Best Unscented Body Wash

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

We are talking a body wash that will not make you or other people who will be around you nauseous from the smell of the body wash you used. It seems ironical that anyone would want to use a body wash that was unscented. Is not the whole point of a body wash to sweeten the smell of the body? To cover the sweat and other odors of the human body? Yes, we all want to feel clean but don’t we want to smell clean as well? It seems odd to use an unscented body wash when a body wash is supposed to wash the body and make it smell clean. But, we must remember that some people are allergic to scented body washes and they cannot tolerate the chemicals or ingredients in the body wash. They may break out in acne or some other kind of rash. So there is some sense in purchasing a body wash that is unscented. Another issue is the chemicals they put in the body wash may contain dyes or perfumes that will be harmful to people’s skin. Let’s find some top unscented body washes.

CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash 10 oz

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CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash

Benefits and Uses: The product cleanses and moisturizes the skin with ceramides which are waxy lipid molecules. They do contain some fats in them and it is not certain how fats will help to clean the skin. It also is able to restore the protective skin barrier that shields the human skin. It has a foaming action that soothes, calms and refreshes the body. It is free of chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and it is accepted by the National Eczema Association. How that defines the product is not known. Will it help sell the product I doubt it?

Feedback: The customer loves this cleanser and she has used t for years. She says it doesn’t remove makeup and she uses it as a second cleanser. This is used after she uses a cleansing balm which sounds like it removes all the heavy makeup and foundation. She rubs this over her

face with a cloth and doesn’t wash it off. It is safe to wash the eyes and eyelids. Still, it is advised to use caution washing this cleanser over the eyes and the eyelids it may harm the eyes. She loves the product and will keep using it. She is a loyal customer of the product and it has served her skin well over the years.

This is interesting, this male customer on the advice of his dermatologist starting using the product. The doctor told him to use it as a gentle cleanser, so, he did. He regretted using it because after he started using it his forehead broke out in little pimply bumps that were red. He did not have any whiteheads but a lot of red bumps. He took a picture of his forehead and it was full of red bumps and it looked like he was sunburned but he had not been out in the sun. The product backfired on him. Normally, he has clear skin but not after using the product. He wisely decided to stop using the product to get rid of the red bumps and give his skin a rest. The dermatologist missed it on this recommendation. This product is supposed to control acne not start acne on the skin. The product should be controlling acne breakouts not starting them.

This product completely failed for this client. She said it did not lather when she pumped it out of the bottle it just kind of just sat in her hand like a lotion would. She washed with it and it was like washing with lotion which was a complete waste of time. She said she would write an update on how well it removed her makeup. She wrote an update and said she pumped the pump about 6 times which she says defeats the purpose of having a big bottle. She washed with the lotion and it did not lather up even after the multiple times she pumped the dispensing bottle. She was disappointed to find out the product did a poor job of removing her makeup. It left a lot of makeup behind. This product is off to a bad start the first customer has breakouts with the product and this customer cannot get her makeup off with it.

The third complaint by a customer she says the bottle is too light to get the wash out of the bottle when she uses it in the shower. After the bottle is emptied a bit the lotion will not come out easily. She says they need to redesign the bottle to make the wash come out easier. She also did not like the fact that it was a 10-ounce bottle which she claims is too small for everyday use. She hopes they will make a bigger bottle in the future. She was not pleased with the product. The company needs to work out these malfunctions if they want to sell the body wash. The formula needs to be changed so the wash lathers and a bigger-sized bottle needs to be implemented. Also, they need to make it easier to dispense the wash after the bottle is not full all the way. They need to listen to their customers’ complaints and resolve the issues some of which are very basic.

The customer has sensitive skin and on top of that, she has acne rosacea. She heard somewhere this wash would help with this condition. The wash did not burn her skin like other washes did but it still burned her skin. She said it made the skin dryer and it did not help with the rosacea acne instead it made it worse. She will not be using the wash anymore as it was a complete waste of money for her. Her search to find a wash to clear her skin moves on.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash, 12 Fl. Oz

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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Benefits and Uses: It comes in a small 12 ounce bottle and it is said to help keep the body’s natural moisture. It can be used on sensitive skin and it will not irritate this type of skin. It has oatmeal in it which is supposed to help dry skin to hydrate. The company claims that dermatologists recommend this brand.

Feedback: The customer likes it that she is getting 3-12 ounce bottles which are perfect for her shower caddy. She has psoriasis and the wash keeps the area clean. It does not cause itching, dryness, or redness in the affected areas. She can use it on her sensitive eye area. She has used it with good results as a shampoo so the product is versatile. The price is better on Amazon than bought in the store. She moisturizes her skin and a little dab will do you. It will go a long way. It lathers well unlike the product reviewed above which did not lather at all. Apparently, a good lathering action is important to people. The scent is a nice nutty fragrance that is not too perfumey or overpowering. The customer read about it in a review. The review confided the product does what it says it will do. She has no complaints oh yes, the only complaint she has is that it doesn’t come in a travel-size. But this seemed like a minor irritant to her. She thinks it is a complete product that meets all of her needs.

The customer has eczema-inflicted hands and thought the product would help them. It did not help their hands but made the eczema flare-up worse. It did not help the person at all. They gave it 3-stars because it smells so good. Personally, I would have given it 3 stars because it made her eczema worse. The customer has been using this body wash for 5 years now and it makes her skin feel great and look great. She justifies the high price because a little goes a long way and it will last a long time. It works well in the winter when her skin becomes dry and itchy. But when she washes with the wash it keeps her skin hydrated and it doesn’t flake or itch. Her dermatologist recommends the brand and so does she.

This woman’s grandson and her husband have very itchy and dry skin that sounds like it flakes as well. They have tried many products and nothing has worked for them. They used this product and it is working well for their dry and itchy skin. The husband’s dermatologist has recommended this product as well. So, it seems like dermatologists do recommend the product because in the reviews a couple of dermatologists have advised their patients to use the product.

The customer feels like the product is too greasy. Apparently, after they wash with it leaves a greasy film on the skin. They feel that they have to rinse way too much to get the wash off. They are not happy with this wash. Generally, this customer likes the company’s products but not this wash. It is not enough for their dry skin. They will finish the current bottle and switch back to their old brand. The customer received the product damaged and there was soap spilled all over the package. It sounded like it was a mess.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash, Unscented

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The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash, Unscented

Benefits and Uses: The lather leaves the skin feeling refreshed and vibrant. The product is supposed to have over 65 vitamins and minerals. It has some fine ingredients that will make the skin hydrated and healthy-looking after washing with the wash. It is said to work on all skin types including sensitive skin. It will even help dry, cracked skin.

Feedback: The customer likes the body wash and not just for its scent or lack of scent. It doesn’t lather that well but if you use a bath poofie it lathers very well. You could towel dry your body after a shower but this client prefers to air dry her body after washing with this wash. It makes her skin feel silky and smooth. The colors are strange and there is a smell when the product is first removed from the bottle. The client thinks it is the bottle that smells because once she removes the wash from the soap there is no smell. The customer likes the scent of the product and she has been wanting to try a seaweed product for a while. She says that she can get small bubbles with the product if she pours it into her hands. She says it does not lather very well except if you use a poofie. You can get a decent lather with a 1/4 cup of the product and use a bath poofie. The soap smells nice in the shower but it doesn’t linger. She likes the scent because it smells like vanilla but it is not overpowering. She says it hydrates her dry skin but not to the point where she doesn’t need to use a moisturizer. She does not have itchy skin though after using this wash. She is the second client to complain it doesn’t lather well unless a bath poofie is used. She said you have to use a lot of product to get a decent lather.

This customer says she likes the product but describes the consistency in terse terms. She says the consistency is way too thick. The trouble is she goes through way too much product too fast. It gets expensive for her going through a bottle so quickly. This is the third client to complain that they have to use too much wash to cleanse themselves with. The company needs to address the issue and rethink the formula so it is not so thick and will last longer when customers buy the bottles. They will start losing a lot of customers if they do not change the consistency of this product. Several reviews have complained that the wash goes too quickly and that is expensive for the customers.

The client just doesn’t understand why everyone thinks this product is so great. She doesn’t think it is that good at all. It doesn’t smell that good and it does not do anything for her skin. It does not lather very good either. She will not buy the product again it sounds like. This client really does not like this product either and this is the first time she has tried a seaweed product. She doesn’t like the smell and it leaves her skin dry which never helps.

Dove Body Wash, Deep Moisture

Dove Body Wash, Deep Moisture

Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to give softer, smoother skin just after one shower. If this is the case, it would work pretty fast on the skin.It has 100% gentle cleansers and it is sulfate-free and may have no harmful chemicals in its ingredients. It is claimed to be the number one choice among dermatologists. This wash minimizes your skin dryness if this is an issue with your skin. The product is formulated with technology that is able to deliver natural nutrients to the skin and it will absorb deeply into the skin.

Feedback: The customer complained that no matter how careful they were washing their head and around their eyes, it still stung eyes severely. So, they had to stop using it on their face and head. The new batch made their armpits itch badly. They stopped using the product and the itching under their armpits stopped. There was some kind of irritant in the soap that made her skin itch under the armpits. She could have rinsed for the next decade, and the wash still left a disagreeable perfumy odor on her body. She ended the review with a “so much for the dove body wash product.” She doesn’t like the product. She was not the first customer to say the newly formulated dove body wash is worse than the earlier type.
The customer has been using Dove for ions. She says the new bottles are very hard to get the body wash out of. The shape of the bottles makes it a task to get the product out when the bottles get wet. The bottles are too heavy. She bought two bottles with the unfriendly design. She says they need to develop bottles with pumps attached to them. She will buy a pump bottle and refill it with the body was until the two bottles are depleted.

Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash, Coconut Pineapple, 16 oz.

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Nature's Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash, Coconut Pineapple

Benefits and Uses: The product is applicable for all family members. It can be used by babies, kids, adults, and teenagers. It is gentle on any type and age of skin so the company says. The product, unlike other products, does not dry out your hair and scalp but moisturizes the hair and scalp. It leaves the hair radiant and healthy-looking. It will clean the hair and body by using no harsh chemicals and it will leave the hair and body cleaner then a lot of other washes would. The product smells heavenly and will absolutely leave the skin smelling the best it ever has.

Feedback: The person loves the product so this is not the problem. The problem is, she hardly spun the pump around and it broke. Now every time they want to get the body wash out it is a big mess. The company needs to make the pump on the bottle a lot stronger than it currently is. If they don’t they are going to have a lot of returned products to cope with. They probably will anyway.


You have a variety of some top body washes to choose from. Some of them worked very well for people and some of them did not work at all for customers. One product had a consistent issue with not lathering enough and the customers went through the bottle quickly because they had to use so much. This will get expensive after a while. Other products went a long way with just a little bit of body wash used. Then there were those customers who just thought the products were a waste of money and time. You never know what you will read in those customer reviews.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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