Best Soap for Jock Itch

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

jock itch

There is probably no worse itch than jock itch. And it always develops in the worse place possible. You cannot scratch it because it looks too crude. It is a burning, dry itch and the more you itch it the worse it gets and it will spread. You need to take preventive measures to avoid getting jock itch in the first place. By keeping your athletic undergarments clean and fresh. Washing them frequently will go a long way in preventing the nasty jock itch. The jock itch probably is most common among high school athletes. They do not always have the best hygienic practices. But do not be fooled anyone can get it including adults. If you happen to develop jock itch do not despair because it can be cured. There are plenty antibacterial products on the market to combat jock itch. In this article, we will be telling you about some of the best jock-itch soaps available on the market today. We will review each product individually that will be listed in the following article.

Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

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Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Benefits and Uses: The product will help to tone down body odor and stinky feet and you will feel clean and refreshed after every use. It can be used by men and women of every skin type from dry skin to normal skin types.

Feedback: The customer noticed immediate results from using the product. The client will be ordering more product. The only problem with this reviews that the client does not give any hint of what the results were they experienced from using the product. They do not need to be graphic but they could be more specific in what the product did for them. The way the review is written tells a reader absolutely nothing about the quality and benefits of the product. Another customer says they like this product better than another tea tree product they tried. This product they said feels more organic. They bought it to target acne on the upper back and they like the product. But again they did not say if the product was helping the acne on the upper back or not. How does one body wash feel more organic than another body wash? I just do not see how you could feel that organic difference.

This mom bought the product originally for her son but she ended up using it herself. She loves the smell in the bottle and breathes it in every time she takes a shower and uses the product. She likes the smell it leaves on her legs and arms. It doesn’t smell so perfumy that her son will not use it. He likes the smell and has stopped complaining about having smelly feet since using the product. This woman says it lathers up nice and thick and smells great.

This customer complained about the cheap English was written on the bottle’s label. She was afraid it was a cheap imitation of the real product and she hopes she didn’t get ripped off. The product smelled nice and it works well and all the ingredients are organic and natural. Based on these characteristics I am struggling with how she thinks she did not get the authentic product and instead got a cheap imitation. The company says it was made organically on American soil, therefore, it has to be authentic.

They adopted a kitten from Puerto Rico and the kitten had ringworm. The ringworm spread like wildfire through the house and on the humans, They tried everything to get rid of the ringworm and to prevent it from spreading. They used this product and it stopped and prevented the ringworm from spreading. The client says to prevent and stop ringworm this would be their second choice despite the fact, it worked well. To just keep clean this would be her first choice. She warns people who have ringworm to use a medicinal ointment to get rid of and prevent the spread of the ringworm and not to just depend a body wash to do the same job. This is very wise advice.

The client received the bottle inside the package and it had a broken seal. The soap had leaked into the inside of the package. The package was sticky. The customer says the soap lathers nice but for some reason, the customer leaves the soap on the skin. They let it sit for a minute and then they rinse it off. Maybe they are trying to let the soap absorb into the skin. They did not return the product because they needed to take a shower the day the package arrived.

The bottle was defective and the company needs to make sure all parts of the product’s containers ate working properly and they are not leaking. This customer states it is the cheap soap that is ineffective. Why bother to try a review if t you are not going to tell why the product is not working for you. Writing a review in such generic terma as this was written adds no value to the customer’s purchasing experience. Ok, it is an ineffective soap but why does the customer think the soap is useless? If you ever write a review do not leave the customer second-guessing as to why you think the product is so ineffective.

Defense Soap Barrier Foam 

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Defense Soap Barrier Foam 

Benefits and Uses: It removes dirt, sweat, oil, and grime efficiently to keep excess oil from building and clogging the pores. It alleviates body odor and prevents fungus from attacking the body with jock itch. It helps the body maintain the natural skin barrier and regulates the production of dead skin cells and sebum oil. It maintains the skin’s oil balance and returns the functioning of the skin barrier. It may an effective soap is combatting jock itch.

Feedback: This product is more expensive in the markets.. This tells us absolutely nothing. Th content is so vague. Why is it a good deal compared to the store’s product? The customer gave the product a five-star review but they give absolutely no reasons why they gave it a 5-star rating. You can decipher nothing from this review. It would be absolutely useless to me as a customer who was trying to decide whether to try this product or not. The review is way too ambiguous. The customer says it lathers nice and is perfect for her sons who wrestle. This is good but why is it good for her wrestling sons?Are they having trouble with athlete’s foot or do their body have bad odors after they shower because the current soap they are using is ineffective?

Another client who says the product works great and they put it on their kids whenever the kids come in contact with other kids. Also one of their son’s is a wrestler. They use it all the time but why do they use it all the time? Their son is a wrestler but why do they use it on him all the time? Why do they use it when their kids come in contact with other kids? These are all good details but we need some supporting facts to describe why these details were written. Here we have a review that gives the exact purpose why the product is used on the son. The son belongs to a wrestling club and some of the wrestlers in the club have gotten ringworm. The son comes in contact with the wrestling mats they may have the ringworm. This product has worked so well for the son he has not gotten ringworm. These are the types of reviews we need to read so we can decide if the product will work for our circumstances or not.

There has been a series of reviews written about this product that has had no value for customers looking to buy this product. The reviewers have written why they have bought the product but they have not elaborated on if the product has worked for them or not. They have been very general and not to the point instead they have been too open-ended to leave any definite details as to whether the product will work for jock itch or other skin conditions caused by fungus. People cannot make an informative decision one way or the either based on these reviews. The reviews must be more detailed-oriented to be of any use.

The customer thought he was only allergic to dust and pollen. But he was in for a big surprise because he found out he was allergic to this body soap. He used it and his nose began to itch in the morning by the end of the day his whole body felt like it was crawling. He had to take a Benadryl and wait until it knocked him out because the allergic reaction was so severe. He says to try a little bit at first to see if you will have an allergic reaction to the product or not. This is very good advice.

Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem

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Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree Oil & Neem

Benefits and Uses: The product contains no petroleum or any harmful chemicals of any kind. It comes in a small container but the soap is so thick that a little goes a long way the company claims. It good for athletes to use but yet it is gentle enough to be used daily. It is said to be an effective foot soak as well. It is said to be a good defense against the fungus that causes jock itch and it may be able to kill the fungus at the source. It contains botanicals and intense moisturizing omegas that keep skin moisturized at all times. It has a nice mint essential oil in the formula that smells invigorating. Not too strong to be obnoxious. It is claimed that it contains essential oils and other ingredients that have been used for centuries to treat various skin disorders may be even jock itch but in those times it is highly doubtful it was called jock itch.

Feedback: This review was literally written the same day as the article was written. The customer writes that this is the only product she has found that keeps the acne at bay on her chest and back. It also shortens the life of the acne as well. This acne battle has been going on for years. She gave it a hearty 5-star rating. This review is a puzzle to me. The customer says the soap smells antiseptic and she cannot stand the smell. If you are sensitive to smells don’t buy this product she writes. But yet she uses the product and says it has a nice consistency and leaves the body fresh and clean. If the product smells so bad why did she use it? This is a paradoxical review again because the customer says it smells terrible but yet it works well on her body.

The person said it made their face breakout out after using it for two days. It made the skin feel super clean and soft. But something in the ingredients did not react well with their skin I can see why they gave it a low-rating it did not work for them. Another customer complaining that the smell is too strong. They used it for a week and stopped using it because the smell was intolerable for them. They do not know if the product could help with back acne or not. Maybe the company needs to reformulate the scent of the product this is the second strong review relating how bad the soap smells.

Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap Bar

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Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap Bar

Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to energize your skin. It has essential oils that will kill body odors and keep the skin clear. It can be used on all skin types the company says. It is a very versatile product. The product also contains many organic elements that are able to stop many skin rashes and conditions. Those caused by fungus. It does not dry out the skin and it is made with no harmful chemicals and the soap is made by a special process. It is also made on American soil. If you don’t love the soap the company will be happy to refund your money back.

Feedback: This customer broke the product down into a star-rating system too much detail for rating the product. One overall star rating would have been fine. The customer says it is a luxury item that dissipates too quickly. They think it would only last for one week. They said it stuck to the skin while the skin was wet. I truly do not know if this customer will buy this soap again or not. I do not know if their time estimation for how long the soap would last was accurate or not. They could have been overusing the soap each time they used it as well.

Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Soap 

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Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Soap 

Benefits and Uses: The company says if you are not satisfied with their soap then send it back. It may be one of the better products on the market. The company has a generous return policy. They appear to be committed to pleasing the customer and hopefully, they will have an outstanding customer service department.

Feedback: The customer says it has a nice minty smell (Just like the company said it would) that opens up the airways. The customer says where he used the soap it dried out his skin and removed all the oils out of the skin in those areas. Because if there is no oil in the skin then bacteria cannot develop and proliferate and if this bacteria proliferation is stopped the skin will develop no infections. If this reasoning is correct this is a good insight on the part of this client.


We have reviewed some top selling soaps for you that can help with jock itch which is caused by a fungus. The soaps described above all say in the product descriptions that they will fight and ultimately prevent jock itch. If you have recurring problems with jock itch or this is the first encounter you have had with jock itch. Then these products may be able to help you fight it. You won’t be alone in your battle there are plenty of other people struggling with jock itch as well. There are many products in the marketplace to help you in your fight.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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