CBD Skin Care Products: Do They Really Work?

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2020)

Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring compound in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. It has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Unlike THC, another naturally recurring compound, found in the cannabis plant; CBD will not make you feel “stoned” or “intoxicated”. Both compounds are said to have many therapeutic values for the human body. CBD is used in skincare products because of its valued therapeutic benefits but is it really safe to use? This is the purpose of this article to determine if CBD skin care products are safe to use. We will discuss the ingredients in these types of skin care products and we will summarize reviews to support whether they are safe skincare products to use or not. Other reviews will help us to determine if the skincare products are really all that they are touted to be.

100% Pure Hemp Skin Serum

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The product can be used as a CBD oil cream for dry skin and a Hemp CBD moisturizing cream for eczema. So, the product has some powerful properties that will help with some serious skin issues that bother a lot of people. But is this skin care product safe to use on your skin? The product is made with CBD Oil ( cannabis sativa extract oil). It is an anti-aging CBD hemp serum that will provide anti-itching and anti-inflammatory relief for dry, irritated skin. It is a non-greasy CBD cream, and Antimicrobial, anti-itch eczema cream. It is made from organic Colorado hemp and as we have mentioned before it is CBD serum. It is made in the U.S.

Feedback: This product has had only 6 reviews written about it so it may take more extensive research to determine if this product is safe to use on the skin or not. The first customer says you need to be careful of what type of hemp OIL skin care products you apply to your skin. A lot of hemp OIL products are not genuine and they may hurt your skin. But the customer says this product is safe to use because it is the real product. It keeps her skin moisturized and hydrated. She rated the product 5-stars and she is really enjoying using it. Here is a review that could indicate that the product may not be safe to use on the skin. The customer says they loved the way the product felt on the skin and how it made her facial skin feel. Eventually, he developed a rash on her chest so she stopped using it for the time being. She wants to see if it is the oil that is causing the rash or not. The person rated the product 3-stars based on the rash she developed on the chest. If the rash disappears and it is not caused by the hemp oil it is implied the customer would continue to use it and rate the product 5-stars.

This customer says they have been using this product on dry patches of skin for a couple of weeks now. They have had good results with the product and they will continue to use it. They rated the product 5-stars. Other products have really not helped them out with the dry patches of skin. Yet another customer rated the product 5-stars and says they are enjoying the results it is giving their skin. They will buy it again and they will continue to use it. This person bought and used the product for anti-aging effects on their skin. They said it felt nice on the skin but it did not reduce or remove the anti-aging signs. In fact, it did not affect the anti-aging signs at all and the person rated the product 2-stars. This does not reflect that this product will harm your skin though. The customer says they used the product on some annoying bumps and the product healed the bumps quickly. The customer likes the product and they rated the product 5-stars. Most of the 6 reviews said the product felt good on the customer’s skin and they will continue to use the product. There were 4 5-star ratings out of 6 reviews. It is safe to say the product is ok to use as a skincare product.

The Fay Farm’s Organic Healing Hemp Salve

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The product is a natural reliever of Eczema, Psoriasis, and other autoimmune skin disorders. It works on contact dermatitis, burns, and wound care. It also works on athlete’s foot, bug bites, and cracked heels. It is unusual that it heals cracked heels and bug bites. It will noticeably reduce skin scars as well. The product description does not list any ingredients so we do not know if it is safe to use or not. The reviews will shed light on this question.

Feedback: The product has had 199 reviews written about so they should give a clear indication if the product is safe to use or not. The person absolutely raves about the product. The customer originally bought the product for dry hands but she says it does so much more. The customer says it has a musty, menthol smell that is strong but it will eventually dissipate and you will get used to it. The customer says this is the only drawback to the product. The customer says they used the product on a small puncture wound from pruning roses and the wound healed overnight, She then used it on skin tags (a soft, benign, growth) and it healed those as well. The customer also used it on cut and burn wounds and it healed those as well and the wounds left no scars. The smell is unpleasant but it will dissipate after 20 minutes and the customer says after applying it to her hand she will not touch anything for 20 minutes. She says if she could give a 6-star rating she would. She loves the product.

The customer was not impressed with this particular product. She tried this product on her 88-year-old mother (This was the first time the customer used a hemp product) who has severe inflammatory arthritis and she is tough but she is tired of fighting. This product did not help her at all. She found/tried a 500mg hemp product that worked very well for her mother. She says this product will work for those who have minimal pain. Her mother needs something topical because it is stronger. The customer rated the product 3-stars.

The customer says she has very dry old-lady skin and in some areas, her skin has open lesions. She tried a hemp salve and it worked adequately but it really did not heal her skin from the dryness. She came across this product and it began to work very well. She had a burn that was hurting and she had an open sore. She applied the product and within hours the pain and redness disappeared. Within a few days, the wound completely healed. It is moisturizing her skin nicely. She says the product smell takes some getting used to. But the bad odor dissipates after a while and you will not smell the strong odor any longer. She says the main ingredient smell is rose geranium and she plants these types of roses in her garden and she loves the smell of these types of roses. The customer rated the product 5 stars and she likes supporting a small company that makes this product in the United States.

CBD Skin Care Products Do They Really Work

Natural Cannabis Hemp Hot Cream Oil-Organic, Anti Cellulite, Muscle Cream, Pain Support

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The company says the product is a doctor-grade formula that will remove unwanted cellulite. It can be used in body wraps and to sweat for thermogenic weight loss and belly fat. The company does not have any medical certifications to support these claims. Furthermore, the product will relax tense muscles and reduce inflammation. The muscles will relax reducing the inflammation. You can relax your tense muscles with a quick and natural pain reliever. The product contains 100%hemp oil. The cream will soothe, relax, and tighten the skin. The question must be asked how can the product relax and then tighten the skin. If the skin is tight won’t it be tense? The product contains 87% organic ingredients but contains no fillers, harmful fragrances, dyes, parabens. The product is made in a GMP-certified-facility and the product has not been tested on animals. The product has risk-free money back guarantee. The product contains all-natural healing hemp oil.

Feedback: The customer says if you are looking for a high-quality cream that will relieve pain and absorb quickly, this is the cream for you. But the customer says if you are looking for the product to heat your skin and make it feel warm this cream will not do that for you. It gives the skin a very light tingling feeling and there is really no thermogenic effect for your skin. The customer was disappointed that the cream did not heat up her skin. She really was pleasantly surprised how it relieves cramps, pains, and aches. She was so impressed with this healing ability that she recommended that her father use it. Her father really liked the product as well. The customer highly recommended the product and she rated 5-stars.

The customer rated the product one star because it was thin, did not penetrate well, and it did not relieve pain. The customer thinks the rating should be based on pain relief ability and this product failed in that aspect. But it seems like the product needs to be rated on a wider scale than just pain relief and to say the rating should be rated on pain relief alone is limiting the quality of the product. The customer also says it has an unpleasant smell. The person has arthritic hands and fibromyalgia does not help the pain. She applied this product to her hands and she got instant relief. This medication works better than her prescription medications and she will not do without it anymore. The customer rated the product 5-stars and she really likes the product.

The customer is pregnant and needed some serious back pain relief. She tried this product and it gave her the needed relief from back pain. The first time she applied it to her back the pain went away for two weeks, yes, two weeks with one application. When the pain came back a second time a few days later, she applied the product again and the pain went away for good. The customer relates that her mother and sister used it for their issues. Their pain did not abate immediately, but after two weeks of using the cream, their pain did go away.

Belize Seaweed Detoxifying Face Mask with Pure Hemp Seed Oil

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The product did not have a product description per se. But on the product package, it said it can be used for all skin types. It will deeply cleanse, revitalize, and hydrate the skin.

Feedback: The product has only 22 reviews written about it and, the fact, that it really has no product description is not going to help the product to sell. The first customer rated the product 5-stars because it does not smell too strong. The customer actually thinks the product smells nice and it makes her skin feel fresh and hydrated. The product is doing exactly what it said it would do. The customer says she used the first package of the product and it made their skin break out in acne. The customer hopes the product will help to improve the condition of her skin with continued use. By the way, the customer rated the product one-star because it caused her skin to break out in acne.

The customer was hopelessly breaking out with acne. He tried this face mask product and it healed the acne pretty quickly. This is now his go-to facial mask product. He gave the product a 5-star rating and she says the product made his skin feel very smooth and fresh. It sounds rather strange that a man would use a facial skin product. Even stranger is this is now his go-to facial skin product.

The customer says her face gets very dry in the winter. She uses a different product for her skin and she uses this product for her face. This facial mask product makes her skin feel tighter/fresher. She claims that when she uses this mask, on those days, she does not use a moisturizer. She likes the product so much that she gave it a 5-star rating. The customer loves this facial mask product because it leaves her face feeling so fresh and moisturized. She says it applies easily and it smells nice. She rated the product 5-stars, She says the number of packages you get is great for the price.

Naturefine Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Moisturizer 

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The title tells what the product will do. It works as an anti-aging, moisturizer, and anti-wrinkle cream. It does contain a hemp lotion. The company does not offer a product description for the product. We do not know what the benefits are in clear detail.

Feedback: The product had only six reviews written about it which really says the product may be a poor quality cream. The customer really likes the product because it smells nice. The product makes her face feel fresh and tight and it smells very nice which is a big plus for her. She rates the product 5-stars.

The customer bought the product on a whim. She says the product makes her face feel nice and smooth and the price is great. The customer says she can see a difference in her fine lines as well. The customer also uses the product daily and it is really making a difference on her skin. The customer rated the product 5-stars. The product is not irritating her skin either and she would most likely recommend it to others. The male customer says it smells like hemp oil which is nice. He says it works great as a moisturizer but it is not doing anything about his anti-aging issues. It is strange a man would use a product as a moisturizer and anti-aging agent.

The customer says the product makes her face feel so smooth and she rated the product 5-stars. The product is receiving a few 5-star ratings so maybe it is a high-quality product. The customer says the product has helped her crow’s feet, fine lines on her forehead, and her little turkey neck. She rated the product 4 stars instead of 5-stars because the product is too expensive. Just based on how the product helped the customer, she should have rated it 5-stars.

CBD Skin Care Products Do They Really Work


Based on the reviews summarized in this article, CBD products are safe to use and they are legitimate skin care products. Most of the products are reasonably priced, but there were a few complaints about a couple of the products being overpriced.

If you wish to read more on CBD Skin Products, this article has quite a lot more information on it.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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