25 of the Best Youtube Channels for Free Yoga Videos

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Youtube is a treasure trove of free yoga videos, making it easy to continue your practice when you can’t (or don’t want to) fit in a class.

But with millions of yoga videos on YouTube it can be a challenge to make sure that you’re getting a well structured and safe class that’s at the level you need to work at.

To take some of the guesswork out finding the right videos, we’ve compiled a rundown of our top 25 free yoga channels on YouTube, which all feature outstanding instructors with years of experience.

1. Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga has provided YouTube yoga classes since 2008, has over 600 yoga videos in their archive and upload a new video once a week

The classes are presented by a variety of yoga instructors who each have their own teaching style, but all of them are geared towards beginners although you’ll find some more advanced videos here and there.

You’ll learn everything from starting poses and basic stretches to specific exercises that target different body areas. Video range from quick explanations that take just a minute or two to watch through to full length classes. There are some niche playlists too, such as Restorative Yoga, Yoga For Pregnant Women, and Yoga For Seniors.

We’ve searched for the best Yoga essentials online and here are our top picks.

2. Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi is the accessible, down to earth yoga channel you’ve been waiting for if you love yoga but can’t stand some aspects of the yoga culture. The Bad Yogi channel is geared toward yogis without perfect pose form or a perfect body. Created and presented by Erin Motz, who says she totally forgives you if you don’t know your asana from your elbow, Bad Yogi features full length classes as well as short tutorials, and she goes easy on the Sanskrit, which is very helpful if you’re a complete yoga newbie.

Take Erin’s 4-week yoga challenge and if you’re up for it her 10-day yoga ab challenge. Be sure to watch Erin’s ‘What Is Failure’ video, you’ll see her progression from awkward handstand fails, to holding the pose with strength and grace. It’s powerful and inspiring and the music is lovely too.

3. Yoga Online

Active on youtube since 2007, Yoga Online has over 200 videos for you.

This channel has a mix of female and male instructors and focuses more on yoga’s mind body connection than the pure body fitness aspect. You’ll find a playlist for beginners, featuring detailed and easy to follow demonstrations for 22 asanas, which will make sure you get every part of your body correctly aligned in each pose, and a yoga series for seniors. And if you love vegetarian cuisine, you’re in for a treat as Yoga Online have lots of cooking classes on their channel too.

4. Yoga by Candace

If you’re looking for shorter yoga routines, then Yoga By Candace has you covered. You’ll also find short pose demonstrations and tips to help you overcome common pose challenges, with a new video uploaded every Tuesday. You can learn the best ways to incorporate different items into your yoga practice – blocks, stability balls, chairs etc. Candace also offers some meditation videos and some sequences to help you deal with sleeplessness or anxiety.

5. Fightmaster Yoga

On youtube since 2012 and with more than 300 videos, Fightmaster Yoga has something for everyone. Catering to beginners as well as the more advanced yogi, and there’s even a good selection of sequences for pregnant yogis. Fightmaster Yoga is home of Yoga Fix 90, which is a 90 day program featuring 15 to 40 minute sessions of varying intensity and type, and a 30 day beginner’s challenge. Playlists include HIIT, cardio, strength building and flexibility as well as more gentle meditative yoga for those stressful days.

Fight Master also gives you a free live class with Lesley Fightmaster every Monday. Class styles include Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and more.

6. JessicaSmithTV

JessicaSmithTV offers a variety of routines in the 15 to 35-minute range and posts a new video each week, Jessica features videos for strength training and flexibility workouts with lots of common sense and practical advice. She promises no crazy exercises, revealing outfits or negative energy. As a personal trainer, wellness coach, and a yoga instructor for 15 years Jessica brings you professional instruction that gets you results. And as a bonus, you’ll be entertained by her bulldog Peanut who often joins in the fun.


7. SarahBethYoga

Sara beth brings you a new video every Friday and has a back catalog of more than 160 videos for you to work through. The channel features a 7 Day yoga challenge with daily 15 minute mat sessions, as well as playlists focusing on flexibility, meditation, restorative yoga, power yoga, bedtime yoga, help with scoliosis and even desk yoga, plus some excellent videos all about healthy foods.

Sarah’s style is guiding and friendly and she says her channel is “where we can be positive, healthy, inspired, motivated and supported”.

8. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler teaches a Kundalini-inspired style of yoga that emphasizes self-awareness, inner potential, and awakening one’s spiritual energy. While this focus sits at the foundation of her routines, she doesn’t hit you over the head with it and is a very down to earth, fun and casual yogi. The workouts on this channel tend to be longer than those found on many other channels so they’re good if you want to really get your teeth into a routine.

You can join her 30 Day Yoga Camp and begin learning about yoga, and practise simple to moderate moves, or you can work at your pace through her 200 plus video archive. New videos uploaded every Wednesday.

9. PsycheTruth

Psyche Truth’s yoga videos often focus on yoga sessions with a particular end in mind, things like yoga for relaxation, yoga for energy, yoga workouts for your abs or even yoga for menstrual cramps. You’ll find playlists for bedtime yoga, back pain, total beginners, wellness, a yoga for dummies series and a 5 Day Yoga For Weight Loss Challenge.

This channel features a ton of educational videos covering, nutrition, chiropractic, psychology, weight loss, alternative medicine, health care, fitness, etc and you’ll also get demonstrations of Thai massage. And with new videos posted most days you’ll definitely be kept on your toes.

10. Yoga Journal

This channel is brought to you by one of the mainstays of the Yoga community. It’s particularly popular with new yoga devotees because of the simple way the videos explain poses. With over 500 videos in their archive and new uploads roughly once a week, you’ve got a comprehensive yoga education waiting for you. Playlists include watch-and-learn pose instruction, restorative yoga, mindfulness and meditation,  sequences and yoga flow and many, many more. You’ll find instructional videos mixed with inspirational interviews that make yoga come alive, making Yoga Journal a superb channel for everyone.

11. Interval Yoga

This is a channel for the more advanced yogi who is familiar with the basics and is looking for more challenging workouts, but beginners are catered for too with a 30 video playlist focusing on beginner to intermediate yoga. Ali Kamenova combines yoga with cardiovascular and dynamic moves to bring you strength building sequences that are spiritually grounded. Ali presents classes for vinyasa yoga flow, interval training, tabata, HIIT workouts, relaxation yoga, pregnancy yoga and more.

You’ll find a new yoga class uploaded every Wednesday and a Q&A, diet, product review or lifestyle video every Sunday as well as over 400 videos in the archive.

12. Tara Stiles

Tara has shared her unique and fun yoga videos on youtube since 2007. Actress Jane Fonda has this to say about Tara – “One of the things I like about her is her ability to make yoga accessible to people who might be scared of it or think it might be too esoteric.”

Tara brings you yoga poses, routines, delicious cooking tutorials, yoga to help you de-stress, yoga for moms to be, bedtime yoga, hotel yoga, core strength yoga, beach body yoga…honestly she’s got everything!

13. DoYouYoga

DoYouYoga brings you yoga from some of the big names on youtube. A 30 Day Yoga Challenge taught by Erin Motz, a 30 Day Meditation Challenge with Faith Hunter and  a 14 Day Yoga Shred challenge from Sadie Nardini.  The guidance offered with their routines is very easy to understand and the instructors work with beginners to get through some of the tougher poses. You’ll also find a 28 video Yoga For Beginners Starter Kit, a 7 Day Home Yoga Retreat, a Pilates Challenge and an Office Yoga Challenge. New videos are uploaded weekly.

14. Kino Yoga

Kino MacGregor maintains and regularly updates a channel that’s dedicated to teaching yoga to beginners, with two main playlists, one for beginners and the other Intermediate. Kino has practised yoga for almost 20 years and Ashtanga Yoga for 15 years, she is also one of the few students to complete the challenging Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga and receive the certification to teach from its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. That’s an impressive pedigree and you know you’ll be in safe hands with Kino.

You’ll also find flexibility videos, with playlists dedicated to doing the splits and headstands. With over 1400 videos on everything from poses, philosophy, and yoga lifestyle, you’re going to busy once you hit KinoYoga.

15. Sean Vigue Fitness

Sean Vigue Fitness provides full length yoga routines as well as shorter routines for when you’re in a rush. Sean is definitely different when it comes to teaching yoga and he’s a lot of fun, which may be why he gained the honor of being the Most Watched Online Yoga And Pilates Guy and why he was named one of the top 50 workout brands by the Huffington Post.

Take a look at his five-minute videos for targeted muscle groups and his many 30- and 40-minute flows. You’ll find beginner challenges, power yoga workouts, fat burning routines and flexibility training. And sometimes you’ll be treated to Sean singing opera. New videos uploaded every week.

16. Yoga With Tim


Yoga With Tim post new videos every Thursday. Tim gives you high quality and intelligently sequenced tutorials, with guidance which helps you to practise in a safe way, making sure that you’re properly aligned, while becoming stronger and more flexible. Yoga with Tim brings you beginner classes that teach the fundamentals of yoga all the way up to advanced classes where you can learn handstands and arm balances.

Playlists include Vinyasa flow, morning flow, restorative yoga, meditation, inversion yoga and a 30 Day Challenge.

17. Brett Larkin Yoga

This channel delivers classes for everyone, from people who have never set foot on a yoga mat before, all the way to very sweaty, advanced yoga for those wanting a real powerhouse workout at home.

Playlists cover vinyasa flow yoga sequences like the beginner morning yoga and the detoxifying vinyasa flow sequences, yoga for runners, stretches for hip pain, meditation, yoga lifestyle tips, quick stretches, yoga hacks and many more.

The routines last from 15 minutes to over 1 hour and Brett uploads new videos several times a week.

18. Live Sonima

On the Live Sonima Channel you’ll find Yoga poses, guided meditations, gentle strength training and mobility workouts, clean eating classes, alternative health, complete yoga classes and more. Their focus is to empower people to live healthy, balanced, and happy lives.

19. Melissa West

Real Yoga for Real People from Dr Melissa West. Melissa says “this is yoga you can do,” and her videos go from beginner classes to advanced workouts. You’ll learn slowly and step by step how to do easy movements that make you feel and move better in your daily life. Melissa was voted #1 Yoga Teacher In Canada and Canada’s #1 FREE One Hour Weekly Online Yoga Show. New videos are posted every Friday. Start with the 31 day beginner Challenge, then follow with The Benefits Of Yoga Series.

Playlists include, living with gratitude, transforming your inner critic, yoga classes and Hindu mythology, Chakra yoga and many more.

20. Do Yoga With Me

The channel offers an easy to follow, six-week beginners guide, which recommends two classes and one pose tutorial every week to give you a good  foundation for your practice. Do Yoga With Me also has a beginner’s studio with lots of carefully curated videos for people who are just starting out. The videos vary in length, so you’ll always find something you can fit in.

Playlists include a 14 Day Yoga Challenge with Fiji McAlpine, challenging power flow classes and yoga for runners.

21. Heart Alchemy Yoga

Heart Alchemy Yoga is a channel focused on bringing the best of Los Angeles yoga to your living room. Presented by respected Yoga teacher Michelle Goldstein of Santa Monica Power Yoga, Heart Alchemy Yoga gives you a wide range of videos including yoga flow, yoga poses, yin yoga practices, pranayama, meditation and heart opening techniques, bikram yoga, bhakti yoga, weight loss yoga, travel yoga and more.

A protege of renowned Yoga teacher, Bryan Kest, Michelle has been teaching yoga for 8 years and has maintained a daily yoga practise for 15. Michelle has also studied under a wide range of respected teachers including Shiva Rea, and Guru Singh. The channel archive holds over 120 videos and new ones are added regularly.

22. Five Parks Yoga

Five Parks Yoga features free yoga classes filmed in Colorado and Costa Rica.

Erin Sampson teaches Hatha yoga with an emphasis on detailed information regarding all aspects of a well rounded yoga practice. She has been teaching Hatha Yoga for five years and has been practicing various styles of yoga since 2006.

Erin  is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 with the Yoga Alliance, after receiving her training from the Green Mountain School of Yoga in 2008. Her classes offer a wealth of information and encourage authenticity and purpose.

You’ll find vinyasa flow classes, supported chair yoga classes, beach yoga, moon salutations, 35, 45 and 60 minute yoga classes spine and core sessions and many more. There’s also an intro to yoga series, which is not just for beginners but offers all kinds of tutorials for all levels of practitioner. Five Parks Yoga has over 150 videos on the channel with new ones added all the time.

23. Leigha Butler

Leigha is co-owner of The Yoga House in Kingston, NY and offers vinyasa yoga classes, ashtanga yoga, gentle yoga, yin yoga, kids yoga, and beyond. She says that yoga is ‘divine play’ and want everyone to stretch beyond their limits and cultivate inner calm. You’ll find 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute classes catering to all levels of yogi.

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24. Yoga TX

Yoga TX are based in Austin Texas, and it’s their goal to give you the most personal, informative, easy to follow, instructional Yoga videos out there. Their Yoga instructors intentionally teach their Yoga flows in the videos the exact same way they would teach a private Yoga lesson. These are free, private Yoga lessons taught by certified Yoga Instructors and they share them with you on youtube because they care and want to spread what they know about the healing and restorative benefits of Yoga.  They aim to help all people, from people suffering from lifelong back pain, to people with anxiety problems, their yoga classes offer a natural approach to a lot of life’s problems. They want to actually help FIX your problems and pain, with Yoga. You’ll find classes for meditation, flexibility, pose breakdowns, yoga for neck pain, yoga for depression and a playlist of yoga music.

They upload new videos from Cole Chance Yoga on Tuesdays and Jen Hilman on Thursdays.

25. Boho Beautiful

Juliana Semenova was a professional world class athlete and gymnast representing Canada until the age of 17 when she had to quit due to injury and she credits yoga with restoring her health.

Boho Beautiful brings you workouts from around the world, yoga flows, poses, guided meditations, fitness challenges, yoga for beginners, as well as some inspirational videos. She likes to film her classes in exotic locales like the Tropic of Cancer Beach in Exuma, Poltava in the Ukraine, and Sámara in Costa Rica.  Travel inspiration is built in. New videos uploaded regularly.

Now go grab your mat!

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.