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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What is the secret of a good eye concealer? This is a question every man in every age has pondered. It has sparked great debates, cultural revolutions and even a couple of wars. The crown jester of England insulted the Spanish queen by saying she had very dark circles under her eyes. He suggested she should use a better quality under eye concealer. Needless, to say the queen promptly slapped the court jester so hard she rendered him unconscious and she immediately stormed out of the festivities. That same night Spain declared war on England but both countries averted an international war by sending delegates to both courts to exchange under eye concealers. The peace was maintained and life went back to normal for both cultures.

What you should expect to find in a good eye concealer is one that will naturally cover up blemishes, skin imperfections, and of course black circles under the eyes. No one wants to walk around looking like they have two black eyes all the time. A good under eye concealer will easily take care of that problem. It should be applied easily and blend in well with the person’s natural skin tone. Of course, if it is a good-quality under eye concealer that everyone is using and raving about that would be helpful as well.

bareMinerals Creamy Correcting Concealer

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Benefits and Uses: It is a smooth under eye concealer one of the best you will find. It is said to give you invisible coverage that you will think it was a part of your natural skin tone. It covers extensively and easily. It will hide blemishes, under eye circles, and any skin imperfection you want to cover.

Feedback: The first customer says it covers well and easily. It is a bit greasy though but she uses other products to solve that issue. The shade was way darker than she thought it would be. Every source she checked showed the shade to be lighter than it actually was. She suggests to go to a local store and see what the shade really looks like. The pictures do not tell the story. She says to be careful to make sure you are choosing the shade you really want.

The second consumer had trouble deciding which color to order. She says Light 1 is the lightest color with cold tones and the next lightest color is Light 2 with yellow tones. She still did not say which one she ordered. The client ordered Medium one but it was too dark for her skin tone she then switched to Light 1 and it was the perfect tone for her. It matches her skin tone and it hides all the imperfections effectively. She writes this is the best concealer there is on the market.

The customer generally likes the company’s products but not this particular concealer. She was looking for something that she could cover inflamed acne with without feeding the cycle. The cycle is that you covering flamed acne with foundation/concealer and it makes the acne spread more. She wanted to cover up her acne breakouts because they really bother you. She is insecure about the way she looks and it is hard to go work and just to be out in public with acne. This product did not help her and she thinks it is too expensive. She did not realize the bottle would be so small either. She says it is not good to cover inflamed acne. I don’t know why she was trying to cover it if she knew it was unhealthy.

The veteran makeup user has been using these products for years. A friend suggested she try this concealer and she did with regret. It was too orange in tint and it applied to her skin very heavily. She tried using a brush and her finger to apply the concealer but it was too yellowish on her skin and the powder settled into the creases. She did not expect this from this company and she lost money on the purchase.

Ironically, this customer says the undereye concealer is not good to be applied under the eye because it is too heavy and settles into the lines on the skin. She says it is good for covering acne breakouts without causing more acne breakouts. It covers acne scars well. It does not cause the skin to become irritated but saying it does not work as an undereye concealer is damaging. What is the point of buying the undereye concealer if you are told not to use it under the eye?

The customer also says the product fully covers blemishes. This is the second complaint about the product applying too heavy under the eye and that it settles into lines. The company has a major issue here. Their formula is too heavy to be used as an undereye concealer it needs to be changed. This could be a big game breaker for the company. The customer says the product is good for people with fair skin and yellow undertones.

This is bad news another review criticizing the product for not being able to be applied under her eyes because it settled into the creases and it was not very long lasting. It also made her dry skin feel worse. The colors were nice and the texture felt good on the skin. The customer was not impressed by the product at all. She read a lot of reviews which stated the concealer would guide skin imperfections well. She applied them to her dark spots but they only lightened them up they did not fully conceal them. She will not buy the product again and she was not impressed with it either. She will spend her hard earned money at Walmart and buy their concealer.

The customer bought this same product from Ulta and it was very different than the one she purchased on Amazon. Theone bought on Amazon had a dusty smell like it had been sitting on a shelf for ages. It smelled funny and when she tried to apply it would not cover anything on the skin. She won’t buy the product from Amazon again. This product had no expiration date so the consumer did not know if it was expired or not. It sure sounded like it was expired when she received the product. This product has received some seriously negative reviews and they have been consistent. The product is too heavy to be used for an undereye concealer was a constant complaint. This is a serious issue the company needs to address. The customer who got a bad batch who be given a refund immediately as the product sounds like it was expired when she received it. This is a poor quality control on the company’s part. It does not give one much confidence in their customer service.

Maybelline Makeup Instant Age Rewind Concealer

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Benefits and Uses: The formula is said to immediately brighten and conceal the under eye area of imperfections. It comes with a mini brush applicator that eliminates fine lines and dark circles with fine precision. It applies the product easily and concisely. You will never miss a spot again. The product for under eye coverage of dark spots comes in 12 shades. It will reveal a perfect and radiant under eye area in no time. You will never know you had any skin imperfections to cover up after you use this concealer. It delivers the seamless and smooth application to instantly remove the puffiness under the eye areas.

Feedback: The customer applied toa scar she had from surgery and it completely covered up the scar on the leg. You could not even tell she had a scar. She says to use it on the face not to conceal surgical scars on the leg. She was just showing everyone how good the product would conceal skin imperfections.As she pointed out it was made for the face not to cover scars on the leg. It seems to conceal imperfections very well.

The customer has used the product for years as an undereye concealer and says it work well. The customer had plastic surgery done on her face from a dog bite on her lower lip. She is concealing the scar until it heals. She says it covers very well and she posted some pictures to show its effects. The pictures did not appear on the page.

The customer used the product years ago and then stopped using it for whatever reason. She liked it back then so she decided to try it again and she still likes the product. It has a little applicator brush that works well to apply the product. Especially in those weird places you need to conceal imperfections in. Like the corner of the eyes for instance. She says it lasts throughout the day but it does not cover as much as she would like it to. She has to apply more product to her skin to achieve full facial coverage. She did not give it 5 stars because when she uses the little brush applicator the product goes on somewhat streaky.

Sheer Miracle Organic Wide Awake Dark Circle Concealer

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Benefits and Uses: This product appeals to a specific segment of the population because it works. This is what the company claims. It is a certified concealer and it is cruelty-free. The only reason it is cruelty-free is that the animals said it only lightened their fur imperfections it did not cover them up. This is why the animals refused to apply this concealer under their eye it just did not meet their standards. The customer has been using the product for a week and says it is amazing. The customer inherited dark circles under the eyes. The product is long lasting and conceals the dark circles well so the customer looks well rested. Another customer says the product gives you a very rested work and it can be used around the entire eyes. A little bit goes a long way. Apparently, one tube will last a person a very long time. For $16.00 a tube it better last a long time.

Feedback: The customer was skeptical of the product. The customer has used so many concealers that dried out the skin. She tried this concealer and the pink salmon blends well with her skin tone. It makes it look like she had a very restful night of sleep. She bought some for her friends and she carries the product in her purse. She writes that the dab the size of a nickel will cover a lot of skin area. She expects the product to last her s long time.

The customer wrote a lengthy review and in it, she seemed to repeat herself. The essence is it is dry when she gets it out of the jar. If she is able to get some out of the jar she applies it to the skin. She does not like the way it looks on her. She bought two tubes one for the purse and one for home. She is thoroughly not happy with the product. She wrote twice that she bought two containers of the product. It seems she wasted her money on the product.

The customer says the concealer works better than old-fashioned beige concealer. The customer has sinus problems and insomnia so the customer does not sleep well at night. The client says she has very dark spots under her eyes. The product really conceals the dark spots well and when she wears glasses it makes a big difference. The client gave the product a three-star rating because the container is much smaller than it is presented in the picture. This could be very misleading because customers will think they are getting a bigger container than they really will and this is a false advertisement on the part of the company.

This young mother has very dark circles under her eyes. She has a toddler so it sounds like her sleep is limited. The product did not cover the dark spots under her eyes, in fact, it did not cover anything under her eyes as she thought it would. She resigned herself to the fact that she wasted $17.00 nut she should get her money back it did not work for her.

The customer needs a thick and creamy concealer to cover the dark spots under the eyes. The product was too dense and it was hard for her to apply to the under eye area and it did not work for her anyway. She says this product would work great for someone with light circles under the eyes. Like it was mentioned before the product was not thick enough or creamy enough for the client. Apparently, it is too dry and powdery for the client’s needs. This calls for a money refund and why did the customer think the product would be creamy and thick? Is this a case of a false advertisement on the part of the manufacturer?

Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-In-1 Concealer For Eyes Broad Spectrum Spf 20

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Benefits and Uses: The product doubles as a sunscreen as well as a concealer. It has an SPF rating of 20. It will conceal imperfections and protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. It is a correcting under eye concealer but on the other hand aren’t all concealers correcting? Conceals puffiness, dark circles, and even fine lines. It applies smoothly and evenly so it will not give you that streaky uneven look.

Feedback: The customer likes the product and the shade is perfect for the skin tone. The customer likes it that it doubles as a sunscreen as well. It is nice and creamy and thick as well. The customer says it has a strong perfume smell but the customer can live with this issue. The customer warns that if you have allergies don’t buy this product. You will regret it. This product the customer thought was supposed to be applied around the eyes. She was right it is supposed to be applied around the eyes but she was not bargaining for it to smell so sweet. She is not happy and she will be returning the product. She is right the smell could very well irritate the eyes and whoever heard of making an undereye concealer to smell?

The customer says she needs heavy duty concealer for under the eyes because she has very dark circles under the eyes. This product works very well at concealing her dark spots for about an hour or so. Then the familiar black stars to show through even with this product. She says not many concealers can cover her dark circles. She has yet to find one that can. The journey continues for her.

COVERGIRL Smoothers Moisturizing Concealer

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains ginseng and is made for light skin tones. It will cover imperfections like only Covergirl concealer can. It is free of harmful chemicals. The rest of the product description covered the great products the company has to offer. Which is quite irrelevant to this product.

Feedback: The customer ordered the product online. She has been using the product for years but something went wrong with this order. The shade she thought she was ordering was much darker than she thought it would be. She will go to the store and buy the correct shade. This was not the right shade.


If you have light dark circles to cover under the eyes you will definitely find a product on our list. If you are looking for a concealer that will cover dark spots you probably will not find the product in our list. But we have reviewed some solid products. Take a look at our list and we are sure you will find something that will work for you.


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