Best Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)

What is the necessity of a pillow that will allow a customer to sleep on their side? Is it a different pillow than one that is designed to allow people to sleep on their stomachs? Ideally, the pillow will be designed to fit people who sleep in all three positions. But the point of this article is to review the best pillows that are designed to allow people to sleep on their sides. You know for medical reasons people cannot sleep on their backs or their stomachs. In other words, they have to sleep on their sides. They will need a pillow that will be flat enough to allow their head to sink into the bed as their body does. Or if this is not the case, then they need a pillow that is high enough and firm enough to allow their head to stay on top of the pillow and not sink into the pillow as their body sinks into the bed. This could cause misalignment of the spine, back, and the neck. The choosing of a pillow that allows a person to sleep on their side is no joking matter. It may seem petty and trifle but it really is not.

Hullovota Cervical Pillows for Sleeping Firm Side Sleeper, Neck and Stomach Contour Pillow Chiropractic Pillows Neck Support 

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Benefits and Uses: If you stay in a side sleeping position this pillow will stay in shape and it will bound to give you the perfect sleep. The pillow is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic and it is so breathable it will keep the pillow cool and it will give you a cool night’s sleep. Then the cover is completely removable and it is easy to clean it is machine washable. It is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, prevent mold, bacteria and it will protect you. You will experience a fresh scent that is a fresh odor that is not harmful. It will last for several days and then it will air out and the smell will dissipate. The company offers a 30-day guarantee and if you do not like the pillow for any reason return it to the company and they will give you the money back.

Feedback: The customer says the pillow is the exact size that it is advertised to be. It is not too firm for the customer but the customer said many reviews they read said the pillow was too firm. The customer also says if you like a pillow that is very firm and will not let the head sink into the pillow at all then this may not be the pillow for you. The pillow works like true memory foam as it contours to the head. It yields a little too much for the customer but he still really likes the pillow. It will yield to a certain point. If you are used to a traditional pillow this one may take a little bit to get used to. The pillow aligns the neck, spine, and back very well. This will prevent pain in those areas of the body. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

Best Side Sleeper Pillow

The customer says the husband bought one of these pillows and she tried it and loved it so much. She bought one for herself and she really likes it. If you want a pillow that you can sink into then this pillow is not for you. The pillow is comfortable and gives nice support and the customer says she cannot sleep without it. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. The customer says it took them a few nights t get used to the pillow. But they are glad they waited it out. The customer says this is the best pillow is the best one they have ever used. They have bought many pillows over the years and this one is their favorite pillows. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars. The customer should try the pillow for a few days before they decide to buy it or not. Most likely it will not take that long to decide whether you want to buy the pillow or not.

The customer says this is a very good pillow. The customer says they can sleep through the night with the pillow. They say it is very comfortable and they do not wake up during the night with neck pain. They do not have to reposition their pillow anymore bought the pillows for her husband and herself. She says she would get neck pains from sleeping on her old pillows. This pillow has transformed her sleeping experience-now she feels like she is sleeping on the clouds. This must be a very soft pillow if it feels like she is sleeping on the clouds. Of course, the client rated the product 5-stars. This is odd because sometimes the client does not sleep on the pillow but sleeps without a pillow. If the customer does sleep on his pillow it is very comfortable for them. The customer absolutely rated the product 5-stars. If the pillow is so comfortable for this customer why don’t they sleep on it all the time?

A Lot of these reviews give some details as to why the customers like sleeping on the pillow. But if they would write more extensively about the benefits of the pillows it would help to convince other customers to buy the pillow easier. The more positive the details and the more of these type of details are written in the review. The more likely people will buy the pillow who will read the reviews. If you want your review to sell the product you must give people many good reasons why they cannot live without this pillow.

This pillow received a perfect rating from 18 reviews written about it. It received a perfect 5 star rating. Which says something about the quality and workmanship of the pillow. Time will tell if the reviews will continue to receive 5 star ratings.

Nakital Memory Foam Pillow Contour Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain, Side Sleeper Support Ergonomic Orthopedic Bed Bamboo Pillow

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is made of breathable material that will help you to stay cooler as you sleep. It will provide dust mite protection and it will give you cervical neck(The cervical or neck part of the spine are 7 vertebrae that connect the neck to the skull) sleeping support. The therapeutic design of this pillow will adjust to your neck, shoulders, and back giving you the proper alignment so you will not wake up with pain in these areas of your body.

The pillow cover is completely removable and is machine washable for easy cleaning. How to machine wash was not described in the product description. The pillow specifically is designed for side sleepers and back sleepers. You can choose between a high or low contoured pillow and either one will contour your body naturally. The pillows will support your neck and your head to give you ample support while you sleep and it will keep the head and the neck in proper alignment. It will help the muscles to relax and will discourage shoulder stiffness. The pillow is designed for maximum airflow to keep the pillow cool so you will not overheat while you sleep. The company claims that the special design features of the pillow will help to fix the skull. This is highly unreasonable that a pillow can fix the skull in any way, shape or form. This is totally illogical that a pillow could do this. The human skull would take extensive medical care to have it fixed. You will not just sleep on this pillow and have the skull fixed. The pillow has medium firmness. It is supposed to treat you to a very wonderful night of sleep. Let’s see if the reviews will confirm this glowing product description.

Feedback: The customer has slept with many different types of pillows in the past. They left the customer with neck and back pain. The customer slept on this pillow and they had a wonderful night of sleep and they experienced no neck or back pain. Their partner(relational status unknown) loves sleeping on the pillow as well. The neck support is wonderful according to the customer. It has relieved the client’s neck pain and it has greatly improved the customer’s lower back. The only advice the customer gives is to let the pillow air out when you first receive it. It has a strange new pillow smell. The smell will dissipate after a while. The client says the pillow is very cool to sleep on. Guess what? The customer rated the pillow 5-stars.

The pillow was delivered fast to the customer. Oddly enough the customer was skeptical about the pillow because it was so comfortable to sleep on. It Has gradually relieved the customer’s back pain and it supports the neck wonderfully. It took a couple of days for the client to get used to. But the important thing is the customer is getting a good night’s sleep and they are waking up refreshed. Isn’t this is what it is all about? The customer recommends the product and they rated it 5-stars.

This customer suffers from the connective tissue disease and they tried this pillow. It was too firm for them and they said it hurt their neck worse after using the pillow. It is so firm they pushed their hand into the pillow and it did not give. The pillow is super firm and the customer says the pillow is not for them. The pillow itself is a good-quality pillow but it doesn’t work for this customer. The customer thinks they may be more sensitive to the pillow that the common person. The customer rated the pillow 3-stars. The customer says if you like really firm pillows these ones for you. The customer bought the pillow because of the 50 positive reviews they read about the pillow. So, the reviews have a major influence on customers who may be thinking about buying the product they are reading the reviews about.

Side Sleeper Pillow

Sable Pillows for Relief Neck Pain, Side Sleeper, Hypoallergenic, Super Soft Plush Fiber Fill, Adjustable Loft

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is made of 100 hypoallergenic cotton and the pillow has a unique feature. It comes with on-fourth more filling than other pillows. So you can adjust the slope of the pillow by removing the filling. You can fill the pillow with as much filling as you want to set your level of sleeping comfort. The pillow is registered with the FDA as a medical class one device whatever significance that has? The cotton material is totally breathable and there is a perfect balance between the pillow being fluffy and firm. The pillow can be machine washed and machine dried.

Feedback: The customer is a self-proclaimed pillow snob and the customer claims they have tried every nylon pillow on the planet. The customer says hotel pillows are the best ones for her to sleep on. She has a big head she says and she is a side sleeper. She sleeps in a weird position as she does put her leg over one pillow and she hangs on the other pillow with her arms for dear life. The husband has to steal a pillow from her to sleep on. The customer then says they have to wash his drool puddles off the pillow. The husband should not have to steal a pillow from her to sleep on. The client says she found this pillow and it feels very comfortable under her head. She likes it that she does not have to pay $50.00 for a good pillow and she thinks hotel prices are outrageous.

Another pillow connoisseur days these pillows are $60.00 cheaper than the other pillows they used. The pillows came flattened in two boxes and they returned to their original-size quickly. The customer said there was no smell emitted by the pillow s when they were first taken out of the packaging. The customer says after sleeping on the pillows for 3 weeks are still working great. The customer rated the pillows 5-stars.

This customer says the pillows worked very well at first. After a while, the pillows just went flat and now after sleeping on the pillows for 5 months, the customer is having problems. They are now tossing and turning during the night. They are very frustrated and they say this pillow is no better than the “my pillow.” (The “my pillow” was invented by a man who lives in Minnesota and they are very expensive pillows. They are about $50.00 per pillow.) This is odd that the pillows just went flat as the customer claims. The pillows have more stuffing than any of the other same types of pillows. How could they go flat? Especially when you can adjust the filling levels to meet your own comfort level. There is something really wrong with this review. The customer rated the pillow one-star. Other reviews have said the pillows remain comfortable as time goes on not that it just randomly goes flat.

Contour Pillow Great for Sleeping on your Side – Home and Travel Hypoallergenic Pillow with Ear Pocket

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B005HRYQS8&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20&language=en US - Best Side Sleeper Pillow Reviewsir?t=balancemebeau 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B005HRYQS8 - Best Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

Benefits and Uses: The company claims that this U-shaped pillow will heal the whole body which seems highly unlikely. A pillow cannot heal the whole body. It can heal various parts of the body but not the whole body. It will properly position your head and neck so you sleep comfortably every night. The pillow has an opening for the ear on both sides. The shape of the pillow makes it hard to conceive that it can keep the head and neck aligned. The pillow can be taken anywhere and is a great traveling companion.

Feedback: As stated above there is no way this u-shaped pillow can heal the whole body let alone keep the head and neck properly aligned. The shape is not wide enough at the front of the pillow to achieve either one of these objectives. Besides, pillows are not designed to heal the whole body.

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow (Queen)

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Feedback: This pillow better be scrumptious because it costs an astronomical $100.00 dollars which is way too much to be paying for a pillow. The Name of the company who made the pillow has changed but it is the same great product. It is said to sign the neck which will reduce snoring. The company says the pillow is handmade in Los Angeles, California. This may be so but the pillow is still not worth $100.00 dollars.

Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

The customer says paying $100.00 dollars is a lot of money to pay for a pillow. The customer has spinal compression which sometimes makes their arms go numb. They were looking forever for the perfect pillow. They found this one but there were only a few positive reviews written about it. The customer kept checking back and they noticed the positive reviews kept coming in. Once The number hit 50 positive reviews the customer bought the pillow. It took a few days for the customer to adjust to the pillow but now it is working fine for them.


This article has covered some of the finest side-sleeping pillows available on the market today. They are ranging widely in price. There is one pillow that was reviewed that is priced at an astronomical $100.00 dollars. The pillow is handmade but this does not justify this high price for the pillow.


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