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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

Are you sure you want to put salt on your skin? What if you have cuts, burns or some other types of open sores? Do you think salt will irritate those wounds? You bet the salt will irritate those winds. Buy sea salt scrubs can help the skin as well. The salt can help to remove dirt, oil, and other foreign substances. We want to be careful that the s salt does not remove so much moisture from the skin that the skin dries out. If the skin dries out all kinds of problems could occur.
A lot of the products are said to be from the Dead Sea but if that is true or not is yet to be determined. Regular ocean salt may be as effective as Dead Sea salt. It does not necessarily mean that Dead Sea salt has any special powers to benefit the skin than regular ocean salt cannot. Products that contain Dead Sea salt will not necessarily be more expensive than salts taken from the oceans of the world.

In the course of the reviews written in this article. We may find that the clients found that there was nothing special about salt from the Dead Sea but others may seem to think it will work wonders for their skin. We will find out.

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Asutra Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub

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Benefits and Uses: The ingredients in the product will detoxify, nourish and cleanse the skin. The minerals in the scrub will gently but effectively massage and exfoliate the skin and it it will purge it of impurities. The Skin will turn soft as the dead skin cells are removed. The product had over 2200 reviews written about it. A notable product indeed but hopefully it is an effective product. The scrub will fight psoriasis, eczema, unclog pores, cleanse the skin at the deepest levels. It will also treat blackheads, ingrown hairs, acne and age spots. It contains no harmful ingredients, paraben, and it has never been tested on animals is the implication. The company will refund your money if you do not like the product and they will ask you no questions. They are confident in their product.

Feedback: The customer has sensitive white, Irish skin. They get color (but they do not get tanned) when they are in the sun. This woman says she breaks out in places women should not break out. It is good she did not elaborate on this point. The customer says the scooping spoon that came with the product broke but the customer was able to fix the spoon. The customer tried some of the product on the back of the hand and it was very invigorating. There is a sheet of plastic wrapped around the bottle to seal the product in. The customer liked this and the customer warns to gently open the product. The client says the product will work well for people with very sensitive skin.

The customer says this is the second bottle of the product they have bought and they will continue to use the product. They have tried many scrubs in the past even sugar scrubs. This scrub is much better than sugar scrubs. The client chose cooling cucumber and loves the smell. The house smells like cooling cucumber when the client gets out of the shower. The customer says their skin feels very fresh and she feels like all the dirt is removed from the skin. The client uses three times a week so the customer can have a break from exfoliating her skin. The customer rated it 5-stars.

The customer says this is a good scrub better than some of the ones she has used in the past. It does not leave the skin feeling like it is burning with that”get this off me feeling”. The cucumber scent was too much for the client even though it kept the bathroom fresh all day. The cucumber smell was too much for the client when they were in the midst of it. It feels oily but not too oily.

The customer was leery of trying this product because it costs twice as much as the product she was using. It is well worth the cost and she is very glad she tried this scrub. This product contains more oil than other scrubs she has used but it does not leave the skin feeling oily. The product took away dry patches from the upper arms that were bothering her for weeks. The product was packaged tightly and the customer likes the little wooden spoon that came with the product. The customer rated it 5 stars.

The customer says the company really cares about their customers. The client read many good reviews about the product. The customer likes the fact, the product was wrapped tightly to keep it sealed. The company sent instructions stating there will be oil on the top of the product and they say you need to mix the product up.

The customer is in her fifties and said the product had its work cut out for it regarding her skin. She says the product worked well on the skin but there are a few changes she would like to see bottle picked a little better. The customer says the oil oozes out of the container and the cap had not been unscrewed. The customer says the salt needs to be compressed more compactly so the oil will have more room to set on the top of the product and the customer wants to see the bottle packaged beer. The customer would like to see the container packaged better. The customer does not know that the package could have been put together the way it was on purpose. The customer will be another bottle and expects this second bottle to give the skin the same great results the first bottle of the product did. The customer could be very wrong about the packaging being incorrect.

ArtNaturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

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Benefits and Uses: The product will exfoliate the skin at the deepest level and restore tired skin. The salt is supposed to be well-known around the world for its healing and skin care products. The ingredients will hydrate and soothe the skin. The product can be used in the bath and the shower. The ingredients are all natural and meet the company’s standards. The company offers no money back guarantee which is never a good thing.

Salt Body Scrub

Feedback: The male customer likes the product and says he bought it to use in the shower as a facial scrub. He points out the product will leave a slippery film on the shower floor. He is a male, does not worry about things like that. But the oil slick is even too much for him. He moved the scrub to the bathroom to use for the hands only. I am not sure I would like a scrub that is that oily. If it is so oily you could slip and fall on the shower floor then it is way too oily. This is a health hazard and dangerous.

The customer says the product exfoliates the skin and she uses it before she waxes. It is very oily way too oily as far as I am concerned. The customer says you need to cleanse the skin before you wax to get the oil out. But if you use it in the wintertime it works great and you do not have to cleanse the oil out of the skin. The customer says on most parts of the body the product did not make her acne-prone/combination skin break out. But she tried it on her face as an experiment and she broke out badly. So, you should not use it on the face if you have acne-prone skin. She says it removes the dead layers of skin well. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer says the product came but was missing a lot of product. The customer attached images of the partially full jars. The customer rated one star and you cannot blame them. This is poor customer service to send a customer a jar that is partially full. The customer said the real product was not as it was represented online. The male customer says wet the face with warm water on the skin. The customer used the product one hour before shaving and showering. It burned the skin but it exfoliates the skin and made it very clean and soft. If a product is burning the skin it might be smart to think twice about using it. Facial scrubs should not be burning the skin. The customer loves the product and rated it 5-stars even when the product burned his skin.

The customer tells us some unnecessary information in that she is using the product to unclog the pores in her armpits. I really do not want to know this information to personal. The product is clearing out the pores and the client is expecting better results.

The customer tells way too much information and in all honesty, bordering on disgusting. The customer says it is like sand dipped in oil and it leaves the skin very oily. The product is dry. The customer writes unnecessarily that they cannot use it in the intimate areas. She closes her legs so it does not go in the frontal personal area because it burns the skin. Way too much information because I really do not want to know she does not use it on her personal area. This review should be blocked it borders pornography as far as I am concerned. The customer rated it one star.

Salt Scrub for Exfoliating by ONSEN

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Benefits and Uses: The product will invigorate and clean the skin effectively. It is said to improve blood circulation giving the skin a healthy glow. The scrub will gently remove dead skin cells and it will leave the skin radiant and healthy-looking. The ingredients are of the best quality. The product is safe to use on all skin types and it will moisturize the driest areas of the skin like the knees, etc. The product is made from certified organic ingredients and it is made in the United States. The scrub is supposed to calm. Soothe, and relax the skin, mind, body, and spirit. I don’t know about the body, spirit and soul being calmed by the product though. This seems a little far-fetched.

The male customer says the product makes the skin feel so soft and clean. The client really loves the product and enjoys the smell of the product. He used to buy it in the local mall but the mall quit selling the product. The customer buys it online and it is pricey but worth every penny to the customer.

The customer was pressured into buying the older version of the product in the mall. The mall stopped selling the older version so the customer bought the newer version. The client says the older version works better than the newer version. The customer rates it 4-stars because he feels the older version worked better than the newer version.

The customer says the package lid was not screwed on tightly. The shipment was cover in macadamia oil and the customer did not receive other products because they were sent to a seller. The customer should have sent the shipment back but they are waiting for the facial creams. The product rated it 1-star and there are two major issues here. The product should have been properly packaged so the oil would not have spilled all over the package. The company should have sent all the products the customer ordered and not deferred them to another seller.

The customer was badgered by a seller to buy the product. He liked the smell so he bought it for the wife. The wife likes the product. The customer rated it 5-stars. The product cost him $60.00 way too much to pay for this scrub. The customer received an expired product so the customer rated it two stars. I doubt the customer will buy the product again. Sloppy customer service on the part of the shipper to send a customer a product that has expired. Personally, I would have rated it one star because I do not want to receive a product that is expired. This is definitely a circumstance where the customer should get the money back

100% Natural Anti Fungal Tea Tree Oil Body & Foot Scrub 12 oz. with Dead Sea Salt 

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Benefits and Uses: Another product containing salt from the Dead Sea. The product focuses on the feet and it will remove fungus and bad odors. It can be used on the body as well and it will treat many foot and body conditions. The product contains the best ingredients and the company tries to comply with nature. How they do this was not discussed.

salt from the Dead Sea

Feedback: The customer raves about the product. She says it cured her athlete’s foot overnight that she had suffered with for about 4 years. It would itch so bad she would scratch it until the skin came off. The athlete’s foot has not come back for one week since the customer applied it the feet. The customer actually put it on the face by accident. The acne was painful and she had cystic acne as well. She used the scrub and the redness and pain disappeared and the customer has not gotten another pimple since using the scrub. The customer said the acne has been a problem for 2 years and she spent almost $1000.00 trying to get rid of the acne on various products and nothing worked. The customer would pay $100.00 for one container of the product. The customer eats candy and dairy products once again.

The customer received a product that had leaked and the customer properly said they should not be shipping product that leaks this is sloppy quality control. The customer rated the product two-stars it should have been rated one star.

Minera Natural Dead Sea Salt, 5lbs Bulk – Fine Grain

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Benefits and Uses: The product comes in a bulk package of 5 lbs. It only costs $17.00 which is not a bad deal. The product is made of minerals and is not to be consumed with foods. It is strictly a spa/bath product. So, it was good for the company to warn customers to use the salt only in the spa or the bath.

Feedback: The customer says they have psoriasis and tried the product. The skin flakes and the itching are almost gone but the redness from psoriasis remains. The customer hopes it will completely remove all the symptoms of psoriasis with continued use.


The customers reviewed the products and they gave mixed reviews for all the products reviewed in the article above. Like any product, the scrubs reacted differently with different skin types. The products all contained one form of salt or another. Most of the products contained salt from the dead sea.


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