Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses Detailed

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Who ever heard of Helichrysum essential oil? It seems not to be a very well-known essential oil. It comes from genus Helichrysum which consists of 600 species in the sunflower family-Asteraceae. The type species is called Helichrysum Orientale which occurs in Africa, (244 species in North Africa alone) Madagascar, Australia and Eurasia and the plants grow to a height of 24-35 inches. They can either be The plants may be annuals, herbaceous perennials or shrubs The shrubs are very delicate and will be destroyed in a rain or any type of storm. This is why they flourish in hot tropical climates. This plant is well-known after all and is known for its prolific ability to heal skin tissue. Supposedly, in the last ten years it has returned to be sold on the market they are taken from the hillsides of Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The essential oil from these shrubs are also known as Everlasting or Immortelle.

Why the Oil is so Good 

The health benefits of helichrysum are attributed to its properties as a an antispasmodic, anticoagulant, anti-allergenic, antimicrobial, anti-haematoma, antiphlogistic, nervine, antiinflammatory, antitussive, cicatrisant, expectorant, febrifuge, anti septic, cholagogue, emollient, mucolytic, fungicidal, hepatic, diuretic, splenic and cytophylactic substance. This shrub is loaded with healing properties probably a lot more than some of the other essential oils carry.

Antispasmodic Supreme

A spasm is defined as an unwanted, unbalanced, or excessive contraction in the body. These spasms can happen in the lungs, muscles, nerves or intestines and may result in severe coughs, breathlessness, cramps, convulsions and severe abdominal pains, respectively. In extreme (and we mean very extreme) these spasms could be fatal. If you experience spasms in any of these areas of your body you need to treat them immediately. Helichrysum essential oil is beneficial for helping these conditions so they say. It is an antispasmodic that is able to treat these spasms once they have occurred. And if it is inhaled regularly it may stop spasms.

Anticoagulant at its Best

This is supposed to be a surprise because Helichrysum being a hemostatic or styptic would only curb hemorrhaging. It will do this but it also acts as a anticoagulant which is a great help to those who are at risk of having a heart attack. The reason that they are at risk for a heart attack is because they’re blood thickens due to high cholesterol content. It can alleviate these potentially fatal circumstances by thinning the blood thereby stopping a heart attack. Researchers are looking into extracting anticoagulants from natural substances because heart attacks are on the rise at an alarming rate.

Antiallergenic Power   

Best Non-Allergic Alternative

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this quality could save your life because allergies could threaten your life. Most people think of allergies manifesting as skin rashes, stomach aches, or some other markings on the skin. These are external signs of allergies but did you know that allergies can attack the internal organs. This is where you can really get into trouble. Allergies can show up in your liver, spleen, lungs, respiratory tracts, intestines and even heart, and they can cause serious health issues. They result in asthma, cardiac arrest, unbearable pain in the stomach, convulsions and maybe death. So, allergies can really cause problems.

AntiHematic Help  

This oil is supposed to clear the accumulation of blood or blood clots caused by hemorrhaging. This oil can help stop blood clots in the brain caused by hemorrhaging and these blood clots may interfere with the functioning of the brain. Brain damage can occur as well. So it is claimed this oil can stop blood clots by stimulating enzymes that will dissolve the blood clots. This benefit probably could use some more research to prove its validity.

Anti-Phlogistic Power   

This oil may act as an anti-phlogistic which means that it can reduce inflammation caused by fever. This will prevent the person from getting so tired during the fever bout and it may decrease the frequency of fevers.

Anti-Inflammatory Flame out

Additionally, this oil will help inflammation due to fever but also inflammation from other causes. It also generally soothes the body and keeps it in a relaxed state.


This is a benefit for people who are tired of coughing. This oil acts as an antitussive bringing relief from coughs caused by phlegm and coughs due to itchiness in the throat caused by infections.


This means that this oil can help you with nervous conditions. The oil is a nervine and it keeps the nervous system in order. It also strengthens the nervous system and protects it from various disorders. It keeps anxiety away and it helps you to not get worried about insignificant things. It will reduce your stress levels as well. In other words you will have a higher tolerance to stress and the stress threshold will increase.

Metabolism Booster

This oil is able to help with the metabolism a well. To put this benefit to practical use take the oil internally. About 2 drops is said to do the trick. You can either apply the drops directly to the mouth or add a few drops to water.


Fever is not a disease but a symptom that the body is fighting off infections

Fever is not a disease but a symptom that the body is fighting off infections or unwanted substances through the immune system. This is why fever is rarely a single symptom it is usually accompanied with a viral infections, colds, bacterial infections, and infections from wounds,liver malfunctions, pox, boils, allergic reactions or arthritis. Helichrysum Oil, since it is also an anti-allergenic, antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, antitussive, cicatrisant, fungicidal and antiseptic substance, helps to not only kill the root of fever, but also reduces the fever.  


This property of the oil is able to make cuts and wounds heal quickly and scars disappear much faster. It is also effective in clearing up spots left from pox, boils, and other skin irregularities.


Helichrysum essential oil acts like an expectorant because it provides warmth for the respiratory system which loosens phlegm there and doesn’t allow the phlegm to deposit  in the respiratory system. It gives relief from continuous cough and congestion that shows as a sign of infection or illness.


The oil acts as a cholagogue which means it can help release bile into the stomach which helps to neutralize acids. This helps to promote digestion, cure acidity and reduces symptoms of acidosis.

Antimicrobial Agent

Supposedly, this oil can stop microbial growth and it is said to fight off all types of microbial infections.


Helichrysum essential oil has antiseptic properties which means it can be safely applied to open cuts, wounds, open sores and will prevent these injuries from becoming infected.


This feature of the oil helps it to keep the skin smooth, soft, and helps it retain moisture. This will prevent the skin from becoming dry and cracked. It acts like a skin lotion.


Mucus helps helps to keep all the internal tracts (larynx, pharynx, trachea, bronchi, food pipe, intestines etc.) moist  and slippery to protect them from scratches and infections. Mucus is essential for the body and without these tracts will become prone to severe wounds and infections which will undoubtedly cause major health issues. But when the mucus starts to thicken and deposit in the respiratory system following an infection then this will become problematic. This same mucus will result in coughs and congestion. Helichrysum essential oil acts as a mucolytic by thinning out hardened and thick mucus by hydrolysis and removes it along with normal secretions from the body. This may cure coughs and congestion caused by colds and other illnesses in the body.


This oil is supposed to be able to promote and facilitate urination both in frequency and in quantity which helps remove toxic substances from the body through urine Urination also helps with other factors such as in lowering blood pressure, losing weight by eliminating fat, and improving digestion.


This property of this oil is supposed to help people suffering from anemia. The spleen is involved in the production and recycling of red blood cells. This oil helps the spleen to stay healthy guaranteeing the right amount of red blood cell production in the body. This essential oil helps to keep the spleen healthy and free from infections.


This essential oil acts as a cytophylactic which means it can promote cell health and the recycling of dead cells. It also stimulates the growth of new cells which keeps the body happy and healthy. This benefit could help growing children or children with growing obstructions.


This oil helps to keep the liver functioning properly

This oil helps to keep the liver functioning properly. It soothes the liver and protects it from inflammation. It also regulates its excretions and protects the liver from infections. You could look at it like it is the liver’s babysitter.


Fungal infections are some of the most dangerous types of infections. This oil prohibits and inhibits fungal infections very effectively. This is what is claimed that this oil has this benefit.

If these aren’t enough this oil has other benefits as well: detoxifies the liver, relieves congestion, neutralizes effects of nicotine and caffeine and helps cure herpes, cystitis, arthritis, sinusitis, colitis, neuralgia and varicose veins. It has an uplifting effect on mental function and improves meridian flow.    

You know this essential oil has so many benefits it is hard to comprehend that one oil could provide all these major health benefits. It seems more predictable that a combination of these essential oils could provide some of these various benefits but not one oil to be able to provide all of these benefits. It may be true that a lot of these benefits have not been scientifically proven but research may be finding some positive results.

Skin Fighter

A review done by the Health Sciences Research Centre at the University of Beira in Portugal, concluded that helichrysums oil’s flavonoids and terpene compounds were beneficial in fighting fungus and bacteria growth. These fungus and bacterial growths are responsible for causing various skin irritations such as rashes, infections and delayed wound healing.

To use helichrysum essential oil for soothing and healing the skin of various  irritations, combine the oil with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil and rub this combined mixture onto the face to prevent and relieve hives, redness, blemishes, rashes and shaving irritation. If you have a rash or possibly poison ivy, apply helichrysum oil mixed with lavender oil can help calm down and soothe any itching. It could potentially eliminate the itching.

Sunburn Saver and Skin Cancer Fighter

Soothe a painful/ peeling sunburn

Helichrysum essential oil can help to hydrate sun burned skin. This will greatly help in relieving the pain associated with sunburn. It may or may not speed up the healing process of sunburn. It can also act as a shield against deadly UV rays which could eventually cause skin cancer if it’s absorbed into the skin in excessive quantities. It may decrease the signs of aging by keeping the skin hydrated. Go ahead and apply this oil with some coconut oil topically to the affected areas of the skin. It will bring relief from sunburn pain.

Acne Buster  

Helichrysum essential oil as we mentioned before has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which can help fight acne or prevent acne when it’s applied topically to the skin will be a great natural cure for acne. Another benefit of this oil is that it is all natural and will not have the same harmful side effects chemical acne medicine will have.It may be more cost effective as well.

Candida Relief

According to recent clinical studies the compounds-acetophenones, phloroglucinols and terpenoids-may exhibit antifungal actions against candida.This assertion is still under investigation and it  needs to be proven clinically to say it definitely has this outcome on candida.

Direct Testimony of Helichrysum Oil’s Healing Benefits

This is a direct quote from a new user of helichrysum Essential oil- “I must admit I was skeptical about those things, but having read the literature that you so kindly supplied, I decided to give it a try. I tried it first on my knee which had been giving me literally heck all day and in about five minutes I found I was walking without the pain. I put it down to mind over matter, so I tried it on my back, where I experience a stiffness whenever I bend over, even ever so slightly. I was told that I would experience this for a while until the muscles were completely healed. The stiffness went away. My wife was experiencing backaches from a pulled muscle obtained from bending over to clean the kitchen garbage bin. Without telling her about what I experienced, I told her to let me try something on her back, I rubbed it in – and hey presto – the stiffness went…I have become such a disciple that I have recommended it to others at work. I [also] recommended it this morning to someone in church who is suffering from back pains due to progressive degenerative disc problems.”  

The testimony indicates what problems the oil helped this man and his wife with but the specific reasons for the healing from the different aches and pains weren’t explained but it seems from the man’s experiences the oil apparently worked for him and his wife.

Hearing Champion

This site collected information from subjects who used Helichrysum essential oil to correct hearing problems. The results are sometimes extraordinary but let it be said that there is no scientific proof to support these healing examples. One person said they couldn’t hear at all and after applying this oil to twice a day on a small cotton ball that was inserted into the ears (with lavender oil) after only two months they could talk on the phone and hear normally.

One subject said they used the oil for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) they applied one drop on a cotton ball 2 to 3 times a day and they began to notice the tinnitus diminishing after a week or two. The ringing in the ears was completely eliminated in 5 months according to this testimony.Another person said they put it on the mastoid bone (sits behind the ear and has spaces in it which allows it to help drain the middle ear) and the ringing stopped. They also said it healed nerve damage which caused hearing loss in the ears.

Careful Conclusion

Helichrysum oil very amazing benefits

This article was written about the c. Apparently this super oil has some very amazing benefits to offer anyone who wants to use it. It has many super properties that you usually don’t find in one essential oil. The benefits found in this one essential oil seem to outweigh any other essential oil in use today. It almost seem hard to believe that so many benefits can be found in one oil. Remember that some of the benefits are still being studied and the conclusions for the validity of these claims hasn’t been definitely proven.

It has been reported above that some subjects experienced significant hearing restoration when using this essential oil. Ranging from being heal from deafness to tinnitus being alleviated. Again, here caution should be taken because these reports have not been scientifically proven to be true.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.