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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Best serum for what? Are you supposed to get a shot of this serum? Do you drink the serum and it is supposed to add 15 years to your life? I wonder if people are claiming this serum is the eternal fountain of youth? Actually, the kind of serum we are going to discuss in this article has nothing to do with the previously mentioned questions. We are talking about the type of facial serums you would apply to reverse the aging process, get rid of facial imperfections, and generally give you healthier looking skin.

Some of the serums may contain acid but not the kind of acid that would damage the skin but the type of acid that would probably destroy old aging skin cells and restore and nourish the skin. The acid may even be able to promote collagen production which returns the elasticity to the skin. If the skin is elastic it will have a vibrant, youthful appearance. We are not talking about an eternal fountain of youth serum here but a serum that can reverse some of the signs of aging and give a customer a more youthful appearance. How youthful it depends on how the skin reacts to the serum. These serums have other functions as well to make the skin look radiant and healthy. Let’s have a look at some of the better serums.

Growth Strong XXX Serum

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Benefits and Uses: The eyelash serum is supposed to be environmentally friendly. But I am not sure how it could hurt the environment in the first place. It also has no side effects which could be dangerous to the eyes if harmful chemicals happened to get in the eyes. This is a good benefit that there are no side effects. Realistically, the company says the product will work if you use it consistently for 3 or 4 weeks. The serum will make the eyelashes thicker, longer and darker. If you are interested in all these features.

Feedback: The client is 61 years-old and wore fake eyelashes for 20 years but the only the only issue was, she removed them wrong. She says she pulled out her natural lashes along with the fake ones. Ouch! The pain must have been intense. Her lashes have always been small and light. A friend introduced her to a serum to increase the eyelashes but it did not work for her. She was disappointed, to say the least. She stumbled on this product and it has worked for her. It has made her lashes longer and it has filled in the bald spot in her natural eyelashes. She doesn’t wear fake eyelashes anymore. The product has helped her lashes to grow. She says they are not thick and lush but they are better than they used to be. Her lashes get in the way when she puts eyeliner on. If she doesn’t wear makeup she can now puff up her natural eyelashes. She is on her third bottle and she says she will never stop using the product. She is serious about this product she is on her third bottle as we mentioned before. Her only regret is she wished she had found the product 30 years ago. She says she observed results quickly using this product faithfully.

This is a review where the customer has written where the rubber meets the road. She says she used to have long eyelashes. She bore a child 2.5 years ago and all her eyelashes fell out. (Why this happened she did not say) She has applied this serum for 2 months now, every night and every morning. Her lashes are longer and thicker than they ever have been but they’re not darker.

She says to be consistent in using the serum. Her husband and friends have asked her if she is wearing fake eyelashes. She says every woman needs to try the serum for thirty days. But the reality is not every woman wants longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. So, realistically not every woman will try the product for 30 days. The company says the serum will make the eyelashes darker but this is the second review in which the client has said the serum did not make the eyelashes darker. How can you make your natural eyelashes darker anyway? I do not know but the company says their serum will darken the eyelashes.

Here is a client that reveals the truth about what this serum does for her eyelashes. She used it for 2 months night and day and at first, her eyelashes grew. After the first month, her eyelashes stopped growing and have been at the same length. It is like the serum just stopped working which is a mystery. She still gives the product a 4-star rating which I do not understand. The serum stopped working on her eyelashes and I think she should have given it a lower rating because it did stop working. She noticed the price went up on the product. The serum should have kept the eyelashes growing in length. Her eyelashes grew longer but they did not get thicker or darker. Either she received a bad batch of the product does not deliver the benefits the company says it will.

The customer says the serum works very well it has on her eyelashes anyway. She says she has applied the product every morning and night before she retires for bed. She began to notice a major difference in her eyebrows after using the product for two weeks. She adds eyeliner and mascara under the makeup to give the eyelashes that extra pop. She has forgotten to use the serum for days but she isn’t stressed over it. (She suggests others do not stress it either if they forget to apply the serum) She says we are all human and these things will happen. She also advises customers not be constantly looking at their eyelashes to see if they have grown or not. They will grow and she says you do not need a before a picture beside you will see the difference in the eyelash growth. She says she wears contacts and the serum doesn’t irritate the eyes. This is a good benefit that the product doesn’t irritate the eyes.

It is interesting that the product has been working for a few of the customers but it stopped working for the one customer after she had been applying it for a month. Either the product she received was a poor batch or maybe she is applying the product wrong, It Should not just stop working after one month of use. I do not believe the review was a fake one either. The customer seemed to be sincere in her comments.

Puyira  Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

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Benefits and Uses: The serum is safe to use and has the maximum allowable vitamin C in its formula. It works well for anti-aging, wrinkles, and thin lines. It will promote collagen production and it will help eliminate age spots and other signs of aging. The company claims the product will absorb quickly into the skin and will leave no greasy feeling or residue on the skin. It will leave the face nourished, hydrated, radiant, and young looking. It is safe to use on all skin types the company explains even the most sensitive skin. It will boost your moisturizer, it can be used as a spot treatment, and as a tone brightener. The product is made on American soil and it is free of harmful chemicals and the company says their product respects nature whatever this is supposed to mean.

The product is cruelty-free because the animals complained there was too much vitamin C in the serum and it stung their fur. It was especially painful for those animals with sensitive fur. So, the testing of the product on the animals had to stop. The company says they have put the product through the most rigorous quality controls. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product the company will give you a full refund and they will ask no questions.

Feedback: The customer says the product keeps the skin hydrated and it feels good on the skin. It applies so easily it is like splashing water on the face. It dries fast and it doesn’t leave a greasy or oily film on the skin. It has made the skin feel better and she says she puts it on under her makeup. She says to be patient because it will take time to see results. She will buy the product again she writes.

The customer loves the product and says it works well on her skin. She supports the product 100% which is a strong support. She would advise anyone to try the product. She has seen results in a couple weeks of use nut what the results were she did not elaborate. She will buy the product again. She said it was affordable and effective and she will try it again. The client said she used it for a couple of days and she noticed it absorbed into the skin fairly quickly and said it leaves no oily residue behind. It will absorb completely into the skin eventually. Then you can go on with your beauty routine. She also says that she then can carry on with her skin routine as we mentioned before. She says she does not wash her hands after she applies it which says that it a pretty greaseless product.

Vernal Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Vitamin Vitamin C, A, D & E

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Benefits and Uses: It helps the skin to continually produce collagen. How it does this is not explained. It refreshes the skin and stretches it out to decrease the lines. It will perpetually keep the skin moist and will help to remove lines from the skin. Specifically fine lines and wrinkles the company claims. It decreases the eye bags under the eyes and it will give you a more youthful appearance. The product is made on American soil and is a certified lab product.

Feedback: The customer is 68-years-old and says the product has almost removed her smile lines and the lines under her eyes. She says she has always looked younger than her actual age because of genetics. She attended her 50th high school reunion and she has always attempted to take care of herself but she never spent a lot of money on beauty products. She says she will not buy products sponsored by celebrities because they just cater to themselves and want to make money off the products. She posted an image of herself and she looks like she is about 50-years-old. She suggests you do your research it will be worth the effort. She likes the product.

The customer has used so many products and she has many half-filled bottles lying around her residence of products she tried that did not work. She will eventually take pictures of all of them and post them. She says it has diminished the fine lines under her eyes and it has firmed up her skin. She will not leave the house without applying mascara to her eyes and she says it has really made her skin look better. She is 47-years-old and she wishes she would have found it when she was 40- years-old. It has applied the product twice a day for 7 months. She says she post honest reviews and she says this is an honest review.

This review was written by a 49-year-old male who is in sales. He commutes and travels a lot and he says he has forgotten to apply the serum to his skin. He says it has lasted a lot longer than he thought it would because he did not use it per the instructions. He says when he uses it per the instructions it makes him look younger. It has firmed the skin under his eyes and his skin in general and he says he will purchase the product once again. It has really helped his skin. He read some reviews that said the product left the customer’s skin feeling dry. But he says he does not wear makeup and ran his hand over his skin. He said he did not feel like his skin was dry but it was tighter. He is saying that the customers mistakenly perceived their skin as being dry when it was really tight. He cannot say the people were wrong in saying the product left their skin feeling dry because maybe it did leave their skin feeling dry. Conversely, you can say that what he thought was his skin feeling tight really could be it was dry.

Skin Pro Elite Serum Instant 

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Benefits and Uses: The says the product produces measurable, proven results. This great the company actually added the results of research in the product description. In a study involving 15 women aged 40 to 64, they were given this serum. Ten minutes after the serum was applied to the women they said they noticed 54.54% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. It is said to be safe to use for all skin types and it is powerfully formulated as an eye gel.

It says if you apply it to the eyes it will lift the wrinkles and fine lines very quickly and the decrease in the wrinkles and fine lines will be only temporary. Get that “temporary” lift every morning but the company says earlier in the description it is not an instant “lift” cream. But they say it will quickly lift the wrinkles and fine lines from around the eyes. The decrease in the wrinkles and fine lines will only be temporary. So, this does not make sense because the product says it is not an “instant” cream but it is supposed to lift wrinkles and thin lines quickly. The only problem is the decrease in the wrinkles and fine lines are temporary. The product may not be very effective if only gives a temporary treatment of wrinkles and fine lines.

Feedback: The customer says they were not very confident in using this product. They have tried so many serums in the past that did not work for them. They tried the serum and they are happy they did. It has made their eyes look younger.

Tree of Life Retinol Serum 

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Benefits and Uses: The company says their product will turn back the clock on your aging skin. It will revitalize and refresh the skin making it look vibrant and younger-looking. They also say that in over 700 clinical studies have shown that the product has a great effect on reducing wrinkles and reversing the aging process. None of the clinical study results were discussed. It is claimed that it is the number-one-selling anti-aging serum on the market today. They will refund your money in full if you do not like the product.

Feedback: The customer says they used most of the bottle and it did not have any positive effects on their skin. They asked for a refund and the company promptly responded and will refund the customer’s money in full. The customer says they liked it that the company responded so quickly.


We have shared with you some quality serums that will help your eyelashes to grow and your skin to look radiant and youthful. Please read through the reviews and decide which products will work best for you. Enjoy the journey.


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