Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

The image above says it all. A man triumphantly breaking a cigarette in half. Symbolizing the end of a potentially fatal habit.  Let’s face the facts there is no positive aspect to smoking. It gives you really bad breath, it makes your hands, clothes stink and it fouls up the air around you. There must be something to many places in the world specifically put no smoking signs on their front entrance doors. Second-hand smoke in recent years has proved to be fatal in some cases to people who never smoked. Also, cigarettes have become so expensive these days. Needless, to say the many health risks that skmokig causes are numerous and growing.

It would be ideal if everyone living on this planet who does smoke quit smoking. It is not easy to quit smoking because nicotine is one of the most addictive substances a person can become attached to.So, if smoking is so hard to quit then what is a smoker who wants to quit go about quitting? The best piece of advice is to never start smoking in the first place. You will do yourself a great service and those around you (including loved ones) if you just quit smoking. There are so many products and gimmicks on the market today to help one quit smoking. But which ones really work and which ones are scams from people who don’t care if you quit smoking or not they just want your money.  

In this article we will be looking at what could be the wave of the future using essential oils to help a person quit smoking. Does it really work? Are there any risks involved in using this natural treatment to quit smoking? Is this an expensive alternative to js to quit smoking? Essential oils are not a miracle cure to quit smoking but there has been some research done to show it could be an effective way to stop smoking. Quote from one such study “In the book Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential oils in Practice, the author writes about studies in which one group of smokers inhaled Angelica oil after a meal and another group of smokers did not. The group that inhaled the Angelica did not feel the need to smoke for almost an hour and the group that didn’t inhale the essential oil couldn’t wait for an average of two minutes. All of the smokers still had cravings, but the oil aided the smokers who used it to wait for a longer period of time then the group who didn’t use it. Clove oil can have similar effects on cravings.”

You have do still do your part in using essential oils to quit smoking but they may be effective in cutting that nicotine addiction completely out. Whatever the reason a person has to quit smoking is a good reason to stop smoking. There was a heavy smoker in Colorado who quit just because the habit was getting to be to expensive for him.

Black Pepper was found  in a 1994 study to stimulate like a person was smoking but at the same time did decrease the craving to smoke.  Over time the cravings would fade out all together. Aromatherapy combined with essential oils can dramatically reduce the desire for a smoker to want to smoke a cigarette. This sweet combination can also help to reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal being able to remove anxious thoughts, being angry, loss of patience, being in a negative mood, having a reduced heart rate and putting on excessive weight.  . The best delivery system for aromatherapy relief of these symptoms is a portable inhaler (such as the Aromahaler) which is easily carried in a purse or pocket, ready to use when the cravings strike. Use any of the following oils, by themselves or in combination, to help with cravings or symptoms:  Angelica, Clove, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Black Pepper or Ylang Ylang.   

When you feel the urge to light out just take out one of the essential oils you desire and put some into a cloth and inhale deeply then wait a few minutes. If you need to repeat this procedure than do it. Eventually the craving will stop and down the road you will lose the craving all together.

Stop Smoking Essential Oil Blends and other Options

Avoid Smoking

  • You can also make your own “Stop Smoking” blend at home:  blend 5 drops clove oil, 5 drops orange, lemon, or lime essential oil, 5 drops chamomile, 5 drops helichrysum, 10 drops lavender, 10 drops marjoram and 15 drops grapefruit.  This blend will calm raw nerves, ease cravings, refresh you and help to balance your mood. Use with an Aromahaler or diffuse into your living space with a candle or electric diffuser.
  • To help with anxiety and irritability, diffuse lavender or chamomile in an electric or candle diffuser. You can also use either of these oils in massage oil on the back of your neck or your chest to reduce these symptoms further. The combination of peppermint and lavender will help with headache and appetite control. Diffuse in the same way or use the Aromahaler.
  • Another easy, and pleasant, treatment is to combine a few drops of ylang ylang in a tablespoon of massage oil and rub into your feet before bed. Ylang Ylang will treat anxiety and help with cravings. It can also be inhaled alone to ease daytime cravings, as well.
  • While it is very helpful, aromatherapy is only one tool. There are many resources at your disposal in planning and kicking the habit.

Essential Oils to help Quit Smoking

Essential Oils For Immune System Support

There have been many essential oils studied to see which ones are the most effective ones to help a person quit smoking. Two Essential oils that show promising results to help people quit smoking. They are:

  • Black pepper (Piper nigrum)
  • Angelica root (Angelica archangelica)

Excerpt from 1994 study revealing black pepper essential oil can help people to quit smoking

In a 1994 study, researchers gave smokers “a cigarette substitute delivering a vapor” with black pepper oil. They compared this to placebo which are odorless cartridges and to cartridges inundated with a menthol scent . The results below

Black pepper essential  dramatically reduced smoker’s cravings in comparison with the menthol cartridge and placebo cartridge. It took away anxiety from the smokers and more recent studies confirmed these conclusions. It is thought  that black pepper oil fools the respiratory tract into  believing these cartridges were  real cigarettes. This was the reason black pepper was so effective in reducing smoker’s cravings.

Angelica root originates from a small-sized shrub that flourish best  in Northern climates. Many studies reveal that angelica root was very effective in keeping smokers off cigarettes even more so than black pepper which took away cravings to a greater extent than angelica root.  

Do-it-yourself Essential Oil Inhaler

Do-it-yourself Essential Oil Inhaler


  • You need some plastic inhaler cartridges
  • A few Cotton wicks to insert in the inhaler
  • Get a container and pour some essential oils into it. Saturate the wick with the oils in the container
  • Insert the wick within the inhaler and that is it

There are other essential oils out there besides angelica and black pepper essential oils that can help you to quit smoking.

Black Pepper Essential Can Help People Quit Smoking

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Black Pepper Essential can Help People Quit Smoking

In this study they measured the subjective effects of delivering a substitute for smoking to subjects. The source of the study again was a vapor containing black pepper. Forty-eight  smokers participated in the study after being deprived of smoking cigarettes overnight. The session lasted for 3 hours and the smokers were divided into groups. The first set of smokers smoked mechanical cigarette holder that  gave off a vapor of black pepper essential oil; a second set of smokers smoked on the mechanical smoker device with a device giving off a combination mint and menthol scent.The third set of smokers smoked from a device containing an empty cartridge. The smokers puffed on their respective cartridges during the 3 hour session but were not allowed to smoke.

Surprisingly, the cravings for cigarettes were reduced in the black pepper essential group in comparison to the other two groups. The study basically found  all signs of anxiety were lifted when smokers smoked the black pepper ass opposed to the placebo cartridge. Strange enough the chest reactions were much more noticeable smoking ght black pepper over the placebo. This confirms earlier  findings that chest sensations play a big part in relieving withdrawal symptoms for people who are eliminating their smoking habits. Smoking alternatives using black essential oils will help people to stop smoking.

Testimony of Bergamot Essential Oil helping  a Young Female Student to Quit Smoking     

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Bergamot Oil

It seems that there is another essential oil that can help people stop smoking-bergamot essential oil. One young lady had a smoking habit and she wanted to quit. This is the story “For instance one of our students reported that while taking the 101 course she found that working with bergamot took away all her cravings for cigarettes and so she was able to give up smoking very easily. I have not been able to find any research to back this up but the fact is that it worked for her.“ But this site still recommends black pepper essential oil as your go to oil to help you quit smoking. It seems to have the best success for helping people to quit smoking.    

Studies May Reflect that Essential oils help People to Kick the Smoking Habit

Studies May Reflect that Essential oils help People to Kick the Smoking Habit

Jane Buckle reports in Clinical Aromatherapy-Essential Oils in Healthcare that essential oils could drastically cut cigarette cravings. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, reported on research where twenty people who used a different variety of nicotine products were asked to evaluate aromatherapy.

They were split into two different subject groups and they were given bottle of angelica root and black pepper essential oils. They were told to take  cloth and inhale the essential oil every time they wanted a cigarette. They inhaled the oil for two minutes about the average time a person spends smoking a regular cigarette.

The subjects gave feedback on their experiences using the oils. Both groups used the angelica root and the black pepper. They said the black pepper killed the cravings more intensely than the angelica root. The angelica root squelched the cravings but not as intensely as the black pepper but the urge to not smoke until the next urge came was longer in between with the angelica root. The bottom line is both would work to help people quit smoking.

Butt Kicker Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Essential Oil Blends


  • 40 drops MYRRH black pepper essential oil or PT black pepper eo (Piper nigrum)
  • 20 drops MYRRH clary sage essential oil or PT clary sage eo (Salvia sclarea)
  • 30 drops MYRRH bergamot essential oil or PT bergamot eo (Citrus bergamia)
  • 30 drops MYRRH grapefruit essential oil or PT grapefruit eo (Citrus paradisi)
  • 10 drops MYRRH roman chamomile essential oil or PT roman chamomile eo (Anthemis nobilis)
  • 20 drops MYRRH sweet marjoram essential oil or PT marjoram eo (Origanum majorana)
  • 24 drops MYRRH coriander essential oil or PT coriander eo (Coriandrum sativum)
  • empty essential oil bottle


Combine essential oils in a 15 ml amber glass bottle. Swirl the bottle gently to mix. Store in a cool dark place with your other essential oils, when not using!

Other Options to Use Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

Other Options to Use Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

  • Aromatherapy Inhaler – These are the perfect tools to use blends for. Why? They Will Fit neatly into your purse or back pocket. This way whenever the need arises to inhale some oil you just pull it out and start inhaling. The vital part is you are the only one smelling your personal inhaler. To use put 25 to 30 drops in a small container. Get a cotton pad and immerse it in the oil. Swish it around with tweezers not your fingers. Keep swishing until the cotton pad absorbs all the oil. Take the cotton pad with tweezers and put it into the inhaler tube. Close the tube and mark the tube with the oil that is in it. Whenever you feel the urge pull it out and inhale for two minutes. Remember, that is how long it takes to smoke a cigarette.
  • Smelling Salts – This is another way to carry a personal whiffer around. This time get a glass bottle about ⅓ ounce capacity. After putting thirty drops of an essential oil blend in the bottle you will then top it off with sea salt. Anytime you get the urge pull t ut and smell it. Again, for two minutes.
  • Diffuser – A get a essential oil blend and pop it into your diffuser. Use it at home or at the office. Make sure you put the right amount of oil in the diffuser. At the office diffuse the oil for 30 minutes on and 60 minutes off.

Symptoms Of Smoking

Symptoms Of Smoking

  • An unreal sense of being relaxed. Actually nicotine increases the production of dopamine in the body which is a stimulant even though the brain thinks the body is relaxed. It also gives the brain a feeling of euphoria, freedom from stress, and a relaxed state. Be warned the relaxed state passes like the wind.A very bad thing is a smoker will feel depressed again when the dopamine wears off and they will light up one after another to keep that relaxed feeling going.
  • Racing Heart which is never healthy. Every time a person smokes they are putting a deadly pressure on their hart. Cigarettes have carbon monoxide in them. Every time a person smokes one it makes it harder for the body to breathe oxygen in. The makes up for this by cutting down the blood flow which will lead to all types of serious health issues.    
  • Poor Immunity is one very unhealthy symptom of cigarette smoking. Cigarettes reduce the production of white cells that are produced in the bone marrow. These white blood cell heroes kill infections and diseases that ryto invade the body.  So, this white blood cells are fewer in numbers so immunity is compromised.
  • Physical awareness fades when people smoke all the time. They have bad breath stained teeth and fingernails. The lose the ability to know how they  smell to others.
  • Aging Expedited by excessive cigarette use. Smoking increases wrinkle production in the skin. Cigarettes slow down collagen production in the skin and wrinkles appear faster. Smokers age faster and lose their hair quicker than people who don’t smoke.
  • Baby Woes occur among smokers. Men who smoke most likely will have fertility issues. Women who smoke risk the chance of having a miscarriage during pregnancy especially if they smoke while pregnant. Furthermore, women smokers may be at risk for an early delivery or a baby that is under normal weight. Early labor could be another negative effect as well.
  • Early Death this is one of the worst effects of smoking smokers usually die earlier than non-smokers. Nicotine can cause cancer in many parts of the body. The ultimate injustice is cigarette smoking can cause death
  • Too Much Money these days cigarettes have gone through the roof in price. It will put a big, unhealthy dent in the finances.


If you are a smoker and the information earlier in the article did not help to convince to stop smoking them these symptoms of smoking were detailed in a last ditch effort to get you to quit smoking. You will be healthier, happier, and richer if you stop smoking.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.