Best Vitamin b1 Supplements

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2018)

The vitamin b1 or thiamine is found in many products including meats, yeast, grains and many other foods. It works in conjunction with other B vitamins to keep the body healthy and it most likely has many health benefits to offer. Vitamin b1 is critical in maintaining the body’s overall health. There are many companies that make many different brands of vitamin B1 on the market today. You need to find the right one with the right ingredients for your system. There are many prices charged for the b1 vitamins s you need to find one that will fit your budget. I guarantee you there are plenty of b1 vitamins available so you will not have a hard time finding them, especially on Amazon. We need to start searching for the best b1 vitamins available. We might as well start now.

Nature’s Way Vitamin B-1 100 Mg Thiamine Hci, 100 Capsules, 100 Count

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Benefits and Uses: This vitamin is a precursor to the metabolite (Is a substance that is formed in or is necessary for metabolism) which is called thiamin diphosphate. So b1 is apart of the construction of this metabolite. These elements are essential for turning glucose into energy. Thiamin also helps to convert carbohydrates into energy for the human body to actively use. The company says their product is painstakingly tested to assure the product meets excellent quality standards. It contains no soy, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In other words, it is made of natural ingredients. It contains no harmful ingredients.

Feedback: The customer says their doctor advised them to take vitamin b1 to repel ticks. The customer says they are still getting ticks even after taking the b1 vitamin supplement. The customer says maybe they have gotten fewer ticks but they really do not know. There has been a lot of ticks in their area at the time of this writing. The customer says there has been a lot of tick airborne diseases contracted by people living in the client’s area. I am not a doctor but I have never heard of vitamin b1 repelling ticks. The client admits that they do not know if the b1 is really working to keep the ticks away or not. It seems like the vitamin supplement was not really preventing the ticks from attacking the customer’s body. Another interesting fact is the customer rated the product 3-stars. Which tells us the customer really did not think the product was working all that way. This another unknown application this customer is taking vitamin b1 for. The customer says it helps him to sleep and it is reducing the bad dreams while he sleeps. Since when does vitamin b1 reduce bad dreams or even help the customer to sleep. This individual rated the product 5-stars.

The customer says they are taking their vitamins separately instead of taking them in a vitamin compound. It would be easier to swallow one multivitamin than to take 8 separate vitamins. It would be cheaper to buy multivitamins as well. The customer says they only take this company’s brand of vitamins. This is because this company has vitamins that are purer according to the customer. The client rated the product 5 stars but the client does not detail why the product is so good. The client fails to mention what benefits they derived from the product. The client says these vitamins are pure and active but they do not say why this is an advantage. They absolutely say nothing about the benefits the product has to offer.

The customer had a gastric bypass about a year prior to this review being written. The product was taken with the customer’s multivitamins and the levels (what they were wasn’t reported by the customer) came back good. The customer says the product is easy to swallow. The implication is that the gas levels were normalized by the vitamin b1 supplement. The customer mentions a major benefit derived after having surgery from taking the product. This review will help people to decide to purchase this product who have had a similar surgery as the customer had. There may not be a lot of people who have had the surgery but there will be some. More than I think there will be and the company will receive that many more customers who will buy the product because they read this review. The customer gives the product 5-stars. Here is a customer who takes the b1 supplements in the morning. They say they will take two in the morning and they are able to sleep deeply. They did not know the supplement would do this. Here we have a customer sharing a benefit they did not know the supplement would provide. Again, I never heard that b1 vitamins can help a customer to sleep better.

Vitamin b1 Supplements

Another review that states their doctor told them to take the b1 vitamin to repel bugs. The customer followed the doctor’s advice and took the b1 vitamin. The customer claims they have had no more bug bites and the supplement repelled the bugs within 24 hours. This one says the product is definitely preventing the bugs from biting them. The earlier review that was written talking about it preventing ticks from landing on the body; the customer was not so sure it was helping to keep the ticks away. The customer was still getting ticks but not at such a prolific rate since they started taking the b1 vitamin. This does not prove the vitamin b1 is repelling the ticks. The evidence is very weak that the vitamin is repelling ticks. I am not convinced that b1 vitamins can repel bugs either after all it is not a bug spray.

The customer says it is a great product and that is it. We do not know the details of why it is such a great product. There are a lot of reviews like this one that speak about the product in the broadest terms and we have no clue why we should buy the product. The point of the review is to tell us why we cannot live without the product and how it will change our lives and make our quality of life better. The review should convince us to purchase the product. But we must be given good reasons why we should buy re product and how it will benefit us. The customer just says it is “a great product ” and that is it. This will not convince me to buy the product or even want to buy the product. It is just another great product among millions of great products. What makes this product stand out from the other products? The customer rated the product 5-stars and they do not detail why they liked the product so much.

Women’s Multivitamins – Antioxidant Energy Supplement with Minerals – Vitamin A C D E + B complex, Vitamins B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B12 + Calcium, Zinc, Biotin and Folic Acid. Anti Aging, Immune & Bone Support

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Benefits and Uses: The company claims that the antioxidants are critical for optimal health. They can repair damaged molecules and increase your natural defenses. They will also maintain optimal skin health by controlling aging because they fight free radical damage. It has vitamins and minerals with antioxidants to maintain women’s health It has multivitamins and minerals especially designed for women’s health. It promotes powerful nutrients that will protect the bones, heart, eyes and bone health. It will also help the immune system It helps to promote physical and mental energy. It contains no harmful products and it is made in the United States in a GMP-certified and FDA-certified facility. The company says the product is 100% money-back guaranteed.

Feedback: The customer says they started taking these vitamins because they read somewhere that when you get older the body does not absorb the vitamins from the foods. The person was getting tired and fatigued all the time. They started taking the vitamins and they now have more energy and they sleep better at night since they started taking the vitamins. But the odd thing is the client only rated the product 4-stars and not 5-stars. All the benefits the customer claims the vitamins gave her you would think she would have rated the product 5-stars. The customer says it has helped them feel better overall and they bought the vitamins for her sister.

The customer loves the vitamins and she says they have helped her energy and colon. This is the end of the benefits she describes. She does rate the product 5-stars It would have been beneficial if she would have detailed more benefits and without getting too personal about the colon issue or the energy level. The more support she can give for the benefits the product offers it will help to sell the product to potential customers. The customer says she has bought the vitamins several times before and they are good for her. How are they good for her? She gives us no indication what the benefits of the vitamins are for her. We need to know why the vitamins are good for her but she doesn’t say why. She rated the product 5-stars but here again she does not detail why she rated it 5-stars.

Here is another customer that talks about the vitamins in very general terms and does not detail how the vitamins are helping her. She has been taking them for 3 months and she has stocked up on them. She claims these are the best multivitamins but we do not know why these are the best multivitamins she has ever taken. She too rates the product 5-stars but she does not explain why she rated the product 5-stars. These types of reviews may as well not even be printed because they serve no purpose in selling the product and making more profits for the company. More importantly, they will benefit to improve the health of people who may have bought them if the reviews were more detailed. There are just too many reviews written on Amazon that are so generic they do not highlight the benefits the product has to offer or what the product is doing for the customer.

The customer says they do not feel any increase in the energy levels but they say the skin feels radiant. So it sounds like the customer is only receiving half the benefits the other customers have received. The customer says the vitamins are making the skin feel healthy but the energy levels have not been affected by the vitamins. The customer does not detail why the skin is healthier other than to say it looks radiant. What in the multivitamins is making the skin look radiant? Does the skin look younger? We just do not know. The customer gives the multivitamins a low rating of 3 stars and here she really does not explain why the average rating.

Liquid Vitamin B1 Drops Liquid Thiamine Drops, Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Support Digestion, Maintain Proper Mental Function & Convert Foods into Energy – Herb-Science

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Benefits and Uses: Here is a new one the company says that b1 vitamins will help the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. So, this means then that it will promote health in the eyes, hair, liver, muscles, mouth, and vital organs. It is called an anti-stress vitamin and it boosts the immune system and it improves the mood. The b1 vitamin helps to metabolize the carbohydrates, protein, to produce energy. It supposedly promotes the manufacturing of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that keeps the muscles strong and the digestion normal. I never heard that b1 vitamins will help the muscle tone in the stomach and intestines. The company advises if you have trouble digesting pills then use the company’s liquefied vitamin b1 and it will help to absorb energy from the food. This will increase energy levels. The product is made in the United States with no harmful ingredients contained in the pills. There is 6mg of product in each bottle.

Feedback: This product only received 2 reviews and why this is could be for so many reasons. Let us get to the reviews, shall we? I have never heard of vitamin b1 administering this benefit before. The customer says they immediately cut the drinking in half. They reduced the consumption of cocktails. I am not sure the vitamin b1 helped the customer to reduce the drinking. I mean it is good that she reduced her drinking but I am not convinced the vitamins have done this. The customer is convinced that the product deserves a 5-star rating. This customer really likes these vitamins so much. She says she gives them to her 7-year-old daughter who stutters. The customer claims the product loosens the daughter’s tongue and she speaks clearly. The customer writes the product is amazing. I do not believe the vitamins are helping the little girl to talk clearly. It has never been said before that vitamins will help a person talk clearly. This sounds like a bogus review. The customer rated the review 5-stars.

Nutricost Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 500mg, 120 Capsules

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Benefits and Uses: There are 500mg of vitamin b1 in each capsule. There are 120 capsules per bottle and they are quality capsules that are supposed to be pure. They are gluten free and NON-GMO products and they are made in the United States.

Feedback: The customer claims the ingredients in the are synthetic which completely contradicts what is said in the product description. In it says the capsules are pure. The customer says they have had bad results from taking these capsules. The customer does not detail what the negative results of taking the product were. The customer does not say why she rated the product one-star. The client does not say why they will not be taking the capsules anymore. This is a very broad and general review and just as we need to know about the benefits of a product; we need to know any negative effects a product is delivering to the customer. I am thinking this is not a genuine review.

This customer claims the product is poison and a fake. Do your research the customer claims and she says do not buy the product. The customer rates the product one-star. The customer is exaggerating in saying the product is fake and it is like taking poison. The customer does not support any of these claims in the review.

Best Vitamin b1 Supplements

Integrative Therapeutics Active B-Complex with Folate and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12, and Choline Bitartrate – NSF Certified for Sport – Vegan Formula 

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Benefits and Uses: The product supplies all 8 vitamins and they work together in a way to convert food into energy. It boosts the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Feedback: The customer says they gave him heart flutters and anxiety and once they stopped taking the product the heart flutters and anxiety (that came out of nowhere) disappeared. I find it hard to believe that these multivitamins could cause this customer to have anxiety and heart flutters. The customer rated the product 1-star.


We have covered together some of the better bi vitamin supplements available to you. They are all closely related in price and they basically will benefit the body generally in the same way.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.