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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

What do people really need/want in a sleep mask? First, it has to be able to shut the light out and if it is a complete sleep mask the person has to be able to breathe through it. It has to be constructed of a material that will not make the skin itch or become irritated. Who wants a sleep mask that will cause the skin to break out in a rash? Most masks are made of a dense material and they are usually black. Black will absorb the light keeping you relaxed and able to sleep comfortably. The material must be dense to keep the light out but it must be breathable so the skin stays fresh and cool. You do not want to wake up wearing a mask that will leave pools of sweat in and around your eyes. Let’s take a journey and look at the best sleeping masks available today.

Natural Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold Include Free Earplugs

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Benefits and Uses: The company boasts that their material is the best and latest used for making face masks. It is made of soft mulberry silk on both sides to bring the ultimate comfort to the eyes, nose, and face. The suggests you add a nose guard to the mask as it will block out 30% more light. It will give you a restful sleep and relax your tired, weary eyes. You will wake up refreshed and restored after sleeping peacefully with this wonder sleeping mask. The material offers breathability and the soothing masks offer cool relaxation. The mask gives you a total blackout whether you are at home, in the car, or on a plane. Dry air and light will prevent you from sleeping. The mask will help to block the light but how it will stop you from breathing dry air is a mystery. It will work good for night and shift workers who need every minute of sleep they can get. The mask comes with a lifetime money back guarantee the company touts. This is the only company I know that offers a lifetime guarantee on their product.

Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Feedback: The customer chose this sleeping mask over cheaper versions because it is made of real silk. The customer uses the sleep mask for meditation and sleep. The customer thinks bamboo silk is made of rayon which is a cheap regenerated wooden pulp with a chemical added the customer claims. The customer says this material is broken down by moisture and abrasion and reviews have claimed these types of sleeping masks made of this material last about a year. This Product Has Been outlawed in the United States so it is made in foreign countries and the customer wanted a fresh sleeping mask made with organic materials. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer said they have bought many sleeping masks in the past and they consider themselves a sleeping mask expert. The bought this sleeping mask and it keeps the light from entering in through the nose area. This mask is so comfortable to wear and it blocks the light that enters through around the nose area. The customer bought more in case they stop making the sleeping mask. The customer really likes the product. The customer sleeps wonderfully since wearing the sleeping mask. The customer thinks the sleeping mask is a miracle (I doubt it is) and it is really making a difference in the sleep.

The customer was afraid to buy a sleeping mask because they thought they would be claustrophobic wearing a mask on their face. They adjusted very well to the mask and they like wearing the sleeping mask. The customer has allergies and was afraid the mask would aggravate her allergies that it never did. She said the mask felt so light on the face she could hardly tell she had one on.

The customer tried about 20 sleeping masks before deciding on this one. Her previous 3D mask finally wore out after 5 years so it was time to look for a new sleeping mask. This one blocks out all the light, unlike the other sleeping mask. The customer did not know what they were missing and they cannot feel the clasp on the sleeping mask either. The customer seems satisfied with the product. It feels smooth on the skin and the customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer at first thought this sleeping mask was great. The person is petite and they said with previous sleeping masks the tightest fitting was still too big for their face. This one seems to fit the customer fine. The customer says they slept well with the sleeping mask. This review the customer gave the product 5-stars. They thought this sleeping mask would not stain their pillow like others did. Boy, was the customer wrong because the mask left black stripes on the pillow. The customer washed the mask several times and the mask still left stripes on the pillow. The customer said the stripes were very hard to get out. The customer lowered the rating in this update to 3-stars. The customer implored the company to change the chemical dye used in the product to a natural dye. The customer was afraid of what this supposed chemical dye would do to the skin. The customer does not know if the dye is chemical or natural.

The customer bought this sleeping mask for a friend’s son. The hall light was kept on and the light kept the boy awake. The other children were afraid of the dark so the light was left on in the hall. The boy wore the mask and it kept the light out of his eyes completely and fit his very comfortably. So, now the ones who are afraid of the dark can keep the hall light on and the other boy does not have to lose sleep all night because of the light being on all night. A good solution and the customer who bought the sleeping mask rated the mask 5-stars.

Luxury Patented Sleep Mask, Nidra® Deep Rest Eye Mask with Contoured Shape and Adjustable Head Strap

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Benefit and Uses: The sleeping mask is lightweight and you can carry it anywhere and use it anywhere. If you are in an airplane, hotel room, train, car, or at home just pull out this sleeping mask and fall asleep instantly. It will block out the light and you will wake up refreshed and energized from a wonderful night of sleep. If the light interferes with your sleep it will break your sleep cycle and rob you of that deep, restorative sleep you need. This mask will block out the light allowing you to sleep or nap anywhere so you will have a peaceful rest. The mask will fit the contours of your face and eyes and it will fit comfortably over your face. The mask has deep recessed pockets for the eyes to fit comfortably in the mask and it is rub-free so you won’t have to rub your eyes. It will not interfere with the makeup, mascara or eyeliner. The company claims this is the best sleeping mask on Amazon today.

Luxury Patented Sleep Mask

Feedback: The customer goes to bed at midnight and he wakes up at 8:00 a.m. He has a bright room and the mask keeps the light out of his eyes. The mask is wider than some of the other sleeping masks he has used. This mask says in place and blocks the light from his eyes. The only flaw he says with the mask is that the strap is too small to fit his enormous-sized head. He had to add a velcro strap to make the mask fit but now it fits fine. For this weakness, he rated the product 4-stars but the 4-stars is not justified. The customer should have rated it 5-stars because he has an enormous-sized head and the typical person will not have trouble wearing the mask around their head. The customer compared this mask to two other masks in the review. This comparison was not discussed here because we are not interested in the other two masks. This review in this article is about this mask only.

The customer has some insomnia issues and other sleeping problems. She is seeing a sleep specialist who recommended she make the bedroom pitch black so she can sleep. The room is set in such a way this cannot be achieved. Her husband suggested she wear this sleeping mask but she was not too thrilled about the idea. She did not want anything strapped around her face. She tried the face mask and she likes it because it gives her eyes plenty of room in the mask. She can open and close her eyes while wearing the mask. The room is totally dark for her when she wears the mask. It is comfortable for her to wear and if she gets up during the night she doesn’t know she is wearing the mask. She has to be careful not to sleep sideways or the mask will slide off. The mask is working for her and she has rated the product 5-stars.

The customer claims the sleeping mask “de-laminated” and they showed images to support this claim. The customer says the mask is made of a thin satin cover on both sides. Th customer travels a lot and only uses the sleeping mask at home. The customer claims the mask lasted about two months The customer said the product began to fray. The images do not show any defect in the mask and “fraying” cannot be seen on the mask. I wonder if this was a bogus review because you for sure cannot see any damage on the sleeping masks from the pictures. The customer rated the product 0one-star which seems really unfair and unrealistic. There is no proof the mask deteriorated over the two months. The customer says they will keep looking for a sleeping mask. This review does not convince me the product is as bad as the customer thinks it is.

The customer says they love the mask and they have bought two. The main problem is the masks have fallen apart after only 3 or 4 months. The customer has worn the mask even though it was shredded. The customer says the light enters into the mask and they wake up earlier than they want to. I am surprised the customer gave the mask a 3-star rating and still loves the mask despite its poor quality construction according to the customer. It is not known if the customer will buy the product again or not. I do not understand how the customer can love the mask when both masks fell apart after only 3 or 4 months.

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Blindfold, Super Smooth Eye Mask 

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Benefits and Uses: The mask made by “Alaska Bear” only and sold exclusively on Amazon. This could be limiting because you cannot buy the mask anywhere else. The mask is made of mulberry silk on both sides. The material is used in spas worldwide the material is very soft on the skin. The mask will help with insomnia, dry eyes, and migraine headaches but how it helps migraine headaches is not known. The material is used in spas worldwide as the company claims. The material is breathable and will not allow air into to dry the eyes. The mask will also allow oxygen in. The mask is contoured to fit the eyes and the face and it will feel so comfortable. The strap is at the back of the head and not the temples. It will not stick to the pillow and it as a strap that expands from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches so men, women, and children. No matter where you are sleeping this mask will block out the light.

Feedback: The mask had over 9,000 reviews written about it. The customer started working night shifts when they started working 12 years ago. They tried everything to get the bedroom dark so he could sleep. Nothing worked until the client found these sleeping masks. It worked great for the customer it kept the light out while the client slept. The client lost this sleeping mask so he ordered another one. The second pair came but the light was able to break through the sleeping mask. The customer found out the company had made the material thinner on the inside allowing light to slip in. The customer contacted the company complaining of the light coming through the mask. The company said they did not make that design any longer but the company still had the old masks left over. The company had a bunch of old masks available so the customer took it. The customer asked the company if they could make both models so people may have the option of buying either one. The company refused this suggestion.

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask for A Full Night’s Sleep

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Benefits and Uses: The company says you can pull out the lightweight mask anywhere and sleep soundly with this mask. Anyplace the light bothers you put on the mask and you will fall into a deep sleep. Improve your moods, energy levels, and mind with a sound night of sleep. This mask will accomplish that for you. It easily and naturally blocks the light out so you can sleep. The mask will not compress your eyelids or eyelashes so it fits snugly over the eyes. It gives you the most comfortable sleep in any position. Get this mask and stop taking sleeping pills you won’t need them anymore.

Silk Sleep Mask for A Full Night's Sleep

Feedback: The customer works a temporary job for 4 months each year. This year they are working a night job. Naturally, it is hard to sleep when the sun comes up and this is the case for this client. They bought this mask and they are having no trouble sleeping during the days. It is a great mask for them.

ComfyMed® Sleep Mask CM-EM17 – Best Night and Travel 3D Eye Mask 

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Benefits and Uses: The best mask on the market and the best warranty on the market. If the mask breaks the company will send the customer a new one. The company provides a lifetime warranty on the mask. You will not find a warranty like this every day. The foam is memory foam that will fit all sizes and shapes of noses comfortably. The velcro will not stick in the hair. If you do not love the product the company will refund your money completely.

Feedback: This is a compromising review you could say. The client rated the product two stars. The customer said no matter what way they adjusted the mask it would let light in. The mask may be good for riding on a plane but it is useless for sleeping all night at home or in a bed anywhere.


There you have it a review list of some of the better sleeping masks on the market today. They will mostly block out the light while you seek to sleep all night. They can be used anywhere on a train, plane, even a car. But one customer complained that the mask they purchased was good to use on a plane but not at home for a good night’s sleep. The customer may be wrong about this that the mask is only good for a plane ride.


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