Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

These are leaves associated with making tea. They are leaves used to brew tea and it is a popular tea among serious tea lovers. There are so many companies in the world selling these tea leaves which one do you buy from? How do you know you are getting the best soursop leave product for the money? You can find out by reading about the product yourself. Also, reading what everyone else is saying about that product. We will present you with some information to help make your decision process a little bit easier. This is exactly what we have done in this article is to give you the best-rated soursop tea leave products and we have listed information for you to read to help you decide which is the right product for your taste buds. We have given some of our thoughts on the products listed as well. Plus, we have incorporated other people’s opinions on the particular product as well. By the time you finish reading this article you will be informed to make a wise and insightful decision on which soursop leaves tea product to buy. We have done all the groundwork for you so please just read on.

NalLife Organic Soursop Graviola Leaves

NalLife Organic Soursop Graviola Leaves

Benefits and Uses: The company touts this as the best soursop Graviola leaves product. You have found is the implication here. The leaves are harvested at the peak of harvest season so you cannot get the leaves in a better maturation stage than this. They say their leaves are processed through special processes that will give the product the best benefits. You get 200 leaves per package. This is a lot of tea and the price is competitive with other tea manufacturers. They will even send you an instruction manual to teach you the best ways to use these tea leaves. It is a very practical tool. They say you will not regret buying this product. The price is reasonable compared to some of the other leave products.

Feedback: This active family loves to make ice tea with these soursop tea leaves. They like the ie tea and they drink t all the time. One of the family members read that it is supposed to help with cancer treatment. It really is not known whether these leaves can prevent cancer or not. Currently, research is not using organic tea leaves as a cancer prevention treatment.

Another customer gave four-star rating despite the fact that their order was short by two leaves. This review is sending mixed signals the customer doesn’t like the fact that the order was short by two leaves but they give it a four-star rating? They don’t drink it with sweeteners because they say cancer grows on sugar. They have nothing else to say about the product at the time this review was written. They said that getting orders that were short from this company it a standard practice. The company is not being put in a good light here and if they are shorting people’s orders they need to rectify the issues. They will garner a bad reputation for being a company that cannot be trusted to send the right quantity of leaves they advertise for the product. People buy products online they expect to get what the seller promises. If the company doesn’t remedy this shortage issue they will lose a lot of customers. No one will buy the tea leave product no matter how good it is if they are going to be sent orders with shortages in them.

One consumer said the tea leaves were very good quality and they enjoyed the product. One person said it saved their life and relieved them from any other health issues. Now, whether the customer meant that the tea leaves saved their life literally or figuratively is not clear. It as never been proven that soursop tea leaves are powerful enough to save someone’s life. This may be an exaggeration. But it is a good thing the tea seems to be helping this customer so dramatically.

NalLife Organic Soursop Graviola Leaves Tea Pack of 30 Bags

NalLife Organic Soursop Graviola Leaves Tea Pack of 30 Bags


Benefits and Uses: This is an authentic tea made from soursop graviola and it is guaranteed the leaves are 100% soursop graviola tea leaves. This product is made by the same company as the tea listed above. They harvest the tea leaves at the time of harvest when the leaves will provide the most benefits for the tea. Their production processes are very efficient and approved by GMP and HACCP, You will get instructions on how to make the tea and you will get 30 sachets of tea per box.

Feedback: This particular consumer was skeptical even though she read all the positive reviews about the tea, Her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer which was stage 4 and had settled into the lymph nodes. They were going to perform a trach maybe during his biopsy. She bought these tea leaves and along with baking soda, organic lemon juice and he drank the tea leaves for three weeks.

She said prayer was the vital component in the healing process. He went to the doctor three weeks later and they found the cancer was gone. He still had the tumors but they scheduled chemotherapy to shrink the tumors. They have ordered another round of tea and they like the taste it is not too overpowering.

One customer gave it a very low-rating because he did not like the flavor of the tea. Another one thought it was a great product. On a more negative note, one customer said the flavor was okay and it was too early to report any changes in his health. Another tea drinker said the product was good for your health but they did not elaborate on how it had impacted their health. This being said this review did not carry much weight because it gave no supporting details.

This is a dramatic review, to say the least. This woman’s stepfather has had cancer three times in the last ten years. The last bout with cancer almost took his life as doctors said they could not treat cancer in his body. They said the cancer was terminal and he was going to die. This woman had him drink the tea and he was using other organic treatments to fight cancer. He is in remission and continues his organic diet along with drinking this tea. She thinks the tea dried up cancer, Again, it is doubtful the ta dried up cancer but it is good the cancer is in remission. Honestly, how cancer dried up is unknown and it is not reasonable to think the tea dried up cancer. There have been no studies to conclude that this tea can prevent and cure cancer. Really, there are no properties in the tea to treat cancer.

Many reviews rated the tea at five stars. The main reasons for this were the tea tasted great, seemed to provide health benefits and it was easy to make. The price tag is steep for 30 bags of tea. It is surprising that no one mentioned the high cost of the tea. One cancer patient is drinking the tea and he says it is a little too early to el if any significant changes have occurred regarding his cancer.

Omura ORGANIC Soursop Guanabana Graviola Guyabano Leaves for TEA

Omura ORGANIC Soursop Guanabana Graviola Guyabano Leaves for TEA

Benefits and Uses: This company says their soursop is the best on the market. They also say the tea leaves are made from the pst ingredients. They are all 100% natural with no additives, free of artificial colors and it is made with no harmful chemicals. Each package is bagged with 200 leaves per bag and the leaves are dried in the sun to maximize the benefits the tea leaves bring. They harvest the leaves at just the right time and then they are air dried. This is to make sure all the nutrition stay within the body of the leaves. The leaves are laid flat, then sterilized and enclosed in vacuum seal tight bags.

Feedback: This customer’s sister has stage 4 cancer that has spread to the brain and throughout the body. They have given her so many medications for cancer she has not been able to sleep for months. She started drinking this tea and she is so much more relaxed and free from anxiety. She is sleeping at night and she feels a lot better all of these improvements in one week from drinking the tea leaves. The customer did not say whether they thought the tea was slowing down cancer or not. There was no mention of the tea helping to reverse cancer or not. More time is needed as the sister just starting to drink the tea leaves. The leaves will not be able to treat the symptoms of cancer. One customer liked the resealable bags the leaves came in and the shipment arrived at his location within a week. For the reasons, he gave the tea five-star rating.

One female customer who has been suffering from stomach pain almost every day for two years; started drinking this tea and now she says she leads a normal life without any stomach pain. It is not known how the tea has stopped stomach pain. Or it could be a case of the tea glossing over deeper symptoms of what is really causing the stomach pain. This is a very long time to have constant stomach pain-two years. She gives it a five-star rating.

This customer was not happy with what arrived in his shipment 150 leaves instead of 200 leaves. He was missing 50 leaves.This is quite a discrepancy and he did not say if he resolved the problem or not. 50 leaves is a major shortage and it is puzzling why the company did not catch the shortage before the product left the premises. Another user did not even finish the quantity they were sent. The tasted so bad they only used 1/4 of the bag. This is not a good reflection on the manufacturer of the tea bags. Especially when they said in the product description that this was the best leave tea on the market. This customer doesn’t agree with that assessment. The customer did not say if the issue was resolved to his satisfaction or not.

Graviola Leaf Tea (30 Bags) Premium Quality 100% Pure Leaf by Zokiva Nutritionals

Graviola Leaf Tea (30 Bags) Premium Quality 100% Pure Leaf by Zokiva Nutritionals

Benefits and Uses: Unlike a lot of the other ea leave products this contains powerful antioxidants which may give this tea the advantage over the other tea products. It also contains vitamins C, B1, and B2 and other essential minerals to give the body maximum health benefits. It supports a stable emotional state and generally helps the person feel better about themselves. It is said to support immune health as well.

Feedback: This customer suffered from digestive health issues. They started drinking this tea and it helped to alleviate those digestive issues. Did it really or was the tea just coating over a much deeper digestive issue? Another customer received the product within a week and is enjoying the sweet, mild taste of the tea. She received the product within one week and was very satisfied. This other customer wasn’t so fortunate, the product they received was damaged. They were very upset about receiving damaged goods. If the issue was resolved it was not discussed.

These are two contradicting reviews about the taste of the tea. The one consumer says this is the best-tasting tea of the many he has tried and he will keep ordering the product. Another consumer says they can not stand the taste but they really like the way the tea detoxifies the body. So, with this consumer, it is a trade-off because they will not stop drinking the tea despite the bad taste. They like the way the tea cleanses the body as was mentioned before.

They gave it a one-star rating because the taste was awful and it did not come close to the real tea. Others generally agreed the product was great-tasting and shipped early. It is puzzling how one person really likes the taste of this tea and another did not like at all. The bottom line is the consumers really love this tea but they really hate the taste.

This reviewer had a reason to write a positive review of this tea. They said it fits nicely into their panty and it arrived quickly. The person keeps it on hand to drink but also gives it away to family and friends who may be seriously ill. They like the tea and will order it again. This commenter said they were given a discount price on the tea to get it shipped earlier to their home. This review carries no weight because the review was written in turn for a discounted price on the product. The customer was given an incentive to write a positive but honest review.

Jans 100% All Natural Soursop Graviola / Guanabana Leaves Tea

Jans 100% All Natural Soursop Graviola / Guanabana Leaves Tea

Benefits and Uses: This product contains all natural ingredients. The soursop leaves are all natural without any chemicals, preservatives or any other harmful products added. This tea has antioxidants in it which usually means it will protect free radical damage. Another benefit of this ta is that it has no caffeine.

Feedback: The customer says this is one of the best-tasting teas out here. It has good and simple packaging. Each tea bag came individually wrapped in the box. The tea heats up quickly and only requires a little bit of seeping once water is added. The tea disperses into the water and is absorbed into the water quickly. They will be ordering the tea again. Another person bought the tea because it is supposed to have cancer-fighting properties. They liked the taste of the tea as well. Another consumer bought the tea for her sister who is battling cancer. The consumer never followed up with her sister to see if she tried the tea or not.

One customer liked the tea but complained that the tea costs too much money. Another consumer liked the tea and the packaging, in fact, she loved everything about the tea. It sounded like she will order the tea again.


top-rated soursop leaves tea

Now, you know some of the top-rated soursop leaves tea out there. Within the list discussed above, we found out that a couple of the tea brands have antioxidants. One tea had vitamins and antioxidants. The other brands did not have vitamins or antioxidants. The teas with the antioxidants would have a clear advantage over the tea brands that do not have antioxidants. The teas with the antioxidants would give your body extra arsenal to fight free radical damage. Choose the tea leaves that will work best for you.

In the thread of reviews we commented on, there were a few references to this tea being able to fight and cure cancer. Others bought the tea in hopes it would alleviate their cancer. As far as it is known, teas do not have the properties to fight or eradicate cancer.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.