sprayer or at least a dropper. One customer said they have bought cheaper rosewater products that came with a sprayer. All the more this company that is charging almost $20.00 per bottle really should attach a sprayer to the bottle.

Gaia Purity Moroccan Rose Water

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Benefits and Uses: This product is made in Morocco like the other one. The company says it is the rarest kind of “Moroccan” variety which seems artificial because all rosewater made in Morocco is probably the same. Their rosewater is better than anyone else’s. The use a lengthy process to manufacture the rosewater but it has the best therapeutic value and it will give your skin the best results. If you do not agree the company will refund your money back. The product is completely made of natural ingredients and it contains no harmful ingredients or pesticides. It better not contain any pesticides because people put this product on their faces and around their eyes. The product will remove makeup and dirt that could clog pores and acne may develop. The company says their rosewater will give your skin a healthy and radiant glow. The company says the product will nourish the skin and make the skin look shiny and healthy. It helps restore hair by improving blood circulation and it will take care of skin irritations.

Feedback: The customer says the product is great. This is the first time they have used rosewater and they love it. They have cystic acne nut the product has helped to reduce that kind of acne. It also makes the skin feel great and the skin is looking much healthier after a couple days of use. This is the best rosewater the customer has ever used and the customer has used a lot of them. It keeps the skin hydrated and just the right amount of product is sprayed from the bottle. This product has a sprayer unlike the one above this one has finished.

The customer is very happy with the product. It has cleared up the skin and the bumps and little bumps she had on her face are disappearing. What she really likes is what it did for her hair. It made her hair very soft and manageable. This is the weirdest use of a rose water cleanser to use it as a hair shampoo.

The customer says they liked the smell of the product but they were disappointed with the delivery of the rosewater out of the bottle. The sprayer apparently does not work very well because the customer was expecting a nice mist to come out of the sprayer. What she got was a forceful stream of rose water that squirted into her eye instead of her face. She tells the company to change the dispensing system so it will spray a fine mist and not a thin squirt of liquid. For this, she gave the product a 4-star rating instead of a 5-star rating. She says if this is done it will be a 5-star rating product. She did not mind getting squirted in the eye because the rosewater had such a pleasant smell. I wonder if it is safe to spray rosewater into the eye. It seems like it would cause the eye some serious irritation.

The company should be paying a attention to what this customer is saying. The faulty spray system it cost them a 5 -star rating with this customer. The extreme would be for the company to lose customers because of a defective sprayer. The customer loves the product because she has only been using it for a week and has already observed good results. The skin is very oily but the product absorbs the excessive oils on her skin. She has received compliments on how nice her skin looks. The sprayer is defective because instead of spraying a fine mist it sprays out and leaves a puddle. She still gives the product 5-stars because it has helped her skin so much in such a short period of time. Another complaint of how the sprayer is defective and does not work properly. The company is fortunate that the client still gave the product a 5-star rating even though the sprayer did not work like it should have.

This customer says she bought the product because she heard good things about it. She did not have a pleasant experience with the product. She received her bottle and opened it up. The product had a bad smell to it. It was alright at first when she sprayed it on her face but when it dried it smelled really bad. She washed her hands thoroughly to make sure it was not her. She tried the product several times and each time the same result-the product smelled bad. She even had her husband try it and he too said it smelled bad. She said she will not buy this product again because it smelled so foul after it dried on her skin.

InstaNatural Rose Water Facial Toner

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Benefits and Uses: This is ironical because this rosewater is a perfume yet it contains no irritating perfumes. It is all natural and it has no harmful chemicals in its ingredients. It is also said by the company that you can use this rosewater without having to worry about skin irritation. The product is supposed to be very versatile it can be used as a hair shampoo, in aromatherapy, and as a facial cleanser. It can soothe the skin and hydrate it effectively and it will treat damaged hair as well. It makes the skin radiate. The rosewater can be used on all skin types and it preps the skin to be hydrated. It is a natural toner that has no artificial ingredients in it.

Feedback: The customer is on her second bottle and she likes the rose toner. It works okay with makeup and she uses it for home facials. She uses it every day before she applies other beauty products to her face. Her skin feels dewy and soft and it looks healthy and her complexion is clear. She applies to her skin before bedtime and she smells like sheets of lovely roses.

She lays down in a rose garden. The product is well worth the investment she says. The customer was in love with the first bottle of this product she tried. Then something went very wrong with subsequent purchases. The second bottle was really bad and it did not smell like Moroccan roses anymore. She is not sure if they are using a different rose farm or if they changed the ingredients. She waited a month and purchased the product. again. She was dismayed to find this batch was even worse and it did not even smell like roses. She will return the product and she has ordered two different brands. She hopes to fall in love with another rosewater product.

Organic Rose Water Toner by Sky Organics

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Benefits and Uses: All of the company’s products are made here on American soil and they are cruelty-free. You see the animals do not have the need for rosewater because their fir is soft enough. And they are not too keen on smelling like roses. They are not garden animals they are wild animals. The product comes with a handy fine mist sprayer which allows the customer to control how much they spray on their face. This also saves product which saves money and the product will last longer. The product is 100% pure rosewater and it has no artificial ingredients in it.The rosewater will meet any need your skin has and it will restore your skin’s natural pH levels. It restores skin, fights aging and it keeps thin lines and wrinkles from developing on the face. It is loaded with antioxidants so it can refresh the scalp, replenish the skin, and do a few other functions. It may help with sunburn and razor burns and it will not irritate your skin.

Feedback: The client is on their third bottle and their skin is fresh, toned and smooth. They love the scent of the product as well. The customer received her product and she was very excited to use it. After some squirts, the water sprayer broke. She would not give the product 1-star because it smells so good and it is an amazing product in the customer’own words.

Organic Rose Water Spray By Eve Hansen

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Benefits and Uses: he product revitalizes the skin and keeps it calm and hydrated. It keeps it calm by preventing the skin from becoming irritated. It reduces redness, irritation rosacea, eczema and it prevents the skin from drying out any further. It makes a great Christmas gift and it is the perfect stocking stuffer. It can also tame frizzy hair and add a fabulous glow to the hair. As a facial toner, it treats scars, sunburn, and skin irritation general. It also treats eye puffiness it is a versatile product.

Feedback: The customer is speechless about the product. She has always had fine skin but she has been struggling with issues relating to her skin over the past few years. She has had dry, red, and flaky skin. She went to an expensive spa to get facial treatments but they did not work. She tried this product and it cleared up her skin and now her skin looks great. She is 61 years old. She uses the rose water on her bleached hair as well. She wants the company to make a whole line of rosewater beauty products. I really doubt this will happen because there is not a great demand for these types of beauty products.


Listed are some of the better rosewater toners on the market today. Moroccan rosewater toners seem to be the big trend among consumers today. Most of the products (if not all) are Moroccan rosewater toners. There were a couple of dramatic reviews that the customer wrote the product they used cleared up the skin. A couple of the products are versatile and can be used for other skin needs as well as hair needs. Unfortunately, one customer had a very unpleasant experience with the product she had fallen in love with. Her first bottle was great but the next two bottles were progressively worse. The final bottle did not even smell like rosewater and the customer returned the product.


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