Best Thin Pillows Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2018)

Now, who wants a thin pillow do not most people want a thick pillow? A thin pillow is very light and will make your head feel like it is resting on the mattress itself. What kind of support will a thin pillow give your head, neck or spine? Your head and neck will have no angular support and how will you sleep without your head being elevated? But you see some people do like sleeping on thin pillows and they give them the support they need. They can be expensive for little thin pillows. There are many thin pillows on the market to choose from. It seems like thin pillows are popular these days so let us look at some.

Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow, Cotton Cover, 2.5 Inches

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is very, very thin it is 2.5 inches thick and that is one thin pillow. This pillow is good for back and side sleepers. But will it give proper neck, head, and spine support? It is structured one-half normally and one-half flat and it is the thinnest pillow you will ever see the company claims. It is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and bed bug resistant.

Feedback: The client says he cannot sleep on a normal pillow because it gives him neck and shoulder pain. He searched for a pillow he could sleep on that would not cause him any pain. He read reviews about this pillow and he was skeptical about trying it but he did try it. It is about 2 inches thick which is very small for him. He says his wife’s pillow is about 6 inches thick and his pillow looks very disappropriate to hers. He says he is a stomach sleeper and he read the review of another stomach sleeper. The customer said this pillow was great and solved all his issues.

By the way, he had the same issues as this customer had. This customer tried the pillow and says it works nicely. He says it has taken care of all his pain problems and he highly recommends it. He says he can roll over the pillow and fold it up nicely to sleep on it. He rated the product 5-stars. He loves the pillow.

Thin Pillows Reviews

The customer is a small woman and said normal-size pillows are too lofty for her to sleep on. She tried this pillow and was so excited to try it. But the pillow was too firm for her and it felt like she was sleeping on a high and lofty pillow. She said it would not give so she could not sleep on it. She went back to using her old pillow. She rated this pillow 3-stars. The customer has been looking for a flat pillow and finally found this pillow. She has used this pillow for 6 months and it feels like she is not sleeping on a pillow at all. She will buy another one but she hopes the price will go down because this one is currently expensive. She did rate the pillow 5-stars.

The customer was very disappointed with this pillow. They tried it and said it was flat but it was too soft and not firm enough for the customer so they could not sleep on it like we said earlier. The customer’s head would sink into the pillow and it would give the customer little support. The customer rated the pillow 2-stars and says they will keep looking for a good thin pillow. There have been a couple of customers who have complained about the pillow being too soft.

The customer says this is the real deal because it really is a thin pillow. The pillow is 2.75 inches thick and the customer has slept nicely on the pillow. He says it is truly a thin pillow unlike a lot of the other pillows claim to be thin when they are not. He says he will buy his wife and he rated the product 5-stars. The customer says they have arm issues and needed a pillow to overcome these arm issues. They were not real thrilled about trying this pillow because they thought it would be too thin. The customer sleeps on their stomach and on their side but sleeping on their stomach is painful because they must keep their arms flat by their sides. They will sleep on their sides or stomach different portions of the time. They bought the pillow and they found that they are able to sleep on their side and on their stomach now with this pillow. They can sleep comfortably through the night now since they bought the pillow.

They updated the review and they said for a week they have slept through the night. They enjoy the pillow and they have rated the pillow 5-stars. They can also take the pillow when they travel. The customer says she is small and she needs a thin pillow and she did try this pillow and it is working fairly well. The old pillow she said was too high to keep her from sinking into the new bed. She says this pillow allows her to sleep comfortably on her side and her stomach. The only issue she has with the pillow is that it is too low and her husband says it looks flat on the bed. This is why she rated it 4-stars instead of 5-stars because the pillow is a little bit too low for her.

The customer has chronic pain in the hips and she needed extra support for her hips. She bought this pillow and set it under her hips and she slept on the pillow all night in comfort and the best part is she slept without any pain. She sleeps nicely now and she is very happy with the pillow. She rated the pillow 5-stars.

The customer says the company needs to change the description because the pillow is 1.75 inches, not 2.75 inches and it aggravated her shoulder but she says it is a good pillow otherwise. She says it is good for stomach sleepers but not for side sleepers like her self. She is wrong because a customer shared an image that showed the pillow is 2.75 inches. Also, side sleepers have slept on their sides with the pillow.

Home Luxury Living 2.5 Inch Ultra Thin Memory Foam Pillow Sleeper with 2 Pillow Covers

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is made of the best foam material and it is good for the side, stomach, and back sleepers. It gently aligns the neck, head, and shoulders. It will help reduce pressure points while you sleep. This will stop aches and pains. It is constructed with the best memory foam and it is only 2.5 inches. It will be durable, supportive and comfortable during your sleep. It comes with 2 free knitted covers and these covers are removable and machine washable.

Feedback: The customer says they were nervous when the pillow arrived because it was too firm. But once it warmed up the pillow was fine. The customer bought it for her husband who has a sensitive sense of smell. The husband complained of having a headache and shoulder pain. The old pillow was too high and strained his neck as he sank into the bed. He says that after the first night the pain started to improve. The wife complains of having pain as well so she bought one of these pillows for herself. The customer liked the fact that the pillowman with a second cover. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars.

The customer says they needed lumbar support. This pillow fits the bill and the customer says it is not too thick or thin. It is a Goldilocks pillow whatever that is supposed to mean. Beyond this, there is no valuable content in the review. In fact, there is no more content written in the review. The review does not tell us much about what are the advantages of owning this pillow are. This will really not help a person to make the decision to buy the pillow. Not everyone suffers from lumbar pain so we need more reasons as to why we should buy this pillow. The customer did give the pillow a 5-star rating.

The pillow has helped the customer’s neck and the customer’s thanks the company for making the pillow and the client says this is the most comfortable pillow they have ever owned. The customer they were looking for a pillow that maintained its shape and it has great support. The pillow is the one she was looking for and she says it retains s its shape. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer says the pillow does exactly what the ads say it will do. Well, what does the ad say it will do? The customer does not explain any of these detail. The only thing the customer says it will do is that it is a thin pillow with excellent support. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars but he really does not reveal why he gave it 5-stars or what the pillow is supposed to do. The review gives no insight into what the benefits the pillow has to offer. The review offers no selling value and if I was shopping for a pillow this review would give me no lead to whether it is worth buying or not.

The customer says the pillow is great for back sleepers and it contours to the customer’s head perfectly. It has helped the customer to sleep soundly. The review offers a little insight into why a customer should buy the pillow. Really the review could offer more details on how beneficial the pillow could be for a customer’s sleep. The customer rated the pillow 5-stars.

The customer says the pillow was just the right height but it is too hard for the customer. The customer really wanted the pillow to work but it just did not work out for them. The customer gave the product a 3-star rating. Another customer complains that the pillow was not to his liking because it was too firm. The customer rated the pillow 2-stars. This Customer gives us such a generic review and tells us nothing about the product in the review. The person says they did not like the pillow and it didn’t work for them. Well why did it not work for them and what did they not like about it? The customer rated the pillow 2-stars but what good is reading about the 2-star rating if the customer does not give the reasons for the low rating. The customer reveals no negative reasons for not liking the pillow. What if the customer shopping for a pillow may have the same reasons for not liking the pillow as the person who wrote this review. They would never know this because the customer did not list any reasons for not liking the pillow.

Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow: Extra Low Profile, Cotton Cover, Only 3 Inches Thick. Best Flat Pillow

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is said to relieve pressure on the neck and spine which will eliminate neck pain. This is caused by soreness in the neck and spine because of poor support. It softly cradles the neck and the head and it moves as you move and contours to your head and neck giving you a pain-free sleep. The pillow will cradle you in comfort and prevent you from tossing and turning. You will get the best night’s sleep you so richly deserve. The pillow is supposed to be good for people who have allergies. It did not say why the pillow is good for people with allergies.

Best Thin Pillows

Feedback: The customer tried other pillows they had bought on Amazon but unfortunately the pillows were too thick and they hurt the customer’s neck so they could not sleep. This pillow is the perfect height for the customer’s neck and it contours to the head and neck. The customer can now sleep restfully since they purchased the pillow. The customer rates the pillow 5-stars.

The customer was disappointed with the pillow. It was not what they were expecting it was too high for them to sleep on. This is rather odd because the pillow is very small length-wise. The customer gave it to her husband who liked the pillow. So, all was not lost in the purchase of the pillow. The customer rated the pillow 2-stars. The customer can take solace knowing one of the customers liked the pillow.

This customer says the pillow absolutely doesn’t make the mark for them. It is too hard and inflexible. The customer complains they need a pillow that they can wrap around their head. This may be hard to find because this would have to be a pillow that was extremely flexible. The customer rated the pillow 2-stars. The customer says the pillow was as stiff as a board. Most likely pillows will be stiff and not as flexible as this customer needs.

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow, Full Pillow, Ventilated, Hypoallergenic, Thin and Flat Pillow

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is made partly of polyester and rayon made from bamboo. The pillow is between 2.5 and 2.75 inches high and it is perfect for stomach and back sleepers. The company infused the pillow with gel particles to keep the pillow from overheating. They also put ventilation in the pillow to keep it extra cool. You will never sleep on a hot pillow again. There are no additives involved in the process of making the pillow. The company has improved the manufacturing process to take the stiffness out of the pillow. Memory foam tends to be stiffer than this pillow’s foam. This is according to the company’s perspective.

Feedback: The customer claims they have a unique side sleeping position. They tuck their arm under their head when they sleep. They needed to find a pillow that would accommodate this sleeping position. They tried bamboo-made pillows and flat, thin pillows but none of them worked. They Tried this pillow and it worked well for them They Figured a pillow with gel foam memory and being thin would work. They were right it worked well for the customer.

Slim Sleeper Memory Foam: Best Flat Pillow, Thin, Low Profile, Cotton Cover, Short Loft Is Only 3 Inches

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Benefits and Uses: The pillow is good for back and stomach sleepers. So if you fit into either one of these categories of sleepers this pillow is for you. Firm but it is a comfortable memory foam that will help you sleep better. The pillow will stop mold and bug beds from rooting in the pillow and mattress.

Feedback: The customer says beware of the phrase “relieves all pressure points” because supposedly the customer says the ear took the brunt of the full weight of the head. Which really does not make a lot of sense because this means the pillow would relive no pressure points. The ear would not be able to take the full weight of the head without being damaged. The customer rated the pillow one -star. The customer could only lay on the pillow for one minute. This sounds like a bogus review.

Best Thin Pillows Reviews


There you have a list of reviews of thin pillows listed on the market. Generally, the pillows were received favorably with the customers. But there were a few reviews that the pillows did not meet the expectations of the customers. In one review the customer claims when they laid their head on the pillow the ear took the full weight of the head and they could only lay the head on the pillow for one minute. This is very unlikely the case that the pillow would center all the pressure of the head on the pillow. This had to be a fake review.


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