Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

It has to be a cream obviously that will not irritate skin that is already sensitive in the first place. A cream that will not cut your face or in the case of women their legs. You want a cream that will cut the beard completely off and leave no stubble. What good is a shaving cream if you have a stubble 5 minutes after shaving? You want a shaving cream that you can run your razor over and not cut and nick your face every few inches. You definitely want a shaving cream that will prevent the razor from making the skin bleed. There are a lot of popular shaving creams on the market that can meet these requirements. People with sensitive skin tend to breakout from using shaving creams that their skin reacts to. This is another problem you want to avoid in buying the right shaving cream for your sensitive type skin. Another desired benefit is to apply a shaving cream that will not burn the skin but will be gentle on the skin. A shaving cream that will be refreshing and revitalize the skin. Let’s look at some of those products.

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin

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Benefits and Uses: The lubricants and gels in the cream make it easy for the manual razor to slide right over that sensitive skin. The product boasts cooling conditioners to leave the skin feeling fresh and looking refreshed. The company recommended a gel with a particular razor but we will not discuss that here.

Feedback: This veteran shaver has been using the product for years. He says it gets up very nice and the great part is a little dab will cover the face for shaving. It has a nice clean, soapy smell and it does not irritate his face. He is quite satisfied with the product. He must be he gave it a 5-star rating. This customer says she buys it for her husband and her self.

She likes it because she can shave her underarms and legs with no issues. She says when she does her bikini shaves it does not irritate the skin. The scent is crisp and fresh and it doesn’t hang on after the cream is rinsed off.

The product went off the shelves of the local markets. The customer had used it for years. He did not like the scents of the other gels he tried. He started to order this gel again when he found it on Amazon. It does not stain his towels and it has a nice mild scent. It also does not compete with the smell of his wife’s perfumes whatever that translates to. The customer says what is there to say. The gel is cheap, it smells good and it does what it is supposed to do. Areal short but direct review. Right to the heart of the matter. The customer said a lot in a few words. The customer says the price on Amazon is cheaper than at Costco which is petty amazing because Costco is cheap. He bought the 6-pack and says it is a genuine shaving gel and he uses it all the time.

Another faithful customer who has been using the gel for years. He switches to generic gels and he says all they represent is blue water in a can. He grabbed the 6-pack of this gel from Amazon and he says it works. Obviously, it works for him and it has for years but it would be beneficial to know why it has worked for years. In fact, a lot of the reviews have been written by customers who have used the gel for years. But why they have used it for years would be good to know.

This gel seems to have a faithful base of users who have used it for years. It must be a really good shaving gel if they have used it for years. Another pattern is the users will switch to other brands but they always come back to this gel. This speaks to the high quality of this gel that people will use it for years. And that people have used it for years and have switched to other generic brands for whatever reason. But they always come back to this gel. Or if he stops being sold in the store and they see it on Amazon. They will start buying the gel once again.

The customer uses the gel for dry shaving which just means he shaves with a gel. He also uses it for wet shaving with his electric razor and it does not irritate the skin. He buys a 6-pack which lasts him for a year. He likes it that he won’t have to shop for it for a year. It also provides good lube so he does not get any type of skin rash. It sounds like this customer has sensitive skin. This female customer says the gel works better than ladies shaving creams and leaves the skin nice and supple. Sounds like this gel doesn’t irritate her skin or leave any skin rashes. This customer says the gel is great for their super-sensitive skin and they like the smell because it smells like almonds.

This customer thinks the company changed the formula of this gel. He perceives that it is not as thick as it used to be. And in his humble opinion, the product is not as good as it used to be. The customer likes the product but he does not like the old style metal cans. They leave a rust ring which I do not know how it will affect the gel. He likes the new plastic bottles the gel comes in. The plastic bottles are guaranteed not to leave a rust ring. This is not good the customers can of gel backed up after one use and that was it. I am not sure why this customer even wrote a review. He was military in Afghanistan and he had to have the product shipped to another location then to his location before he got it. He says it is what he wanted. But why the extra shipping was include was not relevant to the quality of the gel.

Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream

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Benefits and Uses: As the title suggests the can comes in a 5.1 fluid ounce container and why this was included in the product description I do not know. Helps to soothe and protect from razor skin irritation. It is formulated for sensitive skin and it helps to fight against razor bumps and ingrown hair. This is due to the technology used to make the product. And it will not clog pores.

Feedback: The customer has been using the product with a double-edged safety razor for over 5 years. This is the third razor in that same amount of time. The customer complains he keeps dropping the razors and breaking them. This gel has a nice mint scent and a little bit goes a long way. The gel is transparent so he can see where he is shaving, unlike foams. It lathers very nicely and gives him a great shave that feels nice. This customer complains that the product is the worst one he has ever used. He has shaved with a lot of shaving products and this one is at the lowest wrung. He says it is neither a cream or a gel but a thin liquid that comes out of the container. He is very disappointed in the product. I wonder if she shook the container up before he dispensed the product. It sounds like he did not.

This customer says the opposite of the customer above who wrote the negative review. He says the product comes out too thick and clogs up his razor. He says it is not for him and he is stuck with two containers of the gel. Why didn’t he return the product if he is dissatisfied with it? This customer gives a lot of unnecessary details in the review. He says the cream is too thick to massage with he fingers because you would end up using way more product than that if you tried to massage with your fingers.

This does not make a lot of sense because if you dispense a quarter-sized amount on your fingers you will end up spreading that same amount across your face. He goes on to say to use a shaving brush which a lot of people probably do not have in these modern times and apply the cream with that. This is useless information because like it was mentioned before the customer assumes people will have a shaving brush like he has. He goes on to report that the product managers who are experts) know nothing about the “fine art of shaving”. He says they never shave. I believe these impressions are totally made in error. He also writes the scent of the gel is less than desirable than other brands. Generally, I really do not care what the shaving cream smells like as long as it is not an overpowering scent. Besides it really is not necessary to shave with a shaving brush or to shave with hot water. The process the customer describes is too time-consuming and really no one has the time in the morning to engage in this lengthy shaving process.

This customer absolutely raved about this product. He likes the gel so much he will never shave with a foam again. This gel left quite an impression on this customer.

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream

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Benefits and Uses: It is a shaving cream that fights nicks and bumps while it gives you a close but refreshing shave. It has molecules that make it very easy for the razor to glide through the shaving cream once it is applied to the skin. It contains peppermint and menthol to invigorate and make the skin smell sweet. It has the best natural ingredients and the container will last for 3 months. Also, the product is cruelty-free which means that no animal has shaved with this cream. The animals just did not want to shave their beards off. Some of them were afraid of getting nicks and razor burns.

Feedback: The customer wrote a very detailed review and I mean detailed review of this shaving product. He says that those who wrote the negative reviews do not understand how to shave with this cream. I do not think this is an accurate perspective because they fully understand how to shave with the product. It just did not work for them. The customer broke the review down into sections and he wrote way more detail than was necessary. He shaves his head with the gel as well as his face. He gave a long procedure on how he shaves with the gel but his method would take too long for someone to follow in the morning time. The process is way too extensive to be of practical use on a daily basis. The method will not be written in this review. He likes the gel and it is the best one he has ever shaved on both his face and his head.

The customer ranks this product low on his top ten shaving creams. It says it does not lubricate very well which means he is dry shaving with the product. The conditioning factor was not very strong for the customer either. He really does not elaborate on what is meant by shaving conditioning. A very generic term indeed and it really needs to be defined in this review. The customer was complaining that this product is a cheap cream at best more like a shaving gel. He says it does not lather very well on his face and it really does not shave that effectively either. He can not clean it off his razor it just is not worth the effort for him. He says it is not worth the effort to have to wet his face again after a shower to have to apply this product. It is too hard to clean the cream off the razor. He must be doing a fine toothpick job on cleaning his razor.All you have to do is run hot tap water through the razor and that will wash the lotion off the razor.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

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Benefits and Uses: The razor glides right through the foam and leaves the skin soft, smooth and refreshed. The skin will look healthier as well. You will no longer have shave burns after using this product. Enjoy shaving again as this product fights shaving bumps and does not irritate the skin after shaving. you can carry the product in your travel bag and pass airport inspections every time. Once you reach your traveling destination you will still have your shaving cream in your possession. This product will pass airport inspection every time rejoice airplane warriors. The animals were willing to shave with this shaving lotion if they were paid enough money for the tests. The company would not give the animals a decent wage so the animals turned down the offers to shave with the company’s shaving cream. The product is therefore cruelty-free.

Feedback: The customer says the foam went on very smoothly. He said she used a little bit and it covered his face fully. He used a blade he had shaved a few times before. The beard had a two-day growth and the shave went very smoothly. It shaved the whiskers off and left his face feeling fresh and smooth. He cannot yet give it 5-stars because he needs to shave with it more. I do not understand his logic because it sounds like to me it gave him a 5-star rating shaving experience. These reviews stated that too much product had to be used to lather it to a decent level. Then once the customers started shaving they could not clean the razors because the cream clogged the blades. The customer had good perception when he said the negative reviewers did not understand how to use this product. They put too much lather faces and this is why it clogged the razors. The product was not designed to be applied with excessive foam to the face. He then shaved with the cream after his beard had grown for a week and the razor glided right through the foam and the beard. The razor easily cut through the long beard hairs. This is why I do not understand why this customer gave the product 4-stars instead of 5 -stars.

MODRN MAN 2-in-1 Face Wash & Shaving Cream for Men with Dry and Sensitive Skin

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Benefits and Uses: This product doubles as a shaving cream and facial cleanser and it protects against the many factors that can age the skin. It prevents shaving bumps and skin irritation. The product contains ingredients that will allow your razor to glide through your beard for a close but comfortable shave. It is free of harsh chemicals and the animals would not shave with the product because it had such an awful scent. The company will give a money-back guarantee if the product is returned within 30 days. The product will keep the face looking youthful for a long time to come.

Feedback: The customer says the product works well as a facial cleanser and a shaving cream. It did not irritate his face or leave shaving bumps. It smells nice and it left his face feeling refreshed. He seems to like the dual function of the product. His review was the only review written about the product.


We have finished the article on the best shaving creams for dry skin. There are a lot of people fighting issues associated with dry skin. These products were designed to help you overcome problems caused by dry skin. There were no reviews written that claimed any of the products cause skin irritation. If you are looking for a cream that will lather extra thick then these products are not for you.


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