19 Ideas on How to Hit a New Personal Record in the Gym

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

You’re sitting in the gym and you’re trying to reach a new deadweight record of 200 lbs. You have been trying and trying and failing for the last 6 months. You have tried taking protein supplements, increasing the repetitions on the weights and having your own personal cheerleading section. You tried different breathing techniques and you even starting eating healthier but absolutely nothing works. But there has to be a way to break that threshold and vault you to the next level. People all over the world are reaching new personal highs in gyms but what are they doing to reach the higher level. You know you just have to persevere and the right method or idea will come along and it will click. Before you know it you have discovered the right fit for you and now you are lifting 250 lbs.

What happened? This is what happened you found the right click and now you are on the way to many more personal records in the gym. Remember, like anything worth achieving you have to stick with your gym workouts whether you feel like it or not. Find a gym you are comfortable working out in and surround yourself with people who share the same goals and vision  you have for working out.

1) Play the right Tunes

Believe it or not playing music while you are working out in the gym can be a great motivator but keep the selections fresh and moving. The last thing you want to do is fall into a rut listening to the same songs over and over again. You will lose your motivation to try and hit that new personal record in no time. You see if you get a playlist (a very long playlist) that has different songs and genres of music you like it will help you stay focused and motivated. While you are enjoying your music you won’t be thinking about the sweat, strain, and pain of striving for the next personal record. In no time you will reach it. You won’t even think about  reaching your new personal high and you will just do it.

2) TV Anyone

Supposedly, you may find a gym with TVs attached to the the ellipticals and treadmills but it’s only recommended you watch your favorite tv show or shows while you are reaching for that new personal record in the gym. Again here the principle seems to be if you take your mind off the the negatives of the task at hand you will break that psychological barrier and reach the new personal high you have been working so long to attain. Building off this success will motivate you to set more lofty goals to attain even higher personal records. Once you reach the first one you will be very motivated and encouraged to keep reaching higher.

3) Have Some Fun

What  do I mean here by have some fun while reaching for a new personal record in the gym? Let’s say you are looking to run in the biggest marathon you ever dreamed of. Have some fun with it, go to the gym and start running on a treadmill or one of those machines that shows you outdoor scenery while you run. Build upon your distance every time you go to the gym until you reach the distance you will run in th real race. Once you reach a personal best in the gym then you can go out and achieve your personal best in a real life marathon. You may even shoot to finish in first place which would be another personal record!

4) Instead of a Pen pal get a Workout Pal    

This will motivate the both of you to reach your respective personal records in the gym. Find someone who shares the same exercising schedule and passion as you do. This way you will be motivated to show up at the gym so you won’t  disappoint your workout partner. The two of you can have a friendly competition by seeing you will reach the personal record first. The two of you will be inspired to beat the other to reach that personal record first. Eventually you will both reach that personal record and what better way to do it than wea friend you are working out with.

5) Work out to Work out

Yes, the above statement makes a lot of sense. Why would you motivate yourself to work out by working out? You may think about how good you feel while you are working out and how much better you feel after you worked out. This alone will motivate you to reach for a new personal record in the gym. The additional bonus is you can set a goal to reach a personal high. As you make progress you will feel positive about what you have been doing. Then you will want to press on to reach a higher level of exercising.

6) Mark your Progress

This is a great way to reach a new personal best. By marking your progress as you work toward reaching the next higher level. Let’s say you’re pushing to hit the the lowest weight you have ever weighed. As you lose the pounds through working out in the gym it will be a real life tracing guide. You will see yourself hitting lower weight markers until you reach the lowest weight you have ever weighed. Seeing the weight come off will motivate you to keep pushing to lose more weight.

7) Exercise all the More

This is an obvious suggestion isn’t it? Your goal here is to get into the best personal shape you have ever been in. What better way to reach that personal record than to exercise more than you ever have before. For instance walk to the grocery store instead of driving. You live a few miles from work then ride a bike instead of driving or taking some form of public transit. In no time you will feel better and have more energy than you ever have before.

8) Keep Your Promise

You tell yourself and everyone you know that you have set a new personal record to reach through your gym workouts.  Keep your word and follow through on completing that goal because you said you would reach it. It will motivate you to keep your word to yourself and all those around you who you told you would hit the new personal record. Be reasonable and set a personal record that can be reached. If you cannot keep the commitment then don’t make it in the first place.

9)  Record your Personal Journey

This will be a grand motivator for you to reach a new personal record in the gym. Blog about your journey and the steps you have and will take to reach the goal you have set.  Share your experiences with other like-minded individuals who are struggling to reach a personal record in their own journeys. It will show them the progress you are making toward reaching your new personal best. You will be helping other people to keep motivated to reach their goals. Writing about your gym journey will keep you focused on reaching your next personal  milestone.

10) You Need Some Help

Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive. Look for deals your local gym or spa might be offering for personal training for whatever timeframe you can afford. A personal trainer will set a personal level for you to reach and they will guide you to help you reach that goal. This will be a great motivation for you because it was your money you spent to hire them to help you reach that new personal record. They will hold you accountable to stay with the routine they designed for you to get you there.

11)  Listen to a What

I am glad you asked that question. Listen to an inspirational speech on how you were born to reach this personal record. Or you maybe inspired to reach a personal record by listening to someone else tell you how they reached their own new personal record. If you find the right motivational speech that will really hit home it will work wonders for your resolve to each the next level.

12)  Write it down

Set a series of personal gym records for yourself by writing them down as goals. Set realistic dates for each new record. Every time you break a new record write it down.  Visit your journal from time to time to review your progress and to keep your motivation on track and running high. Try and break new records in shorter times than you originally set.  Every major personal record you break will let you know you are capable of so much more. You can do it if you put your mind to the tasks at hand.

No we aren’t talking about a drug or alcohol high here

13)  Remember the High

No we aren’t talking about a drug or alcohol high here. We are focusing on you taking a vivid mental picture of how good you felt the last time you broke a personal best. Keeping this victory in ind will help you to keep walking forward to break the next personal best.  If you get discouraged or you don’t feel like continuing to workout to reach that new personal record. Then just keep thinking about how satisfying it was to reach the last personal record.  You will stay disciplined to reach the top of that next personal mountain.

14) Reward Yourself

What! Reward myself for working out? Yes, give yourself a break. Set a new personal goal and attach a reward to it once you reach that new personal record. It could be anything from buying yourself  a new suit or dress to taking your loved ones out to a celebration dinner. Just do something to celebrate that you set a goal and you reached it. What a fulfilling way to enjoy your personal success.

15)  Eat More Protein

Change your eating habits to include more protein in the diet. Or if this doesn’t appeal to you then buy some protein supplements and start taking those. Maybe you amy consider splurging on an energy drink. The point being is choose some method to introduce more protein into your system over the long term. This way you will have more energy to pursue and conquer that new personal gym record. Protein is a great way to energize the body to take on the new physical challenge. Once you have the increased energy levels it will be a psychological boost for you to hit that gym hard to attain that new record.  

16)  Keep Moving Forward

This goes back to once you see yourself losing weight or getting stronger it will be a good motivation for you to reach the next higher level. You will see that you are improving and that new personal record is in sight. This is a real solid method in helping you reach your new personal record. Every little breakthrough you achieve means you are one step closer to reaching that new personal record.

17)  Take Those Baby Steps

  • Open your front door
  • Walk to the Gym       
  • You already started exercising by walking
  • Open the gym door
  • Walk to the changing room
  • Change into your fitness clothes
  • Do some stretches or run in place in the warm up area
  • Start out with the minimal weight sets
  • Raise the weights over your head 10 times
  • Do this in sets of five
  • Do a total of  20 repetitions
  • Stop for a minute or so to catch your breath
  • Add five more pounds to the weight sets
  • Repeat the process all over again
  • Set a maximum weight goal for the day but be realistic in that goal
  • You’re done
  • Do this 4 or 5 times a week
  • Before you know it you have reached a new personal weightlifting record

So you get the point you start out taking one little step at a time then you will start running and before you know it you will have completed your new personal record. But it all starts by walking out your front door…

18) Three Weeks and you are Set

It‘s said that it takes the human body and mind 21 days to form and get used to new habits. So, with that being said after three weeks it will become second nature for you to go to the gym and break your old personal record. Only three short weeks and you will disciplined to keep cutting away at that old personal best to chisel a new personal best . This might be a stretch but you may consider setting a new personal best in three weeks. But make sure it is something you can really achieve in three weeks. In the grand scheme of things three weeks really isn’t that long. You may even set a whole series of new personal records to break in three week increments. Once you reach the first one the rest will be a cakewalk.

there was a fatherson team that ran across the United States

19) Read someone else’s Victory

Specifically, there was a father/son team that ran across the United States one summer plus a few months. It took them 7 months to complete the longest run they had ever tried. They ran for 20 miles a day. The father quit his job and the mother put her cleaning business on hold so they could make the dream a reality.  They bought a used F150 ford truck and towed a white trailer behind it. The mother and sister came along on the long journey for the moral support. The father and son would take turns pusing a little stroller that held their supplies for the daily run. They started out in California and ended up in New Jersey.  Along the way in Texas they went to an animal shelter and bought a little female puppy and named her Jenna. Jenna rode in the little stroller from Texas to New Jersey. The family was originally from Alaska . The father and son set a new personal running record. And what  a record it was. They will have a very hard time beating a cross country run like that one! What a motivator to help you set a new personal gym record.

The Close  

Let it be said that anyone can set a new personal gym record if they set their mind to accomplish the goal. You can set new personal gym records by just deciding you are going to do it and then going out and doing it. We have shared 19 ideas with you to help you reach that next milestone. People are setting and breaking personal records all the time. Just pick one of the 19 ideas (the cross country run may be a little too impractical though to try) and use it to help you reach your personal goal. Or maybe you can implement parts of the ideas presented here. To help you reach your new personal record think about the father/son team that literally ran across the United States!

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.