Best Vitamin E Supplements

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2019)

What are the best vitamin E supplements and how do you find them? You find them by searching on Amazon and researching the product descriptions and reviews. These two sources of information will help you to pick which vitamin e supplement will work best for you. It depends on what you want because some of the supplements have other vitamins in them as well as vitamin e. Well, what if you want a supplement that has vitamin e only in its contents. This is why it would benefit you to investigate the best supplement that will meet your needs. Supposedly, vitamin e is able to restore damaged skin to its normal state. It is said to be able to diminish scars because when I was a teenager I use to rub it on the scars on my face. To be honest I really do not know if it worked or not. Vitamin e is said to supply many health benefits for the human body. It really is a common and well-known supplement. Another consideration is how strong do you want your supplement to be. How many IU’S are you willing to take?

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E Pills and Supplement, Supports Antioxidant Health

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Benefits and Uses: The product contains properties that will support immune and antioxidant health. But it does not say how it will support these health endeavors. It is pure di-Alpha which is the most active form of vitamin e and it consists of one isomer. (Each of two or more compounds with the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms in the molecule and they have different properties) The product is also 100% free of preservatives and this concludes the product description. Another product description that is too short and does not contain any information about the ingredients or the benefits of the product. There are too many product descriptions that are too brief and generic.

Feedback: The customer says the vitamin e supplements are large but they are easy for the customer to swallow. The customer rates the product 5-stars. But the client does not say what benefits the vitamin e is providing for their body. The customer does not explain why they rated the product 5-stars either. But the customer says the vitamin e supplements are easy to digest for the customer than other vitamin e supplements have. I really did not know that vitamin e supplements were hard to digest in the first place since they are made out of vitamin e oil. If they are liquid gels you could pop the gel open and add the vitamin e oil to another food for instance. This review has no strong selling points to help someone to decide to purchase the supplement.

This is not good because the customer says they opened the bottle and the vitamin e smelled like acidic garbage. I wonder what acidic garbage smells like? The customer claims he has never smelled a vitamin e supplement as bad as this one. He says he has been taken vitamin e supplements for years. The customer rated the product 1-star because of the really bad smell. I just wonder if this is a fake review because I have never heard of anything smelling like acidic garbage. This just does not sound realistic. This is a positive review but it does not say anything about the vitamin e supplement. The customer says it is a great vitamin e supplement and the customer rated the product 5-stars. But you see the issue is the customer did not detail why it is a great supplement or how it benefited the customer. The review offers us no helpful information about the quality of the vitamin e supplement.

Vitamin E Supplements

The customer says the vitamin e supplements gummed all together and that it was a lousy product. But I wonder if the customer kept the product in a very hot place and they melted together. The customer never got the chance to try the vitamin e supplements. But who is at fault here the company for sending a gummy product or the customer for storing the vitamin e supplements in a hot place? The customer rated the product 2-stars.

The next customer says they do not understand why the company does not put the vitamin e supplements in a solid dark bottle. The product comes in a partially dark bottle and the customer thinks if the bottle was completely dark it would preserve the minerals better. But I never heard that a dark bottle would preserve minerals better. I also never heard that vitamin e supplements contained minerals this just not sound right. Neither comment sounds right. The customer rated the product 5-stars despite the complaints. The customer does not comment on the quality of the vitamin e supplements either. They did not share what the benefits of the supplements were.

The customer says they are glad that they can have their favorite vitamins delivered to them. They rated this product 5-stars but they did not say why they rated it 5-stars or they did not reveal what benefits the vitamins supplied for them. This is good they are getting the vitamins they wanted but what benefits does it bring to this customer? People reading these reviews want to know what the product will do for them. The customers also want to know how the product will improve their health, increase their strength, and improve their quality of life. This review does not answer any of these important questions. If this review answered these questions the customers reading the review would be more apt to buy this product. Word of mouth is a big factor in people buying these products on Amazon.

Another generic review which the customer states that they are so glad they have this vitamin E supplements in their medicine cabinet. Ok, this is dandy that the customer has the supplement in their medicine cabinet. But why are they so glad? The client says it is an all-purpose supplement but they do not say why. They do not tell us how the supplement benefits them in every way. The customer reveals no information about how well the supplement works for them. The customer rated the product 5-stars but who knows why the customer rated the product so high?

Standard Process – Cardio-Plus – Cardiovascular Supplement, Vitamin C, E, and B6, Riboflavin, Niacin, Selenium

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Benefits and Uses: The product is able to support heart health and other muscles. It is said to support healthy coronary blood flow and the ingredients contain some powerful antioxidants. The product contains a heart extract to keep the heart functioning normally. The product is said to give higher levels of oxygen while the customer as workouts. This is irrelevant to the product but the product description says you can contact a healthcare professional for further advice on this supplement. This really has nothing to do with the supplement.

Feedback: The customer says they did not see a noticeable difference when taking this supplement. They took it for a while and they noticed their blood pressure had gone down. The customer tried other supplements and exercised for years but none of these sources helped to rid the high blood pressure. This was the only product that helped to love the high blood pressure. They say they like to take natural products and go to see natural doctors. The customer gives Amazon a 5-star rating because they have found a medicine that has benefited the customer. But the 5-star rating is for the product, not Amazon and the customer says whenever they have a medical issue they put it in the Amazon search bar and they usually find an answer to the problem. They always make sure the ingredients are all natural before they purchase a product. The customer rated the product 5-stars and apparently it helped them out a lot. This review will sell the product. The customer explains that the supplement benefited them greatly. High blood pressure is a major health issue because it could kill a person.

The customer says their dog has a heart murmur and the vet said the dog had one possibly two years to live. The customer took the dog to a vet who specializes in natural medications. This vet took the dog off all the medications the other vet had put the dog on. The natural vet put the dog on herbs and other natural products and the dog has reached the two-year mark. The dog’s heart has not worsened and the regular vet was surprised by this. The customer rates the product 5-stars and thinks human medications are good to be given to our pets. Human drugs or medications were designed for humans, not animals. Animals do not have the same types of medical systems as humans have. Giving little dogs human medication could be dangerous. Their bodies were not designed to take human medications because human medications may be too strong for the smaller animals. It seems to me the practice of giving pets human medications is a very dangerous proposition.

The customer says her chiropractor gave her these vitamin e supplements to stop the pain in her wrists. The doctor said if we workout too hard our heart grows weak and so does our wrists. The customer claims the product has really helped her out. She had been taken it for 2 months and she feels fine. It sounds really weird that if you workout too hard your heart and wrists will weaken. If you workout it will strengthen the heart not make it weaker. The customer rated the product 5-stars but I never heard of vitamin e being used to strengthen wrists and hearts. This review sounds really funny and I never heard of a doctor making these types of assumptions.

This is a very negative bit honest review. The client says he was skeptical these vitamin E supplements would do him any good. He decided the give them a try. To his disappointment, the supplements did nothing for him. The customer rated the product 1-star. It would have been helpful if the customer would have said why he was taking the supplements and exactly how they did not help him. We need to have as much detail in negative reviews as we need positive reviews. This review will not help people decide to buy or not to buy the product.

The client says they were told by the doctor to take these supplements because they had occasional chest pain and heart palpitations. The product does not seem like it would help with heart issues and the customer may have a deeper heart condition that the customer or doctor thinks. Frankly, I am surprised the doctor did not investigate further into deeper heart issues with the patient. I am not a doctor, but it seems like more serious measures need to be taken concerning the customer’s chest pains and palpitations.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E 1000 IU Softgels

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Benefits and Uses: The product is said to promote heart and circulatory health but I am not sure how this supplement can accomplish this. It also contributes to healthy skin and a robust immune system. The rapid release liquid gels are easy to swallow.

Best Vitamin E Supplements

Feedback: The customer says they buy a lot of the supplements because their medications deplete the vitamins in the body. They have nerve damage and seizures. They say these are large liquid gels but they dissolve easily in the oatmeal. The customer cannot get to the store often enough to buy other sources of vitamin e. These supplements work well for her. They calm her brain and reduce the seizures and they have calmed the nerve pain. The nerve pain is a result of the surgery she had. The customer rated the product 5-stars.

The customer says they made a major mistake in purchasing the product because they thought it was made of wheat germ oil but it was made of soybean oil. The customer was bothered because it did not indicate that it was a NON-GMO product. They said something about Monsanto GMO soybeans being sprayed with glyphosate so they will be herbicide resistant. The customer said they cannot return the product but it was their mistake that they bought the product in the first place because they did not read the label. Also, they assume it is a GNO Monsanto soybean that has been modified and put into the product. They cannot prove this assumption and this is a dangerous assumption to be making. They assumed there was wheat germ oil in the product which is another uninformed assumption. They rated the product one-stars which is not fair because they did not read the label and they made two unfounded assumptions about the product.

Garden of Life Vitamin E – Vitamin Code Raw E Vitamin 250 IU Whole Food Supplement with A, D, K and Selenium, Vegetarian

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Benefits and Uses: The supplements contain vitamin e capsules, 250IU of whole food vitamin, vitamins A, D, K, which are all fat-soluble vitamins. It also has selenium in it. It also contains antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables a real organic supplement for you. It will support prostate, breast, immune, heart, digestive, and eye health. The supplement contains a raw enzyme and probiotic blend that for digestive support and extra a vegetable blend for an extra nutritional blend. It is free of gluten and it is a NON-GMO product.

Feedback: The customer says they are under a great amount of stress which is causing major hair loss for the customer. They would fin hair in the sin, shower, and when they ran the fingers through the hair. They started consuming these supplements and the hair loss immediately stopped the client claims. The client also claims their skin is not as dry as it used to be. They rate the product 5-stars and they highly recommend it. This sounds like a fake review.

NOW E-400 Vitamin E-400 IU MT Softgels with Mixed Tocopherols

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Benefits and Uses: Vitamin e is a major antioxidant and a major inhibitor of lipid peroxidation. (It is an oxidative degradation of the lipids) It also protects the cells from free radical/oxidative damage. The company reports in the product description. The company claims that this supplement can protect cells from oxidative damage in a greater measure than a person would normally consume in a regular diet.

Feedback: The client says the product came as they were listed on the package. The only problem is the consumer claims it did more damage to the skin than helped the skin. The customer rated the product 2-stars. It is highly doubtful that the customer will purchase the product again. This review was written in light of the company saying, in the product description, that it will help the skin so much.


In this article, we have covered some of the finer vitamin e supplements sold on the market today. Some of the supplements contain different ingredients that will protect the cells from free radical and oxidative damage. Vitamin e is said to be a major antioxidant.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.