How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on Your Belly, Arms and Legs

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

You are happy that you finally lost that weight that was bothering you for years. In the last 6 months you lost 150 lbs. You have more energy than you have had in years. You’re eating healthy and exercising regularly. You feel absolutely wonderful. You had to buy smaller clothes because you lost all that belly fat. Except there is one problem  you look in the mirror and see all this loose skin that is hanging off your belly, arms and legs. What is this you wonder? I should have tight fitting skin after all that weight loss. You feel like you are a shirt hanging on a hanger because that’s what your skin looks like now.

You weren’t expecting to have skin loose and hanging off your body where there used to be fat. You always dreamed of having that slim and trim body like you had as a teenager. You are at your ideal weight but what is with all this skin hanging off your belly, arms and legs. But there is a solution for that loose skin and there are ways to tighten up your skin.

Tighten Belly Skin at Home and without Medication

Start off by protecting your belly skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you let your stomach get sunburned and red your skin will dry out. So, if you go out a lot where sunscreen on your stomach and limit sun bathing. If you do go sunbathing then when you return home shower and moisturize the stomach area to keep the elasticity in your skin. This will help from your skin stretching out and loosening up. While you are outside wear long dresses, shirts and cover your clothes if you need to.

Yo Collagen Man

It has been determined that having tight or loose skin is dependent on the collagen properties found within the skin. Collagen actually connects body cells together. If the cells separate or become disconnected the skin will become loose. On the other hand, if the cells are connected by collagen then the skin will remain tight. Collagen accounts for 25% of the protein in the human body. Collagen also creates elasticity which is primary to keeping the skin tight.

The skin can lose collagen and loosen like let’s say after pregnancy. You can tighten up your belly skin by getting more collagen by taking it in pure form by consuming pills. Foods containing collagen can be added to your diet. Such foods as soy products like soy milk and tofu. Vitamin-C rich foods like asparagus, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes. Look into omega-3  rich foods such as salmon and tuna to help synthesize collagen in your body.   

Zinc It    

This is an odd source to help you tighten belly skin but it works. Get your fair share of zinc. Zinc can assist in tightening belly skin quickly. You can do this in the comfort of your own home. Zinc will help diminish stretch marks, maintain your skin from developing stretch marks, renew the skin cells and tighten belly skin. Foods with zinc are peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame, wheat germ, and oysters. It would be advisable to incorporate zinc into your  diet long term that your skin may enjoy the benefits zinc will bring to it.       

Lose Weight Slowly

This is a different take because the usual thinking is to lose weight as soon as possible but if you lose weight slowly you can control your skin becoming loose. If you lose weight too quickly it will shock your skin and it will not have time to shrink back to its original condition. The skin needs time to return to its original size. Yes, you want to have a dramatic weight loss but lose the weight slowly so your skin will have time to recover. These days people lose weight too quickly and end up with loosely hanging skin. The skin will remained stretched out because the weight was lost too quickly.

The ideal way to lose weight is to do it in a gradual timeframe. Other issues with losing weight too quickly is it will damage your skin, beauty and it could harm your health. Follow naturally directed weight loss programs.

Keep it Clean

Regularly showering and massaging the belly skin will keep the skin tight. Apply pressure to your belly skin with your  fingers. This will stimulate circulation and help maintain skin elasticity  which will keep the belly skin tight. You can also use sea salt to exfoliate (rubbing the belly with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells) the belly skin.

Stay away from Harsh Soaps

Stay away from Harsh Soaps

If you have loose and dry belly skin it’s recommended to not cleanse yourself with harsh soaps. These types of soaps contain sulfate which will further dehydrate and dry out your skin. This will further dry out your skin and make it looser. You may consider using bathing and cleansing your

Skin with natural herbs.

It has been suggested to stay away from taking showers with very hot water. Supposedly, hot water will dry out your skin inviting the skin to loosen up. Instead you may consider taking warm baths with moisturizers to moisten the belly skin. This will help retain tight skin in the belly area.

Use Hot Salt  

You can use hot salt to help tighten belly skin. Here is the recipe:

  • Roast 500 grams of salt
  • Put the hot salt in a cloth and put it on your belly
  • Compress the cloth on your belly until the salt is cool
  • For better results massage the salt on your belly
  • Apply this method twice a week

Ginger of Course

Ginger is said to have hot qualities that will help reduce skin fat. There are two methods you can use to achieve a slimmer and tighter belly:

Method 1

  • Combine 500 grams of ginger and 50 grams of salt
  • Wash the ginger and retain its dlkin
  • Blend ginger smoothly and roast it with salt
  • Put the mixture in a bag and compress the bag on the belly until the mixture iscool
  • Massage your belly gently while compressing the mixture on the stomach

Method 2

  • You need a kilogram of ginger and a liter of wine
  • Wash ginger and keep the skin.
  • Blend the ginger
  • Combine ginger and wine in a bottle and store the mixture for 2-3 months
  • Then use this mixture to massage your belly skin everyday

Tighten Belly Skin with Lemon

There is three methods for using lemon to tighten belly skin

Method 1

  • Cut Lemon slices and cover the abdomen area for 30 minutes with the lemon slices
  • Supposedly,this method will tighten and whiten the belly skin

Method 2

  • Get some lemons and squeeze the juice out of them
  • Massage the belly with the lemon juice in a clockwise direction then rub in a counterclockwise direction

Method 3

  • It’s suggested to drink lemon juice daily to lose stomach fat but note this method needs further research to be verified

Use Coconut Oil to Tighten Belly Skin

First off coconut oil is a good treatment to repair damaged collagen and elasticity. You need to be patient when using this oil because it will take time to tighten up the belly skin. Put some coconut oil on the loose belly skin and gently rub it in. You need to this often for it to tighten the belly skin. The result will be beautiful tighter and brighter belly skin. Coconut oil also acts as a moisturizer to reconnect skin cells.

Dive into a saltwater bath

It sounds simple but taking a saltwater bath will help to tighten belly skin. Here is what you do: Add two teaspoons of salt or sea salt to warm bathing water. Get into the tub and soak for about ½ hour. The salt will help to tighten the belly skin by removing toxins and impurities from the skin. These could be blocking the process of the restoration of collagen in the skin.

Eat Healthy Really

This may seem to easy to accomplish but switching to a healthy diet after you have been eating poorly for years will be difficult. You have to stay focused and disciplined on your goal. To tighten the belly skin. Eating healthy foods rich in nutrients will improve elasticity and tighten belly skin. Some good foods to eat to accomplish this are: citrus fruits, strawberries, vegetables, including bell peppers, nuts, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon, avocados and olive oil all in moderation. These types of food will help tightening up loose and saggy belly skin. Healthy fats will help to formulate collagen and increase skin moisture. This will prevent your skin from drying out and stretching.

Time to Tighten those Loose skinned Arms and Legs       

We cannot forget the other parts of the body that can develop loose skin namely the arms and legs. Loose skin is a natural process of aging.saggy and loose skin at younger ages. Yet there are many factors that  will contribute to accelerating. The first parts of the body to show loose and saggy skin are the arms, neck, legs, eyelids and corners of the mouth. You can count on that if you don’t move or exercise your arms and legs the skin on the arms and legs will become loose and saggy. This will lead to lack of muscle tone and tension.

We all prefer to have every part of our bodies to be slim, trim and tight. Our arms and legs can benefit from the following methods to tighten up those particular parts of our bodies. After we are the ones looking at them everyday. Let’s be real no one but ourselves are going to change the appearance of our bodies. We will feel better about ourselves and live healthier if we can get into the proper shape. Let’s explore some methods to tighten those sagging arms and legs.  

Again Avoid Crash Diets

Crash Diets

As we discussed earlier in the tightening the belly skin section, here too we want to avoid any type of crash diets. Our skin on the arms and legs need to slowly bounce back and return to their normal shape. This is done by losing weight in a deliberate and slow manner. We may become impatient because it’s taking longer than we want to tighten our arms and legs. But taking it slowly will benefit us because our arms and legs will tighten up and we can do it in a safe and healthy manner.Losing the fat too quickly that supports the skin  in our arms  and legs will be detrimental. Our skin will take on a sagging and loose appearance.

Avoid Sun Exposure

We aren’t advocating that you become a hermit and lock yourself in your home 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We are proposing that you don’t spend extended times in the sun. The free radicals in the sun’s rays will damage the dermis in the skin which will lead to loose and sagging skin on the arms and legs.   

Don’t smoke cigarettes never helped anyone’s skin.

Simply put smoking will prematurely speed up the aging process of your skin. You will develop wrinkles,saggy and loose skin all over your legs and arms. So, be easy on yourself and don’t smoke.

Eat Healthy

As with belly skin, you need to eat healthy to maintain tight, healthy-looking skin on your arms and legs. This also means avoid bad fats and consuming more fiber.

Exercise and Exercise Again  

Simply put exercise to maintain toned and tighten skin on the arms and legs. It’s recommended you exercise at least three times a week for about one hour duration for each session. Supplement this with hiking, swimming, running and playing sports. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated and moist. This will go a a long way in keeping your skin on the arms and legs from loosening up.

Note: if you can pinch more than a few millimeters of fat in any area on your arms, legs and belly you can lose some fat in those areas.

Popular Methods to tighten Arm and Leg Skin

  • Squeeze the gel from aloe vera stalk and rub it in a circular motion over the saggy area. Do this at least three times a week to immediately tighten up the skin in the arms and legs.
  • Take the pulp of two figs (yes two figs I know it sounds funny) and mix it with the juice of lemon to form a paste. Before you go to bed apply the paste to your arms and legs then let it sit for 20  minutes. Rinse off the paste with cold water.
  • This is a sloppy one. Mix honey with one egg white. Apply this mixture to the arms and legs for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water.
  • Mix ½ cup of apple juice with the juice of half a melon. Massage gently into the arms and legs. Do this twice a week for the best results.
  • Cut a small lemon into chunks and place them into a blender. Add a half of a cup of water and the juice from one lemon. Be sure to blend this mixture well. Soak gauze in the mixture then wrap your arms and legs.
  • Grind two tablespoons of flaxseed and add to four tablespoons of hot water  to form a paste.  Add two drops of cypress essential oil to the mx and  spread the mixture on a cloth. Fold cloth in half and cover area. Wrap with plastic to make the process simple and easy. It will also be less messy. Repeat this treatment twice a week.    
  • Rehydrate a handful of kombu seaweed in a glass of water for three hours. Massage into legs and arms paying attention to problem areas.

Extra skin on the arms can be easily tightened by doing toning exercises. You can do this right in your home. You don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership.

  • Do push-ups on the floor so your arms are supporting the weight of your body. If you have never done push-ups or you are out of shape. Try bending your knees and putting them on the floor. This will give you extra support and stability.
  • Fill an empty soda or water bottle with stones, sand or whatever you can to measure out a determined weight. Even better would be to purchase a set of dumbbells. Standing with your legs slightly apart, lift the weight with your left hand so it’s straight over your head. Support your elbow with your right hand, and raise and lower the weight behind you, stretching your arm without touching your head. Repeat this exercise tn times then switch sides. You want to do two sets of ten on each side.


We have reached the end of our time together. It’s our hope that you will take courage and apply these treatments (whichever ones will work best for you) to reach your dream of having tight skin on your belly, arms and legs. You see there are ways to get rid of loose and saggy skin on your belly, arms and legs. Go do some pulverising!

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.