Best Soap for Psoriasis

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Does such a product exist in the world today? A soap designed for psoriasis? It has to be a soap that has ingredients that will fight psoriasis but not cause the skin to be irritated by the ingredients in the soap. If the skin is irritated there surely will be an outbreak of psoriasis on the skin. It has to be a soap that will calm and soothe the skin while cleansing it from excessive oil and other acne causing factors. If it would help to keep the skin’s pH in balance this would be helpful. Yes, there are plenty of soaps on the internet market that will meet these specific requirements. And if you have a tendency to break out in psoriasis then this article is for you. It will help you to find just the right soap for your skin type. These will be top grade soaps discussed and reviewed. You will read the first-hand experiences of people who have already tried these products. So, there is help out there for you and we will show you where to look to get that much-needed help to bring psoriasis under control. The ultimate goal is to get rid of this skin condition once and for all. Let’s go fishing.

Vi-Tae Organic Psoriasis/Eczema Soap

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Vi-Tae Organic PsoriasisEczema Soap

Benefits and Uses: Itchy skin can be very irritating but this product will relieve that annoying itch. The ingredients the soap contains will give you clear, fresh and calm skin with no inflammation. If you have psoriasis you know that the wrong kind of soaps will irritate the skin. This soap will not irritate the skin because it has ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and will not irritate your skin if you have psoriasis. It will keep the skin hydrated and the product can be used on all skin types making it a versatile product. It is made on native American soil and has no harmful chemicals and will contain no harmful ingredients.

After a long day at work take a relaxing bath with this soap and you will be ready to fight tomorrow and defeat anything that comes your way. The company offers an amazing money back guarantee. If you do not like the product you can return it within one year and there will be no questions asked. That is right no questions asked as to why you did not like the product or why you are returning it.

Feedback: The client usually does not write reviews especially detailed ones. But she could not pass writing a review about this product because she absolutely loves the product. She says her black spots are fading and the skin is looking much clearer. She also uses it on her face, chest and back because this is where she gets acne. It has been eliminating the acne in these areas and she has shown before and after images and the soap is making a difference on her skin. She has been using the soap for a month at the time of her review being written. She was leery of using the soap because it left a rough film on her face. She took paper towels rubbed the soap off and she thinks dead skin fell off as well. She was left with soft, smooth, and radiant skin.

This client is disgusted with this soap as she says it has done nothing to improve her skin. In fact, she says it has made her skin a lot worse and she wasted $11.00 on a bar of soap. She thinks that the five-star ratings are given because the company is running a promotional to get the five-star ratings. This is speculation on her part and there is no way to prove that people are giving the product a 5-star rating because they are getting a free gift from the company. She cannot prove this opinion is true. The soap did not work for her and that is unfortunate but this does not mean that the soap is not really helping other people who are giving the five-star ratings for the product.

This client says the bar of soap is way overpriced for the size. This is straight and to the point, the customer thinks there is too little soap for the price charged. You know for a bar of soap $11.25 is a lot of money to pay for a bar of soap. I have to agree with this client that the company is charging way too much money for a single bar of soap. I am sure the soap works good but it does not work that good to be charging that much money for one bar of soap. The husband says the product is worth the price. His wife had a rash and the doctor gave her an ointment that did not get rid of the rash. This soap got rid of the rash in two days and the customer thinks the soap is great. He has no problem praising a good product or blasting a bad product. It is good that the soap got rid of the rash completely in two days. But still, the price tag is too high for one bar of soap.

This customer has very sensitive skin and she breaks out at the drop of a hat. She has used many body washes and they made her break out. She looks at a body wash and it makes her break out. She tried this soap and she did not break out. She will never use another soap but this one and she thanks the company for making a great product. The high price tag does not bother her. This customer retracted their original review of this product. They gave it a lower rating because it melted too fast. They now cut up the bar of soap into little chunks and it lasts longer. The soap smells wonderful nothing too perfumy or too offensive, The soap should not melt so fast and the client should not have to cut the bar of soap into chunks to make it last longer. It costs too much money to be melting so fast or have to be cut up into chunks to make it stretch longer.

The client says this soap is not for all skin types because it burns their skin. In fact, they said it hurts really bad from the burning. A bar of soap should not burn at all. It is a dangerous proposition when a bar of soap burns the person’s skin that bad. It smells great but the customer cannot stand the burning. The product description says the soap is great for all kinds of skin types. This is not true because it is burning this customer’s skin bad.

It could be construed as a false advertisement and the company needs to change that part of the product description to reflect that it will not work on all skin types. They also say it will not irritate the skin because it has a lot of anti-inflammatories in its ingredients that are supposed to stop the skin from becoming irritated. This is beyond the skin being irritated the skin is being burned. It seems like the company needs to revisit their formula because no soap should burn a customer’s skin so severely that they cannot stand it. This is another reason why the soap costs way too much.

Activated Charcoal Soap Bar. All Natural Detoxifying Face & Body Cleanser

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Activated Charcoal Soap Bar. All Natural Detoxifying Face & Body Cleanser

Benefits and Uses: the soap is supposed to leave your skin glowing softly. It is beneficial for men and women. The soap is made with ingredients (including charcoal) that will not irritate the skin. It will especially preserve dry and sensitive skin and will remove blemishes and other skin imperfections. The company makes the soap on American native soil and they use traditional methods to preserve the all-natural ingredients. The soap carries some antifungal, antibacterial, and astringent properties of essential oils that are in the soap.If you are not satisfied with this handmade soap the company will refund your money. The soap is priced at $10.00 a bar which is too much to be charging despite the fact that soap is handmade.

Feedback: The customer said the soap was too expensive and he could get a lot more bars of Dove soap for the same price. The client was not looking to improve the condition of the skin but he was trying to capture the glory of his youth. All-in-all the review was a waste of time as the client really did not say anything of significance. I do not understand why he even wrote the review. It will be of no help to anyone who is thinking about buying the product. He is right though the soap is way overpriced.

This purchase was a total waste of time for this customer because only after a few uses the soap broke up into little pieces. The soap clogged the drain and the customer had to call a plumber. The quality of the soap is to be desired. For $10.00 a bar the soap should not be breaking up after a couple of uses. The company needs to go back to the drawing board and make some changes to the formula and manufacturing of this product.

Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Argan Oil Bar Soap

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Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Argan Oil Bar Soap

Benefits and Uses: This soap is specially formulated for those with psoriasis and other skin conditions as the soap discussed above are. The company expands the benefits to include the soap will work on any skin condition and skin type. It removes itching, redness, flaking, and flaking. It sounds like a versatile soap but will the reviews agree? This soap is too handmade and made in North America.

Feedback: This is an encouraging review. This person has been fighting a skin condition for years. Nothing seemed to work for them. Dermatologists told them the only thing they could do was put dandruff shampoo on their face but this did not work either. The client came across the product and used it one time. The condition vanished and has not come back since the customer has been using the product. They have been washing with the soap for a week and the condition has not returned.

The client has battled acne since her early teenage years. Apparently, she implies she has not had much success with other acne products. She has acne on different parts of her body. She used the product for a week and a half and she began to notice the swelling on her body went down. A little while later she noticed the acne had completely vanished from her body. She says this is an amazing soap. She showed progressive images of her face and you can clearly see the product had treated her acne and the acne disappeared. The soap costs almost $13.00 for a 3.25-ounce bar. The soap has worked wonderfully for some customers but it is not worth the price it is being sold for. No matter how good this soap works it is not worth the price. So little soap for so much money.

This is a neutral review at best. The customer says they bought the product on the advice of their dermatologist. It was supposed to help cure body acne. The person tried the soap and it had no effect on their skin. They eventually used up the whole bar of soap and it did nothing to improve their body acne. They are thinking of buying a second bar of soap but they are going to hold off. They want to stop using the soap for a time to see if the skin will improve. This may not help them just because they stop the soap most likely their skin acne will get worse or stay the same because they are not treating it.

This client has a mild but stubborn skin condition that comes back every summer. They had tried a strong treatment but wanted to break from it for awhile. So, they tried this soap and in all honesty, it did nothing for their skin condition. It was basically a waste of time for them to use the soap. This customer strongly advises that if you have super-sensitive skin do not use this soap. The soap dried out the skin and the skin became irritated and flaky. A real mess it sounds like. It took the consumer 3 weeks to get the skin healed and back to normal. During the period the skin was so flaky and irritating they could wear no makeup. This soap was disastrous for their skin.

Psoriasis Soften Skin Soap

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Psoriasis Soften Skin Soap

Benefits and Uses: The skin is made with a non-medicated formula. Is this a good formula to use to make soap with? It is supposed to treat dry and itchy skin. It hydrates dry skin and removes spots on itchy skin according to the customer reviews written about the product. The soap is unscented and lathers into a thick foamy soap. The mild cleansers in the soap are able to clean the skin thoroughly. The company says that soap is the most important part of any beauty treatment. Sometimes changing soaps will make all the difference in the world. There is no convincing proof that soap is the most vital part of the beauty treatment. This seems like too simplistic of an approach.

Feedback: The customer says she uses the soap in only certain parts of the body. She says it lathers up nicely and it leaves her skin feeling soft. The soap feels soft too but the only problem is she still is experiencing some itching. It sounds like the soap was wash for her. No pun intended here. It just was not working for her. She didn’t say that but that what it sounded like to me. The client said the soap made the skin softer but it did not remove the redness out of the customer’s skin. It did not work for this customer either.

#1 Best Quality All Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap

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#1 Best Quality All Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Benefits and Uses: The company says that it will be the best scrub product you have ever tried. The company says that commercial soaps are made with chemicals. The chemicals in these commercial soaps dry out the skin robbing it of essential vitamins and minerals. There is no scientific evidence to back up that commercial soaps will do these things to the skin. This soap is made of natural ingredients which allow the skin to absorb a number of vital vitamins.

Feedback: The customer said the soap looked nice when they took it out of the wrapper. They use it two or three times but could not use it on their face because the soap has too much alkalinity that will damage the skin. The customer will use it in the bath and wash the body with it. The customer cannot prove there is a lot of alkaline in the soap or that alkaline will damage the skin. The customer warns people with sensitive skin not to use the soap. The soap will dry out the skin according to the customer.


We have listed some notable soaps to help keep psoriasis under control or alleviate it so it will not be constantly attacking the skin. It is not certain whether psoriasis is a terminal skin condition or not. It is started by the immune system and appears as red bumps that will itch. The products were given mixed reviews but mainly positive reviews or more positive reviews than negative reviews. One bad review said the soap made the person’s skin burn so bad they could not stand it. This is not normal soap should never irritate the skin so much that it burns the skin.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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