Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Let’s define hibiscus tea before we start looking for the health benefits of this tea. Hibiscus tea is a herbal tea made from the deep red crimson-colored hibiscus flower. If you have ever drunk a cup of this organic tea you would know it. You simply would not miss its bright red color. Is it a popular tea to consume is a question that is still up in the air. But we are not here to discuss its popularity or not. We just want to know what are the best hibiscus tea products available on the market today. Let’s start exploring that all-important issue of which are the best hibiscus tea brands available.

Hibiscus Rush Herbal Tea Tisane

Hibiscus Rush Herbal Tea Tisane

Benefits and Uses: This tea is loaded with flavorful extracts that include orange, guava, pomegranate, cardamom, and cranberry. It can be drunk hot or cold as ice tea. The company says you will taste many kinds of tea in one cup of tea. It is shipped in sets of two and is vacuumed packaged to retain freshness and the ingredients were mentioned above. This manufacturer the first vertically integrated yes brand.The tea is shipped directly from India to Amazon’s warehouse doors. This eliminates the middleman and guarantees the farmer higher profits so the company says. The tea is as fresh as they come. The company is so sure you will like their tea they will give you a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked; if you are not fully satisfied with their tea.

Feedback: This consumer is hooked on this company’s tea as she has come to rely on the tea drinking ritual. Every evening when she gets home she makes herself a cup of tea mixed with lavender buds and the smell sends her dreaming. It helps her distress and calms down from a stressed filled day.She will be a repeat customer. Another customer complained that this tea was too weak. They spent time in New Delphi and said that the hot sweet chai is stronger.

The negative reviews are summarized as follows: Generally, the negative reviewers said the tea was too weak and tasteless. This really disappointed the negative reviewers. A couple of the negative reviewers said they were misled by images they saw concerning the tea. One saw a lady picking tea and this person thought it was a worker picking the tea so that is why they bought it. They found out it was a stock image. The other reviewer said they saw a big bag of tea like the type they used to drink. They ordered the tea and they received a little box of tea.Not what they saw in the picture.

Among users, the tea was very popular because of the taste. One customer loved the taste so much they hid the tea so no one else could drink any. Another user will keep buying the tea because it is so good and the deliveries are always on time. In February of 2017, a consumer had received his tea. The date on the tea was January 2016 possibly a year old. The person wondered if this was good or bad. It would be bad if the tea is one year old. Despite this, he says the tea was excellent. One-year-old tea can never be a healthy to consume.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea

Benefits and Uses: This tea is well-known as it has accumulated over 3400 reviews. It is claimed to be good for the cardiovascular system. It is said to be non-GMO verified and it is 72% Fair Trade Certified with all the ingredients being organically certified. The herbal tea has the highest quality of pharmacopoeial (herbs that are listed in a book) herbs in its ingredients. The tea tastes mildly tangy, lightly fruity and lemony. One box contains 16 bags of tea.

Feedback: This is a powerful review of the perceived effectiveness of this tea. This consumer did not buy the tea for mood enhancement. But mood enhancement it was they got. They carried around a knot of anxiety in their chest. They were uneasy and fearful all the time. They started drinking the tea and they became calm. Instead of being anxious all the time they are now calm all the time since they started drinking the tea all the time. Now, whether the tea caused all these emotional upgrades or not is questionable. The consumer liked the tea but whether it changed them this dramatically emotionally cannot be proved.

Another consumer had a completely different experience with this tea. They bought the lemon balm tea and sai did it was tasteless. They stepped it for 15 minutes as the instructions directed. The tea remained a very light color and he said it was like drinking a cup of warm water. The tea was totally tasteless for him. He cannot recommend this tea based on his current experience. He did not say if he would buy the tea again or not. This next user left an odd review. They gave the tea 4 stars but they said it left a foul aftertaste in your mouth after drinking the tea.They would breathe and smell a foul smell and have a very bad taste in their mouth. This is not one of their favorite teas but it helps them detoxify. So, it is confusing because they say on the one hand the tea leaves a foul aftertaste in their mouth but they give it a 4-star rating? Is it a negative review or a positive review?

The reviewer gave the tea a 5-star rating but they said they had to “acquire” a taste for the tea. They drink 2 or 3 cups a day and say it is ok drinking the tea without adding sugar or any other type of sweetener to it. They have not experienced any of the health benefits others have claimed to have had on several health websites. Also, it doesn’t feel like it is cleansing their body either. It is puzzling that they would give it a 5-star rating when they had to “acquire the taste to drink the tea. They also said the tea was palatable which says it isn’t that good. It is not clear whether the person liked the tea or not.
The reviewer liked the tea to drink during her pregnancy and just in normal circumstances. The all natural ingredients appealed to her and she really liked the organic red raspberry extract. The tea has a nice light taste she says. She really likes the tea and will continue to buy it.

Frontier Co-op Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Cut & Sifted

Frontier Co-op Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Cut & Sifted

Benefits and Uses: It comes in a one-pound bag and is cut into its organic form. In other words, it is in a natural leafy state and not grounded like tea usually is. It is cut and sifted as has been noted above. It is also Non-irradiated (this means this tea has not undergone ionized radiation which kills any existing bacteria on the tea. So, what this means is that there is still live bacteria existing on this tea.

This could be very unhealthy to drink because if the bacteria get inside your body who knows what kind of damage they can cause. If it takes radiation to kill this bacteria it must be a very strong strain. The tea is kosher and organic certified which is odd since it still has the bacteria clinging to it. The manufacturer Frontier is a coop that is responsible for the planet. If this is the case why is their tea still carrying live bacteria on it?

Feedback: This reviewer purchased the tea due to reports that it lowered blood pressure. The person bought the tea and describes the tea as kind of sour, astringent taste to it but is a rich flavor. The person likes the price of the tea and will purchase it as long as the price remains reasonable. They started drinking the tea and to their satisfaction, it lowered their blood pressure by 6 to 10 points.

She bought the tea for her mother who is suffering from high blood pressure. Her blood pressure was 190/100 before drinking the tea. After drinking the tea for a time the blood pressure went down to 127/79 which the person thinks is a miracle. The mother stopped drinking the tea and the blood pressure shot back up. They got her to start drinking the tea again and her blood pressure dropped to 160/90 which for the mother was not great but is going in the right direction. The user was trying to figure out if is the way she prepares the tea that is causing the blood pressure to drop, The only thing is if the blood pressure drops only when she drinks the tea on a regular basis and then raises again when she stops drinking tea. This could indicate the drop in blood pressure is only temporary and she has to depend on drinking the tea to keep her blood pressure down. This may not be a healthy dependence for her. If she has to rely solely on the tea to keep her blood pressure down.

One consumer from Hawaii thought the tea was too expensive to buy from the local shop. Thy claim that on the island of Hawaii they would pay 300x more than 300x more than in the continental United States. They said it was way too much to pay for a cup of tea from the local shop. They started making their own tea and mixed with the taste they liked which is about medium strength. The local shop makes the tea too sweet for the consumer. The cold brew their own jar of tea and they drink about a jar of the tea every day. This review is hard to determine whether the original tea product is good or not. This consumer makes their own and they have changed the natural state of the original tea so it is hard to know what they think about the original tea. A few other customers really like this tea and the large quantity of raw tea that is shipped to them. The company ships a one pound bag of raw tea every time someone purchases their tea. They say it will last them a long time but when they finish the tea they will buy more.

The Republic of Tea, Natural Hibiscus

The Republic of Tea, Natural Hibiscus

Benefits and Uses: This is a fruity tea that has red hibiscus in its ingredients. Whether you drink the tea cold or hot you cannot miss its bold one-of-a-kind taste. You will think you are sitting in the tropics every time you enjoy a cup of this tantalizing tea.

Feedback: It tastes and smells like basket of sweet, ripe strawberries this consumer says. If you like a strawberry-tasting tea you will not be disappointed drinking this one. This Consumer has tried may strawberry-tasting teas and this is their favorite one. Warning if you have allergic reactions to strawberries this may not be the tea for you. It could cause some allergic reactions if you are allergic to strawberries or strawberry products.

This customer was creative in her review regarding this tea. She says it is like looking at a breathtaking red sunset in your cup. The taste in your mouth is sweet and sassy. If you like weak-flavored teas you will not like this tea. This tea, according to the consumer, will excite your senses and the sweet taste explodes in your mouth. It is not for docile tea drinkers. It is a sure bet this consumer will buy this tea again.

This is another contradictory review. Where does it fall on the line of a positive or negative review? The person gave this tea a 4-star rating and they loved the tin it came in. They also liked the way the tea bags were sealed in a way that preserved the freshness of the tea. But the person cannot stand the taste of the tea. What is puzzling is does the customer like or dislike the product? It is a puzzling review when the reviewer says they cannot stand the taste of the tea but they give it a four-star rating.

Some of the reviews for this hibiscus tea have been confusing as we have mentioned previously in the article. The reviewers will give the tea a very high rating but then in the context of the review, they will say they don’t like the taste of the tea. The taste of the tea is at the heart of whether the tea is a good quality product or a poor quality product. If you read contradicting reviews how are you to determine if the person(s) who wrote the reviews liked the tea or not?

Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Organic Hibiscus Flowers Cut and Sifted

Davidson's Tea Bulk, Organic Hibiscus Flowers Cut and Sifted

Benefits and Uses: The tea is sent as a one pound cut and sifted loose leaf tea. The company has received over 8,000 reviews making this tea very well-known. The tea has the distinction of being a USDA certified organic tea and the State of Nevada Dept. of Agriculture has given its stamp of approval to this tea. The tea is caffeine-free and has the extra benefits of being loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. A healthy blend of tea to consume, to say the least. It is said to be 100% gluten-free which is meaningless because they never put wheat ingredients in tea.

Feedback: This is a very helpful review. This customer has been ordering this tea for years from Davidson’s and Amazon and they always got a good quality shipment of tea. They ordered a shipment of tea from Amazon.The tea they got from Amazon looked a lot different than the tea she had received from Davidson’s. The tea from Amazon looked substandard and was not the usual quality shipment of tea she was used to receiving. She did receive a refund from Amazon.

She notified Amazon of the poor quality of the product shipped. She ordered from Davidson’s and the shipment they sent was the usual high-quality shipment. She ordered from Amazon again and received another poor quality shipment. She stopped ordering from Amazon and exclusively ordered from Davidsons. She tried ordering from Amazon again and this time she received a high-quality shipment of tea. The problem with poor quality shipments through Amazon has been resolved.She added this tea tastes great and recommends everyone give it a shot. It must taste good to her she has been ordering it for years.


This is a short list of some the top hibiscus tea products you can find on the market today. The tea can be shipped in various flavors and in different forms depending on the consumer’s preference. You can browse through the list and find a tea that may appeal to you. Please be sure to read the reviews listed in this article they will give you insight into the tea product you may be thinking about purchasing. Please note some of the reviews are confusing and they do not give you insight into whether the person liked or disliked the tea.








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