Best Wrinkle Cream for Sensitive Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What is the point of finding a wrinkle cream for sensitive skin? You want to find a cream that will absorb quickly into the skin and not clog the pores. This type of cream needs to be gentle on wrinkled but sensitive skin. It cannot cause any further irritation and it certainly cannot deepen the existing wrinkles on the skin. If the skin begins to sag due to age it will wrinkle. The cream must have firming properties to firm up the skin and keep it firm and healthy looking. A cream with strong fatty acids in its formula would be ideal to keep the skin firm and young-looking. Fatty acids will go a long way in wrinkle reduction.

The cream should have anti-inflammatory properties in its formula as well to prevent the skin from becoming inflamed. If the person has sensitive skin then most likely they will be prone to have inflammation flare-ups. A cream with the right anti-inflammatory properties will stop inflammation in its ugly tracks. Free radical damage may be a major culprit in damaging the skin and may play a part in causing wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by dead skin cells that just grow old and lose the collagen. The flexibility is gone and the skin begins to sag. A cream heavy in antioxidants can fight free radical damage thereby reversing the aging process in the skin and killing free radicals. The wrinkles will cease and desist from the skin. Another benefit would be a cream that has ingredients that can help to restore collagen in the skin and retain the much-needed flexibility and stretching action the skin needs to have to stay youthful and vibrant looking.

The Better Skin Company | Mirakle Cream 

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Benefits and Uses: It is made on American soil but has ingredients brought in from all over the world. The product is made scientifically it will reduce wrinkles, fine lines. It will moisturize the skin around the eyes, neck, and face. It has a key ingredient that will even out the color of the skin. It will take care of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. It will give you young-looking, radiant skin. It will brighten the color of the skin within one to two months because of wonderlight an ingredient in the formula designed to even the color of her skin. The company claims that customers are reporting over 25 benefits derived from the product but these results vary from customer to customer. And this claim may not be true either. The company has tested the cream for quality time and time again. They guarantee the product and they say if you don’t like the product you can return it for a full money back guarantee. They will ask no questions.

Feedback: The customer is over 50-years-old and says there is no miracle with this product. But then say what product is a miracle product? The product has helped their skin but they say it has not been a miracle. It is better than a product they were using and cheaper as well. It leaves the skin moisturized. smooth and feeling soft. The other product is more expensive than this one. It absorbs better and it leaves the neck feeling softer than the other product. You have to remember this one is cheaper. This is one she will be sticking with for a long time. The customer has tried a lot of moisturizers but this really works. They can apply this product and it dries very quickly and absorbs into the skin quickly. She can apply her makeup quickly after using the product.

The customer loves the product as she says she applies it in the morning and it makes her skin feel good all day. It goes on lightly and the price is reasonable as well. Another delighted customer who has oily skin. The customer has tried many moisturizers and they all made her face oily. This one has not made her skin oily and she can put makeup on right after applying the product. The client has been using the product for 6 months and she really likes it. She has dry skin but this product keeps her skin moist for the whole day. She says it does not reduce wrinkles and fine lines but it keeps her skin very hydrated. This is a direct contradiction to what the company said in the product description. They said the product would reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The cream did not work for this customer as she says she has oil-combination skin. As soon as she put the product on it melted off the face. It is not for her and it did not help her skin at all. The customer says she has been using the product for one month and she has seen some improvement in her skin. She says it is nice and it has a pleasant aroma. She does not like the that it leaves her face a little sticky and she says it is definitely not a miracle product probably far from it. If you find a miracle product she would like to know.

This indifferent customer says the product is neither good or bad just adequate. This does not help to pass on any valuable information to customers. People will want to know why the client didn’t really like the product. Why is just ok or not really good or bad. This is one of those reviews that say the product is weak but they do not say why the product was weak. It would be beneficial if the client said why the product was not good or bad. This review tells us nothing about the product one way or the either. The customer has been using the product for a couple of weeks and they see no change in the skin. It is a waste as far as they are concerned. Another client said the bottle they got smells really bad. They have gotten a bad batch or something they write.

The customer was complaining that the product did not remove wrinkles as they have seen no change in their skin. It was not worth $10.00 but somehow they spent $34.00 for something that does not do what it said it would and that is supposed to reduce wrinkles. This is not the only product that the customer used but it is one of many in their beauty routine. They may be using too many products to do their skin any good.

Night Face Cream Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The lotion is designed for nighttime use and it can be safely used by men and women. It is supposed to reverse the aging process. It is not clear if this product can do this or not. It contains all natural products and it locks in moisture keeping skin very moist. The ingredients add collagen to the skin keeping it tight and uplifted. This is supposed to stop sagging. It is able to keep skin young-looking and vibrant. It removes deep wrinkles and fine lines and it supposed to remove black circles under the eyes. It evens out the skin tones and removes the sagging skin and the black circles under the eyes. It will smoothen the skin and again it will lock in moisture and keep your skin beautiful for a long time.

Feedback: The product caught the client off guard. It absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps the skin soft and smooth. These benefits the customer was not expecting. Another customer claims the cream smells like “stinky feet” every time he applies to his skin. He keeps using it thinking it will smell better. He cannot stand the smell but yet he keeps using the product. This makes no sense if it smells so bad you stop using the product. The customer is 60-years-old and is in need of a strong moisturizer. The client has dry skin and this lotion fits the bill. It keeps her skin moist and she can apply the makeup right after using the product.

The customer is in their 40’s and uses the night cream. It keeps the skin moist and they can see a difference on the neck and the face. The skin is softer. The fiance uses the product as well and it seems to be helping him. They will continue to use the product. The customer started using this cream because she had a reaction to retinol which was in her old cream. She had been using that cream for years too. People asked her what she was doing differently because her skin looked so smooth. She had her sister try it and now the sister uses the cream all the time. The sister loves it as well. The customer wishes the company would make a daytime cream as well.

The customer wants a refund because she does not like the product. She thought it was for sensitive skin like hers. It made her skin worse and now she wants a refund even though she has used the product. She should be able to get a refund. She needs to contact the company for a refund. It makes you wonder if the client was applying the cream in the wrong way. Perhaps she put too much product on her skin and overloaded it. The product description says the cream is made for sensitive skin that is easily irritated. This sounds like her type of skin. I wonder if she is just saying it doesn’t work just so she can get her money back?

TruSkin Daily Facial Moisturizer

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Benefits and Uses: The product is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and can be safely used on all skin types. It can be applied to oily complexions as well. It will work on combination skin and uneven colored skin. It is said it can be used as a daytime and a nighttime cream. The product has some versatility. Customers have said the cream not only helps with aging issues but it reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores, removes acne scars, and prevents acne breakouts. If the product can do all these things then it is a powerful cream. These numerous benefits were reported by men and women. It is said to give the skin a healthy, firm and glowing appearance.

It makes the users look like aliens. The company says the vitamin C contained in the formula can do many wonderful things for the skin. The highest ingredients are used in the product and it is paraben-free and it is free of harmful chemicals. Of course, it is cruelty-free and this is not by the company choice. The animals outright refused to let the company try this product on them. The animals were not thrilled at how much the product cost either. The company has a generous money back guarantee. If you do not like the product send the company one email and they will refund the money with no questions asked. You can even keep the product.

Feedback: The customer is a single mother and she researched the product thoroughly. She was excited to try the product because she had read so many top reviews about it. She did spend a lot of money on the product she writes. She does not spend money on herself for luxury purposes but this was truly an investment for her. She did not have a ton of money to spend in the first place. She writes that she did not have major skin issues in the first place. She did not need a miracle but she wanted to improve the condition of her skin. This product did nothing for her and it did not even out her skin tone. She said the product is bogus and she gave a fair shot. She used it for 2 months. Can you say refund?

The customer is in her late 20’s and she said this product made her skin like an oil slick every time she used it. She has oily skin in the first place and this product just made it worse. She would put it on in the morning and within a few hours, her skin would become very oily. She used it during the night and she woke up to an oily t-zone in the morning. During the day she would be blotting her face from too much oil secretion and she said she never has this happen. She tried to love the product but it just did not work for her. The customer says this product is normal and there is nothing special about it. It did nothing for the customer and they said they bought it based on reviews they read. They say they made the mistake of buying it based on reviews and warns the reader to never buy products based on reviews. The customer could not be more wrong because a lot of sound buying decisions are made based on reviews written by other customers.

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging with Mineral Extracts

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Benefits and Uses: This is a night cream that reduces deep thin lines and wrinkles while you sleep. The key to this is the minerals that remove the deep wrinkles while keeping the skin soft and vibrant. The product is oil-free and non-comedogenic and is effective at removing deep thin lines and wrinkles. In clinical studies, the product was shown to remove deep thin lines and wrinkles after 12 weeks so the company says. There are no test results compiled to prove these statistics. The product works while you sleep giving you smooth and softer looking skin. While you sleep the product works deep into the skin layers to remove wrinkles

Feedback: The customer says the product is amazing. They say they observed results after a few days. They warn that you should use a little bit at first building up to larger quantities as time moves on. They say it will burn your skin if it is sensitive and to be careful with it. The product is strong and will work very effectively for the skin. They say if you are AHA or BHA do not use it during the night because the retinol will dissolve and you should use it during the day. This is not good advice because the product was designed to be used during the night as this is when the cream is most effective. I am sure the retinol would not dissolve during the night even if you are AHA or BHA. If this is the case why would the company design it to be used at nighttime?

[BONAJOUR] Green Tea Natural Moisturizing Cream 

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Benefits and Uses: The product will protect the skin from aging because of the green tea ingredients in the product. It will also get rid of residue to keep the skin young and healthy looking. There are some harmful chemicals used in other products that are not used in this product. The peptides contained in the product are supposed to keep the skin stretched, and enhance the hydration process 4 times greater than if they were not in the ingredients. The product is supposed to maintain the skin moisture barrier for 72 hours. The product is cruelty-free because the animals did not like the smell of this product.

Feedback: The customer says the product keeps the skin very hydrated and it absorbs into the skin deeply but quickly. It does so by not leaving a greasy feeling afterward. It also does not feel like it is caked on the skin. The customer says the product is not for softening the skin. It does not change the appearance of the skin but the condition of the skin. But if the condition of the skin is changed the appearance has to change as well.


We have reviewed some solid wrinkle creams for you in this list. Some received thousands of reviews written about them and others received less than 20 reviews written about them. But all-in-all the products seemed to be solid and there were no raving negative reviews written about any of the products.


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