The Health Benefits of Guyabano Leaves Tea

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

This sound like another out of this world tea doesn’t it? The tea seems to be organic because it comes in leaf form. Processed or ground tea usually has some ingredients added to it to make have a sweeter taste and appeal to a large scale audience. This tea carries a lot of health benefits and has helped many people reach their specific health goals. If you have specific health goals in mind then you ought to check this tea out. We are going to help you with your research as we offer a list of the top-rated guyabano tea leaves.

Omura ORGANIC Soursop Guanabana Graviola Guyabano Leaves for TEA

Omura ORGANIC Soursop Guanabana Graviola Guyabano Leaves for TEA

Benefits and Uses: The leaves are supposed to be made from the purest ingredients which mean they are all natural ingredients. The leaves are dried in the shade 200 leaves at a time to ensure good quality. They want their tea to have the best taste possible. The leaves are harvested at the optimum time in the season and the drying process is the best technique used. This is to preserve the nutrient content in each leaf.

Feedback: In this review, the person bought this tea for their ailing parents. They had many recommendations from friends to buy this tea for their parents because it cured many ailments. The dad was recovering from cancer and the mother was recovering from a fall and limping very badly. The parents started drinking the tea and some amazing results followed.

The dad is free from cancer and the mom is walking normally. The father is also walking normally. The customer says this is an amazing tea and the proof is that both of their parents are well. I am not convinced that a tea can free someone from cancer there is no clinical evidence to support this claim. Obviously, the tea helped both parents to feel better but to say the father was freed from cancer by drinking this tea. This sounds unrealistic because there is no tea available that can cure anyone of cancer.

Another cancer patient (Who had stage 4 lung cancer) had gone through chemotherapy and started drinking this tea. The client said that the cancer was improving and his doctors were puzzled as to how the 4 tumors in his lungs shrank in size. The patient said that the tea helped to reduce the cancerous tumors and helped to reduce the side effects. He attributed this and God, and his wife for cancer starting to improve. He now drinks 2 cups of this tea a day to keep cancer from flaring up. This must be a powerful tea to be able to help someone recover from cancer.

It seems more likely that other factors were involved in helping these tumors shrink. It is wonderful news the cancer is improving and a full recovery is hoped for. But it seems highly unlikely that ta can help a person to recover from cancer especially such advanced cancer. Tea is not known to be used as a treatment to cure cancer.

Another customer who recovered from cancer said that this tea is 10,000 times more likely to kill cancer cells than chemotherapy. They took no chances and applied both treatments for their recovery from cancer. The person has been free from cancer for two years. They now drink one cup a night to stay free from cancer and to sleep well. They really like this tea. Again, it seems improbable that a tea could be more effective at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy. It has never been heard of that tea can kill cancer cells.

FINFAST 100% Pure Graviola Leaf Tea – (Annona Muricata)

organic and raised to be of the highest quality guyabano tea

Benefits and Uses: The leaves are touted as being 100% soursop (Annona Muricata) leaves and each package comes with 50 tea bags which is an average quantity. The teabags are made of all natural ingredients which are typical for this type of tea. The tea leaves are organic and raised to be of the highest quality. The product is free of pesticides and other deadly chemicals. You can rest assured you will be drinking nothing but the highest quality of tea.

Feedback: She says her memory and concentration have improved. She is sleeping better since she started drinking the tea. She is more relaxed since drinking the tea daily. She feels a lot better and is really the positive effects the tea is having for her. The daughter will definitely be buying the tea again for her mother. One customer was disappointed with the quantity of the leaves packaged in the container.The package said 250+ leaves but on three separate occasions he carefully counted the packaged and each time there was a shortage of the number of leaves shipped. He was disappointed and will not be buying the tea again. Another dissatisfied customer said the tea did not taste as good as the one made in the Philippines. Two reviewers thought very highly of the product and said the shipment arrived quickly.

The feedback was pretty positive for the product but there were a few negative comments about it. But this must be expected with positive reviews there are bound to be some negative ones.

OMURA Organic Soursop Leaves Tea

OMURA Organic Soursop Leaves Tea

Benefits and Uses: The company claims their lives are the most powerful than all their competitors. They dry their leaves exclusively in the shade to preserve the quality of the tea. Like all their tea leave products the company thoroughly dries the leaves out and then puts them in a vacuum sealed bag to retain freshness.

Feedback: The customer really loves the ea and drinks it right after it is brewed. They add no honey or anything to the tea they like to drink the tea straight. This person really enjoys the natural taste. Another customer ordered the leaves and got more leaves than the package said there would be in the package. This happened twice to the customer. They will buy the tea again.
This customer was not thrilled with the product. When they first opened the product they said it smelled like marijuana. They noticed the leaves were light green and in some cases, they were brownish in color. The tea leaves never brewed into a dark green cup of tea like the customer was hoping. Also, the leaves were not dark green but were a lighter green. Se never discovered the sweet taste many people said the tea was sweet-tasting. By her third cup, her pain began to disappear and she was feeling a little bit better. She was not thrilled with this product.

Another buyer had a dad who had severe liver cancer. The father was given 3 to 6 months to live. He had a large-sized tumor in his liver. He started drinking a lot of this tea every day. He began to improve mentally and physically. He went back for x-rays on the tumor and it had shrunk. Also, cancer found in a part of the body was gone. He continued to improve and he started driving again. He went back to the surgeon and the surgeon said the tumor had shrunk even more. The surgeon wanted to perform some medical procedures to cut the blood flow off the tumor. The father kept improving and feeling better since drinking the tea.The father felt so good he took a 2-month vacation to India. The reviewer said cancer was reversed because of the tea. It is unlikely the tea stopped cancer it doesn’t have that kind of healing properties. Also, the customer said they read some articles on the internet that claimed one cup of this tea was equal to one chemotherapy session this sounds unrealistic.

There have been three reviews that have said that tea helped to stop and shrink cancerous tumors. This is a little disheartening because if another cancer patients read the reviews and don’t improve from cancer after drinking the tea then what? There is too much faith being put into the tea being able to reverse cancer in these patients. It is great the patients are/have recovered from cancer but it seems there were other factors that brought this reversal of cancer, not the tea.

Another customer bought the ea because he had discovered it eliminate cancer cells. He is skeptical about this so he will give it a try and see what happens. One other customer liked the first batch of this tea she ordered. It tasted nice and the tea seemed like a good product. The second shipment was a different story. These bags ripped when she tried to boil them to make a cup of tea.The water turned muddy when she was able to oil the tea. She is very hesitant to buy any more of the tea product. Can she be blamed for her reservations? It was like the same company shipped her two completely different orders. One was very high quality the other was substandard in quality.

It is perplexing that people drinking the same kind of tea can have such radically different experiences. One has a very positive experience the other on has a negative experience. One claims they are healed from cancer the other says the bags break when they try to boil the teabags in hot water. This is very puzzling. The one who said they couldn’t boil the tea bags noticed when the tea bags did boil that the water turned muddy brown. How can a tea that turns the water muddy brown reverse cancer?

This tea lover tried it for the health benefits and was leery at first. They don’t like a tea that tastes too sour or too sweet. They tried this and they really like the flavor it is not too sour and it is sweet. But it is not too sweet it is just right. They like the tea but hey are still waiting for the health benefits to materialize.

FINFAST Premium Leaves Air-dried  Soursop Graviola Leaves

FINFAST Premium Leaves Air-dried  Soursop Graviola Leaves

Benefits and Uses: This product is supposed to be 100% soursop (Annona Muricata) leaves like the product above. It is made of all natural products and is a very high-quality tea. The package contains 100 grams or about 250 leaves. The leaves are air dried and are dark green in color. The leaves are dried thoroughly to preserve the quality and freshness of the tea.

Feedback: A lot of customers liked the fact that the product shipped fast. Some people were complaining about getting shortchanged in the quantity of the tea sent. The package says 250+ leaves but some only received barely over 20 leaves. One customer was so disgusted at being shorted of tea leaves she said she will never buy the tea again.

A cancer patient drinks the tea to offset the effects of chemotherapy they are taking for their inoperable liver cancer. The leaves were not uniform was the only criticism of the tea. He drinks the tea one or two times a day.

A lot of people were very happy with the tea and really loved the taste of the tea.The fast delivery time keeps coming up. A lot of people were saying they will buy the tea again. There were a lot of satisfied customers who really liked this tea. This was a very unusual review of the a. This customer bought the tea and mixed it into her dog’s water bowl. The dog has throat cancer and she is trying to reverse cancer by having the dog drink the tea. They say all the dogs love to drink the tea. The person is a cancer survivor and also drinks the tea. It was thought the tea was for human consumption, not animal consumption. I am not sure if this should be taken as a compliment for the tea or not.

One customer bought the tea and gave some to his son; his son likes the tea so much he is hooked for life. This man liked the tea and received a shortage of leaves in his shipment. He noticed some the leaves were brown. He researched it and found that the leaves being brown doesn’t really affect the quality of the tea. This company tends to have a habit of shorting their customer on the number of tea leaves they put in their containers. Sometimes there are not 25 leaves in the package. Can this manufacturer be trusted? This is not good customer service to repeatedly short customers of tea leaves when they pay and expect to receive the right amount of tea leaves.

One very satisfied customer said the tea is helping her insomnia.Also, she mentioned it provided two health benefits that have not been discussed previously. Since she has been drinking this tea it has helped her swelling and pain caused by arthritis. She has also received compliments on how nice her skin looks and these changes have occurred since she started the tea. The leaves were big to medium size that she received in her shipment.

Namica All Natural Guyabano Herbal Tea

Namica All Natural Guyabano Herbal Tea

Benefits and Uses: The company claims this is a miraculous tea because it enhances the immune system, makes the body stronger, healthier, and it boosts the energy levels. How the tea is supposed to do this was not spelled out. The implication seems to be the tea will sharpen the mental focus, concentration and cognitive processes of the user in general.

Feedback: This was a paradoxical review. The user said he knew there was some nutritional value to this tea. He just did not feel any of them. It is not clear what the reviewer meant by this observation. It’s ambiguous whether the tea helped the consumer or not. Another user said she and her husband discovered this tea while on vacation. After her first cup, she was filled with energy and started exercising with renewed vigor. Other users said they loved the product and will buy it again.Other users were not so excited about this tea. One consumer said the tea came in cheap packaging and it tasted like junk. One woman complained the packaging was cheap as well.She made no comments about the quality of the tea.

Other users were not so excited about this tea. One consumer said the tea came in cheap packaging and it tasted like junk. One woman complained the packaging was cheap as well.She made no comments about the quality of the tea. The bottom line is people really like this tea or they do not like it at all.


best guyabano tea leaves on the market today

You are now armed with information that will help you select the best guyabano tea leaves on the market today. Each one provides a unique set of health benefits for the consumer. Some reviewers said that the teas they specifically drank helped to reverse their cancer. One user said that it helped with her swelling and pain caused by arthritis. Generally, people liked the taste of the teas they drank and others reviewing the same tea found the taste repulsive. One observation needs to be made here and has been made throughout this article. It is highly unlikely any tea can reverse cancer let alone be used as a cancer treatment. Also in a couple places in this article, it was noted that a couple of the teas were more effective in curing cancer than chemotherapy. Honestly, there is absolutely no clinical evidence to support these claims.So, read the article and pick out the best tea leaves that will work for you. Then go and write a review about it.










Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.