Best Toners for Rosacea

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

THE DUNES – Organic Almond Oil Face Exfoliator

Rosacea is a skin condition that leaves red bumps and patches all over the skin. It looks like the person has had an acne breakout but it isn’t acne. It is a very visual sin condition and leaves the recipient self-conscious. There are toners on the market that can help cover up and possibly heal rosacea. Toners that will blend in with the natural skin tone of the person so well that no one will ever suspect that person has rosacea. The toner will make the skin look radiant, soft and most importantly clear. Let’s look into some of these game-changing skin tones.

Paula’s Choice Skin Rercovery Calming Toner

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replenish and hydrate dull and dry skin

Benefits and Uses: The first toner on the list helps to replenish and hydrate dull and dry skin. It will put the shine back into the lifeless skin. It carries rich plant-based oils that soothe and buffer skin damaged by rosacea. It has a unique milk-hydrating formula that is best used after cleansing the skin. This toner really should be applied twice a day for best results. It is effective for dry to normal skin and very dry skin. The milk will really hydrate the dry skin quite efficiently.

Feedback: The first customer had to return this toner. It caused them too much skin irritation. The second customer is now on their second bottle of toner obviously having more fortunate effects than the first client had. She has rosacea and wanted a toner that would clean her skin thoroughly. She has found that cleanser in this toner. She broke one of her dark pink lipsticks broke in the sink and this stuff cleaned it up nicely. It also removes the sunscreen from her face without the slightest bit of irritation.

This consumer has been using this product for years and absolutely loves it. They have bought it multiple times in the past. It leaves their skin feeling healthy and smooth-looking. It is a reasonably-priced brand and works better than the more expensive brands. This according to the client’s perspective. This user says it has calmed the redness that has appeared on her chin and above her mouth. It is a lot cheaper on Amazon than on the company’s own website. She will buy the product again.

This woman does not have dry skin or rosacea but she really liked this product and liked the fact it was listed as a top ten toner. It received very high ratings and these are the reasons she tried it.She will try something else in the future. She recommends people who have red or dry skin to use this product. This client suffered from redness for years and tried many products that did not work. They thought they would never find a toner that would clear their redness from their skin. This toner cleared the redness from their skin a short period of time. She says she is a lifetime customer.

This user actually has rosacea on her cheeks. She had been using other products made by this company. She added the toner to her beauty routine ad she has seen results after a few uses. The redness on her cheeks has calmed down quite a bit. She can definitely see a difference in the skin. She really likes this product. It sounds like this toner cleared up her rosacea very quickly. This woman was not happy with this product at all. She has been searching for a toner that would not irritate and dry out her very sensitive skin. She tried this product but it dried out her skin and irritated it. The redness in skin became worse after she used this product. She will not buy this toner again.
This consumer says this toner has almost completely eliminated the redness on her cheeks and nose. It does not dry out her skin and actually leaves her skin more hydrated and supple. It has made her skin very soft and she feels for the size of the bottle it is reasonably priced.

Face n Earth Silver Green Tea Chamomile Toner

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buffers skin with potent antioxidants and it noticeably shrinks pores.

Benefits and Uses: Listed at the top of the ingredient list is that product has 40 ppm of colloidal silver. Unusual for a toner to have silver in it. It buffers skin with potent antioxidants and it noticeably shrinks pores. It assists in removing skin redness and irritation. In other words, it will eliminate rosacea from the skin. It will remove dirt and oils from the pores that the cleanser missed.But this product won’t miss.

Feedback: She loves this product because it made her face smooth and clear in no time. She cannot understand how people say the bottle is too small and there is not enough product in it. She wonders if these people use have the bottle in one application. She personally says just take a cotton swab or ball and dab a little on either one and apply it to the face. It doesn’t take much to cover the affected areas. She thinks maybe these people are used to buying store-bought trash. Another consumer said the product did absolutely nothing for her rosacea.

Another client liked the ingredients listed on the bottle. She enjoyed that they were all organic, natural and vegan. She tried the product and the chamomile really soothed her skin and the product made her skin feel and look a lot softer and smoother. The only negative was that she broke out a little bit. She thinks there is a lot of product in the bottle. She will try it again with a different batch of beauty products to see if her skin will react better the next time around. She gave it to her sister who it is working very well for.

This person bought the product thinking she would receive some free products to accompany her purchase. She wanted to buy more of these products but the free products never arrived at her front door. She did not say how the product worked on her skin. She most likely will not be buying this product again. The company may have lost a potential customer because they did not send her the free products as promised. This is poor customer service on the part of the company. She noted that the size of the bottle was a lot smaller than she anticipated. So the company strikes out on two counts. They did not deliver this woman the free products and they sent a bottle that was smaller than the bottle advertised. This company may have lost the trust of this potential customer. This is an excellent review. This person loves this product and likes that it is made of all natural products. She will not buy anything else. Another lifetime customer.

Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Toner 

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rejuvenate skin that is reactive and sensitive

Benefits and Uses: Assists to rejuvenate skin that is reactive and sensitive. It has formidable antioxidants that protect skin and battle redness. It has a liquid texture that keeps the skin immensely moisturized. Use it twice a day after cleansing the skin. It works best for normal to oily skin and it can help combination skin as well.

Feedback: The first review was not positive at all. The person said the toner burned her skin and irritated it severely. She said it did not help her at all. She said the bottle was very small and way overpriced. It was a travel size bottle and definitely is not worth the price it is being sold for. She will not use this product in the future. Ironically, this toner is supposed to soften and soothe skin. It burned her skin and made it redder.

It is odd that this toner will work so well on one person’s skin and absolutely burn and irritate a second person’s skin. This product is supposed to clear away the redness and stop irritation (as the negative reviewer had noted) is there a problem in the actual formula of the product. Are there ingredients put into the toner not listed on the bottle? Toner should not be burning and be irritating the skin as it did to the one consumer who posted a negative review.

Garden of Eve Calm Rosacea Facial Toner 

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provides excellent moisture for skin riddled with rosacea

Benefits and Uses: This product provides excellent moisture for skin riddled with rosacea, rosacea acne, and sensitive skin. It adds an extra bonus to calm face cream and it soothes rosacea-affected skin specifically. It cools it and calms it down as well. It has an unusual formula of hydrosols of organic fruits and flowers. It is a safe product to use as its EWG skin deep database score is zero when the low is 0-2 out of a score of. This is a pretty safe product to use.

Feedback: Unfortunately, there weren’t any reviews submitted for this product for whatever reason. But it does have a unique formula that deals strictly with rosacea and the symptoms of rosacea. The product has to become a little more use than we will see some reviews for it.

After The Rain Calming Soothing Toner

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Relieves and soothes highly agitated skin

Benefits and Uses: This rose water heals eczema and treats acne. It is also good for treating rosacea by making the swelling go down and the redness to fade. Relieves and soothes highly agitated skin. The aloe vera in the product soothes dryness and kills fungus and bacteria to let the true shine of your skin to stand out. It is claimed that this product is so gentle on skin that it is used as an aftershave and sunscreen on the skin.

This applies to men and women. That has to be gentle to be able to be used in those functions. The Chamomile and lavender release a nice scent appealing to both men and women. The company recommends using this product in conjunction with their face cleanser for the maximum cleansing of your face or use the product throughout the day to refresh your skin

Feedback: This user is loyal to her products so she uses this product on her neck only. She did say that the product had a strange medicinal smell that came within the skin. It disappeared after a while. It leaves the skin soft, supple and free of redness. It leaves a nice glow on her skin and she did receive the product for testing and reviewing purposes. It is not clear whether she would buy the product again or not. She did not seem overly enthusiastic about using the product and she only seems to have tried it because she received it for free.

This particular customer likes the light scent this product provides. She has been using it for years and she would not think about switching to another product. It leaves her skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It works very well on the hot summer days. She likes the fact that there are no weird ingredients in the product.

This reviewer is very satisfied with the product and she says there are so many reasons why she likes it. This will sound weird but she says she knows what it feels like to wear a cloud. This product makes her skin feel that soft. The first time she tried it, in the evening, she put way too much She said a little bit will cover a large area of your skin. The bottle is small but the product is so thick it will go a long way with one little dab. She believes the product will last a long time. She has oily skin and uses this product strictly in the evening. She wakes up with soft, velvety skin. She has had no acne breakouts or any red or inflamed skin. It sounds like she has not had any rosacea breakout either. Her skin has been free of irritation as well. The moisturizer feels soft and luxurious and she even likes the black and white packaging the product comes in.

She received the product to test and then write a review on. She did receive the product for free but says it did not influence her review. She only will review products that she has tried, believes in, and she will use. She seems to be a sold customer on the product.

This customer has an honest opinion about the product. She has not had to switch product as his product never leaves her skin feeling greasy or oily. She too likes the packaging. She did receive the product to review but she is giving a true and transparent review from the heart. She likes the product and wants to share her discovery with other people. Her skin feels amazing to the touch and the product leaves her skin soft, supple and smooth. She really likes the product.

These are the kind of reviews the consumer wants to see. The kind of reviews companies should feel really good about. The last two reviews were written by customers who really liked the product and there were no strings attached to their comments. Yes, they were both given the product for free to review. They could have written things the company wanted them to write or what the company wanted to read. Instead, they gave their true and honest opinions of the product. The reviews came out very honest and to the point. Both customers sincerely liked the product and would recommend it for others to use.

These are the kind of reviews you can really trust because you know the people are writing their true feelings about the product.They are not padding the reviews just because they received the products for free. The reviews attest to the true quality and effectiveness of the product.

The company will know that these products are transparent and for real.


You have some products to think about buying to help treat rosacea if you suffer from the effects of it. There are descriptions of the products telling the consumer what is in the product and what they can expect to happen to their skin from using the product. These reviews were written by people who have tried this product and had observable and in some cases amazing results. Read the reviews and decide which toner will work the best for you. Certainly, you will find one that works for you.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.