Best Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2018)

These are mattresses made of viscoelastic foam and the first Tempurpedic mattress was introduced by a Swedish tech foam company. Since that time the mattress has become widespread on the International mattress market. Beware though if you go on Amazon you will find that their Tempurpedic mattresses are a lot more expensive than regular mattresses. The reason for this could be because of the viscoelastic foam. Some more history on viscoelastic foam it was first developed by NASA to be put into space shuttle seats. The material has been around for 40 years and it has come a long way since then. It is found in many kinds of products including mattresses. It is a man-made substance that reacts to temperature and heat to mold to the human body. But why these mattresses are so expensive I do not know. The mattresses run in the thousands of dollars on Amazon from $1000 to $4000 dollars. They better be an extremely high-quality mattress to be sold at those prices. They better last a long time as well. The companies that make these mattresses should offer very generous warranties on these expensive mattresses. Let us check out some of these mattresses.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Medium Mattress

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is a medium firmness and combines all the benefits of temperature control with a revolutionary dynamic feel. The mattress is designed with coils that work in conjunction with the temperature response material that will react to your body’s heat immediately. This will react also with the body’s movement. Tempur-response material will adjust to the body giving you adaptive support, pressure relief, and motion dispersal to give you a wonderful night of sleep. The top fabric will remove moisture and it is cool to the touch. The cover will zip on or off and it is easy.

Feedback: So, the company put some misinformation in the product description because the company says you will get ” an EasyRefresh” cover that will zip on or off. This is not true because this customer was disappointed to find out they did not receive this cover. In fact, they did not receive any cover with the mattress. They even said that the product description is misleading in saying this cover will come with the mattress. The mattress was delivered quickly to the customer and brought right into the apartment. The coil system prevents you from sinking too much into the mattress and the mattress is not too firm or too soft. The firmness is just right the customer writes. The customer says minus the cover this is a great mattress for you to order. The customer rated the product 4-stars because the cover did not come with the mattress. The customer said Amazon completely refunded their money and the company’s (Amazon) customer service was outstanding.

Best Tempurpedic Mattress

This is not a real positive review by any means because the customer upgraded the rating of the mattress from 2 stars to 3 stars. But this upgrade was not because of the mattress but a mattress topper the customer put over the mattress. The customer says the mattress would cause the customer to sink too far down into the mattress. The topper would prevent the mattress from sinking down so far and it made the mattress firmer. The customer says the mattress by itself is too soft to sleep on. This mattress is so expensive this should not be a problem that it is too soft. You should not have to buy another piece of bedding to make the mattress firmer. The mattress is so expensive that it should be firmer. This is poor workmanship on the part of the company.

The customer says the mattress is too expensive and for such a pricey mattress the quality is rotten. The customer said the wife says the mattress is ok nothing special. For the price that the company charges it should be a special mattress. The customer is 6″ 155 lbs and is on the thin side. The customer rarely complains about mattresses or hotel beds for that matter. He mentions hotel beds because this couple travels a lot. The customer says the mattress is a torture device because it causes him immense pain while he sleeps. His lumbar, stomach and I believe shoulders really hurt after the customer sleeps on the mattress. Sadly, the customer says the best part is waking up in the morning and getting out of the bed. The customer is relieved when the 7-hour torture session is over.

They will not buy this mattress again and unfortunately, the company did not help the customer at all. The client rated the mattress 2-stars which really is a low rating. The customer says the mattress is terrible to sleep on. It really is unfair that the company is not helping this customer especially the expensive price they are charging for the mattress. There is no excuse for the company not to help the customer. The client says this is an honest review and they did not get a free mattress for the review. The customer claims most reviews are written because the customer will receive a free mattress if they write a good review on Amazon. The customer does not know this is the fact. They cannot support this accusation.

The customer says the mattress is giving them the best night sleep they have ever had. The first night they slept on the mattress their sleep was transformed because they did not have to keep adjusting their sleeping position. They settled into one sleeping position and slept longer and more comfortably through the night. The customer looks forward to going to sleep at night on this mattress. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

So there seems to be a mixture of very unhappy and happy customers who used this mattress. Some of the issues written about this mattress are surprising to read for a mattress that costs so much money. You would not expect this from a mattress that costs about $1500.00 dollars.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme Firm Mattress, Queen

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Benefits and Uses: This mattress is made with temperature material so it will support the body and distribute the body’s weight evenly across the bed. This sounds rather strange that a person will lay their body on one side of the bed and their weight can be distributed evenly over the whole bed? The mattress also is made of a material that will customize to your body’s form so you can have personal comfort while you sleep. The mattress has fabric that will wick away moisture keeping the mattress cool and the mattress has a cover that will easily zip on or off. A review above was written by a customer who bought a cheaper mattress from this same company. Their mattress did not have any cover with the mattress when the customer received it. I wonder if the company neglected to send a cover with this more expensive mattress as well. This company cannot be trusted. The base of the material acts as a “base for the fabric above it which disperses the heat away from the mattress. The mattress keeps the client cool while the customer sleeps.

Feedback: This is a very long review that contains irrelevant information concerning other mattresses rather than information about this one. The customer says he is a big guy and why he said this is unknown. The mattress was brought to the hallway of the apartment. The customer says the box was damaged this mattress came in but the mattress was fine. The customer lives in Southern California and when they received the mattress they were at the beginning of a hot spell. The mattress seemed to help keep the customer coll because he woke up and the pillow was damp. He sleeps very hot and sometimes he will sleep with no sheets on. Then the mattress wouldn’t help keep the customer cool because his pillow would be damper but this point is not clearly communicated by the client. The customer kept the fans running all the time in the apartment. The bottom line is that this review is not clearly written as to whether the customer likes or dislikes the mattress. The customer rated the mattress a very confusing 3-stars. Confusing because it is not clear whether the customer likes or dislikes the mattress.

The customer concedes the mattress is very pricey but it is worth every penny. The customer says the mattress contours to the body allowing the customer a great night’s sleep. The other mattresses the customer would sleep on they would toss and turn all night to escape the heat. This mattress the client settles in and she sleeps through the night. This mattress keeps her cool and despite the $3000 dollar price tag, the mattress is a great buy. The mattress is worth the price and the customer wish they would have bought the mattress years ago. The customer rates the mattress 5-stars. This mattress costs around $3000 which is way too expensive for a mattress no matter how well you can sleep on it. The customer says in the future they will exclusively buy these types of mattresses. Hopefully, the mattress will last for years especially with its expensive price tag.

The customer regrets buying this mattress and says she should have done more research on it. She wakes up in pain every morning while being in a new spot on the mattress. The mattress is a terrible mattress and she cannot return it because she did not buy it from the company’s website. If you buy it from the company’s website you can return the mattress within 90 days. If you buy it from any other source you cannot return the mattress unless you have a separate return policy which will cost you more money. For a $3000 dollar mattress, a 90-day return policy is too short and the return window should be at least 6 months. This is too much money to spend and not have a longer window to return the mattress in. To have to buy a separate return policy if you do not buy the mattress from the company’s website just is not right. This customer has poor customer service and a lousy return policy so beware. The customer rated the mattress one-star.

Tempur-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress, King

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Benefits and Uses: It is an 11-inch mattress that is supposed to be soft according to the company. The mattress is constructed with temperature-features material to help you have a cool night’s sleep. The temperature material will help support the body and disperse body weight across the bed. How can this be when the body is positioned on one side. This makes no sense that a person’s body weight can be distributed across the bed. This means the pressure points are alleviated as well. The mattress will absorb moisture as well to keep the temperature mild and the fabric layer of the bed has antimicrobial properties.

Feedback: The customer says sleeping on the bed was so soft it was like they were sleeping on a cloud. They put a mattress protector on the bed and then slept without the mattress protector and there were was not a big difference in the firmness level. The mattress is too soft for the customer who expected to wake up every morning refreshed. Instead, the customer wakes up in pain because the mattress is too soft. The customer will return the mattress and get a different version. The customer writes the mattress is nice-looking and he fell asleep faster than ever before. The customer rated the mattress two-stars.

The customer ordered the medium soft mattress at first but it was too firm for the customer so they ordered the “loft” version which is made from the same company. This mattress was softer for the customer to sleep on and it was 1/2 the price of the first mattress they ordered. The customer likes the latter mattress and gave the mattress a 5-star rating.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Cooling Foam Mattress, Queen, Made in USA, 10 Year Warranty

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Benefits and Uses: The mattress is a 10-inch mattress that combines all benefits of temperature materials with a responsive feel. The mattress will deliver relief from pressure and will reduce motion transfer. In other words, when you or your sleeping partner move neither one of you will feel the other’s motion. The material in the mattress is breathable so you can feel the full size of the mattress. The base material acts as a base for the rest of the rest of the mattress and the base will disperse the heat.

Tempurpedic Mattress Reviews

Feedback: The customer bought a base for another mattress but the customer was not happy with the mattress. They bought this mattress and they are thrilled with the mattress and they understand why it is so well-known. It is like sleeping on a cloud and the customer can push their hand into the mattress because it so soft. The wife always gets up in the evening to go to the bathroom and she would wake up her husband. He would have trouble going back to sleep. On this new mattress, the husband does not feel the wife’s motion when she gets up to use the restroom. He does not wake up and he is so happy. The two cannot feel if the other one tosses or turns during the night. The customer rated the mattress 5-stars.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Select 10-Inch Foam Mattress, Queen, Made in USA, 10 Year Warranty

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Benefits and Uses: Supposedly, this mattress will disperse the body weight across the bed as well which seems physically impossible. It is made of firm but contouring material to give you personalized comfort while you sleep. Most likely this means the mattress will form to your body specifically. The cover is removable and it can be washed and the mattress will prevent dust mites, and microorganisms from forming on the bed. The company offers a 10-year warranty and it is made in the United States for ultimate comfort.

Feedback: The customer did not find a lot of reviews written about this mattress. So, they decided to try it anyway. They received the mattress in a cardboard box. They kept their old box spring so they would not have to buy a new mattress platform. The customer had the delivery guys put the mattress right on the box spring. The customer still loves the mattress a month after they purchased it. The customer writes the mattress is expensive.


You have read some reviews we have put together for you in this article. These types of mattresses are a lot more expensive than common mattresses. Some of the mattresses are overpriced and the company that charged these high prices has lousy customer service. The cone company has a 90 day warranty on a $3000 dollar mattress and that is only if you order it directly from their website. For the cost of this mattress, this is too short of a return window. This particular company should offer a least a 6 month return policy for such a high-priced mattress.


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