Best Sofa Bed Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

This is a great piece of furniture that has a dual function. It can sit and look pretty while you comfortably sit on it. When nightfall comes and sleep catches up to you double the sofa as a bed. It is handy for you do not have to go to your regular bed if you are too tired from a rough day. Or if you do not have enough room in your living quarters this would be the perfect solution to save space and you will still have a bed to sleep on. The sofa bed is perfect for a small apartment or a studio apartment. Do you entertain a lot of guests? The sofa bed is the perfect solution for you when guests come for the holidays or that unexpected night guest drops in. Or if you have a long term guest why not treat them to a sofa bed? The sofa bed can be a very economical sleeping option. Why not give it a try?

Living Room Furniture Single Chair – Pull-Out Sofa Bed

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Benefits and Uses: The sofa bed/chair is perfect for tight spaces such as you would find in a studio apartment. You can use the sofa bed as a chair and when the twilight comes. The great transformation takes place. The chair transforms into a sofa bed. The sofa bed has a neutral look so you can put it into any room in the house and it will be a nice accessory to the room. Supposedly, the company says you can unfold the chair into a sofa bed in a few seconds. Then you take the sofa bed and refold it into a chair once again in a few seconds. It is so easy the company claims that even a child can do it. The sofabed gives your guest plenty of room to sleep on and the sofa bed can hold up to a hardy 800lbs. making it hardy, durable, and it will last a long time. Let us see if the reviews will confirm these facts. There are only 2 reviews written about the product. It may not be a very well-known product.

Sofa Bed Reviews

Feedback: The customer said the chair is nice and they could not find a chair that folds out into a bed anywhere. The chair fits nicely in their room and it comes completely installed so you don’t have to assemble the chair. You do not have to pay the extra setup fee. The customer said the only complaint is the chair is too expensive but it is the only one the customer could find. This is what happens when you are the only one who sells this type of product. You can charge too much money for your product. The second and final review (for now) the customer rated the sofabed 5-stars. But the major problem with this review is that the 5-star rating is the only content of the review. The customer did not write any details of why he rated the product 5-stars. He doesn’t describe any benefits or why he likes the product so much. This review might as well have not been written because it doesn’t give any detail about the product. It was as if the review was never written because it is a blank sheet.

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch w/Cup Holders

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Benefits and Uses: The sofabed with the leather and four metal-chrome legs is stylish and it would stand out in any room. The sofabed is a versatile piece of furniture that can be placed in a small room or studio apartment. Simply remove the armrests and recline backrest and you have a sleeping best perfect for those surprise guests. The sofa is multi-purpose and is designed for entertainment and it has armrests with cup holders in them. The sofa bed is made of tufted molded upholstery. The sofa bed is easily dismantled or put together and the sofabed comes with a bag to put the legs and parts in.

Best Sofa Bed

Feedback: In all honesty, the overall average rating for the product was 3.2 out of 382 reviews and this is not a good average rating it is about average. The customer bought three of these sofabeds to complete his “cheap dude” theater room. It is equipped to seat 6 and these sofabeds did the trick. He now can convert the theater into a guest room. The customer rated the product 5-stars and he seems to really like the product. The customer debated on whether to buy these sofa beds because there were a lot of reviews written about the product. The client went ahead and bought the sofa beds anyway. They are easy to assemble and they are comfortable out on. They are very low to the ground and they are small.

They are good office furniture for his one-bedroom apartment but they are too small for guests to sleep on. The customer-rated the product 4-stars because they were too small. Amazon prompted the customer to buy an ottoman and chair so the could make the sofabed into the sectional sofa. The only problem is the ottoman and chair are made by a different company than the sofabeds. They do not fit together so you can make it into a sectional sofa. There are other issues in this review as well. The issues are separate from the contents of the review. he issues are the company and Amazon should have told the customer the ottoman and the hair were made by different companies. They also should have told the customer all the pieces would not fit to make a sectional sofa with. The sofa rolls out into a bed which is nice for the customer.

This is the most sarcastic review I have ever read. In it, the customer says they bought the sofa bed/recliner for his girlfriend’s family when they came to visit. The family said it was too hard to sit on and even worse to sleep on. The family hated it so much they cut the visit short. The customer said it performed exactly as he wanted it to. He thought it would be uncomfortable to sit on and terrible to sleep on. He thanked the company for making a product that was lousy to sit on and even worse to sleep on and the product got rid of unwanted house guests for the customer namely-his girlfriend’s family. He gives the product a 5-star rating so how can he say the product is so lousy and give it a 5-star rating. He gave it a tongue and cheek 5-star rating and his review is definitely full of tongue and cheek content. The review is confusing and is useless to help people decide to buy the product or not. Really the client should not have even written the review. It really is a negative review couched in a positive slant.

Another ambiguous review in which the customer rated the product 4-stars and never came to close to saying why. The customer says it is perfect for his studio apartment why? He writes no details as to why it is working so well in the studio apartment. He does not mention any negative points or benefits. He does not say why it was rated 4-stars instead of 5-stars. This adds no value to the selling value of the potential customer. Another shining review that gives us elaborate details. The customer says the product is great for a small living room. Well, that is nice but why it great for a small living room? Does it take up little space and it compactly fits into the living room? The customer does not say that the chairs will unfold into sofa beds that will make great accommodations for guests. The benefits are not discussed which leaves the customer to guess as to why the customer liked the product so much. The customer really liked the product because they rated it 5-empty stars. I say empty stars because the customer gives us no sense as to why they rated it 5-stars.

Personally, I would have rated this buying experience a 0ne-star and I would have promptly returned the product. The customer bought two of these sofa beds for his home theater. He says the sofa beds must have come from different places. They looked totally different from each other. The one came and it had white mold all over the sofa bed. The customer said they had to scrub it down to get rid of the mold before they could assemble it. Then once they assembled it they had to scrub it down again because it still had the “moldy” smell. The moldy futon pillows were crushed and they were not puffed up like the normal futon. The markings for the screws to be placed were in the wrong place. These are the screws that support the futon and hold it in place. The mold may be cleansed on the surface but the issue is that the mold may have grown inside the futon. Sleeping on the mold can make a person very sick which could involve respiratory issues. How come mold grew n the futon in the first place? The marks for the screws were in the wrong places? The customer says they easily figured out the placement of the screws. They say the futons look nice. The customer rated the futons 3-stars. The rating is too high for what happened to the customer.

Classic Brands Memory Foam Replacement Sofa Bed 4.5-Inch Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: The memory replacement foam mattresses will fit into just about any sofa bed. It maintains its original shape allowing you or your guests to sleep soundly. The mattress contains memory foam and high-density polyfoam for both a comfortable sleep and orthopedic support. The product comes with the mattress only as we said before it will easily fit most standard-size sofa beds. The memory foam will resist mold, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. You know all those good germs. The mattress meets various industry standards. The mattress is neatly fit into a box and shipped to your front door. The company says they have 5-star responsive customer service personnel. Supposedly, the product is a bestseller. The company offers a 3-year warranty on each mattress.

Feedback: The customer bought this mattress for his in-laws because they complained about their sleeping accommodations quietly. They brought their own air mattresses. The customer said he replaced the old mattress with this one and his in-laws could not stop thanking him. He also repaired some broken springs. The in-laws stopped bringing egg crates on their visits. The customer complains about the setup is not the best. It takes one day for the mattress to expand to its original shape. The mattress came in a vacuum-packed piece of plastic. The customer thinks there are volatile organic chemicals (VOC-any carbon compounds except for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbides, ammonium carbonate which participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions ) that outgas initially from the mattress and the glue smell takes about a week to dissipate. He says you need to air the mattress out before you let guests sleep on it. This seems highly unlikely the customer is right about the volatile organic chemicals are being released from the mattress. The definition describes these volatile organic chemicals being released high above the atmosphere and not on the level humans live on. The customer rated the product 4-stars.

The customer says this is the second mattress she has bought and she regrets it. The new one is nothing like the old one. The old one was thicker than the new one and the customer could never feel the floor when she slept on the old one. This is not the case with the new one. She feels the floor through the new one. The customer says she waited to see if the old one would become thicker and fuller. It never did and she says it is a lower grade version of the old one. She rates this mattress 3-stars. I doubt she will buy this mattress again.

Best Choice Products Convertible Futon Linen Tufted Split Back Couch W/Pillows (Dark Gray)

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Benefits and Uses: This is a split back plush futon that will be placed in an apartment, living room, etc. You will find it a comfortable sofa and bed with its plush fabric back and hypoallergenic filling. The split back option allows you to recline in two positions. You can keep one part upright and the other part will recline allowing you to relax in a flat/sitting position. It will complement any living space.

Feedback: The customer says they bought it for the husband’s grandmother who will be visiting them from another country for a long period of time. They decided to give it to their son so he would move into his own room. The mother is 9 months pregnant and was worried about how she and her husband would move it upstairs. It ended up being not a problem and they moved up the stairs without effort. The wife told the husband how to angle it so it could be moved up the stars. The couple moved it up the stairs and they found the tools to put the futon together. The futon was easy to put together and it only took up half the room. The son being a toddler likes to jump on the bed and the mother finds pleasure in relaxing on it. They like the futon and the customer rated it 5-stars. The client says the product is well worth the money and she recommends it for anyone who will have guests. If you have a toddler this bed is perfect for you.

Sofa Bed

DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed, Modern Sofa Design Includes Sturdy Chrome Legs and Rich Linen Upholstery, Navy

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Benefits and Uses: The futon has a modern design and looks with chrome legs. It has a split-back design that will hold up to 600 lbs. Of sleeping weight. The futon can be set to three positions sitting, reclining, and sleeping. It comes in black and white faux leather and navy blue and grey fabric. The futon combined with the Emily Chaise lounger will give you a queen-size sleeping space.

Feedback: This is not a good review. This review reflects very badly on the company. The customer used it as a sitting sofa for five weeks. The customer had a guest who slept on it for 2 days. The futon stayed in the sleeping position and it would not return to the sitting position after the guest slept on it for 2 days. The customer called the company and they said since the customer had no record of the [purchase the company could not issue a return. The customer rep said even though you bought it on Amazon they don’t keep records either. The customer rep was very rude. The customer rated the product one star. This is rotten customer service on the part of the company.


There you have it a list of reviews on the better sofa beds available to you. They all are versatile and will meet a number of needs. One of the items reviewed was a mattress that will fit on most standard sofa beds.


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