Best Toners for Combination Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What is in a solid facial toner for combination skin? Is it the brand? Is it the ingredients in the product? Or is it what people are saying or not saying in reviews about the product? It could be a combination of all these factors. Certainly, these factors will only help a product to stand out from the rest of the competition. But we want to review products that will stand out in quality in comparison to the competition. There are perhaps thousands of toners out there vying for your attention.

Some of them make major phony claims and others make realistic claims. The ones that make the realistic claims will tell you exactly what the product will do for your skin. The sensationalistic claims will tell you all the things the product can do so effectively. In reality, the product cannot do half the things the company says it can do. A lot of times the reviews that were written about these products will come right out and say the company’s claims for the product are bogus. It even happens that the product will have the reverse effect on the skin than what the company says it will. These are things we need to be aware of as we go shopping for the perfect toner.

PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner

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Benefits and Uses: The product will nourish the skin it contains vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes that will leave the skin shining and vibrant. These ingredients will also give the skin a healthy glow. The company says the product will hydrate, protect and nourish the skin as we mentioned before.

Feedback: The customer says the product cleanses very well it removes a lot of dirt and makeup and it cleans the pores quite well. It even does an effective cleaning of the second application it is like it cleans everything the first application missed. The customer also said it balanced the skin and she did not need to use moisturizer. The customer is very picky about everything she uses. This product works very well for her.

Another customer says that the product seems to be working for her skin. It does not leave dry patches on the skin as other products have in the past. The customer has very oily skin. It seems odd that a skincare product would leave dry patches on the skin that is very oily. Unless the product absorbed all the oil from those areas and left the customer’s skin dry.

The customer says they have very sensitive skin and they had to use the product sporadically at first and then after a week they were able to a switch to a daily application. The customer warns if you have sensitive skin to go easy on using the product at first. Then once the skin adjusts to it go ahead and use the product daily. Very helpful information for potential consumers. The consumer also warns if you have open sores on the face that if the product absorbs into them it will slightly sting the wound.

An expert recommended this product to the customer. The client tried it and loves the product because it leaves her skin feeling bright and clean. She uses it after she applies her face wash. She says it smells nice but the scent doesn’t linger. The scent is a pumpkin fragrance again you have to like smelling pumpkin. The customer bought a bottle for her sister for her birthday. The sister loves the product as well. Great toner the consumer has been using it for 6 months and it leaves the skin tight and very clean. The client loves the product and says it definitely tones the skin and they like the smell but they cannot identify what the smell is. They like all of the company’s products.

The customer says the product smells like pumpkin and it is not drying out the skin. The customer is halfway through the bottle but they are not sure if it is working or not. But if the skin is not drying out from using the product then it has to be working. The verdict is out as to whether the customer will buy the product again or not. The customer who is 53 years-old and her 22-year-old daughter loves the product. It minimizes the pores and keeps the skin at an even tone.

This is an unhappy review because the customer bought the product based on the great reviews they read. The product made them breakout even on their cheeks. They never get acne on the cheeks so they do not like the product. They gave it a one-star rating. They will not buy the product again. Another client says the product smells like pumpkin and exfoliates the skin effectively. A spa suggested the product to this client. The client likes it so much they are now on their third bottle. It dries quickly and the customer uses it in the morning and the evening after they clean their face.

Another client that says the product smells like pumpkin but this was written with a negative connotation. Despite this client says it does a very good job on the skin. The only problem is the client leaves out the reasons why the product works so well on the skin. Consumers need to know why the consumer likes the product so well. Apparently, the client really liked the client because she gave it a 5-star rating. But why is the product worthy of a 5-star rating?

Yet another customer who says they like the pumpkin scent. (I am not so sure I would like the pumpkin scent so much.) They would definitely buy the product again because it really refines the customer’s skin. It tones the skin and reduces the pores as well. Also, it prepares the skin for the next step whatever the next step in the process is. It makes the skin feel very clean.

InstaNatural Rose Water Facial Toner 

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Benefits and Uses: The product is made of rose water and it contains no harmful chemicals and will cleanse the skin safely. Ironically, the company says the product contains no irritating artificial perfumes but it contains a natural perfume. Who’s to say the natural perfume will not irritate as much as an artificial perfume? The product is all natural and is said to have many uses for the discriminant customer. No matter what type of skin you have this product is for you. It will prepare the skin to be nourished and babied. The company seems to be making too many promises about the benefits of the product. What do 2000 written reviews have to say about these claims?

Feedback: The customer is very neutral about the product. They say they have not noticed any outstanding changes in their skin from using this product. It is not any better than any other product they have used in the past. This is not cool because the customer pays the sprayer stopped working on the third day. Now, the customer has to open the bottle and splash the rosewater on their face. This sounds like a big hassle and very cumbersome. The customer should not have to open the bottle and splash the product on their face every time they want to use the rosewater product. Needless to say, the consumer gave the product a 3-star rating which under the circumstances was quite generous.

Whoa! this is not a nice review written about the product. The customer was so excited about receiving the product. The customer tore into the package and opened up the bottle. It smelled like vinegar and the customer was not happy at all. Can you blame the customer? Naturally, the customer said they will never buy any products from the company again. This is a disgusting review, to say the least. The customer crudely says the product smells like urine. The customer did not have to pay the product smelled like urine they could have used another word to describe the bad smell. They did not want to hassle with returning the product and they thought it was a waste of money. This review was a waste of time to read. The customer did not give the product a high rating. What a surprise that was!

The customer is confused by the results of using this product on their face. They thought the product was supposed to dry out the skin and not make it oily. The reverse happened the product made the skin very oily and their skin is not oily. They said 30 minutes after they applied the product their skin became oily and it made their skin break out in a bad rash of pimples. This product completely failed the customer.I have never heard a product making naturally dry skin turn oily. And how it is turning the skin oily is a mystery. The customer either received a very bad batch of the product or their skin reacted very strongly to the product. I hope the customer certainly requests their money back.

TruSkin Naturals Daily Facial Toner

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Benefits and Uses: The product is designed to target large pores, uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, and fine lines. Customers say the product has helped to reverse the signs of aging, shrink pores, hydrates and smooth the skin, remove acne scars, reduce acne breakouts and refreshes and hydrates the skin. It is always suspicious when a company writes what customers say about the product in the product description. The reviews will speak for themselves and the company does not need to report what clients say if they really have confidence in their product. The ingredients in the product will absorb deeply into the skin preparing it for other beauty products such as moisturizers. The company uses nothing but the highest natural and organic ingredients in the product. The company also says if you are not happy with the product you have 3 months to return it. There is a 3 month period in which all you have to do is send one email to the company asking for a refund. The company will refund your money in full with no questions asked. You do not have to return the product.

Feedback: The customer used toners years ago. The customer reached the point where she could not justify buying them anymore because they were not working for her. She came across this toner and she decided to try it. She is glad she did because the toner makes her pores on her face look smaller. It does not make her skin oily like so many other products have in the past. Reviews written of the product really played a part in her buying this toner. They played a very vital role in fact. So, the bottom line is reviews really play a big part in people deciding whether to try a product or not.

The customer has used expensive products for years. She wanted to save some money so she switched to this product. The product works very well and her makeup applies very smoothly and does not ball up anymore. She wakes up with soft skin and it is not greasy. She is pregnant and when the customer rep found out. The rep offered to refund the client the money back for all products the customer bought that contained Retinol. The client says her skin is better after using this product. She bought one of everything from the company. She is telling all her friends about the great customer service and the great product. She is now a customer for life. The customer service rep really made an impact on this customer. This customer service should always be. Influencing customers in such a positive way the customers want to be lifetime customers.

This is a totally sour review written by a disgruntled customer. She says the product sprayed out in a fine mist and had no effect on her skin. The customer said the product had about as much of an effect on her skin as water would. The product did nothing for her skin. She says she has sensitive skin and the product did not cause her any irritation nor did she experience any acne breakouts. She thinks this happened because the product is so ineffective. She does not know this is the reason her skin did not have any negative reactions to the product. She tried the product because she was curious and she writes that she will never buy the product again.

Mediderm Purifying Balancing Facial Toner

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Benefits and Uses: The company says the product contains unique ingredients that will remove excess oil from the skin. They say that oil control is the key factor in having a healthy pH balance in the skin. The product will control the excess oil. It is for oily and normal skin types. It will make the skin feel fresh and radiant. It tightens the pores and eliminates the oily shine from the skin. It will reduce the glare that oily skin can produce. It can be used for men and women and the company is confident you will like the product. They are so confident that you will like their product that they do not offer any type of money back guarantee. Now, that is confidence.

Feedback: The customer loves the toner and the smell of the toner. The customer has sensitive skin but the customer is not telling why they love the product so much. They have written no details of how the product has helped their skin. This would have been insightful if they would tell why they like the product so much. Another customer has a completely negative reaction to the smell of the product. They say it stinks and they cannot get past the smell because of a congested nose. This is amazing they can smell the product through a congested nose. They did not say if the product was the cause of the congestion or not.

WhiteDerm Fading Firming Facial Toner

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Benefits and Uses: The product will tighten the skin and reverse the signs of aging. It will also even out the tone of the skin. The product will remove excess oil and it will reduce and tighten pores. It will never strip the skin of natural oils but it will leave the skin feeling fresh and clean. This is one of those companies that will not give any type of money back guarantee.

Feedback: The customer bought the product for her mother. Her mother does not have black spots on the skin or unhealthy skin. The problem was the mother was using a beauty skin product that expired. The mother loves the product and it makes her skin feel great. Daughter says she will buy mom another bottle when the current bottle runs out of lotion.


You will find on the review list some really good facial toners that will help your skin feel, clean, smooth, healthy and they will tighten the pores. They may even help to take years off your looks. They will remove any excess oil and may help to curb acne breakouts if you suffer from acne. Give one of them a try.


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