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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2019)

Are zinc supplements safe to consume? It seems that consuming zinc would hurt you. But this not the case because zinc supplements provide many health benefits and it is a very popular supplement to take. It may be that zinc could be manufactured by the body itself. Zinc is a common element found in the human body.

Raw Organic Whole Food Best Zinc Supplement by Peak Performance

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The company says don’t be fooled by cheap imitations where the manufacturers use imitation ingredients in their supplements. The companies use weak vitamins and artificial fillers that weaken the strength of the supplement formula overall. This company uses raw whole food zinc and raw vitamin C this is what the company claims. There is no evidence to support that the other companies are using artificial vitamins and fillers in its supplements.

This helps the body to absorb the supplement fully and it helps with prostate health, energy increase, protein synthesis and more. With an organic fruit blend, organic vegetable blend, and organic whole food that retains important enzymes which aid in digestion. It contains a powerful antioxidant that can help to remove free radicals.

The company says that other companies don’t want the public to know that they do not have their supplements tested by 3rd parties or independent testing. They do not have this testing done because they do not want to spend the money and lose their profits. This company is different because it has all their supplements tested by independent parties so you know you will be consuming a safe product. There is no evidence to support these observations the company is claiming.

The product is made in the United States and it is vegan friendly and free of soy, Milk, Egg, Shellfish, Corn, Wheat & Peanuts. Contains NO Gluten, Fillers, Binders, Or Preservatives. It is made in the United States. Manufactured with the highest quality standards which are FDA, GMP, and NSF regulations. It is free of toxins, molds, and contamination.

The company says they offer a happy guarantee that if you are not totally happy with the product; send the company an email. They will refund your money with no questions asked. This is how confident they are in the product. This is not just for athletes, or bodybuilders, it is for entrepreneurs, wives, or anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Feedback: The product has had about 61 reviews written about it. Which is not a large number but it is a decent total. The product may not be well-known on the market so this may explain the small number of reviews written on it. The customer says to contact a health professional before you take this product.

The customer says that they think the product is working but it has not had any immediate effects for the customer. They are still alive so it must be working for them they write. If you want to read a simple review then this is the review for you. The customer’s doctor suggested the customer take this supplement. The customer rates the product 5-star but the review does not really explain how the product helped the customer. It is very vague and doesn’t contain any essential facts.

The customer rates the product 3-star and they say it is okay. The customer doesn’t write why the product is just okay and why he rated the product so low. This is not a helpful review at all.

Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin 

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The product contains real zinc and vitamin C. The product contains zinc capsules that have organically grown vegetables and 75 ancient soil based alkalizing trace minerals containing natural co-factors. This product helps with skin health, eye health, prostate health and it helps the immune system. It helps with digestive health and it adds nutritional value to the body. It is dairy free, gluten free, NON-GMO, and is free of fillers and fillers.

Feedback: This product has a few more reviews written about then the supplement we talked about directly above. This one records 491 reviews. The customer says the review is written specifically for people with hormonal acne. The customer broke out in severe hormonal acne and she tried changing her diet and changed her facial products. Nothing worked and she couldn’t figure out what was causing the acne. She realized she had a birth control device in her body that took all the zinc out of her body. I am not sure how a birth control device can remove zinc from the body? This does not make sense.

The customer is a vegetarian and tried this product. Her skin cleared up and now looks beautiful. She listened to her body’s needs and repaired the facial problem. She hopes her review will help others.

This review is very lengthy and there is no proof to support the observations this customer makes. The customer says that the product says the product contains natural sources of zinc. But this customer says this product contains fillers that contain zinc. He says on the company website that the product has powered apple and tomatoes which have nothing to do with zinc. Is this true that powered apple and tomatoes do not contain zinc? The customer writes that the company writes complex, meaningless babble in complex terms that mean nothing. There is no support for this opinion.

The customer cites examples of such babble in which it makes it sound like the company is the only one that follows the process to make its supplements. But the customer says that all companies follow the same manufacturing process. Again, the customer does not supply adequate information to support these claims.

The customer rates the product 1-star but there really is no justification for the low rating because the customer does not really cite that the product is a poor-quality product.

The customer says this zinc product caused mouth sores. They stopped taking the product and the mouth sores disappeared and the customer rated the product one-star. The customer went back to regular zinc supplements.

Best Zinc Supplements

Nature Made Zinc Tabs 

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The product is nature made and contains 30mg zinc tablets. The product is gluten free. This is the extent of the product description.

Feedback: The person says they are glad they found this supplement. She found something that helps her skin. She had a baby and for two years after the baby was born, she suffered from adult acne. She would get large red pimples on her face and they would take a month or so to heal. She drank a lot of water thinking it would clear the acne. It did not help but then she started taking these zinc supplements. This did the trick and cleared her skin from acne. The customer rated the product5-star.

The customer says the product arrived with both the inner and outer seals broken. It was unsafely packaged and the customer could not use the product. The customer rated the product 1-star. This reflects that the packaging was poorly put together but this review does not reflect on the actual quality of the product itself. The customer did not say if they returned the product or if they would buy the product again.

The customer says bye-bye to acne. They started taking these zinc supplements and it cleared up her skin. She read that zinc can clear up acne and it cleared up her acne. The customer rated the product 5-star. The customer takes 2or 3 tablets a day and they are easy to swallow. Supposedly, the customer says the zinc tablets will buffer the immune system and if you take too many you will become anemic. The customer is not a health professional so this statement may not be true.

This is a disgusting and unnecessary review the customer talks about their bowel movements. No one wants to know about a person’s bowel movements. The customer even goes as far as to say how much they get out. This review should be removed from the website. The customer rates the product 5-star.

The customer says she has been fighting adult acne for about 4 years and tried this supplement and it is beginning to clear out the acne. The customer realized that she has rosacea as acne cleared out. Part of the inflammation on her skin is caused by rosacea and she hopes this will bring total recovery for her. The customer rates the product 5-star.

The customer is taking the product for the reduction of dandruff and immune system health. The customer will update the review once she has taken the product a little longer. The customer should have waited longer before she wrote the review. She really cannot say whether the product helped her or not. So, this review is not helpful. The customer rated the product 5-star which is premature.

The customer is taking these zinc supplements for different reasons. The customer is taking z[nc supplements for eye health and to improve the sense of smell. The product is not designed to help improve the sense of smell. The review is worthless and serves no value to reflect the quality of the product. The customer rates the product 5-star.

NOW Supplements, Zinc

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The product contains ingredients that will help the immune system and helps with enzyme functions. Take the supplement with each meal and store the container in a cool, dry place. The company does not say what the consequences would be if you store the supplements in a hot humid place. Each bottle contains 250 tablets and the product isHalal, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Kosher, Low Sodium, Made w/o Gluten, non-GMO, Nut Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Vegan /Vegetarian.

Feedback: The customer says her doctor told her that if you are deficient in 2 minerals you probably have a gut infection known as candida. The customer says some signs of gut infections she had. There were hair loss and other symptoms. The client wrote a very lengthy review that was not recorded here. The customer is not a health professional so some of the information she writes in the review may not be authoritative. It is dangerous to write about deep health and wellness subjects if you are not an expert in the field.

Even if you have a zinc deficiency it does not guarantee you will have a gut infection. This is not necessarily true. It could be a symptom but it may not be either. The client practically said if you are lacking in zinc you will have a gut infection.

The customer says there is no reason to buy this product. The product contains 50mg of zinc per serving and the customer says this is a toxic amount to consume at once. The customer says the body needs 10-12 mg daily. The customer claims that 50mg will cause toxic effects like racing heart, diarrhea, nausea, etc for up to 24 hours after taking it! The customer says don’t do it. The customer is not a health expert and these opinions cannot be validated. These are very dangerous reviews to be writing when the reviewer is not a health professional.

The customer says the pills are hard to cut and that you can take other zinc supplements that the body will absorb more easily. The customer does not name these supplements.

These kinds of reviews are dangerous to write especially when the person writing them is not a health professional. They do not have the training or knowledge to make some of the assertions they make. They could scare customers away from buying these supplements who may really need the supplements.

The customer is absolutely crude in writing this review. He writes why he is taking the supplement and that the supplements are helping him meet his goal. The information is way too personal and disgusting to be discussing on a public forum. These types of reviews really should not be written, let alone published on public websites. The customer rates the product 5-star which really means nothing in light of the content of the review.

These types of reviews add no selling value for the product nor do they really tell if the product is beneficial for the body or not.

The customer started taking zinc supplements to fight off sinus infections. This was 5 years ago and he has not had a sinus infection for 5 years. This is the first person who writes that they are taking zinc supplements to stop sinus infections. The customer rates the product 5-star.

Best Zinc Supplements

Zinc Supplement – Most Bioavailable Zinc by Triquetra Health

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The product maintains its electrical charge and is immediately bioavailable in the bloodstream. What does this mean? The product makes the ingredients micro-size so they can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. The product can be used for every family member, even children. The amounts can be controlled in the dropper and you can put the liquid in the food or drinks without the children noticing it. Zinc helps with these health issues: immunity and recovery from illness, children’s growth and development, supports happy mood, improves & balances hormone levels, supports healthy digestion & supports eye health.

The formula contains co-factors that help the zinc to absorb into the body easier. This is what the company claims. The product also contains copper to fight copper deficiency which is a side effect of any zinc supplement.

Feedback: The customer says to dilute the supplement in a drink. The customer put 2 drops directly on her tongue and the taste was overwhelming. The customer says that only 5 drops per serving are necessary and where the customer got this information she did not say. The customer rates the product 5-star. The customer wants to take the supplement in the winter because she always catches a cold when the temperature changes. It is if she is setting herself up to catch a cold.

The customer says the zinc will help with immune health and you only need to take 5 drops. Add it to what you are drinking and you are set to go. It doesn’t change the taste of the liquid and the customer rates the product 5-star. The customer says the product has no taste but another customer says the supplement tastes terrible. This customer says the supplement gets into the system fast.


The article has covered some zinc supplements that are of top-quality and they have benefited the people who wrote about them. There were a few negative reviews written and there were reviews written by people who were not health professionals. These people made assertions that they were not qualified to make. Then there were some reviews that were just outright crude and should not have been written or published on the public website.

So, read the product descriptions and the reviews and see if any of the products will meet your particular need and most likely one of the products will meet your needs.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.